Bone Collector: Riot of Flowers (百花繚乱・我愛称
, Hyakkaryōran - Ga Aishō
Bōn Korekutā
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Shuten-douji.

An ability Shuten-douji possesses naturally, or a super-high grade special move. She literally "debones" the opponent. She extracts the bones without spilling blood————if she does not make a mistake in the location of the attack, the opponent will immediately die. Whether it’s inherited from her father who is worthy to be a malevolent god, or whether it’s inherited from her cannibalistic mother, or if it’s an ability that originated from Shuten-douji herself, it is unclear. Now that she exists as a Heroic Spirit, this ability/technique has been converted into an Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm. The purpose of doing this isn’t always to kill the opponent, but if she feels like doing it, this operates as a Noble Phantasm with an exceedingly high probability for instant death.[1]


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