Brynhildr (ブリュンヒルデ, Buryunhirude?, Brunhild), Class Name Lancer (ランサー, Ransā?), is the Lancer-class Servant in the First Holy Grail War of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver. She is one of the Servants summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



A goddess of war from Scandinavia.[3] She is the daughter of Odin, the Great God of Northern Europe, and one of the shieldmaiden Valkyries. A tragic woman from Norse Mythology.[2]

A shieldmaiden regarded in the same light as Sigrdrífa (シグルドリーヴァ, Shigurudorīva?), the fated person of the great hero Sigurd in the "Völsunga saga"; she is also similarly portrayed as a Valkyrie who fell in love with Sigurd in the "Sigrdrífumál" and the "Helreið Brynhildar" from Elder Edda.[2] (She is the eldest sister of the Valkyries in the "Der Ring des Nibelungen" of the German Middle Ages.)[1]

Brynhildr is regarded as the younger sister of Attila (King Atli) in the "Völsunga Saga", the "Guðrúnarkviða" and "Sigurðarkviða hin skamma" from Elder Edda, etc.[2]

She is treated as Brünnhilde (ブリュンヒルト, Buryunhiruto?) in Wagner's opera "Der Ring des Nibelungen", a story of a knight equal to the legend of King Arthur.[4] She is a Valkyrie, a shieldmaiden, who escorts the souls of the departed to Valhalla. She was a queen who was not able to join hands with her beloved hero and invited ruin from her sadness.[3] In the Nibelungenlied, she is the queen of Iceland.[5] Kriemhild and Brünnhilde got into conflict with each other and Siegfried was cornered into a situation where he had no choice but to die in order to prevent a fight.[6]

When she was guiding to Valhalla warriors who died as faithful servants to the Great God, at some time, Brynhildr allowed a warrior to gain victory that differed from Odin's intentions. She experienced the Great God's anger, had much of her Divinity taken away, and it resulted in her taking a curse of sleep at a hall engulfed in flames. Manifesting there was the hero Sigurd, who was for sure a heroic figure who released the curse with his demonic sword Gram. All knowledge that she herself holds, and even also Rune Magecraft, was gifted to Sigurd, and she blesses that hero with happiness on the path he walks on. But this happiness was only for a short time. After that, Sigurd lost his memories—betrayed, she, who was abandoned and saddened with grief, deliberately murdered her beloved Sigurd. And then, she gave up her life afterwards as well.[1]


Brynhildr was a goddess of war, a daughter of Odin and Jörð, a shieldmaiden and a Valkyrie as well. The Valkyries were Odin's automata, automatic beings who continued to conduct themselves according to the Great God's inclinations. Brynhildr was tasked to provide the many souls for Ragnarök while carrying them into the noble hall, bestowing victory on them occasionally, whilst continuing to guide the souls of heroes as one of the Lord's Valkyries since ancient times. One time however, she changed. She supported the young warrior Agnar in the country of the Goths by having him defeat the old Hjalmgunnar who should’ve been promised victory due to being blessed by the god Odin. Her father God dealt with this betrayal by taking away much of her Divinity from her, and bestowing on her the Pale Rune of Punishment that placed her into a suspended state which resembled death in a circle of flames situated on the summit of Mt. Hindarfjall, an inhuman devil cave, she was enclosed in a “hall of flames” that brought flames that reached the heavens. The apparent death effect brought by the pale punishing, thorn rune was absolute. She sleeps in the eternal, unvanquished flames, waiting for the destined hero that would awaken her from her sleep and tell her of his love.[7]

A hero coming to awaken her was but a mere possibility predicted by Odin, and Brynhildr resolved herself that such things would never come to her; that in the flames where no one is allowed to enter, she realized that she had no choice but to continue to lie down like a corpse until the time when the world would be ended by Fenrir's and Surtr's fury.[7]

But that destined person came, a fearless hero bravely riding through the flames with his steed Grani to reach her. Sigurd. He came to the "hall of flames" despite knowing all about the prophecy he heard from King Gripir. He skillfully cuts through the shackles that bounded her body and the mythril armor that had absorbed the thorn rune as it changed into Odin's last curse. And just after that, Brynhildr awakens. She was not a Valkyrie anymore, but she had completely changed into a mortal human that possessed a perfect body. She questions why Sigurd is doing this, and the hero replies that despite knowing all of it, he is doing this act because he is carrying out what he must do as love is unnecessary and feelings are useless on the path he walks. This was the hero's way of opposing the prophecy; save her, but not love her. Unfortunately, both of them realized that they had fallen in love the moment they first laid sight on each other. They knew that their love had started here. Sigurd proposed to her to be his wife.[7]

During the time they had spend together on their honeymoon, Brynhildr bestowed onto Sigurd much knowledge, including the original runes she had learnt from her father Odin, and as time went by, Sigurd left her and descended the mountain to continue his hero's journey for more glory and fortune until his return. However, Sigurd would later completely lose his memories, including those involving Brynhildr, and he would be wedded to another woman. That woman would use her schemes to have Brynhildr marry another man, Gunnar, Sigurd's brother-in-law. Sigurd would return to Brynhildr under the guise of Gunnar due to the power of the runes that Brynhildr told him about and proposed to her in marriage as Gunnar. Brynhildr knew it was Sigurd, but agreed anyways, although only if she lost in a fight with their swords. However, that was said to be sophistry as she had no reason whatsoever to win and Sigurd was by then more stronger than her. She was defeated by him, who persisted in dressing up as Gunnar, and it progressed to the conduction of her marriage ceremony to the real, cowardly Gunnar.[7]

At first, Brynhildr believed that this was due to Sigurd drinking a fearsome alcoholic and magical drug which caused him to lose his memories, and accepted these events as her immutable fate. However, Brynhildr would later fall into a godly insanity that resulted from an explosion of her severe emotions regarding all the tragic events that happened, including her love that she had lost towards Sigurd, that woman who devoted all her love to Sigurd, and Gunnar's love to Brynhildr. At the beginning of her madness, she had killed Sigurd by slicing him right in half, and wiped out all of his wife's family and followers. Although she strived to kill only warriors as much as possible, she might've laid her hands on women and children by some chance in her madness. She made the "hall of flames" again with the fiery mana overflowing from right inside of her body, and thrusted her blade into her very being in an act of suicide. As red tears flowed down, Brynhildr's life that started in flames, ended in flames.[7] In the end, Brynhildr killed the man she loved the most in the entire world via a conspiracy and then freely took her own life in order to follow after him to the afterlife.[3]

Even now (in her present condition as a Heroic Spirit) where she had killed him, Brynhildr still loves Sigurd. She loves him very much. After her suicide, her love is to the extent that she would challenge the female giant of the Underworld in order to take back Sigurd. If one tears off all of her husks, like the paths she had crossed, her sadness, her resentments, and her betrayed sentiments, what remains is nothing but her pure love towards Sigurd. Her true feelings understands how Sigurd himself loves her, of how he was strict on himself more than anyone else, and how he even resolved to reciprocate to her with nothing but his love. However, even so, having felt the moment of "being betrayed", she moved all of her being automatically. For this reason, she moves automatically, even now.[1]

