BradamanteWP (ブラダマンテ, Buradamante?), Class Name Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?), is a Lancer-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Bradamante was one of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne. She is the cousin of Roland and Astolfo. After Astolfo fought through several battles with his lance Trap of Argalia, he entrusted it to Bradamante.[2] She is a purehearted shieldmaiden and the Knight of the White Plume. Her ancestor is Hector, the legendary hero of Troy, and her lover, the knight Ruggiero, is counted among his descendants.[1]

Famously known as the "White Feathered Knight," a virtuous female knight that was born a princess of the union between the king's younger sister Beatrice and Duke Aymon of the House Clermont. Her brother, the knight, Rinaldo, was also a member of the Twelve Paladins and wielded the magical sword Fusberta. Like her brother, Bradamante was widely renowned as a master swordsman, and it is said she took the rearguard during a battle against King Agramante when the tide turned against Charlemagne's army, and fought a magnificent duel with the enemy commander, King Rodomonte of Algiers.[1]

After many adventures, Bradamante fell in love with Ruggiero, knight and commander of an enemy nation. She endured a great number of trials so that their romance might finally blossom. Whether he was kidnapped by an evil magician or ensnared by the enchantress Alcina, or if a Greek prince sought her hand in marriage, she would confront any adversity head-on and never give in.[1]

Now manifested as a Servant, Bradamante's identity as Heroic Spirit is embodied by her endless search for Ruggiero. As long as she continues to exist as the 'story' of Bradamante, Ruggiero will continue to be the 'hope' that she searches for endlessly but is fated never to grasp. Essentially, the two can never attain the happy ending they found in life.[1]



As the image of an unyielding knight, she is formidable both physically and mentally. To the end of realizing her love, she will face down any challenge, from anywhere, as many times as it takes. She is a pure-hearted shieldmaiden, who holds fast to her belief in justice and always strives to do good even in the most dire of circumstances.[1]


Merlin is an exception to Bradamante's general distaste for magi by whose hands she had suffered greatly in life. During her adventures, she received the Grand Magician's counsel through the sorceress Melissa. To Bradamante, he is an object of veneration.[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Lostbelt No. 6.5: Traum[]

Christmas Event: Holy Samba Night[]

Bradamante is found by Ritsuka and Quetzalcoatl in an alley on the verge of disappearing from a severe lack of magical energy. They save her by providing her with food and magical energy. Brandamante is initially wary about trusting them, however, thinking they’re mage because Mash is using magecraft to communicate from Chaldea. But she trusts them after learning they have a connection with Merlin, the only mage she ever trusted. She then recounts how she was summoned to the Mexican jungle for no discernible reason when she spotted the Holy Grail atop the temple. She tried praying to it, but Black Quetzal Mask (Quetzalcoatl’s evil self) stole her magical energy and told her that entering the Santa Tag Team Tournament was her only chance of getting it back. Bradamante heeded her words and tried to enter the tournament, only to learn that she needs a partner to participate. She explored the town for one to no avail and eventually collapsed in the alley. Quetzalcoatl proposes they partner up for the tournament, which Bradamante accepts.

Jaguar Man guides Ritsuka’s party to their personal gym while avoiding the other teams, as per Black Quetzal Mask’s orders, to keep the team composition a secret for a fair tournament. There they watch a promo video where all the competitors (except their team) are in disguise. Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl then spar until it is time for their first match. When it’s time. Bradamante asserts they will not lose, believing their opponents have neither the drive nor the need to win.

Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl’s first match is against Santa Alter and Astolfo. Seeing his cousin with Ritsuka, Astolfo thinks Bradamante is no longer searching for Ruggiero. Bradamante angrily corrects him and asserts she knows Ritsuka isn’t Ruggiero’s reincarnation when Astolfo thinks Bradamante thinks they are. She explains she is only with Ritsuka to repay her debt to them for saving her. The match then starts, during which Bradamante notices Astolfo’s Hippogriff is hers. After winning, she asks Astolfo to take care of Hippogriff. She then sniffs Hippogriff to catch the slightest scent of Ruggiero.

When they get back to their gym, though, Bradamante is attacked by a mysterious assailant. After defeating her, the person removes their disguise to reveal themselves to be Martha. After explaining how she failed to qualify for the tournament, she tells Bradamante that she saw she lacks the power a paladin should. Therefore, she will train her. They train until it’s time for Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl’s second match.

Their second match is against Hector and Penthesilea. Bradamante finds Hector’s spear familiar and asks if it’s Durandal. Hector confirms it is, though he calls Durindanna himself. Bradamante realizes who he is and recounts a rumor that he’s possibly the ancestor of Ruggerio, Charlemagne, and her. Hector admits he doesn’t know much about his bloodline following his death and finds it a coincidence that he’s meeting one of his possible descendants. Bradamante then yells at him to take care of his gears, blaming it for why the Twelve Paladins were caught in so many conflicts. Hector points out he couldn’t do anything about it, given that he was dead. Bradamante apologizes for blaming him for the troubles they’ve had because of his gear. She is disappointed in him, though, when he admits he’d use Santa Claus’ power for his own benefit. As a paladin, she cannot let such a thing stand, saying those with power have a responsibility to wield it properly. The match then starts.

