Bouclier de Atlante: Dazzlingly Beautiful is the Glint of the Magic Shield (目映きは閃光の魔盾
, Mabayuki wa Senkō no Majun
Būkurie de Atoranto
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Bradamante. A shield owned by her lover Ruggiero, who was abducted by the evil magician Atlante. By releasing the True Name an intense light of magical energy is emitted from the shield, and enforces stunning judgement while bestowing damage onto the target. Even if they aren't stunned, their agility parameter is temporarily lowered dramatically by disorienting their vision.

Yet, a shield doesn't strike primarily. When the very tension of the world increases, it seems to unconsciously cause a charging strike.

Bradamante, who defeated Atlante, took the shield from his arm, and mounted the magical beast Hippogriff that person is said to have attained. (If summoned in the Rider class, the Hippogriff follows without omission).

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