BoudicaWP (ブーディカWP, Būdika?), Class Name Rider (ライダー, Raidā?), is a Rider-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



The young warrior queen of the IceniWP in 1st Century Ancient BritanniaWP.[2]

When her husband, King PrasutagusWP, died, the Roman EmpireWP had deviously invaded her land, culminating with the disgrace to her and her daughters. Boudica, seeking revenge, rallied the various kings of Britannia and incited a rebellion with her at the spearhead of the group. One time, she raised military gains in great numbers, overwhelming the imperial army, but was eventually defeated by Nero Claudius's army, ending with her death. She would later enter legend as the "Queen of Victory" in Britain.[1][2]


Boudica loves everything about Britannia. The wind and the earth. The flowers and the plants. The springs and the clear streams. The insects and the birds and all the wild animals. And above all else, she loves the people. She is close to her kind-hearted husband, King Prasutagus, and in her younger years was blessed with a couple of daughters. It is possible to say that Britannia was peaceful except for when skirmishes happen between fellow tribes.[1]

Still, Boudica had faith in the Roman Empire who were visiting Britannia from a land faraway beyond the waters and were building several settlements. She had incidentally planned to get into contact with them. She believed that conflict can be avoided by dialogue and exchange. In fact, then Roman Emperor ClaudiusWP sought exchange more than conflict.[1]

But, that day, at that time, King Prasutagus died, and everything changed. Around the same time of Claudius’ death, he was succeeded by Nero who ascended to the throne as the new Roman Emperor. The imperial magistrate imposed heavy taxes onto Britannia, stole away its land one after another, and recruited their people as slaves. That is, these very actions were undoubtedly an invasion. Boudica, as the Queen of Britannia, was anticipated to heroically carry out a fierce protest, but was poorly treated with scorn and disdain as well as with violence and insults. Even while in pain, covered in the fresh blood produced from her heart, and receiving deep wounds to her body, she was still determined. Thus, becoming the young warrior queen under the protection of her home town, she rebelled against Rome. She brought together the various kings of every place within Britannia and lead them to oppose the great legions of the powerful Roman army. The rebels, having received their tears of blood and suffering from the people of the abominable empire, trampled down the buildings of the three Roman settlements within Britannia, the woman herself sobbingly killing army soldiers and normal people without distinction. Children, young mothers like herself, and very young children too; for as long as they are people belonging to Rome, she will not hesitate to swing her sword to strike them down.[1]

The last decisive battleWP took place on Watling StreetWP, the rebels facing the great commander who they know to be Roman army governor Suetonius PaulinusWP, knowing to some extent of his military prowess he performed at the distant land of MauretaniaWP. The man crossed over snow to reach Britannia that was isolated by the twoWP seasWP. Stationed in the western part of Britannia (now WalesWP), his ability to suppress rebellions was formidable. Even with the superior numbers of the allied forces of the various Britannica kings, will they really win? Boudica took on the challenge as she drove her chariot into battle. The various kings of the allied forces numbered 200,000 while the imperial army numbered 10,000. However, the difference between the two forces in military strength was overwhelming and the rebel forces were expectedly defeated. Between Suetonius’ ingenuity that did not unexpectedly differ from the rumors and the Roman soldiers' previously undertaken advanced training of extremely meticulous combat behaviors, the army’s great cause was not enough for them to prevail and they were driven into defeat.[1]


CamulodunumWP, LondiniumWP, VerulamiumWP. Trampling over the three Roman settlements, did the divine protection of the goddess AndrasteWP really gift violence and insults under the rebels' scorn and disdain while Boudica herself was scattering pain and fresh blood? Her daughters were exhaustively raped as much as possible, these little children begging for mercy in their thin voices while in tears. That very incident, expressed formerly through her voice and appearance, is what she thought of while on the verge of death. Justice. Maybe she have discovered that she may have already let go of what she truly wanted to protect.[1]