"Let us meet once more, to cuddle closely together for sure next time. Even if I think in that way, this body craves for that life of your's automatically. It is very possible that, this is the cruel curse brought upon by the Great God."[1]


Brynhildr has a delicate body and mystical long white hair with a teal accent reminiscent of the night sky as she enters battle clad in silver armor unrecognizable to Saber. Formerly a Valkyrie, she is now a mortal human that possesses a perfect body.[7]

Brynhildr is beautiful, as if there was a night there that was so beautiful, it was to the point that she could steal men's eyes; this was noted by Arash who had felt like it was something obvious to the eye of the beholder. It is as if that she was not a person who was properly alive under the midday sun. Some didn't mean to call her a Phantasmal Beast, they only said it because they were implicating that she suited the quietness and darkness of the night. They grasped that she was a woman of the night, a shadow woman. Her gorgeous mythril armor shines beautifully on the woman's figure. Her huge lance looked heavy and huge to an impossible point, and yet it was being lightly carried in her hands. The woman shows a weakly smile. An ordinary man would've been a goner from that smile. It was a beautiful smile that the woman expressed, despite one feeling the end of that sorrow and grief in that smile.[8] When she opens her bound eyelids, her long eyelashes vibrates. When she exposes her eyes, they were like amethysts. She was a woman who suited the silence of the night, even now, and she was a woman whose body was drenched by the night itself.[9]

After Brynhildr is corrupted by the Holy Grail, she takes on a darker appearance. Her armor is now primarily black. She has gold eyes and she now wears a collar which has vials filled with the Grail's black muck in it. The vials are also directly injected into the back of her neck through the needles at the back of the vials.


Calm and devoted. There is some loneliness mixed in the gentle smile of this unfortunate shieldmaiden. Despite behaving like a "doll" with a weak sense of self back when she was a Divine Spirit as the eldest of the Valkyries, after falling on earth upon incurring the wrath of her fatherly Great God, Brynhildr became endowed with human nature and personality due to the incidental meeting with Sigurd. Compassionate and full of affection, she thoroughly devotes herself to the person she came to love. A woman who was supposed to spend her lifetime as a good wife if it wasn't for that tragedy. Although she never stopped loving Sigurd more than anyone else, she came to embrace the flames of killing intent at the end of a cursed tragic fate, eventually ending up killing him and also burning herself to ashes.[2]

Brynhildr speaks very politely and fights with respect. She does not appear to be the kind of person who would fight with dishonor, and she demonstrates sincerity, recognizing the qualities of her opponents, like when she fights with Saber and praises his heroism and gentlemanly attitude.[10]

Initially, there was just one expression on Brynhildr's face: Sorrow, and it was only just that. Brilliant, cheerful, and bright. She was a woman who had abandoned all of those things herself. Even if she had witnessed countless hells, she floated a smile; while everything and anything about her was the same, anything and everything about her was also different too. However, it was not just sorrow on her facial expression, and someone with eyes like Arash's would be able to see more than the sorrowful expression on her face.[8]

Bynhildr was also a woman of love who adored everything from heroes. The water, the earth, and the city of Tokyo too. However, she appears to go into madness from taking the love potion as she reaches her maximum love. She smiles with some sort of delight, but it was a terribly warped expression. She was crying while smiling, angry whilst crying, smiling whilst being angry. Animosity, hatred, resentment. It was both near to her and it was also far from her. Sorrow, grief, regrets. It was both far from her and it was also near to her. Frankly speaking, this woman, was definitely, broken from the inside. Whether it was an expression that was guided by some kind of emotion, it was very difficult to recognize.[11] Even if one couldn't catch a glimpse of the Mental Pollution and Mad Enhancement Skills or a warning to show her bad status effects when taking a glance through her Heroic Spirit parameters, her sense of self is completely broken in such a state.[12]

Even now, having turned into a Heroic Spirit, Brynhildr still loves Sigurd deeply. Nevertheless, if by any chance he is summoned before her, she will automatically point her spear towards him. This is because, upon being shaped as a Heroic Spirit, both she herself and her Noble Phantasm ended up being given the definition of "something that kills Sigurd."[2]

In regards to the "Dragon Slayer" hero Siegfried, who possesses similar origins as Sigurd, although Brynhildr recognizes him as "someone different from Sigurd", it seems that she somehow senses something close to him and thus feverishly gazes at him, while trying to get alone together, just the two of them (and then tries to kill him). And also, sometimes towards the Master as well...[2] It is believed that this may be due to the effects of the love drug Saward forced her to use leaving a permanent scar upon her Saint Graph.

Initially, coming into contact with the Master is well-behaved. Brynhildr obeys commands quietly. Basically, she does not defy the Master's instructions. She follows the Master. Regarding herself during her lifetime, it may not be known that she has a past tendency in becoming intertwined with several key factors, such as showing passivity in having no intentions in going against the system called the summoning of Heroic Spirits, having a habit during her time as a Valkyrie in acting in accordance to the Great God's missions, and feeling a sense of helplessness.[1]

Brynhildr will not embrace affection, particularly a profound courtesy, to somebody from herself if the love she has does not exist to a large extent towards that person. She is strongly self-conscious of herself embracing love as it seems that she will kill her companion in the end because of her Noble Phantasm. Besides, above all else, her love is already consecrated to Sigurd—because, that is what's exactly certain. She is extremely afraid of "getting to love somebody." Of course, although it is because of the situation with Sigurd, she is caught in an obstructive thought called "I am killing the person I have grown to love." Though, even if it is the Master, the inside of her wants to at least avoid exchanging conversations with him to the best of her abilities.[1]

Brynhildr has one goal in wishing upon the Holy Grail. A reunion with her beloved Sigurd. But then, whereupon this wish comes true, she will start to automatically attempt to murder him.[1]


In General
Brynhildr will react towards Heroic Spirits if they do something hero-like that will make her remember Sigurd. Meaning, she will react badly. She will also somewhat react towards male Heroic Spirits that has a lot of romantic love that would move a woman to tears.[1]
"I love you I love you I love you very much please die together with me, dear———"[1]
"You are awfully very similar to that man. Therefore, yes, I am very sorry."[1]
Arthur Pendragon
"I am quite troubled. You, are very kind, so... I am quite troubled..."[1]
"Your scent is similar to that man...?"[1]
Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)


Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver[]

Lancer is summoned by Nigel Saward to be his Servant in the Holy Grail War. Upon completion of the ritual, Nigel orders Lancer to strengthen the natural smell of her ether spiritual body. Reluctantly agreeing under threat of a Command Seal, Lancer takes a shower. Talking to Sigurd in her mind, Lancer wonders why she was summoned to this era.[13] Later than night, Lancer goes out on patrol and encounters Archer. The pair fight and the battle ends with Lancer retreating.

On the third night of the Holy Grail War, Lancer encounters Saber at the Sunshine 60 building. During the battle, Lancer becomes impressed by Saber and determines him worthy of the miracle drug her Master gave her. She then drinks it in front of Saber before retreating.

The next day, Lancer watches over Berserker's assault on the Reiroukan Manor. She then reports the results of it to Nigel. Nigel then instructs her to withdraw and proceed with her invitations.

