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Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?) is a Caster-class Servant of Chaldea Security Organization in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. She later contracts with Ritsuka Fujimaru



Caster's True Name is Leonardo da Vinci (レオナルド・ダ・ヴィンチ, Reonarudo da Vinchi?), a genius branded as omnipotent. A person of Europe’s 15th~16th Century. A prominent genius who provided a lot of influence on the advancement of civilization and who left his name behind in human history. Although he is recorded to be a peerless handsome young man, a matchless pretty boy————this is in fact his appearance. Regardless, age and gender has no effect before a true genius. Doctrines and fashion may change with the times, but there is merely one truth. Whatever happens, da Vinci is the unrivaled omnipotent one![1][2]

There exists a statue of David that was constructed by having his adolescent figure as a model.[1][2]


Everything was possible. Her teacher Verrocchio, Machiavelli and Botticelli of whom are her friends, Cesare and the French King Francis I, her sponsors and so forth, and the people of the world, all called and praised da Vinci as a natural genius. Such things are nice, but that is incorrect. Everything is the fruit of learning. It is nothing more than a motivation of having studied for the “origin of all creation”. He/she reflects on this quietly as thus.[1]

Certainly, da Vinci is self-aware that there is practically no one who can rival his/her “output”. The sole person that can compare with him/her is more or less, Michelangelo, really. But even that is only in the field of the fine arts. In other fields such as science and mathematics, there is no one who surpasses him/her. What is the reason?[1]

It’s learning. That is, it is no more than information being “inputted” and accurately grasped, organized and stored in da Vinci's head as knowledge that can be feasibly referred to at all times. However, one can conclude that this is not something someone has that was produced from nothing, but rather, it is due to a talent bestowed by a god. The particulars of so far as “outputting” practical applications/developments is from the basis of the information being “inputted” into his/her head, and it seems to be a mechanism that is sufficiently well-reasoned. Everybody can do it. So why is he/she different?[1]

However, people far and wide called da Vinci omnipotent. The Universal Man (Uomo Universale) with no person that can rival him/her in this world.[1]

Heh, yes, I see. Omnipotent. All of you are calling me as such.[1]

In this way, da Vinci was “self-aware” of his/her omnipotence. Knowing the existence of magic that is concealed in Mystery, and also letting his/her talent in that field blossom, already, it is no more than a natural result for him/her. Although his/her body does not even possess the Magic Circuits that are refined by the bloodline according to one’s family lineage, as well as a Magic Crest that is the result of the diligent studies of successive generations of magi, the omnipotent one was going strong. Naturally, regarding the quantity of her Magic Circuits that he/she was born with, it is understandably negligible. And yet, its quality is something that should be called outside the standard, while concerning its composition, it is very abnormal. It would mean that his/her omnipotence would be also demonstrated to the magical world.[1]

Even in spite of the very short training time————He/she manipulated multiple attributes and mastered multiple Thaumaturgical Systems.[1]

"How is it possible? How, does he have so much talent? Is it possible to attain those abnormal Magic Circuits? Perhaps that is, something caused by the blood of a mage from the Age of Gods being left behind in you, expressed as an atavism, is it not?"[1]

Da Vinci informs the inquiries of the magus of the Clock Tower, who became her acquaintance, even though it is not to the extent of calling him a friend, with this:

Now look, it’s because at any rate, I am ‘omnipotent’, right?[1]

The appearance of his/her smile is beautiful, as if a goddess has descended to the earth. No doubt, it is because da Vinci is omnipotent even in regards to beauty.[1]


While a male normally, da Vinci says that the Mona Lisa represented the ideal beauty she pursued during her life, so she feels nothing wrong in having become that beauty itself.


Rational, yet placid. However, at things that are very interesting to him/her, da Vinci will jump at it with sparkling eyes. A type of genius that accurately grasps one’s abilities. What he/she can do, and what he/she cannot do. What others can do, and what they cannot do. Basically, because he/she can grasp (calculate) and speculate/observe everything with merely a glance, he/she is always composed. The point is, one should be composed and without being any different than usual, even if one falls into a desperate situation with no escape, and it’s no good if one doesn’t be careful. For him/her, the “unexpected” doesn’t simply occur, and even if it does occur, he/she completely assesses with great interest that rare situation. Just because it is said that he/she puts on a face that grasps anything, one should not be restricted, nor is it good, to completely rely on him/her.[1]

The fact that his/her current self is in a young female body is something da Vinci is relatively unaware of. After taking a bath, he/she is the type to prowl around as he/she likes while naked. Regardless of whoever is around.[1]

Da Vinci admits he/she is a pervert and does not seem to hide this fact.

After becoming a Servant of the protagonist, da Vinci considers the Master as a “pupil”, and he/she conducts him/herself as a “teacher”. If one would have to say it, they would say he/she is someone who has a familiarity similar to a “teacher who is close in age” to their pupil rather than someone who is a “great teacher”.[1]

While extremely intelligent, da Vinci is also humble and kind to those around her, though she is more than willing to boast of her greatness when reasonably allowed. She is able to handle grave matters like Mash's deteriorating conditions and the havoc caused by Solomon with a gentle but understanding attitude.

