Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?) is a Caster-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Caster's True Name is Mephistopheles (メフィストフェレス, Mefisutoferesu?), the demon of temptation that appears in Goethe's masterpiece, "Faust". Waging a bet with God on whether Georg Faust‎‎ would fall into depravity or not, Mephistopheles attempts to pull him into the path of evil. Mephistopheles exhausts all arts of coaxing and succeeds into enticing Faust into the path of evil. However, just before his soul was cast into hell, Faust had his soul saved by a loved one.[1]

... Of course, it is different in "reality". The excellent magus Faust coined a single Homunculus. Naming him Mephistopheles, Faust was very affectionate to him, but was betrayed as if it was only natural and died.[1]


FGO Caster scene
Georg Faust is the model for the protagonist in Goethe's play, "Faust". He is an alchemist and astrologer, and he contracted with the demon Mephistopheles.[2]

Mephistopheles is the demon of temptation in "Faust" that was said to have played a bet on whether he can corrupt Dr. Faust and God.[2]

In the end, Mephistopheles was defeated in this bet, his wish did not come true, and he was unable to acquire Faust's soul, but it is said that the real Faust, in the middle of his alchemy experiment, was killed in a bombing and had his whole body broken apart. It did not become clear if this was Mephistopheles carrying out his contract, or whether something else was the main cause of Faust's death.[2]

... In this work, Mephistopheles is a kind of Familiar casted by Dr. Faust; namely, a kind of Homunculus. Dr. Faust, with his gifted engineering, has advanced homunculus technology several generations ahead of his time, but due to his strange nature and sense of aesthetics, he strengthened the Homunculus' ego. A Homunculus that is exceedingly quite human———that is the key part of "Mephistopheles"; furthermore, by being clad in that legend, the Caster Servant Mephistopheles was born.[2]

"I am born to be a Servant."[2]

Pay special attention to his face that feigns ignorance. Indeed, it may not become known that while perhaps, he was born to become a Servant, there is never a person that he calls his Master———[2]


Mephistopheles' appearance is influenced by the effects of Innocent Monster, making him appear like a clown with demonic traits. His skin is pale white, eyes are purple with pinkish pupils, and the hair is of a light purple, flowing downwards and curling into tubes, separated into multiple bangs. Purple tear-shaped drawings of makeup are found underneath his eyes, and his lips are painted blue lipstick. Mephistopheles has a thin tail that splits into three, each end with a heart-shaped tip.

His outfit includes: an elaborately ornate hat with horn shaped protrusions; a cape of purple fur that reaches his waist; a red bow tied around his neck with golden trims; a carmine jacket with the zipper pulled down, revealing his white thorax, with electric blue sleeves with attached gloves and holes exposing the overside of the arm, the blue turning carmine in the gloves; a pair of electric blue shorts, decorated with golden lines, and with carmine frills; thin stockings with a diamond pattern, colored light purple and violet-blue; high-heeled boots, resembling elf shoes, colored purple and gold with green fur around the ankles.

His armament is a pair of straight, white shears, whose handles are heavily decorated.

In his second Ascension, the torso of his jacket becomes decorated with gold lines, the horns of his hat grow longer, and his cape extends down to his feet, parted in two, somewhat resembling demon wings. A set of bombs of his Noble Phantasm, Ticktock Bomb, appears around his right arm.

In his third Ascension, the electric blue changes to various rich colors, his hat gains a few more horn-like decorations, the bow around his neck took the shape of a butterfly, with the same golden lines decorating it, another set of bombs is wrapped around his left leg, and his shears changed in appearance, becoming a grotesque weapon with jagged blades, coloured purple.


