Captain Nemo(WP) (ネモ船長, Nemo-Senchō?), Class Name Rider (ライダー, Raidā?), is a Rider-class Servant of Sion Eltnam Sokaris in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. He is also contracted to Ritsuka Fujimaru.



The Servant's True Name are Captain Nemo and Triton(WP) (トリトン, Toriton?). He is also known as Captain (キャプテン, Kyaputen?), Prince (プリンス, Purinsu?) and Nameless (名無し, Nanashi?) before settling on his identity as Captain Nemo.


Rider is a Phantom created from combining a Heroic Spirit, Nemo, with a Divine Spirit, Triton, due to Sion lacking a proper summoning foundation like FATE of Chaldea.

While "Phantoms" had only been achieved in the Sub-Singularity: Shinjuku, the Atlas Alchemist Sion was able to hack into the data of it, and managed to summon this unique Servant as one.

In Novum Chaldea, he is in charge of transporting the Operation Squad, or ceremoniously providing them with support. While land-based strategies are done by Ms. Da Vinci, Nemo is in command of sea-based operations. From that point, it wouldn't be a stretch to call the two rivals.

Captain Nemo[]

An Indian prince who went into self-imposed exile aboard the submarine he made himself, the Nautilus. His true name is Prince Dakkar from "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea(WP)".


A Greek God of the Sea and a son of Poseidon. A merman who grew up loved by the gods of the sea.



Upfront and kind, Triton was beloved by all.

Acting on their beliefs, Prince Dakkar was an embodiment of taking initiative.

While these Heroes combined as a "Phantom", Nemo slightly deviates from both, taking qualities from each to have their own unique character.

Nemo has acquired one belief from the Hero Triton: "To oppose those who manipulate or trample upon others". Even if the enemy happens to be a God, he cannot allow the weak to be tyrannized. Ironically, this has lead to an opposition towards modern society (consumption based culture). That said, seeing the current culture of Europe saddens him a bit. Greece wasn't an exception, but of course, "The World of the Seas has no borders".

When they first met, Nemo had no particular feelings towards the Protagonist or Mash after seeing them. With the memories of Prince Dakkar, he harbored an instinctive wariness against the tragedies brought forth by "People". Because of that, his manner of speaking tended to be fiercely blunt. However...

Since he's in charge of the ship, Nemo themselves is strict towards others, and doesn't tolerate being sweet talked, nor self-centered actions.

...But, with the presence of Triton, he has blessings towards adventurous journeys. Upon reintroducing himself when summoned as a Servant to Chaldea, and viewing the Protagonist as both an Adventurer and Traveler alike, his great blessings now likely point them down the path they tread.

At the start, he persisted in doing his duties himself, going so far to say that "This is my Submarine", to his Master. Once understanding them as worthy to entrust humanity to, he loosened up to them, and became willing to take them closer to their destination, no matter the distance.

His true colors have him as an upfront and agreeable person. The kind who will never abandon people once taking a liking to them.

Until he's sure they've reached the end of their journey, so long as they can see it, even if he can't make it there, he will continue to provide the highest blessings he can. For he is a Heroic Spirit who loves mankind.

He has a tendency to speak in metaphors about sea life, like calling a crashed ship a beached whale or referring to smooth sailing as a ship gliding like a manta ray.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Eternal Icy Fire Century: Götterdämmerung[]

While the Shadow Border was diving through Imaginary Number Space on their way to the Norse Lostbelt, the members of Chaldea aboard it detected something large nearby them. Though they didn't know it at the time, this "something" was Captain aboard the Nautilus trying to make contact with them.[1]

Synchronized Intellect Nation: SIN[]

Captain was first introduced as the Servant of Sion Eltnam Sokaris when the remnants of Chaldea arrived at the Wandering Sea.

Samsāra of Genesis and Terminus: Yuga Kshetra[]

Captain accompanies Chaldea to the Indian Lostbelt to activate the Aronnax Phantasm at precise coordinates there to improve the Border.[2] so it can cross the seas to reach the Atlantic Lostbelt.[1] Upon arriving in the Lostbelt however, he realizes the Aronnax Phantasm cannot be activated as long as the Lostbelt remains.[2]

Later, when Chaldea is stopped from chasing God Arjuna to Fantasy Tree Spiral by the Sea of Milk(WP), Captain warns Lakshmibai not to sacrifice herself to it by using Alakshmi’s powers to focus the poisonous waters on herself so they can cross. Lakshmibai realizes she and Captain knew each other in life. Captain confesses though that he never personally experienced the sepoy rebellion, but the regrets of the him who fled from it formed his core. He tells Lakshmibai that he felt a connection with her ever since he was inspired by the rumors about her fighting, and knowing they were fighting at the same time. Lakshmibai does not judge Captain for choosing to survive, saying her path in life was the only one available to her. It is the same now as Lakshmibai continues to persist in choosing to sacrifice herself. But Captain activates his Noble Phantasm to transform the Border into the Nautilus to cross the Sea of Milk. It is at this point that he confirms he is a fusion of Nemo and Triton. Captain admits that his true Nautilus was the unknown entity Chaldea encountered during their Zero Sail to the Norse Lostbelt. He also confesses to not having hight hopes that Chaldea could undo the Human Order Revision when they first came to the Wandering Sea as he blamed modern people for the Earth's current state. But seeing them fight in India has reinvigorated his hopes.[1]

After Spiral is destroyed, Chaldea gets ready to move to the precise area required to perform the Aronnax Phantasm's activation ritual. Fortunately the ritual is half-way complete thanks to Captain being perfectly synced with the Border now.[1]

Nautilus Ascend! Imaginary Number Sea Naval Battle: Imaginary Scramble[]

To prepare for the upcoming attack on the Atlantic Lostbelt, Nemo and Chaldea performed tests on the Nautilus inside Imaginary Number Space.