However, da Vinci is not without her eccentricities. She seemingly possesses a great affection for birds and subjects related to them. For example, when creating a vehicle to cross the deserts in Jerusalem, she adds a multitude of wing designs found on many of her previous inventions and dubbed the vehicle the Ornithricopter. She also keeps a beautifully crafted mechanical bird perked on her shoulders at all times.

Da Vinci has a penchant for eavesdropping, especially when Dr. Roman is talking. There is also her habit of putting on a pair of glasses when activating her Noble Phantasm.


Romani Archaman
A close friend who is her colleague.
"■■■■■■ with a tendency to ■■■■ ■■■■■■, isn’t he? Good grief."[1]
King of Magecraft
"Good grief. Jeez."[1]
Makiri Zolgen
As a matter of fact, an acquaintance. In their early years, da Vinci is an acquaintance with Makiri, who is an idealist. Although not a comrade, he/she conjectured and recognizes him as an excellent magus.[1]
One of da Vinci's few friends. Although it was only in the fine arts, he is a companion who stood equal with him/her, possessing a natural genius not inferior to his/her own.[1]
Sherlock Holmes
As for that genius, it is irritating to keep an eye on him since the beginning…[1]
■■■ ■■■■■
"————Ah, like that sort of thing?"[1]


Fate/Grand Order

The third Heroic Spirit summoned by Chaldea. A Servant summoned during a time when the Heroic Spirit Summoning System: FATE was still incomplete. Although it was said that she was about to depart before long as a result of the system’s instability, she had grown great interest when she comprehended Chaldea’s circumstances, and it is said that she chose to set up residence in Chaldea due to Romani Archaman’s persuasions. Da Vinci constructed a duplicate puppet of herself, and she is suspended in the present era by asserting that as her Master. The thing she just did is the same technique as a certain doll maker somewhere out there.[1][2]

Da Vinci is, so to speak, a fraud Servant that is suspended in the present era under a “masqueraded contract”. If she acquires a legitimate Master by means of a summoning, she will finally become a Servant “that can get to do battle and go out on the front lines.[1]

Da Vinci and The Seven Counterfeit Heroic Spirits

Inside her workshop, Leonardo da Vinci examines a counterfeit of one of her works. Fearing this could create a new Singularity, she activates the emergency alarm system. After Ritsuka Fujimaru, Mash Kyrielight, EMIYA, and Romani Archaman assemble in the main room, da Vinci broadcasts to all Servants and Ritsuka to go to her workshop combat ready within one minute. She is slightly disappointed only EMIYA came with Ritsuka and Mash to her workshop, thinking seven nosy Servants would be lured. EMIYA explains those Servants avoided coming as the broadcast came from her workshop, which shocks da Vinci at her own unpopularity. She then gets annoyed by Romani's arrival, who she didn't want to come, after he chides for not understanding people's feelings. Getting to the point of why she called the group to her workshop, da Vinci claims to have reached the truth of the world, and identified its lies. To illustrate her point, she shows a copy of own her Mona Lisa Craft Essences expect it wasn't made in her workshop. After admiring EMIYA's ability to identity counterfeits, da Vinci explains the Mona Lisas she sold before easily had suddenly stopped selling. She went to investigate the reason when she found the counterfeit Mona Lisa. Deciding the counterfeiter to be evil, she tasks Ritsuka and the others with finding and defeating them. She decides to go with the group, easily convincing Romani to let her, and catching EMIYA before he ran off.

After rayshifting to the Singularity, da Vinci explains to the others that she concluded the counterfeits originated from the era by examining their spiritron information. The group go to a town to gather information, where they encounter Gaius Julius Caesar and Paracelsus von Hohenheim. Da Vinci orders the group to attack the two, not believing in their claims of innocence. After being defeated, Caesar tells the group of a group of counterfeiters operating in town. He reveals the countefeiters' workshop is run by a Servant, which prompts da Vinci to ponder if it's one of the Renaissance artists. Entering the counterfeiters' workshop, da Vinci orders the other to take all of its manuscripts, which are copies of her own. However, the group deal with an enemy attack followed by an encounter with a Servant who Romani and EMIYA identify as a counterfeit. Alexander confirms their observations, but refuses to give EMIYA more information as he believes he'll kill him after obtaining it. Well aware of the condition of his body, Alexander explains he is required to be pure and innocent for that will bring "her" peace. Refusing to reveal who "she" is, he exclaims his role is of " a talented little stepbrother who adores the big sister living with him!". Expressing the same confusion as the rest at his back story, considering it be a very girly wish, he fight the group. After they defeat him, Alexander reveals there are more counterfeit workshops spreading fakes of da Vinci's works before disappearing.