On the sixth night of the Holy Grail War, Lancer encounters Berserker and his Master, Tatsumi Kitano. Tatsumi asks her to introduce him to Nigel to discuss stopping the Holy Grail War. However, Lancer refuses and leaves.

On the eighth night, Lancer receives instructions from Nigel to hunt down Assassin by request of his sponsor. During her search, she comes across Archer and Assassin having a talk and decides to attack her. After a grueling battle, Assassin makes a break for it and Lancer chases after her with Archer in tow. Assassin leads them to the Reiroukan Manor where they come across Saber fighting Berserker. Noticing their battle, Archer and Lancer decide to ignore Assassin and engage Berserker instead. She then bears witness to Berserker's death at the hands of Rider.

Day 9 - Rider's Declaration of War[]

Early the next morning on the ninth day, Lancer goes to the harbor and reflects on Berserker’s defeat. Remembering Saber, Lancer triggers her obsession with him. Archer then approaches Lancer and proposes a temporary alliance with her until they take down Rider. She agrees to take the proposal to her Master. A short while later, Nigel is pouring himself a drink when Lancer appears and reports the night’s events. She then informs Nigel of Archer’s proposal for an alliance. Praising her, Nigel allows Lancer to agree to the alliance. Suddenly, Nigel asks Lancer what she is feeling. Lancer replies that she will do as she likes. They then talk about Nigel’s obsession miracle drug and Nigel informs her that the Assassin elimination order has been rescinded.[14]

Later that day, Lancer approaches Saber. After the two briefly chat, the two of them are suddenly assailed upon by one of Rider's Sphinxes. Rider then makes an proclamation through his Sphinx calling out the remaining Servants to fight him, otherwise he will burn down the city and its inhabitants. The Sphinx then disappears and Lancer goes to report this news to her Master.

Day 10 - Battle with Rider[]

On the tenth night, Lancer hears news concerning Rider's Reality Marble appearing on top of Tokyo Bay. She then races to the harbor and meets up with Archer and Saber. Strategizing, the trio decide to attack the temple together with Lancer remaining outside for a moment. As Saber and Archer fight against Rider, Lancer appears with the "Philosopher's Stone" and neutralizes Ramesseum Tentyris' curse of the gods that seals Noble Phantasms. Lancer received it from Caster who was commanded by Manaka Sajyou to deliver it to Saber. Lancer uses her lance to crack Ramesseum Tentyris in order to deliver it to Saber. She then rescues Saber after the battle.

Day 13 - Lancer's Rampage[]

On a rooftop in Akihabara, Lancer ponders on the nature of heroes and the ones that she met during the Holy Grail War. As she does so, Lancer is confronted by Nigel who starts talking about the feeling of love growing inside her. He acknowledges her feelings, but is unsympathetic and just bluntly "tells her the truth." He then orders Lancer to take more of his miracle drug under threat of using his Command Spells. However, Lancer adamantly refuses and starts crying for her beloved Sigurd. As she starts descending into madness, her lance starts growing. Snapping, Lancer heads to Ikebukuro to look for Saber and Manaka and goes on a rampage near the Sunshine 60 Building, almost destroying Tokyo.

Around this time, Caster senses Lancer's rampage and reports it to Manaka who decides to confront her. Gathering Caster and Assassin, the trio teleport to the battlefield. Encountering Lancer, Caster and Assassin engage Lancer in battle. However, Lancer negates Caster's Magecraft with the runes she learnt from her father, Odin. Suddenly, Lancer spots Manaka and tries to strike her with her Noble Phantasm under the control of Odin (Counter Force). However, Manaka stops it with just one finger. As she fights, Lancer recalls her past with Sigurd.

Saber then arrives, causing Brynhildr to attack him instead. During the battle, she starts mistaking Saber for Sigurd due to the madness from taking in the miracle drug. In her madness, Lancer tries to use her ultimate Noble Phantasm: Freyja to destroy Manaka along with Tokyo. Saber tries to make her regain her senses, which she does. Regaining her sanity briefly, Lancer begs Saber to kill her. He does so and stabs her heart with Excalibur. Before she disappears, Lancer thanks him and warns Saber that he should not let the thing in the Greater Grail be born.

Day 16 - Final Battle[]

During Saber's battle with the Beast, Lancer appears again in Saber's mind. She encourages Saber to fight and then becomes one of the Servants who lends Saber her power when he activates Excalibur.

8 years later, a shadow of Lancer is seen again as one of Manaka's Grail corrupted Servants.

Prior to being summoned back for the Second Holy Grail War, Saber has a dream with Lancer and the other Servants in it. During the dream, Lancer is drinking and chatting with Rider and Archer about their respective pasts.

Fate/Grand Order[]

Brynhildr Trial Quest[]

Brynhildr initially appears in Chaldea claiming that she is Mash Kyrielight and Ritsuka Fujimaru is Sigurd, and notes their bravery in the face of Armageddon. She also places a rune on the master before taking them to the London Singularity. Once there, Brynhildr declares some of the fog has yet to dissipate thus impeding the correction of the era. She then collapses, being caught by Ritsuka. She apologizes for causing trouble, praises their kindness, before again confusing them with Sigurd. Brynhildr is reluctant to come too close, claiming their proximity rattled her, then states she will test what kind of person Fujimaru is. Before she can elaborate, the sound of combat draws them over. They see Fionn mac Cumhaill and Beowulf doing battle with several Helter Skelters . Fionn is pleased to receive a beautiful Valkyrie as backup, but Beowulf is more wary, citing their reputation as psychopomps. Brynhildr initially believes Beowulf to be a noble hero, but changes her mind after he dismisses the citizens of London as “pitiful” and demands her purpose in coming. She then asks Fujimaru their purpose for rayshifting. Their reply, either to fight or someday save the world, stuns Brynhildr who charges into battle.

They quickly defeat the mechanical forces. Beowulf laments an easy victory while Fionn claims the greater the challenge the greater the profit. Beowulf questions the value in such reasoning, then fades away. Fionn praises Brynhildr’s fighting as magnificent, and expresses a desire to woo her. However the de-summoning process prevents this, and he too fades away. Brynhildr praises Ritsuka for their bravery in fighting alongside the two warriors, then expresses confusion about how to proceed. When they ask why, she admits she’s begun to fall for them, and begins repeating that statement. Lancer discloses her true name as Brynhildr, (with the possible implication that Fujimaru was never fooled), and declares her intent to act as a hero’s companion. At which point multiple homunculi and a demon appear. Enraged by their interruption, Brynhildr destroys them. Afterwards, Brynhildr sadly states that the longer she stays, the more trouble they will be in. As she prepares to depart, Fujimaru confidently declares they will meet again. At this, Brynhildr smiles and affirms it, leaving with a final message: —-Farewell. You’re the world’s newest hero, my Sigurd.

Da Vinci and the 7 Counterfeit Heroic Spirits[]

A counterfeit of Brynhildr is created by Jeanne Alter. Unfortunately for the Avenger, Brynhildr turns out to be a masochist and a very affectionate one at that. She also calls Jeanne Alter "Big Sister".

