Bright Ehangwen: Be Brilliant, Our Radiant Hall (燦々とあれ、我が輝きの広問
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Artoria Pendragon as Ruler.

A high mobility reception hall that conquers the surface of the water, temporarily embodies Ehangwen, King Arthur's Hall, and shoots an oversized magical light onto the entire enemy line, the biggest attack of Artoria Ruler, Lion King of Swimsuits.

It is unclear whether the past Ehangwen had such navigational ability and artillery ability, but according to her own words "it has never done that" or "it cannot do that". There is a certain pattern.

On the other hand, regarding bombardment, there is a suspicion that "Is it actually done with the loaded Rhongomyniad" or "Is it actually the same Noble Phantasm as Lancer?" She is silent about this.

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