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Carmilla (カーミラ, Kāmira?), Class Name Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?), is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



« I mean, nobody told me! Nobody ever told me this was all a mistake! That's why I ended up like this! Ah, my true name is... Elizabeth Báthory! »


The older aspect of Elizabeth Báthory (エリザベート・バートリー, Erizabēto Bātorī?), who has come to be known as the vampire Carmilla unlike her younger aspect.[2] It is said that the fictional Carmilla is based on Báthory, who is known as a wicked woman who bathed in the living blood of more than 600 women in order to preserve her own beauty.[3] An existence in which Elizabeth Báthory has reached adulthood and grown into a complete monster. An existence that presides over Elizabeth's dark side. There is none of the amiability she once possessed; the lifetime that simply pursued blood with cruelty is being represented by the alias of Carmilla.[2]


Elizabeth Báthory's figure changed into the "Blood Countess" due to the circulation of her legend. Unlike Elizabeth, there is still room for correction (although there is no room for forgiveness). An atrocious being through and through. Unmistakenably an anti-hero, if circumstances allow her to be summoned, it would probably be by a dark killer on the same level as her.[1]

The Irish author Sheridan Le Fanu wrote "Carmilla" in the year 1872. The female vampire Carmilla, as if melancholic, possesses a charming beauty, and this novel provided a great influence for Bram Stoker's "Dracula".[1]

And the person who became the model for Carmilla was her——Elizabeth Báthory. Elizabeth Báthory has anecdotes of giving somebody the impression of her as a fine sovereign, although even if meager, but Carmilla's current state tore off that influence. Elizabeth has taken into her possession some power of the Dragon Kind due to her Innocent Monster Skill, but that was lost due to Carmilla taking the form of a complete vampire.[1]

Furthermore, Elizabeth is merging with this identical existence she hates. Elizabeth thinks "I will not become like her", and from the perspective of Carmilla, Elizabeth is from the figure of her glorifying her absolutely intolerable youth. To put it simply, from Elizabeth's side, "Such an incomplete thing that cannot grow accustomed to being an idol is not my future self and should die!!", and from Carmilla's side, "My former self who will not awaken from her foolish dream and open her eyes to see her definitely dark history as an idol should die!!"[1]


Compared to her younger counterpart, all portions of Carmilla's body has grown splendidly in abundance.[2]


Every factor of her life, such as her livelihood as a noble that spanned many years, her contempt for humans except for her fellow blood relatives due to being hardened by them, and so forth, all pushed the former Elizabeth into a bizarre killer. Haughty, proud, and extremely arrogant, her body is coiled around with every vanity; it is like sulfuric acid turned into human form. Touch her, and all things will be inflamed immediately. And yet, stupidity exists at her core——to put it another way, it is possible to say that she has a faint goodness within her that just barely stops her audacity.[1]

Naturally, Carmilla will betray a clearly bad Master, and she will even embrace the recognition of being called a traitor. But still, even if she does not go as far as to serve, if it is probably a Master with a bottomless goodness, one who is aware of, and furthermore, accepts her past, in that case, she will appear to become willingly cooperative.[1]

She who became Carmilla is completely incompatible with Elizabeth, and the two have a relationship of trying to kill each other. This is because the young Elizabeth is refusing to become like Carmilla, while for Carmilla, Elizabeth is an intolerable symbol of enjoying youth while indulging in ignorance.[2]

In regards to the Holy Grail, Carmilla will probably wish for eternal youth. Finally then, she might truly regain her figure as a composed bureaucrat. Although the victims of that process might end up being completely ignored.[2]

Needless to say.[1]
Vlad III
"You made me laugh at you denying the vampire world. Is it not thanks to that vampire that you are here?"[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Orleans: Wicked Dragon Hundred Years' War[]

Known as Berserk-Assassin (バーサーク・アサシン, Bāsāku-Asashin?), Carmilla was summoned along with Vlad III, Chevalier d'Eon, Martha, and Atalanta by Gilles de Rais to be Jeanne Alter's Servants in her campaign to destroy France. At a later point, She and the rest of Jeanne Alter's Servants traveled to Lyon, which was protected by Siegfried. Together with her comrades, Carmilla defeated Siegfried, leaving the town to be easily destroyed.

When Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash, and Jeanne d'Arc come to La Charite to gather information about Orleans, they soon encounter Carmilla along with Jeanne Alter and her other Servants. She and Vlad are ordered by Jeanne Alter to kill Jeanne, but the group manages to repel the two vampires. However, before the rest of Jeanne Alter's Servants could attack the group, Marie Antoinette suddenly appears to aid the group. She then calls upon Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who uses his Noble Phantasm to repel Vlad III and the others, allowing the group to escape. After Jeanne Alter sends Martha to find the group, Carmilla is disappointed the noise from Mozart's Noble Phanasm is gone. She contemplates sticking his head on a phonographer and having him scream all night. She tells Vlad and D'Eon to let her fight Marie, calling her the person she wishes to slaughter most in the world. She becomes enraged at D'Eon suggesting she has inferiority complex towards Marie. Jeanne Alter stops their squabbling, saying it doesn't matter who kills who. She then leaves ordering her Servants to continue destroying France. Carmilla comments it's hard not to pity D'Eon as their queen is now their enemy when they leave. But she calls that the fate of a Servant and the nature of the Holy Grail War. She then leaves with Vlad in search of more people to drink blood from.

She later confronts Jeanne outside of Lyon, while she's protecting soldiers from wyverns. She insults her for being feared as the "Dragon Witch", but Jeanne doesn't falter. Eventually, General Gilles de Rais arrives to attack the wyverns with his artillery, giving Jeanne the chance to attack Carmilla. Carmilla orders Charles-Henri Sanson and Lancelot (Berserker), who've been fighting Jeanne's companions, to retreat. Lancelot however ignores her order upon seeing Jeanne, mistaking her for King Arthur. Nonetheless Carmilla still retreats with Sanson, ordering Lancelot to hold off Ritsuka's party.

During the climatic battle between Ritsuka's party and Jeanne Alter's forces, Carmilla encounters Elizabeth Báthory. She is surprised Elizabeth became a Servant, calling herself the finished product, a revered countess feared by all that became an Anti-Hero. She calls Elizabeth the unfinished product, pointing out her refusal to age, and fear of being imprisoned. Elizabeth accepts that Carmilla is her future and essentially the manifestation of all the sins she committed, knowing anything she does now cannot change what she did. She then tells Carmilla that she doesn't want to be her despite knowing her past cannot change. She and Ritsuka then fight Carmilla. After being defeated, Carmilla finds it irritating the past rejects the future. For that reason, she finds Elizabeth so dazzling that it's annoying. She then disappears saying she'll always be alone.

Halloween Event: Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure[]

Summoned by Elizabeth Báthory using a fragment of the Grail she found in Orleans, Carmilla is made to clean the floors of Elizabeth's castle, which to her frustration is also hers. As Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight, Kiyohime come upon her, she struggles to clean a particular floor stain, and eventually she loses patience and uses Phantom Maiden to destroy the stain. After complaining about the noise outside, Carmilla is startled by the group's presence, having not notice them while she was cleaning. She is then asked by Mash why she is so upset over cleaning, to which she reveals Elizabeth ordered her to. Furthering revealing that the Grail is in the castle, she is asked by Kiyohime to lead her and the others to Elizabeth. However, Carmilla refuses to do, saying that role is to entertain the guests. After the group defeat the monsters then her in the ensuing fight, Carmilla seemingly begins to disappear after complaining Elizabeth for singing and dancing. However, she is stopped by Kiyohime, who tells not to slack off from cleaning by pretending to be dead, which cause her to cry.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Carmilla is among the "Orleans" Servants summoned to aid Chaldea.

Summer Event: Death Jail Summer Escape[]

Carmilla serves as a guard in Medb 's prison where the racers are being held. She later releases them into the yard for exercise. In response to Nero Claudius' comment that her role is gloomy compared to her younger self, Carmilla states it is suitable for her given her history of imprisonment. She enjoys Nero's frustration at being unable to escape, noting she's been prying her cell bars to no avail all this time. She disagrees with Artoria Alter that servants should be appreciated, believing fear is only thing necessary to keep them in line. She states the Prison Field has weakened the racers to the point she has no fear in letting them out into the yard. She tell them they can dress as they like, saying swimsuits are appealing than prison garb. She lets them keep the Ishtar doll, not knowing it is Ishtar's familiar. After the racers finish sparring with Gorgon , Carmilla returns them to their cell.

Later, she finds the racers in Enkidu's cell when she comes to feed the latter. She is baffled that the racers undid Enkidu's restraints, saying prisoners are kept in solitary confinement for a reason. She refuses to let anyone out until they've served their sentence. She impressed though that the racers dug this far, and decides to reward them by filling it up with their anguished screams. She is defeated by them though in the ensuing fight.