Ancient Ocean of the Dreadnought Gods: Atlantis[]

The Nautilus and Shadow Border were combined with the Hephaestus Klironomia and Triton's power to form the Storm Border.

Fate/Grand Order Arcade[]

Babylon: Critically Prosperous City[]

Nemo was summoned into the Babylon Singularity. When Grand Rider Noah was critically injured by Beast VI, in order to survive he had to reach out to Nemo to stabilize his Saint Graph.


As Nemo was summoned as a Phantom by his master Sion, the Chaldea Summoning System could not utilize him. From an anxiety about the Summon success rate against her, she combined two Heroic Spirits's Saint Graphs, refining one Saint Graph for a capable Servant.

As a result of Triton having the memories of Nemo along with his association with a "Noble Phantasm of the Sea", he was able to make the Submarine Nautilus appear alongside him.

Due to Sion summoning him around the time Part 2 began, he was unsure on being either a "Merman" or a "Prince". Upon joining forces with and deciding to assist Chaldea, the aspect of "Merman" was sealed, and the existence of "Captain Nemo" was secured in order to conquer Atlantis. Thereafter, he became captain of the Dimensional Boundary Boring Ship: The Storm Border, and committed to backing up Novum Chaldea's conflict.

He comments that he can hear the Shadow Border lamenting its current state and wishes to help it.


Captain wields a revolver pistol. He also has a conch shell horn with which he can unleash deadly sound waves. In a possible connection to Triton, he can manifest vast amounts of water to attack in a variety of ways, from tidal waves to vortexes. He can also use his horn to blast the enemy with water. As Captain of the Nautilus, he is also able to command his Nemo Series to attack his foes, through landing on them in a lifeboat or throwing gunpowder at them.[3]


Class Skills[]

Personal Skills[]

  • Voyager of the Storm (Rank C++): A Captain specific skill. While not really applying to Triton, Nemo possesses a renowned ship and has some experience "Sailing through storms at Zero-sail", so the skill is ranked lower than other Captain Servants.
    However, it's parameters greatly increase if Nemo is in the Field: Waterfront, with it's rank being "++" specialized as such.
  • Indomitable (Rank B+): The Heroic Spirit Nemo's spirituality, his beliefs, are given form through this Skill.
    It's both Battle Continuation and NP Gain, and grants additional gain upon the Guts aspect proccing. Any captain worth their salt gets fired up with passion when the tides turn on them.
  • Journey's Guidance (Rank C++): The property to guide Heroes, from Triton formerly guiding the Argo.
    Triton safeguards the hopes and dreams of those who aim towards unseen lands and impossible worlds. "Cross these borders, and set sights towards grander worlds". This skill has a great affinity with Ms. Da Vinci.
    Additionally, in the Field: Waterfront, the efficiency of this Skill increases.

Noble Phantasm[]

Captain's Noble Phantasm is Great Ram Nautilus.

Nemo Series[]

The Nemo Series is an ability inherited from his Master's Memory Partition ability, allowing Nemo to divide up his skills into alternate selves to properly manage his ship. He declares that he, as a metaphor, can be considered a fully autonomous ship. Like how Memory Partition allows for the brain to be partitioned into multiple pieces, Nemo takes his sailing abilities and other specialized skills, producing multiple autonomous selves.

The Nemo Series are split into boys and girls, but it is unknown who is what, except for the Marines.

Nemo Bakery[]


Nemo Bakery (ネモ・ベーカリー, Nemo Bēkarī?) acts as the head chef. The Nemo who runs the battleship's indispensable cafeteria (bakery). Because their food maintains morale among the troops, this Nemo is ultimately the strongest.

Nemo Engine[]


Nemo Engine (ネモ・エンジン, Nemo Enjin?) is "unbelievably violent, with a short temper, quick to throw a spanner."

The stubborn chief engineer who takes great pride in the engine room they manage.

They're strict to those in the engine room, the most dangerous place on the ship. Since this a gesture akin to, "I have to protect others", this mindset resembles a mother's love for their children.

Due to also having the rank of Captain since "The Captain is Me", they seriously think they could replace the Captain themselves if they make a mistake.

Not only the Nemo who loves people the strongest, but the one who loves the Nautilus the strongest.

Nemo Marines[]


The Nemo Marines (ネモ・マリーン, Nemo Marīn?) are the most numerous of the Nemo Series.

They take take up most of the Nemo Series, tallying in at least 12 (12 are standard, with a max of 24 at once). All have the same personality and appearance.

They are a taskforce inside the ship, in charge of cleaning, handling, maintenance, and all sorts of other jobs. Personality wise, they're single-minded and cheery, don't hate anyone (can dislike them), and are resolute to scream and give it all they've got in emergencies.

The elements of Triton appear the most in this Series.

As revealed on Nemo's Valentine Scene of 2021, they are all boys.

Nemo Nurse[]


Nemo Nurse (ネモ・ナース, Nemo Nāsu?) is the Nemo acting to provide care to wounded members. In charge of the sickbay.

"The Adult Nemo", the most mature Nemo, is specialized in broad-mindedness and reasoning. In emergencies, they carry out their duties with a calm, cool-mindset and professional skill.

Nemo Professor[]


Nemo Professor (ネモ・プロフェッサー, Nemo Purofessā?) is the Nemo acting by planning strategies, analyzing situations, researching, etc.

Adds "Mr" to men's names when calling for them. Blackbeard's grown a bit attached to them because of it. The onboard professor.


Creation and Conception[]

Captain was illustrated by DANGERDROP.


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