Later, the group find themselves in a snowy region when they're surrounded by monsters. After they're killed, da Vinci has Romani analyze a homunculus they killed. Romani confirms it as a counterfeit, which helps her ascertain the group are heading for the next counterfeit workshop. Arriving in cave where the workshop is, the group are greeted by counterfeit Hector, asking them to let him go. When asked what his goal, he answers it's to pat "her" head, to the group's confusion. Hector states his role is "A friendly, free-spirited older man who's back from overseas, who may or may not be related by blood!". Seeing the other's confusion, he explains "she" wants a caring, gentle, and sweet person who does whatever "she" says. Da Vinci is able to understand Hector's role when he explains caring for a spoiled child ("she") is a test of trust. However, she says she can't forgive the counterfeit Mona Lisas, hating not the skill but the passion. In terms of skill, it is an inferior copy, but the passion is real. That passion isn't imitating da Vinci though, instead trying to surpass her. After confirming da Vinci's suspicions, Hector fights the group. After he's defeated, da Vinci tells Hector that he lost because he was weak not because he's a counterfeit. After he disappears, da Vinci contemplates the notion of a passionate counterfeit that seeks to surpass the original. She then licks a counterfeit Mona Lisa, and ascertaining from the taste of the paint their next stop is the beach.

Arriving at the beach, da Vinci explains to Mash that she tasted calcium carbonate in the paint, which made her think the paint was made from shells. The group then encounter counterfeit Siegfried, who's trying to not act humble like the original to surpass them. When Siegfried says "she" told him to be bolder, da Vinci realizes "she" doesn't hate her, and compares "her" to dried up fresco. However, upon Siegfried's defeat, the group are ambushed by the counterfeit Arash and Arjuna, but Mash and EMIYA are able to defend against it. Da Vinci asks Arash and Arjuna about the relationship between and their Master, speculating they were assigned a role like the others. Arjuna states his role is "a very sadistic science major upperclassman who gets all lovey-dovey when it matter mosts.". Arash says his role is "the older childhood friend who's an humanities major and lives next door!". He also explains Siegfried's role was "the friendly class celebrity who, by coincidence, sits next to you in class.". Unsure whether if it's for money or another objective, da Vinci tells Arash and Arjuna that their Master has been pirating her works. When Arjuna offers not to attack if the group withdraw, da Vinci considers it out of concern for Ritsuka's safety despite being bothered by so many counterfeits being circulated. She goes on to exclaim that art, a visual medium, is worthless if there are no humans left to look at it. Realizing she was be selfish, she requests Romani to rayshift them back, but Ritsuka tells him not to. Da Vinci confused by the decision, insists she can create new works of art until Ritsuka says they want her real works. Inspired by Ritsuka's words, the group fight Arash and Arjuna. After they're defeated, da Vinci speculates their Master resides at a art museum, but neither Archer confirm it before disappearing. After thanking Ritsuka for their help, she reveals the museum serving as the Master of the counterfeits is the Louvre, where the Mona Lisa was originally displayed.

Inside the Louvre, da Vinci has Romani scan the museum for Servants, which he confirms the counterfeits are there. After defeating counterfeits of Chevalier d'Eon, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Leonidas I, and Phantom of the Opera, the group continue through the museum when they encounter counterfeit Gilles de Rais. He explains to the group that his role is of "a sad father who was loved by his daughter when she was a kid, but is now hated by her since she became a rebellious teenager!". After Ritsuka refuses Gilles' request to leave "her" be, da Vinci tell him that they know her identity, and simply want to understand her motive. She continues the group may have a rough idea of "her" motive, but she can't approve merely imagining it. After the group defeat Gilles, they speculate who the other counterfeit with "her" is. Figuring "she" is weaker at detecting Servant due to being a counterfeit, the group attempt to ambush "her". Bursting into the room where "she" is, they see Jeanne Alter being uncomfortably embraced by counterfeit Brynhild, who thinks she's Sigurd. As the group try to talk to Jeanne Alter, she kicks away Brynhild, only her to crawl back. She explains Brynhild's behavior inadvertently resulted from her wish for one of her seven followers to be a woman. Asking the group to ignore Brynhild, she states it's impossible to destroy her forever as she now exists as a concept in response to their belief she was destroyed forever in Orleans. She confirms EMIYA's observations that the chances of her being summoned again were infinitesimal as a result of Gilles's defeat (the only one who wished for her) and the Holy Grail's capture (the one that created her). Jeanne Alter then reveals she was able to summon herself back by inverting Jeanne d'Arc's wish not to have an altered self. She accepts she's a counterfeit of the original Jeanne, but stills wants to surpass her as da Vinci rightfully speculated it. She continues that though she is a counterfeit, there are no rules saying she can't make name for herself in the world. She continues further that people imagine Jeanne's death would warrant her vengenance, declaring herself to be an aspect of Jeanne. Jeanne Alter then reveals his class is the irregular Avenger class, and orders Bryhild to fight the group. After Brynhild is defeated, da Vinci asks Ritsuka how they should resolve the situation. Da Vinci chides Jeanne Alter for not realizing her true feelings when she claims the counterfeits were mere pawns. She tells her that her goal to surpass the original was achieved by creating counterfeits that surpassed the originals. Seeing the counterfeits enjoyed themselves more than the originals, she believes they were concerned for and deeply cared about Jeanne Alter. She also agrees with Ritsuka that counterfeits weren't faking their affection for Jeanne Alter despite all the carnage they've witnessed. Da Vinci tells her that she can't believe her, then she can at least believe Ritsuka. As Jeanne Alter becomes confused and enraged by her thirst for vengeance, da Vinci says that need for vengeance is alright. She tells her that she should have become an Anti-Hero, so she could be summoned as a Servant. After Ritsuka says they'd accept Jeanne Alter as their Servant, da Vinci calls them the perfect five-star whether if Jeanne Alter is a Heroic Spirit of an Anti-Hero. She then asks Jeanne Alter what she'll do, to which she'll accept being Ritsuka's Servant after a long bout of consideration. However, the group are forced to fight her as they defeated her counterfeits. Before the fight, da Vinci states her belief that Jeanne Alter needs to fight this battle so as to not hold grudge against Ritsuka. After Jeanne Alter is defeated, the group retrieve a fragment of the Grail she possessed. Da Vinci agrees with EMIYA's statement that there are certain people who need to be defeated before they can move forward. She then request for them to return to Chaldea, saying she won't come to the front unless it's urgent.