Halloween Event: Devil's Building Climber[]

Carmilla has joined forces with Mecha Eli-chan along with Cleopatra and Wu Zetian. Mecha Eli-chan orders them to apprehend Ritsuka, Yan Qing, Elizabeth, and Osakabehime. Carmilla has no intention of defying her, as she is the Guardian of Csjete. She decides to guard Castle Csjete when Mech Eli-chan orders everyone to battle stations after a knight reports Osakabehime is returning with the others.

She confronts Ritsuka's party when they enter Castle Csjete. Asked why she follows Mecha Eli-chan, Carmila says it's because she lost and their interests aligned. According to her, Mecha Eli-chan is a more suitable ruler than Elizabeth because she never lets personal feelings interfere with her duties. Elizabeth insists she’s been taking her duties seriously, but Carmilla finds she is still headstrong. She leaves warning Ritsuka to cautious about Osakabehime.

She confronts the group again in the pyramid, alongside Cleopatra and Wu Zetian. They fight the group only to lose against them. Carmilla wasn't told ahead of time that they'd be teaming up. Wu Zetian admits she made the decision in the spur of the moment.

Carmilla and Wu Zetian encounter the group again following their fight with Amazoness CEO. They escaped the castle before they were caught in the explosion caused by the Guardian of Csejte's missile. Mash assumes they were keeping an eye on Csjete to prevent it from becoming a dystopia. Carmilla says it was the opposite, though, but making and executing meticulous plans isn't her strong suit. She then offers her and Wu Zetian's help in retaking Csjete Pyramid Himeji Castle from Osakabehime. While Osakabehime is free to be a shut-in, Carmilla asserts she has no right to involve all of Csjete. She then decides they need to install a heart circuit into Mecha Eli-chan before she can fight again. Ritsuka wonders why it wasn't installed. Carmilla says Mecha Eli-chan never had consideration for others, but her directive to protect Csjete prevented her from becoming a complete monster. She then contemplates throwing away the heart circuit when Mecha Eli-chan considers were herself already perfect, but the latter quickly changes her mind. Carmilla then prepares to install the heart circuit, but she doesn't know where it goes. She decides to check the manual, but Wu Zetian reveals it burned up. After Ritsuka installs it in Mecha Eli-chan's chest, Carmilla signs for its delivery with a blood seal. The group then ascends the castle's exterior, with Carmilla riding her torture ball.

Passing through Castle Csejte into the pyramid, the group fight Cleopatra, who seems to believe Carmilla and Wu Zetian are forming a new queen trio with Amazoness CEO. They defeat her and enter Himeji Castle, where they fight Halloween Knights seemingly under Osakabehime's control. Truthfully though, they were promised a raise and paid leave on Halloween to avoid Elizabeth's concert, so they were easy to defeat. Carmilla recommends Mecha Eli-Chan not learn about singing. After defeating pirates who were weirdly excited for Elizabeth's concert, Wu Zetian asks Carmilla why she's been silent. Carmilla answers she learned last year to completely empty her mind when dealing with her past self. She can keep her stress levels low enough that the worst that happens is that she occasionally coughs up blood.

The group enters Osakabehime's room, but she isn't there. They search for a secret passage when they find Mecha Eli-chan's original heart circuit that Osakabehime removed. They soon find and pass through the secret passage. They soon catch up to Osakabehime, who had retreated from them earlier. She calls Mecha Eli-chan MkII for help, but the robot girl refuses. With no other choice, Osakabehime fights the group with the Guardian of Csejte. The group defeat her and use the same elevator she used to escape.

They arrive at the factory, where Mecha Eli-chan was built, and the Guardian of Csjete was modified. Osakabehime reveals she built for mass producing Mecha Eli-chan MkII before Mecha Eli-chan went rogue. She then activates the mass-produced models and retreats into the reactor chamber. The group destroy them then follow after Osakabehime. There they find Mecha Eli-chan MkII with an imprisoned Elizabeth. Mecha Eli-chan MkII activates "Omni-Eli-izer" to absorb everyone's magical energy (including Osakabehime) and convert it into Elisa Particles. Mecha Eli-chan however divides her energy among everyone so they can move again. The group struggle against Mecha Eli-chan MkII until Elizabeth's oddly beautiful singing weakens her. Carmilla realizes Elizabeth sings well when singing for someone else,which she finds odd. Invigorated by Elizabeth's singing, the group defeat Mecha Eli-chan MkII. Ritsuka installs a heart circuit in her, then frees Elizabeth. After Ritsuka decides to return to Chaldea with one of the Mecha Eli-chans, the reactor goes into overload. Everyone gets ready to escape, but Osakabehime stays behind decides to stay and contain the blast with her Noble Phantasm, along with Elizabeth.

