Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?) is a Caster-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Caster's True Name is Xuanzang Sanzang (玄奘三藏, Genjō Sanzō?), also known as Sanzang Fashi (三藏法師, Sanzō Hōshi?), a Buddhist priest of the Tang Dynasty in 7th Century AD. Travelling through the Silk Road in search of the original Buddhist scriptures, it resulted in Xuanzang heading to India from Central Asia, before bringing back to China from there sutras amounting up to 657 items and becoming the founder of the Chinese Faxiang Buddhist sect.[1][2]

Journey to the WestEdit

Xuanzang is also known as a key character in the Chinese novel “Journey to the West”. Receiving a command from Guanyin, this beautiful monk, while riding Bai Long (Yulong) – the son of the Dragon King of the West Sea that transformed into a white horse – had Qitian Dasheng (Great Sage Equal to Heaven) Sun Wukong (Sun Xingzhe), Tianpeng Yuanshuai (Marshal Canopy) Zhu Bajie (Zhu Wuneng) and Juanlian Dajiang (Curtain-Lifting General) Sha Wujing (Sha Heshang) as her disciples, and she headed for India without ever losing heart in the face of the many monsters obstructing her path.[1][2]

In “Journey to the West”, it is said that Xuanzang lived in the heavens originally as Jin Chanzi (金蝉子, Konzenshi?, lit. "Golden Cicada"), a disciple of Shakyamuni, but she fell into secular life because of a “certain incident” being the impetus. In other words, Xuanzang Sanzang is the reincarnation of Jin Chanzi.[1][2] (It is because of this that the Demon King and the monsters are enticed by and tried to eat Xuanzang’s flesh again and again during the story of “Journey to the West”. If one eats Xuanzang, one gets to acquire a tremendous power associated with eternal youth.)[1]

Xuanzang Sanzang had a Prophecy of Future Enlightenment and became the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit, so she is originally not a being that can respond to a person’s summoning, even with the one done by Chaldea’s system. Materializing and being successfully summoned at this time is only because of these exceptional circumstances. That alone, the phenomenon called the Incineration of the Human Order, must be perceived as an extremely serious threat.[1]



« I'll never drink the waters of the Zimu River again! »

(Xuanzang Sanzang)

A bundle of curiosity. Xuanzang loves adventure! A figure brimming with the spirit of inquiry towards the unknown with an unwavering self-confidence. Although gracefully silent as a beautiful and faithful monk, her spirit overflowing for a desire to challenge herself decorates her facial expressions, and it truly does not conceal her nature of having an unyielding spirit. “As long as there are the chirpings of adorable songbirds that signals the morning’s rise, and the guidance, compassion and divine protection of the honorable Buddha, my journey will not be hindered by anybody and everybody![1]

Xuanzang is confident in herself————or so it looks like with an open glance of her. As a matter of fact, the reason she is confident is in regard to the sacred Buddhism religion, so she does not believe even a little about herself as a great person and the likes. She is also not self-aware of herself as a talented student. Although she remembers only a faint bit concerning her experience of being kicked out of the heavens for having deceived Master Tathagata in the spur of the moment in the heavens, the root of her is humble given that it is permeated with the depths of her memories.[1]

Xuanzang appears strict, but her nature is gentle. Especially to the weak, she is earnestly kind, and if a person is troubled, she will not forsake them. Because she is not thoughtless, she is extremely positive thinking oriented since she has a belief that is unshakeable, called “being rewarded for persevering three times the hardship.” Taking into consideration that she is never mistaken regarding the “Way of Man”, she often becomes lost during her travels. And because she gets lonely when she becomes lost, she cries before long.[1]

Xuanzang recognizes the Master as a “disciple”. Frankly, she is strict to her companion that she deemed as a “disciple”. Although, given that she expects a growth from them that progresses down the tough path of a “Buddhist disciple” sufficient to the point that they will receive the same reward like other disciples, when it sometimes come to it, Miss Tsundere Teacher here will be gentle either way.[1]

Xuanzang is a rather upbeat person, often times looking on the bright side, cracking jokes, and she speaks in a way full of energy. She wears her faith like a badge, mentioning the Buddha countless times, thanking and praising him. She even gives offers to have others become a Buddhist. As soon as she becomes close to her Master, she immediately takes them on as a disciple, trying to teach them in the ways of Buddhism. Despite being so cheerful, she sees herself as an idiot who is prone to mistakes, but because of her faith, she believes that despite that, all are given guidance equally.