Camelot: The Sacred Round Table Realm

Da Vinci joins Ritsuka and Mash this time around, curious about the Singularity's EX rank. The group arrive in the era in a desert during a sandstorm. Da Vinci tries to calculate their current when they're attacked. After defeating their attackers, and forcing a Sphinx to retreat, the group head west towards a water source that was once a city according to Da Vinci's scans. During their journey, Da Vinci gives Ritsuka a mana-blocking mask to protect them from highly dense mana from the atmosphere. The group eventually Hundred-Faced Hassan and her compatriots carrying a tied-up women. While Ritsuka and Mash fight them, Da Vinci takes the kidnapped woman. After Hundred-Faced and the others retreated, Da Vinci does the woman's bounds, and wakes her up. The woman announces herself to be Nitocris upon waking up. She assumes the group kidnapped her and fights them. She struggles against them however because of her fatigue, but she refuses to give up. She summons a sphinx, still unwilling to listen to the truth of the matter. Assuming the group to be knights of the Holy City, Nitocris sends her sphinx to attack the group when a Servant called Lucius arrives to help. After slaying the sphinx with Airgetlám, Lucius explains to Nitocris the truth of her kidnapping as he had witnessed it. Realizing her error, Nitocris brings the group to Ramesseum Tentyris as a show of gratitude.

As the group travel to Ramesseum Tentyris, Nitocris uses her power to clear the sandstorm. Lucius takes his leave since he has no business at the temple. After he’s gone, Mash notes she felt a strange sensation when near him. Da Vinci notes how odd it is for Airgetlám, Nuada’s right arm, to be Lucius’ Noble Phantasm. She states the arm is a replica yet its power is nonetheless extraordinary. Nitocris warns the group she needs to return to the temple before evening, otherwise she’ll be considered kidnapped. She asks them to protect until they reach the temple since her clearing of the sandstorm allowed monsters to invade the desert. After slaying the ensuing monsters, Da Vinci ponders if she and the others attracted them since they’re from Chaldea. She lies that she and the others are travelling performers, but Nitocris becomes suspicious of their origin. Nitocris reveals Ozymandias summoned her, and she explains he quickly rose to power after being summoned. She says others oppose him though, such as Saracens in the mountains. However, when Da Vinci mentions Jerusalem as another opponent, Nitocris reveals Jerusalem was destroyed long ago. Finding their lack of knowledge suspicious, Nitocris summons a sphinx as a trial for the group to prove their innocence. After the purposely weakened sphinx retreats, Nitocris says they passed, and they continue to the temple.

Arriving at the temple, Mash says she’s still unable to contact Romani Archaman. Da Vinci attributes this to the ancient magical energy of the desert from the BC era. She deduces it is from another time period, as the Singularity’s space-time is in complete disarray. She also deduces this as the reason they couldn’t rayshift to Jerusalem. She calls the desert a distortion invading the Singularity, and she reveals there is another similar location.

Inside the throne room, the group meet Ozymandias. He confesses his knowledge of Chaldea already repairing five Singularities so far. He then shows the Holy Grail in his possession, but he states he isn’t Solomon’s ally. He explains he seized it from the Crusader after being summoned into the era. He then orders Nitocris to summon efreets to attack the group. After the battle, Ozymandias calls the group an enemy since they seek his Grail. He reveals the era collapsed long before Chaldea arrived, as the Crusades never occurred. Da Vinci accuses him of being the distortion that caused the era’s collapse, but he corrects her that the Lion King was responsible for it. After a feast, Nitocris escorts the group back to the temple’s entrance. The group then continue their journey, now in a vehicle Da Vinci built from the material she took from Ozymandias.