The group escape the castle before reactor core explodes. Fortunately, the Elisa Particle density was low enough that only the reactor chamber was destroyed. The group seem to believe Elizabeth and Osakabehime perished; Carmilla decides to have statues of them erected in honor of their sacrifice. But the princesses survived thanks to Elizabeth's Noble Phantasm. Carnilla isn't surprised no one on social media believes Elizabeth that she saved the world with her singing. She and the others were there to see it, but they're still having trouble believing it. The group then return to Chaldea with Osakabehime and Mecha Eli-chan. Carmilla warns Mash not to expect Elizabeth to sing beautifully like before for her concert. She explains Elizabeth only sings like that when singing for someone else. Since the concert is for herself, Elizabeth's singing will be torturous like usual.


In her interlude Alone, Again, Carmilla with Ritsuka and Mash finds herself trapped in what Mash suspects to be a Reality Marble. Carmilla confirms her suspicions, saying they're in her castle, the Castle Csejte. She warns against wandering off as the chances of escaping are extremely low. She tells them instead to simply relax and wait. Finding the smell of blood nostaglc, Carmilla refuses to leaves, but Ritsuka says they'll escape. Deciding to follow their orders, Carmilla and the others go forth to escape the castle. However, to Carmilla's surprise, the walls transform into golem that the group manage to destroy. They eventually encounter the ghosts of the girls who were murdered in the castle. Carmilla refuses to feel guilty about her past, but she understand they were brought into the castle for revenge. She calls the ghosts foolish for involving Ritsuka and Mash, who have nothing to do with her past. She calls them no matter than her if the curse the living. After destroying the ghosts, the group continue to search for an exit. Carmilla asks Ritsuka what they'll do if the door to the outside is locked. She is impressed by their determination when they answer they'll find another exit. A Shadow Servant soon arrives though whose presence causes Carmilla to go into a brief panic attack as she recalls her imprisonment. After Ritsuka breaks her out of it, she tells the others that while it was her fate to be imprisoned, it is not theirs to be. As the Shadow Servant is the final barrier preventing their escape, the group fight it. With it defeated, the group are able to escape the castle. Carmilla decides to stay behind while Ritsuka and Mash escape, as escaping herself means rejecting her life. Calling the ordeal a dream that Ritsuka and Mash willl forget, she wonders how things would be if she met someone like Ritsuka in life when she was still called Elizabeth. After exiting the castle, Ritsuka wakes up their room. Carmilla asks if they had a strange dream, then tells them go back to sleep since it's still nighttime. She then wishes good night, and for them to have a pleasant dream.


She carries a staff with her into battle.


Class Skill[]

  • Presence Concealment (D Rank): A low rank of Presence Concealment that is unbecoming for an Assassin. It is at a level where if it is a Servant, they can sense one’s presence at once. Carmilla’s territory was vast, and therefore, her murders were not discovered for a long time.[1]

Personal Skills[]

  • Torture Technique (A Rank): Plus modifiers are added to attacks when making use of torture devices. Because it strengthens bloodshed and agony, further damage continues to be added for a while after the usual damage is dealt. Although the Skill is of the same rank, Carmilla has accumulated far more experience since the time when she was young.[1]
  • Bloodsucking (C Rank): Recovery by bathing in blood. Although it is close to a wrong impression, Carmilla’s skin has certainly rejuvenated.[1][2] As the Rank raises, the power of absorption increase.[2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Carmilla's Noble Phantasm is Phantom Maiden, a famous torture tool said to have been used by her.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]


A high-class and gorgeous swimsuit celebrity without fault.

You will be fascinated by the grim scent from somewhere, but inevitably confused. But when you wake up from a midsummer night's dream, you'll notice that the treasure you had kept in a safe place has disappeared without shadow or shape.

Yes, the woman is not just a celebrity. Not just a female vampire.

She is the beautiful shadow that has recently troubled the night of Vegas. It is mysterious female phantom thief "Mistress C"!