When Ritsuka's party burst into Jeanne Alter's room in the Louvre, they see her being uncomfortably embraced by Brynildr. Jeanne Alter kicks her away, only for Brynhildr to crawl back like a scene from a horror movie. Asking the others to ignore Brynhildr, Jeanne Alter explains how she was able to return after being destroyed in Orleans. Afterward, she and Brynhildr fight the group.

Brynhildr is defeated and apologizes for her failure. But Jeanne Alter blames herself for not being able to summon Brynhildr in proper form. She assumes Brynhildr will blame her before she disappears like she thought the others did. However, Brynhildr says she and the other counterfeits enjoyed their time with her. Because they're counterfeits, they could indulge in the things their originals never could. Brynhildr, therefore, thanks Jeanne Alter for giving them such pleasure and asks her why they'd blame her. She calls the emotions and fictional backstories granted to them a starting point from which they fell in love with Jeanne Alter. She then disappears, bidding Jeanne Alter farewell.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Brynhildr is amongst the "special events" Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[15] She is dragged into view by Jeanne Alter, who complains that if she hadn’t, Brynhildr would have stayed in the background without saying a word. Brynhildr offers her assistance as a representative of the Scandinavian Valkyries, then suggests she be used as a tool. She then comically wonders if even that is too presumptuous a role. She assists in combatting Andromalius.

Arthur Pendragon Trial Quest[]

Although Brynhildr herself does not make an appearance, Arash, after speaking to Fujimaru, suggests to the younger Cu Chulainn to avoid mentioning a possible sighting of "him" to Brynhildr as well as "the Pharaoh" and "the Alchemist."

Nero Festival Return[]

Brynhildr is one of the servants present for the third Nero Festival. Her primary interest is in scouting for heroes worthy of Valhalla. At the end of the event, it is revealed that Brynhildr had intended to use her Primordial Runes to forcibly accelerate the growth of power among the Chaldean Heroic Spirits; however, the process had been determined by Zhuge Liang and Scáthach to be likely to kill the Servants so effected and could put Chaldea itself at risk due to the uncontrolled flow of magical energy involved. As she prepares to do so, over a dozen Heroic Spirits including Arash and Arthur Pendragon attempt to talk her down. Their pleas fall on deaf ears, and Brynhildr is forcibly detained. After a period of reflection, Brynhildr expresses deep regret to Ritsuka for her actions, and is subsequently forgiven. It is later determined that her behavior was the product of manipulation by Amakusa Shirou and James Moriarty, who had hoped to steal the Holy Grail at Nero Festival in the ensuing confusion.

Götterdämmerung: The Eternal Ice-Flame Century[]

Brynhildr is summoned into the Lostbelt due to the presence of Sigurd. She wandered the Lostbelt aimlessly until the Valkyries and Ophelia Phamrsolone sealed her away in an imitation of the Palace of Fire, to prevent her from fighting Sigurd, but also so that the Valkyries did not have to fight their sister from the Greater History of Man.[16]

Eventually, she is freed when Napoleon Bonaparte shoots a Fantasy Tree Seed with enough force to crash it into the castle. She then throws the Seed out and destroys it.[17] After agreeing to help Ritsuka’s party, Brynhildr answers Napoleon’s flirtations by casting an illusion on him upon learning he already proposed to Ophelia. Then, while Napoleon is still under the illusion, Ritsuka and Mash confirm Brynhildr’s suspicions that Sigurd is in the Lostbelt. This makes Brynhildr realize she was summoned to kill Sigurd, but she believes he’s a different Sigurd native to the Lostbelt. However, Napoleon, having recovered, disagrees with her, inclined to agree with Sitonai that the Sigurd they met is from the Proper History. Afterwards, the group stop at Village 67 on their way to Village 23. They learn someone made its Bounded Field stronger. Goredolf Musik then informs them that Village 23 is under attack.[16]

They reach the village by nightfall to find it safe, learning from Gelda that someone claiming to be from Chaldea possibly saved it. Brynildr confirms the village's Bounded Field was reinforced like Village 67, though it wasn't made from runes.[16]

The next morning, the Border comes under attack from Envoys, so the group rush over there. Brynhildr tries to plead with them to stand down, but it is ineffective. After destroying the Envoys, the group confront Ortlinde, Hildr and Thrúd, who came down from above in response to Brynhildr's request for them to come face-to-face with her. Thrúd tells her she can’t be considered their sister as she is from the Proper History and never experienced the broken Ragnarok. Ortlinde says they could’ve avoided conflict with each other if only Brynhildr remained asleep. Hildr asks Brynhildr if she has no issue killing them because they’re merely strangers who like her sisters. Napoleon tells the Valkyries that Brynhildr doesn’t to want to kill, but it’s a warrior’s duty to carry the burden of each person they killed until the day they die. Brynhildr concurs, suspecting her sisters forgotten that after spending years in this Lostbelt devoid of heroes. They are therefore unfit to be called Valkyries, no longer capable of guiding the souls of brave heroes. Thrúd declares she and her sisters are still Valkyries, having defended the Lostbelt and its human population for thousands of years. Unable to forgive Brynhildr’s insult, the Valkyries fight her and the others to prove that they’re the true Valkyries. As they fight, Brynhildr is glad to see her sisters have gained emotions. Thrúd and Hildr deny they’ve gained emotions, while Ortlinde remains silent. Thrúd and Hildr become enraged at Brynhidlr, the former believing her love for Sigurd has corrupted her mind. In the battle’s last moments, though, Thrúd allows herself to impaled by Brynhildr’s spear. Hidlr choose without a second thought to be impaled alongside her. After her sisters disappear, Ortlinde retreats, unable to understand their final decision.[18]

As it's dangerous to keep driving during the night, the Border stops in Torsby before continuing towards Scáthach-Skadi's castle tomorrow. During this time, Brynhildr joins Ritsuka on the deck to look at the stars. Ritsuka apologizes for Thrud and Hildr, but Brynhildr tells them to pay it no mind as it is her nature to kill. At least, that is the sort of Heroic Spirit humanity has made her out to be. She explains her spear is a Noble Phantasm meant to kill those with heroic souls, those worthy of her love, calling it the purpose of her existence. She then tells Ritsuka of her legend, and explains the her inscribed in the Throne is based on the moment she killed Sigurd wreathed in madness. That is why she can and will kill Sigurd, and why she could kill her sisters. Brynhildr then thanks Ritsuka for treating like a person, instead of a weapon solely meant to kill Sigurd.[19]