Slaying the monsters that blocked them, the group drive out of the desert and into a charred wasteland. Da Vinci suspects the era will be incinerated without the use of the Grail when the group is confronted by crazed people looking for food and water. After defeating them, the group leaves behind some supplies for the people. One person correctly assumes the group is heading towards the Holy City where the Lion King, who eradicated the crusaders, resides. They warn them to not go near the city walls, imploring them to return to the desert if they want to live. He suspects the Lion King is Richard I, but Da Vinci reveals the Crusaders were eliminated . Romani is confused about who occupies the Holy City when he detects a nearby Servant. The group head over to their location and arrive to see Hassan of Intoxicated Smoke protecting a group of people from an Archer. Da Vinci warns Ritsuka and Mash not to go near as Archer will kill them if they’re noticed. Intoxicated Smoke offers her life to Archer in exchange for him letting the others go free. He refuses however and kill her along with the others as they try to flee east. Witnessing the massacre, Da Vinci warns Ritsuka and Mash to hide until Archer leaves, as he’s stronger than any Servant they encountered thus far. After Archer leaves, the group observe the headless bodies of the people when the vengeful spirit of Intoxicated Smoke attacks them. She is defeated and asks the group to bury her brethren. Complying with her request, the group eventually come across a group of refugees and save them from bandits. A refugee woman tells them that she and the others are heading for the Holy City, as it’s the only safe place now. She talks of a monthly ceremony held by the Holy City called the Ritual of Holy Selection where they accept refugees. She continues she and the others were heading to the city when their village was burnt down. She mentions others thought ill of the Holy City and left for a village in the mountains. After the refugees leave, Da Vinci speculates Ozymandias and the Lion King have a nonaggression pact while the Saracens are resisting. Romani tells the group to head to the Holy City, the source of the Singularity according to Ozymandias.

The group eventually reaches the Holy City by nightfall. There they observe thousands of refugees camped outside. Romani tells them to enter the city to see the Lion King when Da Vinci sense a man hiding. The man warns them to turn back while admitting he is a thief. After the group discipline him and his cohorts, the man reveals he was a merchant who occasionally traded with the crusaders until the Lion King arrived. He continues the knights from the city killed his original group of merchants. They allowed him to live though since he bowed before them. He then flees with his group, who reveal his name is Saruhan. Da Vinci tries to ask him for more details, but he refuses and again warns the group to stay away from the city. Disguising themselves with cloaks, the group slip into one of the refugee group further from the main gate. They notice knights surrounding the refugees when it suddenly turns into day. A knight emerging from the main gate confesses it is a Gift bestowed upon him by the Lion King so the sun may always bless him. The refugees reveal he is to be Gawain as the Holy Selection is about to begin. Da Vinci tells Ritsuka and Mash they need to run, having realized the truth of the Holy Selection. Gawain thanks the refugees for taking the long journey to the Holy City of Camelot, calling ideal city and only refuge left in the world. He continues the Lion King accepts all into the city regardless of race or religion if they receive his pardon. The Lion King emerges on top of the main gate declaring they must choose eternally pure souls as humanity has fallen. Three refugees are then enveloped by a light, having been selected as pure souls. The Lion King then orders Gawain to collect the selected, and he goes to execute the unselected. As the knights kill the refugees, the group fight the knights to let the refugees escape. After the refugees escape, the slain knights vanish. Romani suspects they were constructed humans close to Heroic Spirits. More knights arrive, so Romani implores the group to run. But, they refuse since there are still refugees left when someone on the eastern side of the crowd begins fighting the knights. The group use this to their advantage and defeat the knights. Romani orders the group to escape through the west when Gawain stops them. Gawain’s appearance makes Romani realize the Lion King is King Arthur, who with the Knights of the Round Table, eliminated the crusaders and built Camelot on the Holy Land. He continues the Spirit Origin observed from the Lion King is far beyond the King Arthur in Chadlea’s data and goes outside of being a Servant. Gawain recognizes the group as defenders of humanity and those prophesied to come and disrupt the Lion King’s plan. When Gawain prepares to fight, Romani implores the group to run because of Gawain’s Numeral of the Saint Skill. However, they’re forced to fight him. They’re unable to defeat him though, even with him holding back. Da Vinci asks Ritsuka to buy some time, having noticed Mash struggling against Gawain isn’t primarily physical. While the others fight Gawain with the help of Bedivere, she defeats knights in the rear. She has Saruhan help her in getting the refugees to escape. She then throws a flashbang to disorient Gawain as the group escape. Romani reports the refugees are being pursued by enforcement knights. The group go to fight the knights since Gawain retreated as it is night once again.

The group is thanked by a refugee man for saving him and the others. However, he and the other refugees have trust issues, so Bedivere asks him to guide the group to the mountain village for shelter. The man agrees with the proposal, and Bedivere tells him the group will protect the refugees until they reach the mountains. He then requests him to act as a liaison between the group and the Saracens to avoid fighting, which the man again agrees with. As he man speaks with the other refugees, the group take an hour break before heading north to the mountains. During the break, Da Vinci treats the refugees.

