Caubac Alcatraz (コーバック・アルカトラス, Kōbakku Arukatorasu?), also known as Dead Apostle of the Millennium Lock (千年錠の死徒, Sennenjō no Shito?) and the Comedian of the Dead Apostles, is the twenty-seventh of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors.



Alcatraz is a magus who became a vampire through his magical research.[1] He is an old friend of Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, and he was one of the people present for Arcueid Brunestud's birth eight-hundred years ago. He only met her that one time, but he left a lasting impression on her. He has been missing for over a century, and it is unknown to others if he is still alive.


He has a very happy-go-lucky personality fit for a comedian, and Arcueid calls his mentality several hundred years old. He tries to greet Arcueid in a sassy and flattering manner unlike himself over the phone, but she rebukes him for it. He also enjoys teasing her despite the threat of death should they actually meet. While speaking of her love, he goes on about it in an elaborate way, such as calling it embarrassing to even mention and calling it having "girl's talk" with her even though he is a guy. He claims that he has been acting too wildly, so it is difficult for him to keep a balance with his personality. He thinks even a world with no change has caused some change in himself on a personal level.

He has a somewhat casual relationship with Arcueid despite being an Ancestor. She doesn't really care about him as long as he stays in his own world, but she will make it her top priority to kill him, with her fingers just like she would a bug, should he leave. He compares his state of mind to that of a hit man who's about to come out of prison and is a target of revenge after hearing her say that. He says that no matter how much she has loosened up after meeting Shiki Tohno, her core hasn't changed.

He thinks the regular world is boring, so he would rather stay where he is currently located. Although he is interested in the events of the world, it is still not enough to make him want to leave. If he were to return, it would be only to see the Moon. Though he has obtained everything he can imagine, Arcueid thinks he is a weirdo for only wishing for that much. There are a number of weirdos among the Ancestors, but she places him among the top of their ranks in that category.


Nerawareta AhnenerbeEdit

He has a bonus appearance in the Nerawareta Ahnenerbe's Secret Track Drama CD as an unnamed acquaintance of Arcueid.

While Arcueid is waiting for Shiki in Ahnenerbe, Hibiki Hibino appears with a cell phone that she was told to hand to Arcueid. Alcatraz briefly banters with her about the past and asks for a confirmation if she wishes to kill him. She states that it is too troublesome to get to him while he is in his own world, so she will let him go as long as he remains there. She mentions that he lost something important, so it may not be ideal for him to remain there.[2]

He says that he learned that she has found an "irreplaceable treasure." When she questions him about what he means, he goes on to call it something they have all given up to the pawnshop, the "shard of heart." He finally mentions that he is talking about her having found love like that of a human. This enrages her to the point where she plans to head to his world, telling him to "clean your keyhole while you can" before he calms her down. For making her serious for a moment, she says she will reward him with one thing before she kills him after he comes out.[2]

While it was worth risking his life to tease her for that, he can't think of anything he would want other than to see the moon one more time. He claims the moon would bring back old memories. It was burned into his pupils the night he died for the first time, and he hasn't seen it for so long. He doesn't know when it will be, but he wishes for his second death to be like that as well. He mentions that Arcueid probably doesn't want to be killed by a different person either, which just leaves her silent. He excuses himself for talking so long because it had been a long time since speaking to someone who knows him and hangs up.[2]

Fate/strange FakeEdit


It wasn't mentioned in the novel who Kischur was speaking to but the manga states it was Alcatraz. He was discussing the events of the False Holy Grail War with Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg through an antique looking phone. Alcatraz advises Kischur to choose someone who isn't a magi to observe the incident at Snowfield and select a world on the basis of being an intruder. Alcatraz finds it odd for Kischur to be suddenly involved with the World. They ended up selecting Ayaka Sajyou as an outsider to participate the Holy Grail War.[3]

Other appearancesEdit

Alcatraz is first described in Kagetsu Tohya, and has yet to make an actual appearance in the Tsukihime storyline.

It is hinted in Mahou Tsukai no Hako that Alcatraz is actually Mr. Cellphone, the phone is a Mystic Code and it was made by Kischur.

Although he does not appear in Fate/Labyrinth, his labyrinth is the stage setting of the story.


Unlike those who became Dead Apostles through being bitten by a True Ancestor or another Dead Apostle, he became one through magical research.[1] He has lost his original body and his current body is one that has taken on a form that supposedly resembles a padlock.[4] He is an archmagus just a step away from reaching the level of the Magicians.[5]


He created a labyrinth inside a treasure chest that cannot be opened to protect his ideal terminal, the Holy Scripture Triten, but the reason he hasn't appeared for a century is because he accidentally became trapped inside.[6] He describes it as a world with no change that is a paradise to him. It is a place with no morning or night where it is easy to lose track of time to the point where he can only go by centuries. He is able to obtain information from the outside, such as Arcueid's actions, and he is able to somehow communicate with her through a cell phone.

He hasn't emerged for over a century, so it is unknown if he has managed to survive that period without drinking blood. He claims that he has no worries for food because he can keep "killing himself" inside even to the point where humans die out. While she doesn't claim it to be impossible, it would apparently be a difficult task for Arcueid to enter the world and kill him, so that is his conclusion for living there. He thinks being alive is better than nothing.

Seventh Labyrinth of Caubac AlcatrazEdit

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