Arriving at Skadi's castle, the group fight Sigurd and Ortlinde. Brynhildr realizes Sigurd is stronger than usual, so she activates a primordial rune to empower herself at the risk of burning her soul away. However, Ophelia arrives and uses her Mystic Eye to undo its effects, but not the severe damage done to Brynhildr’s Spiritual Core. Despite the risks, Brynhildr reactivates the rune. Her determination to kill Sigurd negates Ophelia’s second attempt to use her Mystic Eye on her since it doesn’t work on singular possibilities. She then uses Brynhildr Romantia to kill Sigurd, but it doesn’t kill him. Sigurd reveals he isn't Sigurd, and has Ophelia ascend his Spirit Origin to its final stage. He then unleashes runic fire at the group with a swing of his sword. Brynhildr demands to know who he is, as she knows the real Sigurd would never use fire runes. Sigurd claims he is, and fights the group. In the end, Brynhildr destroys his Spiritual Core, yet he still isn't dead. Sigurd reveals he was waiting for someone capable of piercing Sigurd’s Spiritual Core, as the Command Spells forbid suicide. Ophelia tries to use her Mystic Eye to undo his defeat, but it doesn’t work. With the destruction of Sigurd’s Spiritual Core, the false sun meant to seal Surtr away breaks.[19] Mash and Napoleon try to fight Surtr when he kidnaps Ophelia, with Sigurd using Bölverk Gram to repel Surtr's flames.[20] After Surtr leaves, Ortlinde reveals she used a rune to maintain Sigurd's body, assisted by Ophelia using her Mystic Eye on him earlier. Sigurd heals Brynhildr, which confirms to her that he was being possessed before. She thanks him for protecting everyone from Surtr's flames. Sigurd says, though, he couldn't have done it without Skadi's help. Skadi is also why he isn't dead yet despite being pierced by Brynhildr's spear. Skadi herself confirms as much, and invites everyone inside.[21]

Inside her throne room, Skadi reveals giants are attacking the villages, as her masks meant to pacify them ceased to function with Surtr free. After she explain explains the Lostbelt's origins, Fantasy Tree Seeds suddenly crash down afterwards. Skadi commands them to die, but to her shock, it is ineffective. Sitonai arrives and reveals Skadi’s connection to Fantasy Tree Sombrero has been severed. After Sitonai destroys the Seeds, the group suspects Surtr is the new Lostbelt King. Skadi then reveals Sombrero is to the north, camouflaged by her magical snow. She warns Sigurd and Brynhildr that while her runes are keeping their Spiritual Cores intact, the bonds are still fragile. Thus if they expend all their magical energy in battle, Sigurd and Brynhildr's Spiritual Cores will crumble. After Skadi agrees to help, the group return to the Shadow Border in pursuit of Surtr.[21]

Reaching Village 23, Brynhildr, Sigurd, Ortlinde, and Skadi support Sitonia in blocking Surtr's attack with Heracles. Napoleon then sacrifices himself to damage Surtr with his overloaded Noble Phantasm. Before disappearing, he removes Fafnir's curse that Surtr inflicted Ophelia with from her. This last act of Napoleon's inspires Ophelia to join the others in fighting Surtr. She warns if Surtr burns the planet and the Lostbelt becomes the new history, the planet's Texture will be fire. Then, as it is her connection to Surtr, she destroys her Mystic Eye to sever their contract and remove his source of magical energy. This is followed by her using her Sirius Light to rewrite the Losbelt.[22]

Supported by Skadi and Sitonai, the group ascend to fight Surtr. Sigurd severely wounds him with Bölverk Gram since the giant possesses Fafnir's curse. This severs Surtr's connection to the Fantasy Tree, and causes the Paper Moon to fall from his grasp. After being defeated, Surtr tries to carve a rune of death into Ritsuka, but Brynhildr thwarts him by casting an illusion rune on him. Surtr sees Ritsuka die and delights in Mash's despair at which points Brynhildr unveils the illusion. She and Sigurd then finish off Surtr together.[23]

With all their magical energy spent, the couple start to disappear. Sigurd apologizes to Brynhildr for getting her involved, but she is overjoyed to have wielded her spear by his side. She calls it a dream come true, one she never dared to let herself hope for. Sigurd tells her that she can kill him without hesitation when they next meet. If that is her way of expressing her love, he will survive it and prove his love to her. Brynhildr genuinely smiles at this, agreeing to what Sigurd said. She then tells Ritsuka and Mash she hopes to help them again, and disappears.[23]


In the beginning of her interlude, Brynhildr is seen in a snowy forest. She is shown wrestling between her passion, represented by fire, and her sense of caution, represented by ice. She reflects on having been a loyal servant of Odin, only once defying him. This train of thought leads to her imprisonment, which begins to lead to Sigurd, however Brynhildr forces herself to repress said memories. Upon repressing her passion and murderous instincts, she collapses upon the ground. Later, Ritsuka Fujimaru finds themself in the same forest, only to be approached by Arthur Pendragon. He explains that the two of them have been pulled into Brynhildr’s mind, Ritsuka by their contract, and Arthur either by random warping or as a memory Brynhildr retains of him.

Whichever it is, Arthur can sense Brynhildr is in danger, and thus they begin searching for her. After some time, Brynhildr is found buried under ice and snow, so Arthur and Fujimaru dig her out. Brynhildr is shocked to see Arthur. After ensuring that she is unharmed, Fujimaru asks her why she had buried herself in the snow. Brynhildr reveals she had excised her passion to avoid killing them. When they implore her to reclaim it, Brynhildr is adamantly opposed. However, Arthur’s words and Ritsuka’s faith eventually sway her. They search the forest and upon entering a clearing, they find Brynhildr’s passion. It is cruel and demanding without other feelings to balance it, but together, Brynhildr, Arthur and Ritsuka successfully defeat it. After Brynhildr reintegrates her lost passion, Arthur gives a warm goodbye and is transported elsewhere. Ritsuka awakes from the dream, but not before hearing Brynhildr sadly say she must remain distant, if not as much...

Other appearances[]

Brynhildr makes up one-third of the existence of Passionlip in Fate/EXTRA CCC, which she is referred to as a goddess of war from Scandinavia. Her emotions are used in Passionlip's Noble Phantasm, Brynhildr Romantia.


Brynhildr utilizes a long, gigantic, and heavy spear with a large blade vaguely shaped to be reminiscent of a heart as her Noble Phantasm, calling it Brynhildr Romantia. She also has another Noble Phantasm called Brynhildr Komédia. She is noted as being very fast, to the point of almost disappearing from sight entirely and even Saber has difficulties keeping up with her at first, before getting used to her speed. She has an attack pattern in which her spear comes down on her opponent from five different directions, all at different speeds. However, she seems to make a habit of repeating this pattern, which leads to enemies who survive the very first rounds being able to find a gap in her attacks after a time.