Later, while Da Vinci and Mash play with Rushd (the child Mash saved), Bedivere admits his Airgetlám is a replica provided by Merlin to compensate for his one arm. He also confesses he cannot handle it for long periods otherwise he’ll be burned. Da Vinci states the Knights of the Round were each given blessings by the Lion King called Gifts. She continues only Bedivere can counter their Gifts, but that method is reckless since every use of Airgetlám injures him. She decides she needs a workshop to analyze a Gift when monsters attack. After slaying the monsters, the group continue to the hidden mountain village when Enforcement Knights arrive to kill the refugees. After the first wave is defeated, Lancelot orders the third wave to surround the refugees during combat and capture the group as the second wave attacks. Bedivere attempts to fight them, but Da Vinci converts her vehicle into a bomb and drives it into the knights. Her sacrifice allows the group to escape to the mountains as the third wave of knights gives chase.

It is eventually revealed that Da Vinci was saved by Lancelot, who took her to his secret refugee camp. During her time there, she helps the refugees there. She is eventually reunited Ritsuka and Mash, who are joined by Xuanzang Sanzang and Tawara Touta. She explains the circumstances of her survival to them. She learns from Mash that the Lion King plans to use Rhongomyniad to create an isolate space for the purest of humanity to continue existing following the Incineration of Humanity. She explains the Lion King doesn't have a sense of reason when Lancelot mentions some knights thought her mad. She reveals the Lion King became a Divine Spirit after holding Rhongomyniad for too long. When Lancelot offers to fight the Lion King himself, Da Vinci reveals the Knights of the Round would be destroyed if they tried to do that because of their Gift. She and Bedivere are against the prospect of allying with Ozymandias, but Lancelot says to convince him that the alliance would benefit Egypt. Da Vinci requests Bedivere to contact the Saracerns while she and others meet with Ozymandias. The group then depart for the desert in her newly built vehicle, the Bastiyan.

Ritsuka, Mash, Da Vinci, and Sanzang ride in the Bastinyan while Touta and Lancelot and his troop follow on horseback. They eventually near Ramesseum Tentyris, and rest for the night before meeting Ozymandias tomorrow. While everyone else is sleeping, Ritsuka tells Da Vinci what they learned of Marisbilly’s participation in the Grail War of 2004 and his relations with Romani. Da Vinci reveals she was summoned in the Chaldea after the war and only met Marisbilly briefly before he died that same year. She doesn’t know the relationship between Romani and Marisbilly though. She also mentions how Mash’s condition worsened after fusing with Galahad. She reveals Romani with the process on Marisbilly’s request, though he previously did not know of such experiments despite his years of service in Chaldea. She confesses how infuriated she was when she learned of Chaldea’s unethical experiments. She stayed though to keep Romani from overworking himself. She tells Ritsuka that Romani is a regular human like them, but he is hiding something akin to the Grail. However, if Romani were to use it, he would die or something similar. Da Vinci assures Ritsuka that Romani is an ally with not ulterior motives, even if his past is unknown. She then tells them to go to sleep since their negotiations with Ozymandias are tomorrow.

The next day, the group arrive at the temple, and Da Vinci sends a messenger to Ozymandias. While waiting for his reply, Mash asks her about the contents of the message. Da Vinci answers it was a request for Ozymandias to join them and to prepare for their arrival. Touta says Ozymandias would see it as a chance to test their strength when a group of sphinxes emerge from the temple gates. While Lancelot and his knights fight the sphinxes, the rest of the group enter the temple.

Inside the temple, Mash leads the group to the throne. Sanzang realizes the temple has a similar feeling to Camelot, meaning Ozymandias can isolate himself like the Lion King. Nitocris suddenly appears and claims Rhongomyniad is powerless against her mirror. After greeting the group, she fights them with her summoned monsters as a trial for them to gain an audience with Ozymandias. After she’s defeated, Nitocris allows them to meet with Ozymandias. In the throne room, Ozymandias congratulates the group on their victory over Nitocris. He then asks Ritsuka why they’ve come, to which Ritsuka mentions the message they sent earlier. Ozymandias admits however he thought the message was a joke. Sanzang tells him how she heard tales of how he differed from the Lion King because he prioritized the lives of his people. However, she criticizes him for isolating them inside his people, instead of fighting the Lion King because he knows he can’t defeat her alone. Ozymandias counters it is pointless to fight the Lion King due to the Incineration of Humanity. He says he will only protect his people, as the rest aren’t his concern. Sanzang reprimands him for this as he is ignoring the world’s destruction like the Lion King. Intrigued by her words, Ozymandias tests the group’s strength and resolve to save the world. He pours some of his own blood into the Grail and drinks it to incarnate himself into Amon. However, he grants the name Amun-Ra onto Amon, temporarily turning him into a Divine Spirit. The group fight to prove to him they can defeat the Lion King. Unfortunately, the temple supplies Amun-Ra with infinite magical energy, instantly regenerating any wounds they inflict. However, thanks to Sanzang unlocking her full power, they eventually defeat him. Returning to normal, Ozymandias congratulates the group on their victory when Nitocris enters the room. Although they already proved their strength to fight the Lion King, he fights the group again with Nitocris to prove their worthiness as allies. After being defeated, Ozymandias admits he is like the Lion King. He then gives the Grail to Mash and says Rhongomyniad must be stopped as well to restore the era. He lends his army of sphinxes for the assault on Camelot. He says he will not join the battle personally though since he has other matters to deal with.

