Carolus Patricius Auctoritas: Sanctus, Now the Authority is Replenishing the Earth (聖なるかな、今こそ威光が地に満ちる
, Seinaru ka na, Ima koso Ikō ga Chi ni Michiru
Karorusu Patorikiusu Aukutoritasu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Karl der Große. The trump card of Carolus Patricius, it changes the giant fortress into attack form in order to sweep enemies away.[1]

It manifests the form of a giant robot, with a vaguely humanoid design incorporating elements of a cathedral and the cross, which can fire missiles from launchers on its shoulders and a powerful beam from its mouth.[1] When fought as a boss, Karl merges with it, and it primarily moves about on all fours, standing upright only to unleash sweeping attacks with its arms or a powerful barrage. It is shown capable of operating as only it's upper half being controlled by Karl, before being completely destroyed.



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