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Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?) is a Caster-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Caster's True Name is Medea Lily (メーデイア(リリィ), Mēdeia (Riry)?), the queen of Colchis, summoned as the younger aspect of Medea, from before she was called a "witch". Pure and innocent as a lovely girl, she has no vestiges of the "Witch of Colchis" or the "Witch of Betrayal" yet. Summoned as the Medea from before being cajoled by Jason, when she was being raised up like a princess while learning Magecraft from Hecate. A young girl with lovely bearing that anyone can love. If it wasn't for Jason, she would have lead a happy life.[1]


Medea Lily is summoned as her 14 year-old self.[1] Medea Lily's appearance differs significantly from her older self as her clothing possesses a lighter color scheme, with lavender purple being the predominant color of her robe compared to the dark violet in her older self's robe.

Another noticeable difference between the two is that Medea Lily is much more revealing in their choice of robe and lacks the cape Medea possess.


Medea Lily is pure and trusts people easily. Even towards the Master, she comes in contact with maximum affability. However, turning another way, this is nothing but something driven by the thoughts of "wanting to trust people". Be it the original Medea or Medea Lily, both are filled with distrust towards others.[1] Medea Lily is still completely infatuated with Jason, despite having memories of how events later play out. According to Circe, Medea Lily is much smarter compared to her adult self. 


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Okeanos: The Four Sealed Seas of the EndEdit

Medea Lily is summoned alongside Jason, Heracles, Atalanta as members of the Argonauts. She encountered Solomon, who easily bested her in magecraft, and instructed to tell Jason that sacrificing a god to the Ark will make him all-powerful. After being told this, Jason told the other Argonauts to find the Ark and a god to sacrifice with exception of Atalanta who left. During their search for a goddess they met Hector, who, unbeknownst to Jason, serves Solomon like Medea Lily.

The Argonauts later encounter Ritsuka, Mash Kyrielight, Francis Drake, Asterios, and Orion and Artemis while they were sailing after Hector to save the recently kidnapped Euryale. After the group refuses to give Eurayle to him, Jason orders Medea Lily and Heracle to kill them and take Euryale. Medea sends waves of Dragon Tooth Warriors to attack the group, later joining the fight herself. Her combat skills are subpar though, so she switches out with Heracles.

Medea Lily would encounter the group again, now joined Atalanta and David, when the Argonauts sail to the same island where Atalanta and David were hiding. She and Hector protect Jason when he assailed by the Noble Phantasm of the group's Archers. However, the Argonauts retreat when Heracles is destroyed by the Ark, so the group give chase. Jason summons a Shadow Servant to kill them, but it is slain so he orders Hector to kill them while Medea Lily protects him. After Hector is killed, it is revealed Medea Lily lied to Jason that sacrificing a Divine Spirit to the Ark would give him all-powerful, instead it would destroy the world. When Jason confronts her about this, she merely tells him that destroying the world would technically make him invincible. She refutes his intention of wanting to create a utopia, say he will never become a ideal king because his soul is hopelessly twisted. She then uses the Grail to transform him into the Forneus, claiming it is her way of protecting him. After they're defeated by the group, Jason returns to normal and demands Medea Lily to heal him.

However, she cannot heal him as she herself will soon perish. Medea reveals she possesses memories of him deceiving and betraying her despite her adoration. She calls him both cruel and innocent, and states that despite being weak, he attracts others to loyally serve him. She continues that since he betrays too quickly, it would be better for him to sink with the world to avoid any betrayal. After Jason disappears in a rage, Medea regrets not being able to protect him from someone. As she disappears, Medea refuses to answer Ritsuka’s question about the mastermind behind the incineration of humanity since a mage greater than her defeated her. Before disappearing, she further tells them to prepare themselves against the mage and to gather more allies.

Prisma Causeway: A Magical Girl's Travelogue Edit

Medea Lily is a failed Magical Girl from a parallel world summoned into the First Lady's Reality Marble. She participates in a war between Magical Girls instigated by the First Lady to establish their own kingdoms based on their respective ideals. She ends up as one of the few survivors, and is given a jewel that granted them absolute authority in their respective kingdoms. She then founded the Land of Dragons and Sea, where she isolated herself due to her despair of killing other Magical Girls.