Three days later, the group return to the eastern village. There they tell Bedivere and the Hassan that they have now Ozymandias’ support. Hassan of Serenity confirms they’ve gather 17, 000 followers. Hundred Faced says there are 2,000 people in Camelot secretly supporting their rebellion. The rebellion had difficulty growing at first, but it grew exponentially after Ritsuka and Mash saved the refugees from the Holy Execution. While Touta and Sanzang go prepare the food, Cursed Arm Hassan reviews their strategy with Ritsuka. The group will join the forces positioned at the wasteland, then march towards Camelot. Lancelot offers to lead the army since he knows all the blind spots to avoid the patrol. However, there will be no blind spots once they reach Camelot’s territory. Cursed Arm agrees and says they’ll rest further from the city before marching to it during the night. The army will breakthrough the Lion King’s forces and force their way into the city. After they capture the city and its castle, Ritsuka’s group will kill the Lion King.

Later at night, Da Vinci and Lancelot discuss how to break through Camelot’s main gates. She suggests blasting through it with a Noble Phantasm, but Lancelot reveals the gates render malicious attacks and evil powers ineffective. Not even the greatest holy sword could put a dent in them. Lancelot says his unit will build a scaffold to climb over the western wall once Ozymandias’ divine beasts break it down. Da Vinci is concerned about the difficulty of the task since the wall is Rhongomyniad, not to mention Mordred and her forces patrols outside. Lancelot assures her that his unit will handle Mordred’s forces, as hers are less proficient that his. Afterwards, he and his units will scale the wall. Da Vinci says she and the others will wait by the castle wall while protecting their allies until he arrives. Once inside, they will head straight for the Lion King while possibly fighting off Tristan and Agravain. Lancelot wonders if Agravain plans to use them to weaken the Lion King’s power, believing he only acts in self-interest. He mentions Agravain secretly controlled the government in both Britain and the Holy City. He resolves to kill him out of a belief he manipulated the king. Da Vinci however points out if Agravain truly acted on self-interest, then Camelot would be a bureaucratic city with useless functions they can take advantage of. Instead Camelot is a city without self-interest with no functions they can advantage of.

In the wastelands near Camelot, the group reveiw their strategy once more when Romani reports the city is prepared for them. Ritsuka, Mash, Da Vinci, and Bedivere will head for the main gates with the infantry. Lancelot will lead his unit while Sanzang and Touta travel together. Once Cursed Arm reaches the castle wall, he’ll thin out the archers placed there by Agravain. Ozymandias’ sphinx army will create a diversion on the west side of Camelot, which the allied forces will use as an opportunity to attack. Lancelot’s knights will advanced before Ritsuka’s group, though Lancelot warns they’ll suffer heavy causalities from the archers. He suspects only sixty percent of the allied forces will make it to the gates, but they no choice but to attack the main gates. Bedivere says they can’t wait for Hassan to arrive to fight Gawain, suspecting Lancelot will have to fight him. However, Lancelot warns they cannot wait for nightfall either to fight Gawain, but Sanzang offers her and Touta’s assistance. Accepting her help, Lancelot commands the allied forces to prepare to advance when a sandstorm suddenly appears from the northern sky to envelop Camelot. Cursed Arm realizes the storm is thanks to Hassan’s power. With the storm making both sides’ archers useless, the allied forces advance onto Camelot as fast as possible.

During the battle, any ladders that allied forces mount onto wall are destroyed upon doing so. The sphinxes attacking the main are also unable to even scratch; Bedivere reveals Camelot only grants access to those with righteous hearts. Enemy forces are quickly eliminating the allied forces while King Hassan is fighting Gawain. Da Vinci asks Bedivere to use Airgetlám on the gate, but he states it has no effect on Camelot. Suddenly Enforcement Knights under Agravain’s command appear and attack Ritsuka’s group. The group defeat the knights, and they enter Camelot thanks to Sanzang's sacrifice destroying the front gate.