During the Tokyo Holy Grail War, she is given a small bottle with a red liquid inside by her Master, Nigel Saward, a potion that forces one to enter a state of "forced love". Its purpose is to cause Brynhildr to see Arthur as Sigurd; hence, it strengthens her spear, increasing its size and the mass of the spearhead as it deals more damage due to the ability of Brynhildr Romantia.[24]

Being an expert of hand-to-hand combat, she was able to lightly kick Hassan of Serenity away with ease, who had commenced with a drop attack to intercept her. For Brynhildr, who had continued to stare at the skills of many heroes as a Valkyrie, her short fencing and her very refined martial arts were just a couple of the many foreign skills recorded on tens of thousands of battlefields she had observed and learned. While avoiding the clash first in the air against Assassin, all of the attacks that had been maneuvered back and forth as they passed through each other at high speed were being handled with one arm and both legs.[11]

Class Skills[]

Magic Resistance (B Rank): Cancels spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by greater magecraft and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected.[1]
Riding (A Rank): Given from the anecdote that Valkyries rode on horseback. While the fame of her anecdote would have given her the Skill Rank of A+, her Riding has declined due to being summoned as a Lancer. It would become A+ if she was summoned as a Rider.[1]
Divinity (E Rank): Although there is once a high aptitude as a Divine Spirit, it is currently quite low. She was once a member of the shieldmaiden group, the Valkyries, and the daughter of the Great God Odin, but the latter has deprived her of most of her Divinity.[1]

Personal Skills[]

Mana Burst (Flame) (B Rank): A Skill that came from the anecdote where she fell asleep, surrounded by a ring of flames in a fire-packed pavilion. As her passion gets deeper, the flame becomes stronger, burning on the basis of her magical energy.[1] She is able to wrap herself in fire to burn away the arrows shot by Arash, salvos of up to twenty arrows at the same time, and each of these arrows had enough power to easily shatter boulders.
Primordial Rune (— Rank): She has Runes hailing from Scandinavia, almost known as Scandinavian Magic Crests. It is said that she, a first-rate magus, has taught Rune Magecraft to her beloved Sigurd. Originally, it was a Skill that shows the power of the "Primal Runes" granted to her by her father Odin, but her power is being suppressed. If she demonstrates the true power of this Skill without possessing a Divinity Rank of A or higher, in addition to receiving restrictions on the use of her Noble Phantasm, severe damage enters her spiritual core and Brynhildr will soon disappear.[1]
With this skill, Brynhildr is able to negate Paracelsus von Hohenheim's Magecraft as her runes are said to be a million times more powerful than what modern mages use. Referred to as the Rune of Origin, when activated, it strengthens her Rune Magecraft, allows her to fly, temporarily amplifies her parameters, and even enables her to attain demi-god status. Though its use requires sealing her second Noble Phantasm, Brynhildr Komédia, the Runes itself is so potent that it could be classified as her third Noble Phantasm, and it could destroy Tokyo when fully powered. However, even a Master like Nigel Saward would be unable to provide so much mana. She is shown to freeze objects and summon gigantic boulders with these Runes, including a great, majestic lump of rock clad in flames that is large enough to conceal the moon, referred to as Freyja: Venus (金星(フレイヤ), Kinsei(Fureiya)?).[11][12]
Hero's Assistant (C Rank): A Skill that represents the nature of a Valkyrie that leads a hero to victory. Synchronizes magical energy and gives a plus modifier to every successful check made by the target.[1]

Forms and Alternate Versions[]



Lancer is revived by Manaka Sajyou in the Second Tokyo Holy Grail War in a blackened form.


At the moment of visiting the lake shore in the middle of summer――― She forcibly modifies her Saint Graph with her own Primordial Runes! Friendlily, so gently that the usual instability of her Saint Graph looks like a lie, innocently, she together with the great hero Sigurd make a couple madly in love, but…

At night, a scream resounds. Sigurd sinking in a sea of blood. And, the appearance of Brnyhildr bathed in spurted blood. Whatever on Earth happened…?!

Sigurd stubbornly refuses to talk about the existence of the culprit (he stands up every time). Brynhildr only makes a commotion all flustered. And, in her hand lies a bloodstained new Noble Phantasm. Whatever on Earth happened…?!

Almost the same as the usual Brynhildr (Lancer). Quiet and devoted. However, unlike usual, she has completely unleashed her love towards her beloved Sigurd. She praises love without hesitating, and enjoys her vacation at the midsummer lake shore. She doesn’t say dangerous words like “I’ll kill you” and “I will kill you, okay?”. It’s almost like she has perfectly sealed her automatic murderous intent towards “her beloved one (Sigurd)” in this Saint Graph. Although ―――


Mad Enhancement: D-
The Saint Graph itself has changed into a Berserker, but the rating of the assigned Mad Enhancement skill is low. Mutual understanding through language is possible.

Swan Mystic Code (Summer): A+
A white bikini. Nay. This is a transformation into an adequate form for the midsummer lake shore of the Swan Mystic Code, the garments used by the warrior maidens that conquer the sky. It possesses a flight function.

Midsummer Wisdom: B
A crystallization of the wisdom of the gods who know almost everything about summer. A pair of glasses she made together with Sigurd.

Noble Phantasm[]

Her Noble Phantasm is Brynhildr Sigurtein. After the Heroic Spirit Brynhildr temporarily summons/manifests an azure and transparent gigantic sword, the Heroic Spirit Sigurd swings it down, and vanquishes the enemy. An instantaneous combined attack/combined Noble Phantasm.

Brynhildr alone summons a large weapon she cannot swing, Sigurd alone swings a weapon he cannot summon.

The summoned gigantic sword is the divine sword that the great god Odin gave to the ancient war god Týr, imitated by Brnyhildr with the effect of Primeval Runes. It’s an imitation, but it possesses power befitting an armament of the gods.


Shirow Miwa is the character illustrator for Brynhildr.[1][2] Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for her character in Fate/Grand Order.[1]


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    Illustrator and Voice actor
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    Strength: B+
    Endurance: A
    Agility: A
    Mana: C
    Luck: E
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    Primordial Rune
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    Class Skills
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    Riding: A
    Divinity: E

    Noble Phantasm
    Brynhild Romantia - Until Death Splits the Two Apart
    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    Daughter of Odin, the Great God of Northern Europe, and one of the battle-maidens Valkyries. A tragic woman from Norse mythology.
    A battle-maiden regarded in the same light as Sigrdrífa, the fated person of the great hero Sigurd in the "Volsunga Saga", she is also similarly portrayed as a Valkyrie who fell in love with Sigurd in the "Sigrdrífumál" and the "Helreið Brynhildar" from Elder Edda.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 172cm・52kg
    Source: Norse mythology
    Region: Europe
    Alignment: Neutral Good  Gender: Female
    She is regarded as the younger sister of Attila (King Atli) in the "Volsunga Saga", the "Guðrúnarkviða" and "Sigurðarkviða hin skamma" from Elder Edda and etc.(1)

    Level 2 Bond
    Calm and devoted. There is some loneliness mixed in the gentle smile of this unfortunate battle-maiden.
    Despite behaving like a "doll" with a weak sense of self back when she was a Divine Spirit as the eldest of the Valkyries, after falling on earth upon incurring the wrath of her fatherly Great God, she became endowed with human nature and personality due to the incidental meeting with Sigurd.

    Level 3 Bond
    Compassionate and full of affection, she thoroughly devotes herself to the person she came to love. A woman who was supposed to spend her lifetime as good wife if it wasn't for that tragedy.
    Although she never stopped loving Sigurd more than anyone else, she came to embrace the flames of killing intent at the end of a cursed tragic fate, eventually ending up killing him and also burning herself to ashes.

    Level 4 Bond
    "Until Death Splits the Two Apart"
    Rank: B  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm
    Brynhild Romantia.
    A Noble Phantasm that has molded the deep feelings of love towards the fated person as the spear of magic silver that she employed while alive.
    The deeper her love towards the target becomes, the more the weight and size of this spear will change. It displays a especially tremendous efficacy in regards to her beloved Sigurd (it is also quite effective towards Siegfried, who has deep connections to him).