Bradamante defeats Penthesilea using Martha’s “Pacifying Raging Beasts” fighting style. Quetzalcoatl then defeats Hector now that Penthesilea, his source of offense, is gone. Afterward, Bradamante asks Hector if he knows where Ruggerio has materialized, but she is disappointed to hear he doesn’t.

The next day, Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl go up against Thomas Edison and Paul Bunyan. Edison has no interest in becoming Santa himself and only wants it to be Christmas forever, so all forms of mass production synonymous with the holiday will always run at full capacity. Bradamante considers what Edison wants to be nothing more than blatant self-serving commercialism. Edison then activates the modifications he made to the ring, replacing the ropes with electric ropes. Bradamante thinks Bunyan won’t be able to use her giant size to advantage her without touching the electrified ropes until Edison reveals he treated Bunyan’s outfit with a special insulate. The third match then starts. which Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl win.

Following the match, Ritsuka’s party hears a crying child and goes to investigate. They find Jeanne Alter Lily and Charles-Henri Sanson, who lost their match because their opponents cheated. Alter Lily tries to explain how they cheated, but Jaguar Man interrupts because getting firsthand info about a team still in the running from the team they beat is prohibited. Ritsuka’s party part ways with Alter Lily and Sanson, but they’re quickly ambushed.

They defeat them and return to their gym, where they explain what happened to Mash, Leonardo da Vinci, and Martha. Given the highly suspect timing, it is likely Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl’s next opponents sent the attackers and they are the cheaters Alter Lily mentioned. Bradamante was injured in the ambush, having still been tired after the match. Martha gets furious that such cowardice hurt her student, but quickly calms herself down. Fearing something worse will happen in the ring tomorrow, Martha then teaches Bradamante her fifty-two forbidden techniques.

Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl’s next opponents freely admit they had sent the ambush, but there is also a third opponent. All three then reveal themselves to be Wu Zetian, Carmilla, and Red Hare. Wu Zetian has taken advantage of the loops in the rules to get them on her team. Even though her team represents China, Wu Zetian got Carmilla (a European) on her team by claiming she is her niece, Hua Meilou. As for Red Hare, she claimed he was her horse. She also got her Torturers included by claiming they’re her equipment. The fourth match then starts.

During the match, Wu Zetian traps Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl in her poison pot while Carmilla binds Bradamante’s wrists with chains. Quetzalcoatl, however, goes underneath Bradamante, allowing her partner to stand on her shoulders. Bradamante then uses one of Martha’s forbidden techniques to pull Carmilla toward herself using Carmilla's own chains. Carmilla tries to Bradamante in her Iron Maiden, only to hit Jaguar Man because the glare from Bradamante’s shield threw off her aim. Bradamante defeats Carmilla, then Wu Zetian and Red Hare, who couldn’t get out of the way because the ring was too crowded with Torturers. The match is won, but Quetzalcoatl collapses from the poison.

It's a few hours before their next match and Quetzalcoatl still hasn't recovered, Bradamante considers officially withdrawing from the tournament. But she stops when Martha, pretending to be Quetzalcoatl on her behalf, arrives and proclaims she is feeling better than ever. Bradamante seems to be oblivious to the fact that she isn't Quetzalcoatl. She finds out though when Martha takes off her mask following their match against Atalanta Alter and Jaguar Man.

When they return to their gym, Quetzalcoatl has made a full recovery. Bradamante wonders if it was wrong that they won with a secret substitute. Quetzalcoatl tells her it's fine as long as they weren't disqualified for cheating and even if they were, they'd never fight dirty. Martha tells her what's important is not letting Santa's power falling in the wrong hands. Altera tells her cowardice is a matter of perspective, certain she fought battles in the past where she didn't always loudly proclaim her identity at the outset. Bradamante reluctantly agrees and, surprised, asks Altera who she is. Altera introduces her as Santa Senior and explains she entered the tournament on behalf of west Asia but lost. Even though it's forbidden to have the same Santas for two years in a row, Altera believes no one would mind if she went under a drastic image change. But she didn't want to leave just yet, so with Jaguar Man gone, she took the chance to visit Quetzalcoatl and see Charlemagne's niece. Bradamante asks Altera if she knows Charlemagne, but Altera only answers that her relationships are complex and difficult to define. She then tells Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl that they'll struggle against their next match, which is the semifinals, unless they come up with a killer finisher.

Moments before the semifinals, Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl manage to create their team attack. Their opponents are Ivan the Terrible and Anastasia Romanov, though the latter initially encased herself in an ice golem before Ivan shattered it. Before the match even starts, the tsars demonstrate their team attack, the speed and power of which makes the match difficult for Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl. But Bradamante refuses to give up and suggests they perform their team attack, even though it hasn’t been perfected yet. Quetzalcoatl agrees and they perform their team attack. Ivan and Anastasia counter with their team attack, but Bradamante breaks through. Only Anastasia is defeated, though, and Ivan moves to fall on the collapsed Bradamante. But Bradamante stops playing possum, blinds Ivan, and defeats him.