« Ah, the fiend! The fiend! The fiend has come! It's Mephistopheles! The foulest fiend in all the world! »


Mephistopheles mockingly states that he is a pacifist and that there is no one greater than him when it comes to serving with loyalty. He acts as someone easygoing and cheerful, and because he takes up a jestful-like attitude no matter the kind of ocassion it is, one cannot feel a sense of seriousness from him. That is, he is more cruel than what he can imagine, and he is similarily cruel towards the Master too. He is like, "making fun" of everything in the world, and if he is happy, it seems he is willing to keep killing Masters as well.[2]

At a first glance, Mephistopheles seems to faithfully work in a cheerful manner. However, he basically thinks of his Master as nothing but "a toy to entertain himself with" and will try to drive his Master into despair if given the chance. In other words, one just has to take the proper attitude as a magus and do not trust him.[1]

In the case where his Master restrains every way for him to decide with his reasoning, Mephistopheles will unwillingly accept the relationship between a master and a servant. Basically, he does not take up the "disobeying one's commands" attitude. However, it is said to be a different story of how he properly understands and acts on the commands. And from there progressing one step even further, where a situation appears in that the Master deepens their bond with Mephistopheles while accepting all that is childish and wicked, it seems he will fight while gambling his life for the sake of his Master with pleasure and while laughing.[2]


This genius demon is not always lonely. Ok, he is just a little lonely.[2]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

GUDAGUDA HonnoujiEdit

Mephistopheles appears in the singularity under the name Kuroda Mephisto. When Toyotomi Gilyoshi becomes angered by Ritsuka and Mash's desire to fight him, he is ordered, along with Takenaka Andersen, to give him a plan. However when Takenake says that he doesn't have a plan, Kuroda calls it a shame, and then wonders if he'll appear in the Christmas event. Then, after he is defeated along with Toyotomi and Takenaka in battle against the group, Kuroda calls it a shame that they were defeated, but offers the group a tea pot as a present. The tea pot is then taken by Mash, but he reveals it to be a bomb before disappearing.

London: The Death World in the City of Demonic FogEdit

Mephistopheles is summoned in the London Singularity from the "Demonic Fog" surrounding London. He is one of the Servants serving the group behind the fog, "Project Demonic Fog".

Mephistopheles is met by the Protagonist's party in the apartment of Victor Frankenstein, who Mephistopheles kills before they had arrived. Mephistopheles confesses his actions and then attacks the party, but is ultimately defeated.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Mephistopheles is amongst the "London" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[3]

Salem: Taboo Epiphany GardenEdit


In his interlude, Mephistopheles confronts Faust.


Mephistopheles is neither a Human or a Demon, but is actually a Homunculus.[1] He wields a pair of scissors in combat. His Noble Phantasm is Ticktock Bomb.


Item Creation (Rank B): The production of devices that carries magical energy. As he was an assistant to an alchemist for many years, he can create any of the alchemist’s magical items.

Territory Creation (Rank C+): As a magus, creates a position that is advantageous to oneself. Although smaller in scale compared to a Workshop, he can create an extremely efficient “Laboratory”.

Clown's Laughter (Rank A+): A Skill derived from Innocent Monster. As a(n) (established) devil, Mephistopheles can put an intense heavy pressure on the entirety of mankind as a species. If there is a possibility of failure in any situation, it will fail without exception, one falling into a state like they had been abandoned by fortune.

Witchcraft (Rank A): He uses classical western Witchcraft as his specialty. Its purpose covers many variances, like returning twofold to his opponent the wounds he himself has received from them, sowing discord in one’s personal relationships, giving nightmares by using incubi, and so forth. It is even difficult for the average magus to resist it.

Innocent Monster (Rank B): Contract Demon ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■. The name of a monster that distorted Mephistopheles’ past and way of being due to the image born from his deeds while alive. His abilities/appearance has completely transformed. In his case, there is nothing but merits, such as having his Witchcraft strengthened, possessing magecraft that reached the level of a Noble Phantasm, and so forth. A first-class demon.


Koyasu-ko (コャスコ?) is his nickname in Fate/GUDAGUDA Order because he is voiced by Takehito Koyasu, who also voiced Caster.

Creation and ConceptionEdit

Shimokoshi is the character illustrator for Mephistopheles.[1][2] Yuuichirou Higashide is the scenario writer for his character.[2]


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