Inside the city, Romani warns the group of a mass of knights akin to divine constructs created by Rhongomyniad approaching. Mash notices there are no civilians, and she wonders if they were absorbed by Rhongomyniad. Da Vinci says Camelot’s surroundings would be the world’s edge if that were true. She assumes the civilians were evacuated before the battle started. After the group defeat the knights, Romani reports the allied forces are inside the city and moving towards its center. The group continue towards the castle before they can encounter any Knights of the Round. They eventually near the castle when they're stopped by Rhongomyniad suddenly manifests around it.  Romani reports he is detecting a gravitational collapse from all corners of the era. He warns the ends of the world are encroaching onto Camelot. He reports the allied forces are pinned at the front gate, with the enemy now rallied by the Tower’s appearance. He implores the group to remove the Tower before the allied forces are eliminated. Mordred says that's impossible, and fights the group. After she is killed, the group witness Ozmanydias and Nitocris using Ramesseum Tentyris to seemingly destroy Rhongomyniad at the cost of their lives. However, Romani reveals he era is still being destroyed as Rhongomyniad is still active. He explains only Rhongomyniad’s sheath, so the Lion King needs to be defeated to stop the era’s collapse. The group hurry to the castle when Lancelot arrives in the city. Lancelot reports their allies now control the front gate, with many of the enemy archers on the wall having surrounded. After being told Gawain returned to the castle, Da Vinci says they need to defeat the Lion King before Gawain arrives. Instead of joining the group, Lancelot decides he’ll look for Agravain as he believes he is too dangerous. The group takes a direct route into the castle while Lancelot takes a back route and capture Agravain. As they approach the castle, Bedivere talks how Agravain was viewed as a cold villain, given his disdain for people. He continues the collapse of the Round Table and the fall of Camelot began after Agravain died. He states King Arthur needed Agravain, perhaps even more than Merlin. Mash agrees with his assessment, confessing she felt relieved when she saw Agravain. She felt as if her Spirit Origin said King Arthur would fine as long as Agravain is around. Bedivere mentions Galahad was an excellent judge of character, who trusted Agravain because he felt his heart had some justice in it. He suddenly blocks a surprise attack by Tristan from the roof of a building. Tristan comes down and fights the group after telling Bedivere that the Round Table he knew never existed in the era. Unfortunately, they still can’t defeat him, as he claims he only needs to keep them busy until Rhongomyniad completes its task. Fortunately for the group though, the Hassans arrive to fight Tristan. The group then go ahead to the castle, assured by the Hassans that they’ll defeat Tristan. Breaking through the knights guarding the castle, the group enter it.

Inside the castle, the group encounter Gawain on their way to the throne room. After defeating him, they soon arrive in the throne room. There they see the Lion King, Artoria Pendragon, sitting on her throne. Artoria asks who they are and their purpose for coming before her. After Ritsuka answers they've come to correct humanity, She decides to destroy the group, considering their souls unnecessary for her utopia. When Artoria unleashes the storms at the Ends of the World from behind the throne, Da Vinci realizes she was at the Ends of the World from the very beginning as the king stands from her throne and prepares to fight. After Ritsuka and Mash reject her ideal, the group try to fight Artoria, now referred as Goddess Rhongomyniad. Unfortunately, they struggle against her with her massive magical energy damaging Sheba, and her Authority bearing down on them. She then attacks Mash with Rhongomyniad. While Mash is blocking it with Lord Camelot with Bedivere's help, it is revealed Bedivere is a regular human who was kept immortal for 15,000 years by Excalibur in order to return it to his timeline's Artoria, Goddess Rhongomyniad. After Excalibur is returned to her following another fight, Bedivere disappears and the era begins to quickly restore itself. Da Vinci explains she won’t disappear like a summoned Heroic Spirit as she arrived in the era through her own power. She further explains with Rhongomyniad gone, Goddess Rhongomyniad will cease to exist. Even if Chaldea were to encounter another King Arthur wielding Rhongomyniad, they will not be the same person. Assuring Mash that Bedivere's sacrifice wasn't in vain, Goddess Rhongomyniad tells the group that Solomon is located in a temple outside space and time. She also reveals he personally sent into the seventh Holy Grail in the past prior to his era as the first step to the Incineration of Humanity. She tells them to gather allies as they will face the Evils of Humanity, and assures her and Bedivere's existences meant something before they're forcibly rayshifted to Chaldea.

Salomon: The Grand Time Temple

Shinjuku: The Malignant Quarantined Demonic Realm

Shimosa Province: The Stage of Rivers of Blood and Mountains of Corpses

Salem: The Taboo Epiphany Garden

Second Prologue


Da Vinci's Personal Skills include Natural Born Genius (天賦の叡智, Tenpu no Eichi?) and Pioneer of the Stars (星の開拓者, Hoshi no Kaitaku-Sha?). Her Golden Rule (Body) (黄金律(体), Ōgon-Ritsu (Karada)?) Skill is the possession of a perfect goddess-like body, preserving beauty. Leonardo intentionally acquired this Skill for his benefit when he “redesigned” his body as a female (Mona Lisa). Her Noble Phantasm is Uomo Universale.[2]

Being a great man of wisdom, one can therefore conclude that da Vinci was given the Caster Class, or not. Since during his/her lifetime, he/she was a powerful magus. There is not one thing strange about that. It is something obvious. In addition to science, mathematics, engineering, natural history, music, architecture, sculpture, painting, invention, weapons development, and so forth, he/she also simply possessed the talent for magecraft.[1][2]

Forms and Alternate Versions


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Creation and Conception

Shimokoshi is the character illustrator for Leonardo da Vinci.[2] Hikaru Sakurai is the scenario writer for her character.[1]

Comment from Illustrator

"Although the image of the famous “Mona Lisa” picture is in this state, Mona Lisa’s clothes are like a sailor’s uniform? Let’s give her a miniskirt then! I tried to draw her while taking into account what the director said to me. Her hairstyle is like a modern style’s haircut too. From the standpoint of a weapons developer, I designed a staff that incorporates a pentagram and a stern gauntlet device as her weapons. If I thought of her as a character that was used as a store NPC to some degree, she would become the main playable NPC… By the way, when I was notified that Miss Maaya Sakamoto was the voice actor responsible for her voice, I was so happy, I could die!"[1]


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