The time for the finals has come, and since it’s no longer necessary to keep team composition secret, the match will be live-streamed. Before the match starts, Quetzalcoatl realizes Black Quetzal Mask has been strengthening the Christmas Grail with the magical energy released during the tournament. Bradamante notices Black Quetzal Mask’s partner is perfectly still and guesses it’s a golem when Da Vinci says she isn’t detecting anything. The match then starts.

During the match, Bradamante notices Quetzalcoatl’s attacks are ineffective against Black Quetzal Mask. Da Vinci realizes it’s because both Quetzalcoatls share the same innate goodness and Quetzalcoatl as a goddess of good cannot harm good. Bradamante suggests they use their team attack given that she is the main method of attack it and not Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl agrees and she and Bradamante perform their team attack, demonstrating it has gotten strong since their match with Ivan and Anastasia. The move knocks Black Quetzal Mask down, but she gets back up and decides to stop holding back. She then reveals her partner is the very concept of Santa Claus extracted directly from the Christmas Grail. Wearing “Santa” like a cloak, she is now impervious to Bradamante’s attacks. She claims this because Santa is a giver of gifts, not a target to be attacked, so only a Santa of equal purity can harm her now. She then tries to tempt Bradamante to forfeit the match, saying she will grant her wish if she does. Hesitant at first, Bradamante rejects Black Quetzal Coatl’s offer, declaring she will find Ruggiero on her own and will not lose to Black Quetzal Mask. Quetzalcoatl, inspired by her tenacity, then lends Bradamante her Santa Power. It isn’t enough, though, so the other Santa Servants lend her their power as well. Bradamante goes through a Spirit Origin ascension and uses the power of Santa to defeat Black Quetzal Mask.

The Quetzalcoatls become one again, Bradamante gets her power back, and Ritsuka receives the Christmas Grail. The sun starts to melt the unnatural snow, only for a fluke of nature to bring about a natural snowfall. Bradamante says goodbye, not knowing if she’ll return to the Throne or continue her journey elsewhere. She believes, though, that they may meet again. Martha shares the sentiment, saying she and Bradamante will be always be comrades in arms. Quetzalcoatl thanks Bradamante for being a wonderful partner and blesses her journey not as a goddess, but as a friend. She then sends her off with a samba dance, for which Bradamante thanks her. Bradamante then wishes everyone Merry Christmas and disappears, hoping she can tell Ruggiero what happened someday.

Other appearances[]

In the Fate/Apocrypha manga adaptation, she appears in Sieg's shared dream of Astolfo's past, which depicts the Orlando FuriosoWP.[3]

In the Fate/Grand Order: Agartha manga adaptation, Roland, Charlemagne, and Bradamante cameo when Chevalier d'Eon explains Astolfo's past.


Bradamante’s armaments are a shield, which is her Noble Phantasm, and a one-handed spear. She regards combat techniques that combine shield and spear as her forte. She is not the type of Lancer who would stake everything on her spear. It seems noteworthy that shield-and-spear users are sorted into the Lancer Class.[1]


Class Skills[]

  • Magic Resistance (Rank A): Nullifies Magecraft Spells ranked A or below. Modern Mages would not be able to wound Bradamante with their Magecraft. Bradamante's original Rank in the Magic Resistance Skill is C, but it is being increased considerably due to the effect of one of her Noble Phantasms.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Merit of Clermont (Rank B): One's pride and mentality as a person who was born in the House of Clermont becoming a Skill. In order to catch up to her elder brother Rinaldo and his fierce swordsmanship techniques, Bradamante tried every single thing. Even if she was an ordinary person, even if what she was doing is liable to madness, and even if it was a gruesome battlefield, she will run past people from behind to move forward. Bradamante will not give up in any way, and she will catch hold of victory.[1]
  • Cancellation of Magecraft (Rank A): Cancels magical effects on oneself or one of their allies. If it is a Magecraft that is ranked B or below, it is automatically cancelled, but in order to cancel Magecraft that is Rank A or above, a Luck Check becomes necessary. It is a Skill originating from Bradamante’s Second Noble Phantasm.[1]

Noble Phantasm[]

Bradamante's Noble Phantasms are Bouclier de Atlante and Angelica Cathay.[1]

If summoned as a Rider, her Noble Phantasm would be Hippogriff.[1]


Bradamante is illustrated by saitom. Her writer is Hikaru Sakurai.[1]

Bradamante was first mentioned in Fate/Apocrypha material, in the entry for Astolfo's Trap of Argalia.[2]


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    Incidentally, after Astolfo managed to survive through several battles with this lance, he entrusted this lance to the female knight Bradamante, the cousin of Roland. Naturally, Astolfo freely gave away such a precious lance because he didn’t know about its ability at all. As for how he kept winning in jousting matches, he apparently thought, “I ‘awakened’ the power unconsciously sealed inside me!” How awful.


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