To be honest, she was staring at her "other self" while biting her finger. Halloween? Brave? Mecha? even Japanese goth!? Why only you guys have so many patterns. "Anyway, I can't make any difference to you guys anymore ---!" When she was frustrated, her spirit was transformed into a long-awaited swimsuit Servant.


Carmilla is accompanied by two Dobermann that are at her beck and call. Besides the standard pouncing and biting, they can link to together like a wheel to attack the enemy, or launch themselves in a twisting formation. Carmilla herself wields a small pistol. She also seems acrobatic enough to do a handstand spin with her legs out to kick the enemy repeated and flawlessly return to a regular pose.

Her Noble Phantasm, Testarossa Maiden, is her iron maiden transformed into a red luxury car.


Creation and Conception[]

okojo is the character illustrator for Carmilla.[1][2] Yuuichirou Higashide is the scenario writer for her character.[1]


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    Carmilla - Assassin

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: okojo
    Voice Actor: Atsuko Tanaka

    Strength: D
    Endurance: D
    Agility: A
    Mana: C
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: B

    Personal Skills
    Bloodsucking: C
    Torture Techniques: A

    Class Skills
    Presence Concealment: D

    Noble Phantasm
    Phantom Maiden: Illusionary Iron Maiden
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit

    After all, nobody said anything!
    Nobody told me that this was wrong!
    And so, I was reduced to this! Alas, my real name is-- Elizabeth Bathory!

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 168cm・49kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Hungary
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil  Gender: Female
    All portions have splendidly grown in abundance.

    Level 2 Bond
    An existence in which Elizabeth Bathory has reached adulthood and grown into a complete monster. An existence that presides over Elizabeth's dark side.
    There is none of amiability she once possessed; the lifetime that simply pursued blood with cruelty is being represented by the alias of Carmilla.

    Level 3 Bond
    She who became Carmilla is completely incompatible with Elizabeth, and the two have a relationship of trying to kill each other.
    This is so because the young Elizabeth is refusing to become like Carmilla, while for Carmilla Elizabeth is an intolerable symbol of enjoying youth while indulging in ignorance.

    Level 4 Bond
    ○Bloodsucking: C
    Absorption and recovery of physical strength by bathing in blood.
    Although something close to a misconception, her skin has certainly rejuvenated.
    As the Rank raises, the power of absorption increase.

    Level 5 Bond
    "Illusionary Iron Maiden"
    Rank: C  Type: Anti-Unit
    A famous torture tool said to have been used by Carmilla.
    ...however, as a result of a long term investigation, it is believed that it did not actually existed.

    In regards the Holy Grail, he will probably wish for eternal youth. Finally then, she might truly regain her figure as a composed bureaucrat.
    ...although the victims of that process might end up being completely ignored.

    カーミラ - アサシン



    吸血 C
    拷問技術 A

    気配遮断 D



    属性:混沌・悪  性別:女性




    ランク:C  種別:対人宝具


  3. [v] Fate/EXTRA CCC - Elizabeth Bathory (Lancer) Matrix

    Class: Lancer
    Name: Elizabeth Bathory
    Master: Tousaka Rin, Rani VIII, Matou Shinji
    Noble Phantasm: Kilenc Sárkány (Dragon Cry Thunder Voice)
    Keyword: Daughter of dragons, torture technique
    Strength: C, Endurance: D, Agility: E, Magic: A, Luck: B
    Territory Creation: B, Dragon Breath: E, Charisma: C


    01 - Kilenc Sárkány: Dragon Cry Thunder Voice
    The dignity of a thunder dragon, considered a weather spirit in Hungary since long ago, converted into a Noble Phantasm. Sárkány is that dragon's name.
    It amplifies sound and vibrations and, via that resonance, can call forth wind and rain. Its true function is to amplify the inherent majesty and charisma, the soothing waves, the spite that crushes just be being heard, or simply just the volume of its owner's voice nine-by-nine times. The singing voice of a demon that destroys and tramples not just the body of those who hear it but the heart as well.

    02 - Daughter of Dragons
    This Servant is incarnated as a demon due to the skill "Innocent Monster." Though her horns and tail appear to be those of a demon, they are actually those of a dragon. It seems those protruding fangs are not a mark of her being a vampire but a mark of her being a dragon.
    "Innocent Monster" is a skill that, based on the image produced by their actions during their lives, twists one's past and way of life, transforming one's abilities and appearance. Vlad III, who holds the same skill, was held in contempt as a monster based on a certain novelist's work, but she received this treatment based upon her deeds while alive.