Boudica was deeply enshrined in the United Kingdom in the modern times and thereafter, and at this time have become a Servant in the present world through the loss of her past opportunities and the fierce battles she participated in. Boudica, who is a Heroic Spirit, is surely by nature a woman of affection that swung her sword in battle. Britannia… when one from there thinks of their birthplace, they also think of this mother’s power.[1] Though her sword bore “Victory” in its name, Queen Boudica ended her life in defeat. Still, she displayed valor in the face of hardship and injustice, and won many victories before the end. Even today, her memory is carved into the hearts of the people.[3]


Boudica's body is at an age of her early years in life.[1]


Cheerful, bright. Someone who nevertheless will become friends with anyone (except with Romans), is overflowing with motherhood, and is pleased with any companion while being openly affectionate with anyone as her own child regardless of their gender. Although Boudica is a warrior who draws on the flow of the CeltsWP to do battle with pride, she is primarily a warm person. If necessary, when the time draws near, she will change into that of a female warrior persona. Because her body as a Heroic Spirit is at an age of her early years, it results in her personality producing more or less a nature of a young lady. She considers herself proud, knowing that her name means “Victory” in her language.[1] She doesn't hate anything in particular, but she cannot bring herself to like the Romans (although she doesn't hate them anymore).[4]

Towards a Master with an age close to her’s, Boudica comes close to an elder sister-like persona. Smiling. Kind. A gentle Servant who will worry about “am I not trying hard enough?[1]

Boudica's wish for the Holy Grail is for “Britannia to become peaceful.” It was becoming a little harmonious from her lifetime as she was approaching her death, but her heartfelt belief is not only for the British people, the faeries and the Celtic gods to co-exist, but it is also for the people of different nations as well as their children to be able to laugh and live together in paradise. (Even if she won’t say it at all, she cries happily in large tears knowing that it is becoming a realization, even if gradually.)[1]

Boudica loves all of Britannia, from its nature to its wild life and its people. She loves the blue sky, and states that its calmness is beautiful.[4]

Fate/Grand Order - Boudica Quotes

“Nice to meet you, I am Boudica. Or you can just call me Ms. Boudica.”[1]

“Heading out, heading out. Fufu. Don't mind it. I'm rather fond of fighting anyway.”[1]

“If you're fine with it being me, I'll do anything. Now!—— What do you wish? Tell me.”[1]

“What are the things that you like? In my case, it's the sky and the earth, and people's bonds. And it'll be the best if we have some good food!~”[1]

“Are you hungry? Okay let's make something to eat!”[1]




「キミは何が好き? あたしは、空と大地と人の繋がり。あとはおしいごゴハソがあれば最高ー!」

「お腹すいた? よーし、何か作ろっか!」


Roman-based Servants
Nero Claudius
Boudica is not pleased with her. Honestly, she says that she is her nemesis. If she just knows Nero as the individual and how she ought to be, she would be troubled in using her as an outlet of her anger. (After that battle, Nero reprimanded those generals who fought in the battle so that they may recognize the results of their cruel deeds that lead to Boudica’s defeat.)[1]
Artoria and the Knights of the Round Table
Someone like her cute little sister or brother.[1] She wants to look after the King of Knights, and she'll become someone like a relative's elder sister to her.[2] She regards that knight as a queen who protected Britannia, something that she could not do. She loves each of them as her “younger sister” and “younger brother” as if they are adorable cats. Every time they meet, one thing or another, she will look after them and bake for them, saying that she is a relative’s elder sister or a cousin’s elder sister to them. "Do you want to eat galetteWP?"[1]
British-based Servants
She is affectionate to later Heroic Spirits who are related to the British IslesWP, and treats them as if they were her own children.[2] They are like her distant children. “Now, now, you came from quite a faraway place. Do you want to eat galette?[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Second Singularity: Septem[]