    Level 5 Bond
    Even now, having turned into a Heroic Spirit, she still loves Sigurd deeply.
    Nevertheless, if by any chance he is summoned before her, she will automatically point her spear towards him.
    This is because, upon being shaped as a Heroic Spirit, both she herself and her Noble Phantasm ended up being given the definition of "something that kills Sigurd".

    In regards to the "dragon-slayer" hero Siegfried, who possesses the same origins as Sigurd, although she recognizes him as "someone different from Sigurd", it seems that she somehow senses something close to him and thus feverish gazes at him tries to get alone just the two of them (and then tries to kill him).
    And also, sometimes towards the Master as well...

    (1)So they went ahead and pulled this out as well. When you also take into account the whole Siegfried/EMIYA thing, this whole mess seems like a huge Seiyuu joke.

    ブリュンヒルデ - ランサー



    魔力放出(炎) B
    英雄の介添 C

    対魔力 B
    騎乗 A
    神性 E

    ランク:B → B+


    属性:中立・善   性別:女性



    ランク:B  種別:対人宝具



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    Keyword: Breast Valley, composite divinity
    Strength: A+, Endurance: A, Agility: C, Magic: B, Luck: E
    Presence Concealment: A+, Constitution of an Abuse Victim: A, Trash & Crash: EX


    01 - Brynhild Romantia (Until Death Do Us Part)'
    The Noble Phantasm that BB granted to this Alter Ego.
    This Noble Phantasm strikes with more accuracy and does more damage the deeper her love toward the target is. Even if it's utterly one-sided, she will never let her loved one escape.
    The Servant this Noble Phantasm was made from is the valkyrie, Brynhild, who appears in "The Völsunga Saga." The spear of love and hatred that she wielded in order to get revenge on her husband, Sigurd who betrayed her and wounded her honor. Strictly speaking, not the spear itself, but the deep love and hatred Brynhild felt for Sigurd that has taken the shape of a spear.
    In "The Völsunga Saga," the fearless hero Sigurd (Siegfried) takes Brynhild, who was sleeping encircled by flame, as his wife. But afterwards, Sigurd betrays her, presenting her as his brother-in-law's wife. At first, Brynhild believed that this was due to Sigurd drinking alcohol which caused him to lose his memories and accepted these events as her immutable fate.
    However, she came to know that, in reality, Sigurd had already regained his memories by that time. In the end, Brynhild killed the man she loved most in the entire world via a conspiracy and then freely took her own life in order to follow after him.

    02 - Breast Valley
    A simple trash box. Has the function of storing away and safeguarding unneeded data files. It's a garbage can. In Passionlip's case, the icon is set right in the middle of her chest for some reason.
    To put it frankly, an imaginary space pocket into which you can put anything as long as it's as trash. If it is dust data that Passionlip has crushed, she can stow away an infinite amount, regardless of capacity.
    Though it seems contradictory, it seems even objects that exceed Passionlip's own memory storage can be thrown into this valley.
    At first glance, this appears to be a convenient function, but because dust data cannot be returned to its original form, it's an utterly useless function. It appears that Passionlip acquired this unique structure because she is of the type of girl who bottles her feelings up inside, leading to self-destruction and self-harm.

    03 - Composite Divinity
    Alter Egos are High Servants created as complexes of Heroic Spirits.
    BB accessed the Moon Cell's Servant Archives, chose goddesses compatible with the Ego from them, and reproduced the data. Alter Egos came into existence as complexes of goddesses.
    Passionlip is made of three goddesses.
    The first is the goddess of beauty from Hindu mythology, Parvati. A goddess who loves her husband, the god of destruction Shiva, with blind devotion.
    The second is the goddess of war, Durga. Considered a facet of Parvati, Durga possess ten weapons given to her as divine gifts. Passionlip's giant claws are an incarnation of those ten swords.
    The third is a goddess of war from Scandinavia, Brynhildr. Unable to be tied to the hero she loved, this queen called destruction to her though her grief. In Wagner's opera, she was rendered as Brünnhilde, who appears as a valkyrie (war maiden) who escorts the souls of the departed to Valhalla. It goes without saying that the circumstances of this work led to a tragedy where she despaired over love and raised her hands against her beloved.

    01 - 死がふたりを分断つまで(ブリュンヒルデ・ロマンシア)






    02 - ブレストバレー




    03 - 複合神性







    01 - Presence Concealment [A]
    A skill that allows one to take action while hiding themselves. It's a skill that those of the Assassin class possess as it's their most basis ability, but Passionlip has acquired it as well, possibly due to her personality.
    Due to her timidness and cautiousness, she manifests excellent Presence Concealment, but her giant claws act as a hindrance and she is quickly discovered. If she didn't have those claws, she would be an excellent stalker.
    Though this is a digression, she has been following [the PC] from early on, though no one noticed, observing and watching over them from the shadows, or something like that.

    02 - Constitution of an Abuse Victim [A]
    A skill that increases the chances of being targeted by enemies in group battles. It appears to be a minus skill, but for a Servant with strong defensive capabilities, possessing this skills allows them to function as an excellent escort.
    A slight bonus to defense is included. Once it reaches rank A, an even more unique effect is added: The more the attacking party attacks, the more they will lose their composure until the holder of this skill is all they can think of.

    03 - Trash & Crash [EX]
    A unique power, called id_es, that the Alter Egos possess from their creation.
    A cheat skill that evolved from "Monstrous Strength." No matter how large the capacity of the item, as long as it is "something that can be enveloped by her hands," she can crush and and compress it, whatever it may be.
    What that she compresses become a 5 cm by 5 cm by 5 cm cube but its mass can only be reduced to 1/10th of its mass before it was compressed. After it's been compressed, it is treated as dust data.
    The only things Passionlip can crush are garments that are smaller than her hands--not. As long as it is something that can be "placed within her hands" based on her vantage point, she can treat it as a target.
    For example, in the case of her target being a mega-structure such as the Arena, as long as she is in a place where she has an unimpeded view of the Arena, the requirements will have been met.
    She can hold her hands out to the faraway Arena which has become so small and once the entirety of the Arena has completely settled on her hand, it is recognized as Lip "grabbing" it and crushing it becomes possible.
    It's planar physical interference which ignores perspective, but as you would expect crushing large objects requires time.

    01 - 気配遮断 [A+]



    02 - 被虐待質 [A]


    03 - トラッシュ&クラッシュ [EX]








    01 - Barrier Against Cognizance
    Barrier against cognizance: Most humans cannot look at themselves from an objective point of view. This is not limited to the heart but also occurs with the physical body.
    Humans cannot see themselves. No, more correctly, the impartiality to look upon "oneself without falsehoods" and accept it is rare.
    Because humans possess wisdom, they are able to turn only the convenient aspects of the reality in front of their eyes into the truth. It's not just being selective about what information they accept; there is also unconsciously fabricating or modifying information.
    Passionlip's barrier against cognizance is of the highest order. She does not comprehend the form of her own two hands. Her "brain" averts its eyes from her own ugly appearance, and within her mind, she is converted into an exceedingly normal girl. To her, her claws only appear as "normal."
    Because of this, Lip does not understand the reason "why everyone is afraid of me." Without realizing the reason is her own body's ugliness, she would simply tilt her head if you were to point it out to her.
    "Why are you telling such a lie?" "Are you lying to bully me again?"
    In relation to her barrier against cognizance regarding her giant claws, Passionlip is a perfect victim. Though a barrier to cognizance is something born from trying to escape, there is neither deceit nor lies in her heart.
    Everyone finds it difficult to face their ugly qualities. When one looks in the mirror, is the brain properly observing the image of oneself reflected there?

