Cashura (カーシュラ, Kashūra?) is the Master of Saber in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange fake. He is killed during the summoning process, and Ayaka Sajyou's special Command Spells allow her to usurp the summoning.



Cashura was brought into the ritual by Francesca Prelati and Faldeus Dioland. Before entering the Holy Gail War, he used his abilities to "wreak all kinds of havoc on Wall Street". He was granted the ornate box that Avalon had been stored in before being found by the Einzbern family, believing he would summon King Arthur.[1]


Cashura does not care much for the politics between the American organization and the Mage's Association, following Francesca's instructions with only the goal of being paid. Even should the summoning fail, he does not mind as long as he receives his money.[2]



Fate/strange fakeEdit

Day 0 Edit

In preparation for summoning Saber, Cashura utilizes Snowfield's opera house as his place of summoning. He finds Ayaka Sajyou sneaking around the premises after receiving a warning from Faldeus, capturing her and binding her. Initially simply planning to kill her, he receives instructions from Francesca to use Ayaka as a test to see if summoned King Arthur will have enough loyalty to kill a defenseless person. Saying that regardless of the outcome of the test that he will kill her either way afterward, she warns him that not killing her first will be a mistake. He describes his lack of commitment to the whole ritual, only using it as a means to earn money, and says he is interested to see if her Command Spells can truly interrupt the summoning.

As Cashura begins his summoning chant, Ayaka's Command Spells begin to resonate. Before he can finish the ritual, False Assassin appears behind him and kills him with Zabaniya: Delusional Heartbeat. The contract with Saber is transferred to Ayaka, and contrary to previous expectations Richard I is summoned instead of King Arthur.[2]


Cashura uses "orthodox domination and projection magecraft."[1]


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