Boudica serves one of Nero’s generals against the United Roman Empire, though Nero is initially unaware of her status as a Servant. Along with Spartacus, she is part of the expedition force to retake Gaul. They both meet Ritsuka and Mash at the expedition camp when they came with Nero and her army. Boudica deduces Ritsuka is the guest commander she heard about and introduces herself as the general of the Gaul expedition. She tries to introduce Spartacus when he interrupts to express his joy of fighting alongside Ritsuka and Mash. She is surprised he took a liking to them on first sight since it’s extremely rare. After Ritsuka and Mash introduce themselves, Boudica reveals she heard their names before. She guesses they’re Nero’s guests of honor, but Nero is too spaced out to answer. Nero asks her to tell the pair about the situation in Gaul while she lies down to ease her headache. A soldier then reports to Boudica that an enemy scouting party was discovered, but they’re moving too fast to pursue.[5]

After the group eliminate the enemy scouts, Mash tells Boudica about Chaldea. Boudica understands it’s strange for her to serve as a roman general, saying she swore to the Celtic gods to never forgive Nero or Rome. She reveals she materialized in the era following her death. She saw it as her chance for revenge until she saw Rome being overrun by the United Roman Empire. She fought against them for the people’s sake, or maybe she felt guilty for mercilessly killing the fellows from Londinium for her own vengeance. She knows it’s confusing and admits fighting to protect something is just her personality. She then confesses she is keeping her status as Servant secret from Nero, who isn’t aware that she died. She says she hates the United Roman Empire more than Nero, thus she isn’t an ally to her like Spartacus. She and Spartacus then spar with Ritsuka and Mash to test if they’re ready to fight the "emperor" controlling Gaul. Afterward, Boudica is impressed by Ritsuka’s competence and Mash’s ability to stand her ground. While hugging Mash tightly, she admits she was on guard when she heard they were Nero’s ally. She then offers to make them Britannia cuisine.[5]

Later, the expedition force begins their battle to retake Gaul from the United Roman Empire. Boudica and Spartacus lead the charge while Ritsuka and Mash go with Nero to the enemy’s main camp and defeat the enemy commander, Julius Caesar. After victory is achieved, the group return to camp before they return to Rome. There Boudica tells Ritsuka and Mash how Nero spaces out occasionally like she did before. She’s been like that ever since the United Roman Empire arrived. During those times, Boudica can feel slight traces of magical energy from her. Nero feels nothing though, so Boudica asks the pair to keep an eye on her. While not personally worried about her, she understands Nero is a symbol of Rome, thus her death would lose the war.[6]

Boudica later joins the military march towards the capital of the United Roman Empire, an exact copy of Rome. However, she is captured by the enemy when the rearguard suffers a pincer attack. She is taken to a fortress near the enemy capital, where she is put to sleep by El-Melloi II‘s restraint spells.[7]

After being rescued, she joins the assault on the enemy capital. She recognizes Nero is putting on a positive facade for her soldiers after discovering Romulus is the enemy leader. She realizes Romulus’s charisma is raising the morale of his citizens to such extreme degrees that even regular civilians are joining the fight. She calls Nero’s shock at discovering Romulus to be the enemy the same as her being betrayed by the Celtic gods. Romani adds Boudica’s husband hypothetically betraying her as another example, but Boudica proclaims he would never do so.[8]

She later ran into the palace, ready to raid it when she sensed a tremendous amount of magical energy. Realizing what it was, she rushed towards the throne room and activated Chariot of Boudica in conjunction with Mash’s Lord Chaldeas to protect the group from Altera‘s Noble Phantasm. After being thanked for her assistance, she reveals Spartacus and Lu Bu were annihilated by the blast. She joins the group in chasing after Altera to stop her from destroying Rome, killing any wyverns in the way. When a much larger horde arrives though, she holds them off with Jing Ke while the others continue after Altera.[9]

Event: The Garden of Order[]

Boudica is one of the Servants missing from Chaldea to serve as a tenant in the Ogawa Apartment. She resides in Room 302. When Ritsuka's party confront, she understands they've come to bring her back to Chaldea. Ritsuka and Mash decide to postpone that until after they've eaten the stew Boudica just made. However, Boudica suddenly turns aggressive, refusing to return to Chaldea. She recalls her hatred for Romans, saying she was distracting herself from it by saving humanity. Seeing them as Romans, she then attacks Ritsuka's party. After she is defeated, she realizes what she just did. She finds her nickname of Queen of Victory ridiculous since she lost every battle that mattered to her before disappearing.[10]