    02 - The End of Love and Hate
    The end of love and hate: the Ego born from BB's "desire to court" and "hate and love." The kind of alluring and innocent girl that men cannot help but feel lust for. The claws of her hands are an incarnation of her desire to protect her "easy for men to aim for" self.
    She held affection for [the PC] for a certain reason, but after they spoke with each other within the labyrinth, she came to embrace even deeper affection.
    She wished: I want to be close to them, I want to touch them, I want to talk to them, but due to her personality, those wishes were never granted, not even once.
    I want to talk to them (but for some reason, they're afraid of me), so I can't talk to them. I want to approach them (but for some reason, they run away) so I can't approach them. I want them to love them (but I seem to be hated by them, no matter what) so I won't receive get their love.
    From that dilemma, her love grew deeper, but in the face of [the PC's] rejection, that love turns into grief. Unable to withstand the burden of her feelings, by viewing the source of them as an enemy, as someone she hates, she was just barely able to keep her heart from collapsing.
    The work of a heart faced with a reality that it could not withstand while sane--in other words, a rampage that resembles insanity.
    The only person she loved in the entire world gave her a single gentle word.
    Passionlip with continue to embrace that miracle for all eternity.
    ...Yes, even if despair heavy enough to crush her heart is waiting for her afterward.

    01 - 認識障害









    02 - 愛憎の果て











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    Demonic Sword, Sword of the Sun, Gram.
    A demonic sword of ruin and glory that Sigurd, the greatest hero of Northern Europe, possessed in the Volsunga Saga.
    It is the model of Caliburn in the legend of King Arthur. As Caliburn was a chosen sword in a stone, Gram was also a chosen sword in the mighty tree of the Volsunga king.
    The legend of Gram and its possessor Sigurd is a story filled with glory and ruin, as one would expect from a great hero.
    "Der Ring des Nibelungen", composed later in Middle Ages Germany, is the story of a knight equal to the legend of King Artnur, and the sword Gram changes its name and appears in it as Balmung.
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    Siegfried, the Dragon-Blooded Knight
    He is the hero portrayed as the main character of the German Nibelungenlied epic. Prince of the Netherlands, he wields the precious sword Balmung which he received from the Nibelungen family, and has fought in many campaigns and adventures. His most well known feat is killing the evil dragon Fafnir. He then bathed in the blood of the dragon, and has obtained an invincible body. His personality is truly that of a noble knight. But because he never speaks a word, it is unknown what he really thinks.

    • Class: Saber (Rider)
    • Source: Nibelungenlied
    • Region: Germany
    • Alignment: Chaotic Good
    • Sex: Male
    • Height: 190cm
    • Weight: 70kg
    • Armament: Sword

    Illustrations: KN
    Creator: TYPE-MOON

    Siegfried has been in battles ever since he was a young man, and he has gained an invincible body from his victory over Fafnir in battle for the treasure of the Nibelungen family. But when he bathed in the dragon's blood, a tree leaf stuck to his back, making it his one weak point. Adding to the growing ranks of the Burgundians, he brought them many victories, and married Kriemhild, sister of the Burgundian king, accessing the throne of Netherlands. But after a trick to marry the Burgundian king to the queen of Iceland, Brünnhilde, he was assassinated by a vassal of the Burgundians who struck him on his weak point. This connects to the revenge tragedy of his wife Kriemhild for the murder of her husband in the later half of the tale.


    • STR: B+
    • CON: A
    • AGI: B
    • MGI: C
    • LCK: E
    • Noble Phantasm: A


    • クラス:セイバー(ライダー)
    • 出典:ニーベルンゲンの歌
    • 地域:ドイツ
    • 属性:混沌・善
    • 性別:男
    • 身長:190cm
    • 体重:70kg
    • 武装:剣




    • 筋力:B+
    • 耐久:A
    • 敏捷:B
    • 魔力:C
    • 幸運:E
    • 宝具:A

  6. [v] Fate/Grand Order - Siegfried (Saber) Profile [T]

    Siegfried - Saber

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Ototsugu Konoe
    Voice Actor: Junichi Suwabe

    Strength: B+
    Endurance: A
    Agility: B
    Mana: C
    Luck: E
    Noble Phantasm: A

    Personal Skills
    Golden Rule C-
    Disengage A
    Dragon Slayer A

    Class Skills
    Riding B

    Noble Phantasm
    Balmung: Phantasmal Greatsword, Felling of the Sky Demon
    Rank: A+
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    The hero matching a thousand admired in the "Nibelungenlied".
    With the holy sword Balmung in hand, the "dragon slayer" who defeated the evil dragon Fafnir. Although taciturn, his passions run deep. In the battlefield, he is constantly in the frontlines protecting his comrades.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 190cm・80kg
    Source: Nibelungenlied
    Region: Germany
    Alignment: Chaotic Good  Gender: Male
    Due a curse, he must keep his back exposed.

    Level 2 Bond
    Siegfried is a great hero introduced in the epic poem of the Middle Ages, the "Nibelungenlied".
    After accumulating many adventures, in the process obtaining the holy sword Balmung and an overcoat that makes one disappear, he finally defeated the evil dragon Fafnir.

    Level 3 Bond
    By bathing and drinking drops of the Dragon Kind's blood, Siegfried became an invulnerable existence and would no longer receive even a single wound in the battlefield.
    However, a shadow was cast on such flamboyant glory around the time he got married with the princess of Burgundy, Kriemhild.

    Level 4 Bond
    As a result of granting the wishes of his brother-in-law, Kriemhild and the wife of his brother-in-law got in conflict with each other and Siegfried was cornered into a situation where he had no choice but to die in order to prevent a fight.
    He had always answered to people's expectation, but what was wished from him in the end was his own death.

    Level 5 Bond
    "Illusionary Great Sword・Heavenly Demon Abasement"
    Rank: A+  Type: Anti-Army
    A sword of twilight that possesses attributes as a magic sword.
    True Ether is being stored in the blue jewel inserted on the handle, which is employed by invoking the True Name.

    Having turned into a Heroic Spirit, he looks back at his lifetime to his self as a "hero wished by others" and harbors a modest dream.
    To fight not for "somebody else's sake", but only for the justice he himself believes; an ally of justice--. That is his dream.

    ジークフリート - セイバー

    CV:諏訪部 順一


    黄金律 C-
    仕切り直し A
    竜殺し A

    騎乗 B



    属性:混沌・善  性別:男性




    ランク:A+  種別:対軍宝具


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