It is stated that she and Sun Wukong are very close, to the point Xuanzang often mentions him. This close relationship almost borders on reliance as she often wonders how affairs may go without him by her side. She's stated to miss him, but clearly gets flustered over the topic. This reliance doesn't just extend to Sun Wukong as she has stated the only thing she dislikes is being alone, though she quickly tries to change the topic.

Xuanzang has no wish for the Holy Grail because she believes a disciple of Buddha has no need of such a thing.


The Enlightened One
"There is always the Shakyamuni Buddha’s divine protection. Therefore, everything’s alright!"[1]
"If you have time to come here, first add to your body a resourceful ability to find yourself a bride!"[1]
Touta (Tawara Touta)
"It’s Touta… hey, wait! It’s not good if you are not training diligently!"[1]
"What? Lies. You, you are not Prince Nezha!"
"I wonder if Heavenly King Li Jing is in good health."
"Eh, well, Wukong is not here… I’m telling you the truth. By some chance, did you lose to Wukong? Ahaha, you never change. You’re cute."[1]
Li Shuwen
"You handle an excellent spear! I wonder if you can teach me your moves… eh? You want me to teach you? Gone?"[1]
"You… hmmm. Good good, you look okay."[1]


Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Sanzang of the Stars Goes to TianzhuEdit

Xuanzang Sanzang finds Ritsuka Fujimaru unconscious stuck between rocks. After they've regained consciousness, she answers their current location lies at the border between the Great Tang Empire's realm and Gaochang at the foot of the Five Elements Mountain. Believing Buddha brought them together, she introduces herself to Ritsuka, and they do the same. Xuanzang gets them out of the rocks, and reintroduces herself as a proper monk following Buddha's path. She explains she currently in the middle of a journey to the far western land, Tianzhu, under the decree of the emperor of the Tang Dynasty. She is unable to remember what her mission is exactly at first, but remembers she's collecting scriptures found on the way to Tianzhu. Unfortunately, the demon she subdued be her guide ran away, and her horse got eaten. She had been lost for several days until finding Ritsuka. After hearing of Human Order Incineration and Singularity, she find it grandoise and hard to believe, but nonetheless believes Ritsuka as she thinks its's Buddha's guidance. She asks Ritsuka if they have anyway to contact Chaldea, so they can return there. Xuanzang realizes that is pointless if Ritsuka doesn't known their coordinates, and asks Ritsuka to be disciple. After Ritsuka accepts, she remembers she experienced the journey to Tianzhu before, but is unable to remember the specifics. She believes her meeting with Ritsuka is a challenge from Buddha to send Ritsuka back to Chaldea. Xuanzang and Ritsuka then begin their journey west.

Later in a desert, Xuanzang remembers she had three disciples, and asks Ritsuka if they know about her past disciples. She is confident she'll find them, but is curious why none of them aren't around. She then tells Ritsuka not to stray from Buddha's teachings, warning the journey to Tianzhu is fraught with danger from demons. Xuanzang finds it would be reassuring if they had one of her disciples with them when she and Ritsuka hear a pig squealing. The pair find the source of the noise to be Zhu Bajie (played by David) stuck under a rock. After Xuanzang rescues him, he properly introduces himself, and tells her another fit to be a disciple is stuck under a rock. She saves him, and he introduces himself as Li Shuwen, who takes the role of Sha Wujing. The group find themselves surrounded by monsters, which Bajie and Wujing encountered before. After the monsters are killed, the group agree they need a horse for their journey west. Xuanzang declares the Tartars are known for breeding great horses when Ritsuka mentions they think saw a red horse. She tells them to bring the horse, which turn out to be Lu Bu playing the role of the White Dragon Horse. Due to his frightening disposition, Xuanzang refuses use him as a horse. Ritsuka hands her a scripture that White Dragon Horse had been protecting, which gains her trust. Riding on White Dragon Horse's shoulders, she learns from him that the scripture was held by monsters, and there must be more. After reading the scripture, Xuanzang declares to her disciples that'll collect the scriptures on their way to Tianzhu.