    03 - Torture Techniques
    Equivalent to rank A. Torture techniques par excellence.
    When using torture instruments, she receives a damage bonus. In her case, she would shut the people she captured into iron maidens in order to wring the blood from them, drive them crazy with devices that would remove their fingers or implements that would bind their bodies, and on occasion, she would struck by and follow through with the idea to gnaw and bite off their fingers or arms, the napes of their necks, or nipples. Her cruel deeds are wide-ranging.

    01 - 竜鳴雷声(キレンツ・サカーニィ)


    02 - 竜の娘


    03 - 拷問技術



    01 - Territory Creation [B]
    Constructs a prison-castle and confines girls therein. According to the record, the lady of this castle would capture five virgins a day, execute three of them to bathe in their blood, and treat one as a pet so as to kill them with relish.
    The final one remaining was given the right to challenge her fate, the possibilities including: "Stay and be killed," "Be betrayed by the people I planned my escape with and be killed," "Be captured by the castle guards and be killed," "Fall from the castle and die by accident," "Barely escape with my life and bring the demon to justice."
    As a side note, the chances of achieving the fate where one "escapes successfully" is 1/1000.

    02 - Dragon Breath [E]
    The torrent of mana that dragons, the strongest of the Phantasmal Species, can release. Even though she's been turned into a dragon by the skill "Innocent Monster," she seems to be straining herself on some level so the power is low.

    03 - Charisma [C]
    Exemplifies her ability to coerce others based on her position as a member of the ruling class. Due to special circumstances in her legend, it goes up a rank against women. In regards to interaction with men, she is unusually fastidious; though she loves with touch them with implements, direct contact is rare.

    01 - 陣地作成 [B]


    02 - 竜の息吹 [E]

    03 - カリスマ [C]


    01 - Bathtub of Blood
    A bathtub of blood: One day, she let a maidservant comb the hair she was so proud of. But the comb became caught in her hair, and in a vehement rage, she stabbed the maidservant with a hairpin. The maidservant's blood happened to fall upon the back of her hand, and she noticed that the skin that blood touched was smoother than usual.
    From then on, she decided to bathe in the lifeblood of women to preserve her beauty - or so it is believed.
    Collecting blood became part of her daily routine, and after she changed residences to Csejte Castle, it reached the point where young women of marriage age had disappeared altogether from the rural villages within her dominion. (Or perhaps everyone came to know what was going on and hid their daughters indoors.)
    Finding it difficult to collect blood from within her territory any longer, she collected the daughters of minor nobles under the pretense of teaching them proper manners or inviting them to banquets. It is said that many of those daughters were decapitated at these banquets, still in their fancy dresses, before they knew what was happening.
    In addition to drawing blood, she is said to have thrust hot irons into their mouths, stabbed their entire bodies with pins, and other kinds of tortures. She would make her servants rip off the skin of their own daughters so she could enjoy the anguished faces of both the parent and the child.
    On the other hand, tales of her torturing or killing men for pleasure are strangely absent.

    02 - Personal Background I
    Personal Background I: A real person, born in 1560, died in 1614. She was born into one of the noble families of Hungary, the Bathory family which used the fang of a dragon as its crest.
    One of the models for the vampire Camilla. A wicked woman who is believed to have bathed in the lifeblood of more than 600 women in order to preserve her own beauty.
    The Bathory house was the family who held the majority of the influence within Eastern Europe, and on top of that, she also possessed the blood of the house of Habsburg which made for a lineage that would make her a purebred noble.
    However, whether it is do to the consanguineous marriages within the Bathory line or the effect of their luxuriant living environment, the family contained many insane and cruel individuals. Homosexuals, pedophiles and Satanists were not uncommon among her relatives.
    Elizabeth was not an exception and became quite infamous. In Csejte Castle, which lay in her territory in what is now present-day Slovakia, she is believed to have killed more than 600 women and, in order to preserve her beauty, enjoyed bathing in the blood she wrung from them... a repulsive bloodbath.
    Though she killed many members of her fiefdom, she was not charged with any crime until the end of her days. In those days, there was apparently a trend among the nobility of Hungary to not even consider humans who weren't nobles as "humans." Her murders did not cause any problems.
    ...Yes. Not until a single girl returned alive from her prison-castle and rushed to the Vatican.

    01 - 血の浴槽







    02 - 人物背景Ⅰ








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