Bucephalus (ブケファラス, Bukefarasu?) is the legendary charger of Alexander the Great.



Bucephalus is Alexander's favorite mount, a legendary famous horse, but also a dreadful man-eating horse. A violent horse that none can handle other than Alexander, it is said that he who could handle this horse would be able to obtain the world itself.[1]


Bucephalus is described as a "sleek and powerful black steed who would be just as impressive as any one of Alexander's soldiers if it were a human."[2]




After the destruction of Rider's chariot, he uses Bucephalus for transportation. He and Waver Velvet ride it when the confront Archer. Bucephalus is also present in Rider's Ionio Hetairoi.

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Septem: The Eternal Madness EmpireEdit

Bucephalus appears alongside Alexander.


Bucephalus is a Heroic Spirit able to be summoned within Alexander's Ionioi Hetairoi. It is also a Noble Phantasm when summoned as the mount of the child Alexander.

In the Fate/Zero anime adaptation, Bucephalus is shown to possess the ability to ride atop lightning similarly to the Divine Bulls of Gordius Wheel.


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