As the group continue their journey, Xuanzang is dismayed they haven't found an oasis yet. Asked by Wujing, she recalls dismissing her disciples for a reason yet unknown to her. She then says her stomach hurts, which Wujing deduces as hunger, and tells her to eat a monster. She refuses to do so when Ritsuka says White Dragon Horse found a cave up ahead. Before they go there, Xuanzang ask Ritsuka who Mash as they were calling her name when they were stuck the rock, asking if she's important to them. Entering the cave, she smells the scent of fruit, and figures the cave to be a food storage. As she prepares to eat a peach though, White Dragon Horse stops her saying it's a trap. The group are suddenly confronted by Golden Horned King and Sliver Horned King (played by Stheno and Euryale respectively), who welcome them to their cave, the Lotus Cave. Realizing it's a trap, the group prepare to fight when the kings call upon Bronze Horn (played by Medusa). Xuanzang tells Wujing not to be fooled by their tricks when his will to fight falters upon seeing Bronze Horn, whom he thinks should be saved. Forcing Golden Horn and Sliver Horn, the group eat themselves full with the food in the cave, and takes its treasures. Xuanzang lets Bronze Horn go, seeing that she relinquished her evil ways, and decides write her letter of recommendation letter to the librarian at Daci'en Temple. After Bronze Horn leaves grateful to her, Xuanzang thanks her disciple for their hard work, and the group continue onward to Tianzhu.

Finally out of the desert, Xuanzang finds the area the group is now to be familiar when she remembers. She says they'll need to avoid enemy bases from now, which she knows the locations of nearly all of them. The group are then suddenly confronted by Red Boy (played by Mordred), whose come to stop their journey. Xuanzang asks her when she stands in their way when she reformed and surrendered herself to Bodhisattva. Red Boy answers her father, Ox-Demon King, will praise her if she returns with their heads. Xuanzang finds her attitude to inspirational, and prepares to fight her, saying she can reform afterwards. After Red Boy is defeateed, Xuanzang is handed a scripture by her. She stops her from leaving, realizing she isn't going in the direction of either the Fire Cloud Cave or the Sky Scraping Cave. She tells Red Boy to go home if she wishes to see her father so much, but she refuses do that because her mother, Princess Iron Fan, terrifies her.

Later, as group travel further west, Xuanzang notices mountains that Wujing identifies as the Flaming Mountains. He warns her of a nearby presence, but she suspected they'd be pursed by demons. Entering the mountains to lose their pursuer, Xuanzang tells her disciples they need to cross the Flaming Mountains to get to Tianzhu. She states she can freely walk on fire thanks to piling merits during her journey. She claims the fire to once be a leaping flame from Eight Trigrams Furnace in heaven. She further claims it'll die if walked through, believing it to be a trial from Buddha. After psyching herself up, Xuanzang walks through the fire, but the heat and smoke suffocate her. Saved by White Dragon Horse, Xuanzang states she would have been burned if she wasn't wearing the Tathagata's kasaya. She then declares the mountains not to be the Flaming Mountains she knows. Suddenly, as Mash finally connects with Ritsuka, the group are attacked by the demons that were pursuing them. After the demons are slain, the mountains is shot by Helena Blavatsky, which Xuanzang calls a part of Buddha's unwavering will. She gets upset when learning Wujing and Bajie were travelling with her half-heartedly for the opportunity to fight strong opponents. Ritsuka tells her the scriptures are the key to the journey as Romani Archaman told them when a spear-wielding woman appears. She tells them the Flaming Mountains are a test. Xuanzang finds her familiar yet cannot remember, and the woman tells her said memory is inside the scripture she possesses. The woman calls Xuanzang a woman, once pure and holy, now despicable and mediocre with no sense of self-sacrifice, and bereft of tolerance and benevolence. Thus, she claims Xuanzang is no longer fit as Qitian Dasheng's master, which shocks Xuanzang. After the woman leaves, Bajie asks Xuanzang if she knew her, but she is unable remember clearly. Wujing identifies the woman as Nezha, which causes Xuanzang to remember they need the Banana Leaf Fan, Princess Iron Fan's Noble Phantasm, to cross the Flaming Mountains.

Leaving the mountains, Xuanzang tells her disciples they need to go to the Banana Leaf Cave, where Princess Iron Fan resides in order to get her Banana Leaf Fan. She is confident they'll be able to talk things with Princess Iron Fan since they didn't kill her son. However upon meeting and asking Princess Iron Fan (played by Florence Nightingale) for her fan, they're immediately rejected since there are no reports of illness around the Flaming Mountains. The group are forced to fight her when she accuses them of spreading disease, and threatens to cook Bajie. After defeating her, the group return to the mountains with the Banana Leaf Fan. With the fan in her hands, Xuanzang is concerned it look like a certain holy sword. Calling it Excalibanana Leaf Fan, she extinguishes the flames, and the group cross the mountains.

