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« Now is the chance to win!"
"To eventually reach over there――"
"Bucephalus! »


Bucephalus: The Beginning of Trampling Conquest (始まりの蹂躙制覇
, Hajimari no Jūrin Seiha
?) is the primary Noble Phantasm of Alexander when summoned in his child form. Bucephalus has already become an existence that is one part Heroic Spirit. That is to say, the Noble Phantasm is the Heroic Spirit, and the Heroic Spirit is the Noble Phantasm.[1]

By releasing its True Name, Bucephalus performs a ferocious assault upon the enemy, scattering and trampling them down with lightning worthy of his father Zeus. The scale of destruction is less than that of the "Distant Trampling Domination", but it has excellent mobility.[1]


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