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Boudica is amongst the "Septem" Singularity Servants assisting Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[11]

Summer Event: Dead Heat Summer Race![]

Boudica greets the racers at a volcanic crater when the race ends up bringing them there. She offers to cook them something before suddenly threatening to kill them. She explains her sudden rage is due to what happened to Britannia, and the fact she doesn’t have a playable swimsuit version this year despite modelling in one last year. She declares she has become an Avenger, believing she must utterly break the racers’ spirits to protect her homeland. She explains she will do so through a game of chicken to the mouth of the volcano. She also reveals they won’t be able to cross the volcano until they defeat her, as she set it up that way. The racers accept her challenge; Boudica wonders why Nero and Artoria Alter share the same vehicle. Everyone (except Scheherazade and Nitocris) then start the challenge.

As they near the mouth of the volcano, Boudica voices her grievances towards Romans, saying it because of them breaking their promise that her land, daughters, tribe, and allies all perished. She then asks why Artoria Alter, a Britain like herself, is working with a roman like Nero. She ignores the reasoning though, in order to focus on not losing. She wishes to prove her bravery to everyone, so she can show she isn’t a loser who suffered a humiliating defeat by the Romans. Not caring if she falls into the volcano, she will mock Rome to Nero’s face as her greatest victory while her body burns. She confused why Nero would be sad if she died, reminding her she feels only scorn for Romans. Nero declares that unlike what happened in their lifetimes, their current battle is just between them, thus Britannia and its people will not suffer humiliation without her knowledge. Boudica realizes she cannot break Nero’s spirit and prepares to allow herself to fall into the volcano. Nero saved her at the last moment, though at the cost of her chariot. Boudica asks Artoria Alter why she doesn’t hate Rome like she does as they both fought against it. Artoria Alter replies she cannot answer that, but she finds Nero’s opulence pleasing. This makes Boudica that realizes that herself as a Heroic Spirit and her living self aren’t the same person. She reveals her Spirit Origin changed when she summoned. She deduced that as the cause of her previous behavior, for which she apologizes. When asked by Nero who won the challenge, she points out Oda Nobunaga and Mysterious Heroine X won since they actually went into the volcano. She then says the road to the next area will become available once she disappears. She then disappears, wishing the others good luck.

Event: Oni Pagoda Festival[]

Boudica, EMIYA, Tawara Touta, and Parvati all accept Shuten-douji's request to prepare a welcome party for Tomoe Gozen on the 80th floor of the Oni Pagoda. Taking the time it'd take for Ritsuka's party to reach the floor into account, they finish cooking by the time the group arrives. But Tomoe refuses to partake to proceed to the next floor. While she is disappointed, Boudica tells Tomoe that she doesn't have to stay and eat. But the situation devolves into the fight thanks to EMIYA being angry that Tomoe would put all their cooking to waste. Ritsuka's party then defeat EMIYA and the others.


Once Upon a Time in the Forest[]

Boudica is walking through a forest with Ritsuka and Mash while happily humming. Boudica then decides to have a lunch, having made it herself in Chaldea's kitchen before they Rayshifted. However, before they could enjoy Boudica's rice balls, goblins suddenly attack them. After killing the goblins, Boudica confesses that she wanted to come to Britannia's forests after fixing Nero's era due to having a concern about that particular area. Romani confirms her suspicions that the Grail caused the swelling of goblins. Then, after saying that wishes should be more simple and humble, she has lunch with Ritsuka and Mash.


