Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?) is a Caster-class Servant able to be summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Caster's True Name is Chen Gong (陳宮, Chin Kyū?). He is a strategist, who was known to serve Lu Bu in the Three Kingdoms era. He is the inventor of God Force.

A military commander from the end of China's Han Dynasty. A man from Dongbuyang County, Zhengzhou East County (currently Xuan County, Liaocheng City, Shandong Province).  A solitary strategist who won fame during the world's turbulent times.

He faithfully served Cao Cao, who later became supreme ruler, although he betrayed him for Lu Bu, who was revered as a lord during troubled times and competed with Cao Cao for supremacy. After several defeats, he lost his life alongside Lu Bu in Pizhou. In his last moments, he personally spoke with Cao Cao before his sentence was carried out. In the world of "Fate", Chen Gong was a descendant of the Zhou Dynasty, China's oldest civilization. He was an engineer who inherited literature and technology. Nonetheless, humans cannot handled the weapons of the Zhou Dynasty.

If the body has no Mystery (that is, no magic circuit), it is because it cannot handle it, Chen Gong was riduculed for his "worthless knowledge." His whole body and spirit were brimming with anger while endeavoring to develop chinese gadgets when he saw Lu Bu, "Ah! I found that person." Because Lu Bu also suffered from uncontrollable fervor, Chen Gong prepared familiar weapons, his anger also calmed down, and Lu Bu became more and more trustworthy of Chen Gong.



A sadist who calms Lu Bu's stare. An aggressive scholar character. Suppressing fear on the battlefield with reason, a man of reason like iron. A brave warrior, a cold strategist, a stubborn person who never bends his belief. For the sake of victory in battle, he will use any facade, betrayal, and shady plan as a matter of course.

While accepting the other party's opinions and reasons fairly, "But I don't think so",  he sometimes refuses and crushes them thoroughly. He looks like a ruthless machine in order to face the enemy without a human heart.


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

SIN: Land of Unified KnowledgeEdit


Chen Gong appears in Lu Bu's ending of Fate/Extella, personally dissuading Lu Bu from killing Caster just yet.


He is capable of using Magecraft to help him fly, deploy explosions, tidal waves, and arrow-like barrages, and summoning variius siege weapons such as catapults and a battering ram to attack his foes. He also seems to be a talented swordsman, being able to swiftly use a Chinese Dual-Jian fighting style. A natural Strategist, he is even able to command Berserker Servants, such as Lu Bu, skillfully through his Desire of the Strategist Skill. His Noble Phantasm is Jǐjiǎo Yīzhèn.



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