Medea Lily later meets Ritsuka, Mash, and Illyasviel von Einzbernwhen they're sailing into her kingdom. After they defeat her Dragon Tooth Warriors, she personally introduces herself to him as the Magical Girl of Love and Healing, Medical★Medea. Illya and Ruby recognizes her from their memories of fighting Medea in her world, for which Medea apologizes for despite having no memories. She decides to stand down, and asks the group which kingdom's Magical Girl did they kill to obtain their jewel. Illya explains the jewel was given to her by Nursery Rhyme without them trying to kill each other. Realizing they've come to take her jewel, Medea invites the group to her castle.

Inside her castle, Medea reveals she wasn't summoned instead she was wished to be. Moving onto the throne room, the group tell her of their current situation, which makes her decide not to turn them into pig as she originally intended. However, Medea warns Illya won't be leaving as she is a Magical Girl, believing she'll betray her as well. However, Jason convinces her to cease her sneak attack on Illya as he recognizes Illya as a good natured person. Medea then offers to never interfere with the group's affair in exchange for then never interfering with her kingdom. She also tells them she'll never hand over her jewel, which she calls the Tomoi Stone, as it supports her kingdom, and grants her power. Medea reveals the Reality Marble once had many Magical Girls, but they warred against each other, including herself, trying to establish their own kingdoms. As she continued fighting the other Magical Girls, her jewel grew in weight and shone brighter, which serves as the catalyst of her kingdom. She reveals the Neutral Zone is a buffer zone where a Magical Girl cannot receive the blessings of her power. Equating the loss of her jewel to her own death, Medea demands the group leave her kingdom, and tells Illya to use her jewel to create a kingdom filled with friends. Illya refuses to do so as she only wants to get Miyu back and return to her world with her. However, Medea reveals Magical Girls cannot leave the Reality Marble, and tells Illya she'll use the jewel's power in the end. She continues Illya should give up on Miyu, and reveals Nursery Rhyme disappeared after giving her jewel as they're what keep Magical Girls alive. Illya refuses to give up though, which makes Medea finally snap and fight the group. She refuses to be defeated though, and prepares to transform into her adult self to Mini Jason's dismay. However, Illya stops her though, saying she'll find a way to save Miyu without Medea's jewel. She also believes Medea created her kingdom to fight for something she holds dear to her. But Jason reveals Medea created her kingdom due to being indebted to him, and she's been protecting her jewel out of fear of other Magical Girls. He continues she isolates herself in her kingdom to stop herself from becoming a witch, though Medea says he told her to do so. Jason replies that she'll become a witch if she leaves her kingdom, and she'll turn into an Echo if she becomes a witch. He then gives Medea's jewel to Illya, not wanting Medea to become a witch. Medea accepts the outcome, but remains silent on the subjects of Magical Girls fighting as it'll only bring back sad memories.

Salomon: The Grand Time Temple Edit

Medea Lily is one of the "Okeanos" Servants summoned to aid the Protagonist.

Fate/Apocrypha Edit

Medea makes a brief cameo appearance in the Fate/Apocrypha anime adaptation, in a flashback by Archer of Red where the latter vows to protect all children.


Just like her older self, Medea Lily primarily uses the Rain of Light spell as her main offensive spell via her High-Speed Divine Words skill. However, her Territory Creation and Item Construction skills are both inferior to those of her older self. She mostly cannot use offensive magecraft, but excels in healing-type magecraft. She also possesses two other Personal Skills, Poisonproof and Ephemeral Love.[1]

Her Noble Phantasm is Pain Breaker.


Creation and ConceptionEdit

  • Concept

Hirokazu Koyama is the character designer for Caster.[1] Koyama first drew the design in Fate/side side materials 4. Yuuichirou Higashide was responsible for her scenario in Fate/Grand Order.


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