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Brainwashing-Detective (洗脳探偵, Sen'nō Tantei?) is a parody design of Hisui detailed in Character Material. She does not make any appearances in main works, but she has a brief role in a segment of Carnival Phantasm.



Brainwashing-Detective, the "Locked-Room Detective" (ロックドルーム・ディティクティブ, Rokkudorūmu Ditikutibu?), is a famous detective who "resolves difficult cases beyond the reach of normal deduction." She resides in Tohno City, night-shadowed metropolis that exists in a "world of despair wherein the very concept of maids has been destroyed." She is a Dark Hero (ダークヒーロー, Dāku Hīrō?), similar but different from a Magical Girl. She has judged that involvement in criminal investigations is the most efficient method of locating her beloved long-lost twin, patrolling the streets of the city each night. Her true identity is unknown.[1]






Her Locked-Room Detective ability activated

Brainwashing-Detective is able to pierce to the very heart of incidents with her dark, blue eyes. As a cold, logical preserver of the law, she silently judges with world with an emotionless countenance, bringing about a case resolution of 100%. She has become feared by both the perpetrators and the victims of crimes. She is described as a "bizarre individual who pursues justice with a crazed intensity", whose odd manner of verbalized deduction, stating things like "motive from alibi" (アリバイから動機です, aribai kara dōki desu?) or "deductive perfection" (推理に完璧です, suiri ni kanpeki desu?), is strangely compelling to those who witness her.[1]

Her primary skills are psychological modification, narrative correction, and confession enforcement. She uses the ability Locked-Room Detective, bringing about a "condition that she and one suspect of her choice are confined to a locked room alone, a bizarre phenomenon occurs whereby -- within minutes -- the suspect is induced to make a full confession to the crime, and confirms themselves as the perpetrator." Her deductive reasoning is" presumably amazing and brilliant", but the method is shown to none besides herself and the suspect of her choice. It is not a specialization in solving locked-room mysteries as it might sound. Upon it become activated, she takes on a sitting posture with an air appropriate to that of an "absolute dictator of logic."[1]


Brainwashing-Detective began as an inside joke after the release of the Half-moon edition of Tsukihime. It had a large number of typos that led to some very strange lines, Hisui lines being affected in particular. Hisui "developed an odd habit of saying mind-reeling phrases" like "I'll accompany your room (お部屋をお連れします?) and making the line You're the criminal (あなたは犯人です, Anata wa han'nin desu?) into You're going to be the criminal (あなたを犯人です, Anata wo han'nin desu?). It was made into a meme of "No matter how you look at it, she was definitely trying to brainwash poor Shiki." Takashi Takeuchi posted a picture of Hisui trying to brainwash Ciel on the Tsukihime BBS, which Nasu thought "was cuter than you might expect." That image was later made into Hisui's Arc Drive in Melty Blood.[2]


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