Later, the group meet the Ox-Demon King (played by Artoria Alter, to whom Xuanzang apologizes for stealing the Banana Leaf Fan from their wife. Upon Returning the fan, she is given the scripture the Ox-Demon King possessed as a sign of her gratitude. The Ox-Demon King then shows the other scripture Nezha gave her when she visited her castle earlier. She claims she was given a mission by Budhha, who sealed Xuanzang's memory of the realization of the transient nature of the five desires into the scriptures she's been collecting during her journey. The fives desires are the attachment arising from contact with those bodily senses of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. The Ox-Demon King says the sixth scripture is meaning, the attachment of the heart, and claims Xuanzang's journey will end if she takes it as she'll recover her lost enlightenment. Xuanzang however denies her journey ends here, saying she's travel far to go to Tianzhu. The Ox-Demon King angrily declares to her that ending her journey now is Buddha's mercy. Xuanzang asks what will happen to her disciples, to which the Ox-Demon King answers they'll continue to Tianzhu, which will return them to their world. She then says Xuanzang also has a place to return to, which Xuanzang misinterprets as her house in Chang'an. She still wants to continue her journey, saying she hasn't accomplished anything. While appreciating the scriptures in her possession, she says she isn't ready to recite them correctly. In response, the Ox-Demon King declares it doesn't matter who recites the scriptures, and decides to use force to make Xuanzang realize that. Recognizing the upcoming battle to be hers, Xuanzang tells her disciples not to help her as she think it'll incite Buddha's wrath and prevent their return to their world. Her disciples however declare they'll stay and help her fight the Ox-Demon King. After being defeated, the Ox-Demon King warns Xuanzang she won't have Buddha's protection after revealing she complied with Budhha in exchanging for him removing Princes Iron Fan's disinfectant ware. Xuanzang replies she doesn't mind though, claiming it's what makes journey a journey.

Arriving in some plains, Xuanzang sings as the others converse quietly about her journey. Asking what they're muttering about, she takes notices of the River Ganges, and its shore are Arjuna and Karna. She asks her disciples what they should do about them when Nezha arrives and says they're Underworld guardians. Xuanzang knew Nezha would come, and she realizes Arjuna and Karna embody her fear of going to the outside world. She remembers that she was summoned as Chaldea's Servant, but she refused the summon as she believed she reached enlightenment and abandoned all earthly desires. Saying Buddha would see the Incineration of Humanity as just another ripple of existence, Xuanzang realizes her failed summoning was because of her selfishness as a "human being". She says she doesn't want to leave her disciples anymore, and she doesn't want to die alone anymore. However, even if alone, she would still continue her journey. Preparing for her final trial, Xuanzang rejects Nezha's assistance as she recognizes Nezha is Buddha's messenger sent to help perceive Buddha. After Nezha leaves, she wonders about the possibility of summoning her as a Servant. Then, asking her disciples to follow her to the end, she and the others fight Arjuna and Karna. After they're defeated, Xuanzang sees Ritsuka being able to rayshift back to Chaldea now as Bidhha's guidance, or maybe Ritsuka's own luck. She confirms Wujing's suspicious that she'll stay behind and set off on another journey, and thanks him for his advice. Calling him by both his disciple name and his True Name, she tells Li Shuwen that his mastery of the spear was great as that of the Wujing she knew. She tells him further that his levelheadedness kept her from crying during the journey. After Li Shuwen disappears, she tells David that she's looking forwarding to his party when they meet again. She admires that he faced every dilemma they faced with a light heart, without panicking or getting discourage. Realizing she can't be like, Xuanzang tells David that she'll remind herself of him when she's in trouble. After he disappears, she agrees with whatever Lu Bu is saying as he shakes her hand, even though she can't understand him. She tells him he was great to ride, and she'll have a saddle ready for him next time before he disappears. Lastly, She tells Ritsuka that if she ever regains Buddha's guidance and manifests as a Servant in the future, she'll take them as her disciple again. Because of that, she won't say goodbye instead she'll recite a blissful sutra so Ritsuka will have perfect health before they're rayshifted back to Chaldea.

Camelot: The Sacred Round Table RealmEdit

Sanzang is summoned in the "Camelot" Singularity. She travels around the world, including the territory of Ozymandias, and eventually ends in the Holy City of the Lion King. Despite being welcomed into the city, she decides to leave nonetheless, being escorted out by the Knights of the Lion King. She then travels together with Tawara Touta, who she declares her disciple, until they are separated when they come across Lancelot and his forces. She is eventually captured by soldiers of the Lion King.