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (D Rank): Boudica is able to nullify magecraft spells that have a one-verse chant.[1]
  • Riding (A Rank): One can freely handle all vehicles and beasts except for those with a Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast ranking.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Battle Continuation (A Rank): The ability to continue combat. Combat is possible even while bearing injuries that place one on the verge of death, and they can remain alive so long as they do not receive a decisive fatal wound. Boudica’s anecdote of her having continued to battle against the mighty Roman Imperial Army with an indomitable fighting spirit has been changed into this Skill.[1]
  • Vow to the Goddess (B Rank): A vow to Andraste, the Goddess of Victory in ancient Britannia. It grants a plus modifier to attacks against opponents one has determined as an enemy that they must triumph over. In Boudica’s case, the modifier comes into play only against opponents that are affiliated with Rome. It is particularly effective against Romans.[1]
  • Protection of Andraste (A Rank): A divine protection bestowed by Andraste, the Goddess of Victory. On the occasion of group battles, it grants a plus modifier to all checks made by Boudica and her comrades. Especially in battles with defensive objectives, it demonstrates its maximum effect.[1]

Noble Phantasms[]

Boudica's Noble Phantasms are Chariot of Boudica and Sword of Boudica.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]

Berserker and Avenger[]

Boudica appears under the Berserker Class and Avenger Class in Fate/Grand Order. The in-game assets are the same as her Rider-class self. Unlike her Rider-class self, she displays great anger, especially towards Nero and the Romans.


Blackened Boudica

Boudica is shown to appear in Singularity F in the Fate/Grand Order -turas réalta- manga in a Blackened state. She is quickly defeated, so her abilities are unknown.


In the Chinese version of Fate/Grand Order, her outfit is slightly altered to be less revealing. Her panties in first ascension is changed to short, and her top now covers most of her chest.

Creation and Conception[]

Takao Aotsuki is the character illustrator for Boudica.[1][2] Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for her character.[1]


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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Boudica (Rider) Profile [T]

    Boudica - Rider

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Takao Aotsuki
    Voice Actor: Chiwa Saitō

    Strength: C
    Endurance: B+
    Agility: C
    Mana: D
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: B+

    Personal Skills
    Oath to the Goddess: B
    Battle Continuation: A

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: D
    Riding: A

    Noble Phantasm
    Chariot of Boudica: Chariot Without Promised Protection
    Rank: B+
    Type: Anti-Army

    In the 1st Century, a young battle-queen of Ancient Britannia.
    Unable to forgive the Roman Empire for disgracing herself and her daughters at the end of a vicious invasion, she led several kings in a rebellion, but was ultimately defeated by the armies of Emperor Nero and killed.
    In future years, she became the legend of Britain's "Queen of Victory".

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 174cm・62kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Neutral Good  Gender: Female
    At the time of the appearance in which she is currently manifested in, seems she already had two daughters?

    Level 2 Bond
    She loved all about Britannia.
    The wind and the earth. The flowers and the plants. The spring and the clear streams.
    The insects and the wildlife. And more than anything, she loved the people.
    But, on that day. At that time.
    When her husband, King Prasutagus, died--

    Level 3 Bond
    What awaited was a poor treatment to the point of being sublime.
    Scorn and disdain. Violence and disgrace. Pain and fresh blood.
    While receiving deep wounds in both her heart and body, she made her decision.
    To oppose Rome. To protect her homeland. To get revenge.
    And so, she became a young fighting queen.

    Level 4 Bond
    "The Sword of Not-Promised Victory"
    Rank: B  Type: Anti-Unit
    Sword of Boudica. A one-handed sword crowned with the name of "victory", just like herself.
    However, by no means this is a holy sword of the planet, nor victory has been promised.
    An imperfect sword of wishes.

    Level 5 Bond
    Britain, England and so on.. she is affectionate to later Heroic Spirits related to the Isle of Britain as if they were their own children.
    In special, regarding the King of Knights who accomplished "victory" at her homeland (even if just temporarily), she completely--
    becomes like a relative's elder sister who wants look after her, probably.

    She, who is being fervently deified in modern England, has lost the intensity from her past battles.
    The Boudica that exists as an Heroic Spirit wields a sword as her original self, in other words a kind woman.
    Like the power of a mother who loves her homeland, Britannia.

    ブーディカ - ライダー



    女神への誓い B
    戦闘続行 A

    対魔力 D
    騎乗 A



    属性:中立・善  性別:女性



    ランク:B  種別:対人宝具


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