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Capsule Servant (カプセルさーばんと?) is a side-game included with the 2014 PlayStation Vita release of Fate/hollow ataraxia. It plays as a "competitive Tower Defense-style game" featuring Masters and Servants from various Fate series titles.

A standalone iOS and Android release was announced during Fate's 15th Anniversary Project, due winter 2019.[1]

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The player uses Shirou Emiya or Rin Tohsaka, described as elementary school students, and use Servants to compete with various other Masters.

Masters[edit | edit source]

Servants[edit | edit source]

Servant Cost Fighting strength Breakthrough power Moving force Physical strength Perseverance Recast
Knight of the Lake 800 A A A A A C
Rider 150 D E B D D A+
Pegasus Rider 200 - - B D - A

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