Sanzang meets the Chaldea group, consisting of Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight, Hassan of the Cursed Arm and Hassan of the Hundred Faces, who free her. Sanzang decides to join them, as they are heading to free Hassan of Serenity from a castle where Touta is also being held, declaring Ritsuka to also be her disciple. They manage to break into the prison, freeing Touta and Serenity, but are confronted by Agravain. Sanzang criticizes Agravain and the cruel action of the Lion King, but Agravain points out that they are the best solution in the current situation, something which Sanzang herself is unable to deny.

The difficulty of the situation within the Singularity and her own lack of purpose plague Sanzang for the rest of the Singularity, until she comes to terms with herself and the situation, thanks to Ritsuka's and Mash's help. She assists them on throughout the Singularity, accompanying them to meet Ozymandias. Sanzang manages to convince Ozymandias himself that fighting the Lion King is the right choice and greatly helps in the battle against Amun-Ra, that Ozymandias turned himself into.

In the final battle against the Lion King's forces, Sanzang sacrifices herself, using all her power to break the gates of the Holy City.

Salomon: The Grand Time TempleEdit

Xuanzang Sanzang is amongst the "Camelot" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars.[3]

Dead Heat Summer Race! ~Ishtar Cup of Hopes and Dreams~Edit

Death Jail Summer Escape ~Medb's Great Bastille of Guilt and Despair~Edit

Salem: The Taboo Epiphany GardenEdit

Mash Kyrielight narrates the Journey to the West story.


Xuanzang makes use of mainly bare-handed techniques that appears to be taught by her teacher in the heavens. Also, she uses the weapons and techniques associated with Sun Wukong and her disciples (Sun Wukong's Ruyi Jingu Bang, Zhu Bajie's Nine-toothed Rake, and Sha Wujing's Monk's Spade) although the person herself is not aware of this situation. Dr. Roman expressed jokingly that it may not be known that the fragmented thoughts of her disciples’ worries for their great teacher lurks within her Saint Graph.[1] She also wields a Khakkhara staff.

Xuanzang's Noble Phantasms are Five Elements Mountain - Shaka Nyorai Palm and Vyākaraṇa - Buddha of Sandalwood Merit.

Class SkillsEdit

Territory Creation (A+ Rank): Creates a “Workshop” that is an advantageous position to oneself as a magus. Because she possesses A Rank in this, it is possible to create a “Temple”, which is superior to a “Workshop”. (Strictly speaking, because the orientation of her school of magecraft is different, the position created by Xuanzang Sanzang is not designated as a “Workshop”. Also, it excels in timeliness in regards to its creation, so the practicability of creating a position immediately = a powerful Bounded Field.)[1]
Item Construction (— Rank): Xuanzang does not posess this Skill.[1]
Divinity (D Rank): Xuanzang, who is destined to eventually reach the Buddhahood of the Buddha of Sandalwood Merit, is endowed with the Divinity Skill.[1]

Personal SkillsEdit

High-Speed Sutra Chanting (A Rank): The ability to speak magical incantations at an accelerated speed in regard to sutras. She is able to finish powerful Greater-Thaumaturgy incantations at the speed of a Single-Action spell.[1]
Bewitching Rosy Cheeks (A Rank): A natural beauty that greatly attracts demonic entities and evil spirits. The higher this Skill’s rank, the more likely one is going to drag those with demonic qualities. Additionally, if one has the Divinity Skill, it becomes even more likely for that one to be targeted.[1]
Teachings of Tripitaka (A Rank): It represents Xuanzang’s way of being that shows the way a Tripitaka Master ought to be. The Buddhist scriptures were promoted to be the “treasury” of Sanzang’s; with this, the Buddhist scriptures took the name of the three branches of Buddhist sutras. It demonstrates a person having knowledge in the three branches of Buddhist sutras, or in other words, being a Tripitaka Master.[1]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Takeshi Okazaki is the character illustrator for Xuanzang.[1][2] Takeshi said that the feminization of Xuanzang Sanzang was influenced by a drama masterpiece where Xuanzang was performed by Miss Masako Natsume, he ended up arguing and drafting up to 3 or 4 designs. Although there are some divine articles as well as even more young Chinese characters, in the end he understood why this pattern was chosen when playing the scenario. Takeshi aimed to draw a character that wanted to be preaching, he certainly did not know that she would be preaching physically.[1]

Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for her character.[1]


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