Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia (カウレス・フォルヴェッジ・ユグドミレニア, Kauresu Foruvejji Yugudomirenia?) is the Master of Berserker of Black in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha. In other worlds, Yggdmillennia no longer exists as of the time of his birth, so he is known as just Caules Forvedge in those worlds.

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Caules is the eldest son of the Forvedge family who was born as a spare successor for the family and as a caretaker to his older sister.

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The eldest daughter of the Forvedge family, Fiore was born with exceptional Magic Circuits that appear in someone only once in a hundred years, but since it was uncertain whether the paralysis of her legs could be cured, the present head of the Forvedge family had his wife give birth to Caules as both a spare successor and a caretaker for Fiore.

Unfortunately, a miracle didn’t occur a second time, and when he saw Caules’ mediocrity that embodied the decline of the Forvedge family, the family head decided that Fiore should be made the successor even if her legs didn't function and ordered Caules to be her caretaker.[3]

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As his sister became the head of the family and approached the highest seat of Yggdmillennia under Darnic after many months, he began to explore other avenues for his life rather than live as a piddling magus who would never accomplish anything. The Holy Grail War interrupted those plans, and while he was originally to travel to Romania as simple backup, the Command Spells began to manifest upon his arrival. With no choice, he was forced to participate as a Master.


Though Caules is eighteen[1], he has a childish, freckled face that does not match his age. Caules wears the standard Yggdmillenia uniform consisting of a white jacket and black pants. He also wears black glasses.

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Caules has no desire in joining the Holy Grail War, and he had not even wanted to become a magus at all. Though he had no interest, he began to study magecraft only to act as a "spare" for his sister. Despite his disinterest, it was a path he wanted for himself, and he was able to do what was required of him to support the fate of their entire clan, simply to study his craft. Caules himself studied magecraft while half-resigning himself to a carefree life. But as time went on, he began to feel a slight sense of impending crisis not only in Fiore, but the entire Forvedge family. It was fine for their parents to thoroughly drive the teachings of magecraft into Fiore by personally educating her, but as a result, Fiore ended up growing up as an unfortunate young lady who did not know a single thing outside of magecraft. Therefore, the only thing he could do was meddle in his older sister’s affairs as a helpful younger brother.[3]

He has come to enjoy the process of magecraft itself. He essentially followed the creed that magecraft is an accessory to human life. He has never wished to devote his entire life to the practice and finds his reason for starting to be laughable.[3] He likes being able to interact with "absurd, scientifically impossible phenomena" using his own hands, but magi are humans who become something less than human in his eyes. Reaching inhuman levels, that world is rife with "seekers", those who become removed from sentimentality and compassion and would massacre thousands for the sake of research like magi in medieval times. He is honest, and does not like to lie even when presented with an easily believable one.

Caules also has abundant present-day knowledge, he owns a computer and he was the one to teach Fiore about cell phones. By daring to rely on technology, he gained some leeway and flexibility in that area, and he tried to expand his poor specs as a magus even slightly.[3] He also has modern interests such as an interest in video games, music and anime seen by the posters in his room.

He does not currently have a wish, even though most magi would want to reach the Root and give up their lives for a chance at it. Though he does desire it as a magus, there are other things he wants. He doubts that even the Grail can so easily reach it in the first place, instead being the first step on a long path. Although he will not know until he reaches that point, he instead thinks of the possibility of reviving his sister should she perish.

As she means more to him than the Root that he would reach in one hundred years, her revival would overwrite his own wish. He notes that she likely would not revive him if he were to perish. But, his slightly pessimistic way of thinking seems to have greatly changed over of the course of the Great Holy Grail War. His way of thinking is simple and dry, and if he were to have faced his sister in a regular Holy Grail War, Fiore would have forever despaired after killing him, but Caules would have resolved himself after having first despaired and unhesitatingly killed her. In other words, his consciousness as a magus is greater than Fiore in a certain sense.[3]



Upon the true start of the Great Holy Grail War, Fiore notices that Caules has been restless, especially when faced with the glares of the other, more experienced magi of Yggdmillennia. Though he has no desire to participate, the Command Spells appearing provides no choice in the matter. It is fortunate under the current system, as they would have been enemies under the Fuyuki Holy Grail War system. While there would normally have been contention between two magi siblings with the same interests, the difference in power would have only meant Fiore murdering him as he cowered in fear. Fiore buys "Frankenstein's blueprints" for his catalyst, and joins the other three remaining Masters in summoning their Servants. Nervously muttering the spell repeatedly, they begin the ritual, and he manages to complete the verses without hesitation. Caules adds the required verse to make sure his Servant is Berserker, and the ritual is successful.

As the Servants are to name themselves, Rider of Black asks Caules in place of Berserker after she does not wish to state her name. Thinking it is solely because she cannot speak, Rider stare flusters Caules into revealing it, much to Berserker's displeasure. After the event is over, they leave together, Caules sighing in relief that it has ended. Though he can order her into spiritual form, he dislikes to force it and spoil her mood, especially due to her sullen moans that begin to echo in his head. He later decides to have a proper talk with her due to worries over her strength, especially due to her being completely opposite from the legend. As she had been in a bad mood, he apologizes for revealing her true name when they do not know if the other Masters may come back as enemies later, soothing her somewhat. They decide to simply try to survive over all else and get to know each other.

After he sorts out her legend and learns her wish for a mate, she wants to know his wish as well. While he could lie about wanting to reach the Root, which would easily be believable due to Berserker's knowledge gained from the Grail, he tells her the truth that he does not know. After explaining himself, she grunts in approval, and he takes his leave. He finds himself tugged on by Berserker, who gives him a flower. After accepting it, she begins to rip flowers to shreds, one by one, and thinking of the part of the legend where she was said to have thrown the farmer's daughter into the lake thinking she would float like the flower game they were playing, retreats quickly.

After the Great Holy Grail War, he and Althea went to London. Althea is responsible for helping with Caules’ household chores and magecraft.[4] He spent his days in shame while being watched by the Mage's Association in London. However, one day, Caules had his class changed with a single phrase by Lord El-Melloi II, who told him, “Why are you studying this kind of magecraft which doesn't suit you? Your talent is much more suited to this, you know?”, and before he realized it, he was surrounded by classmates who were dangerous in terms of both talent and personality while he was still in a daze. Caules would often think: “No way, I want to live a normal and mediocre life. I don’t want to get involved with these people.” While sighing softly as he gave a sidelong glance at Flat Escardos who was making a ruckus in a nearby seat.[3]

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In the timeline of Fate/stay night, the Forvedge family never joined Yggdmillennia. Caules entered the Clock Tower on behalf of his sister, who discarded the path of the magic world and thus Caules became the Forvedge family heir in her stead. He belongs to the El-Melloi II classroom.


Caules is a not very powerful as a magus, with all of the Forvedge family's talent having gone to his sister. He is the lowliest of the Masters with poor aptitude, so he summons Berserker due to her being a relatively new mystery with mundane parameters. The homunculi providing magical energy for the Servants and her being able to gather magical energy with Bridal Chest solves the normal problem of the high expenditure of a Berserker-class Servant. Darnic expects little from him except to use Berserker to cause confusion on the battlefield with the proper use of Command Spells. He specializes in summoning low-class spirits, insects and animals.[3] Though he has much more leeway after having the family’s Magic Crest transplanted in him, he is still far from being a first-class magus.[3] It is heavily implied that Caules may be capable of spiritual evocation as it is his family's specialty though his skill is unknown his skills have most likely increased with the family crest. He is shown to also know a little healing magic and is capable of using bounded fields. Though he doesn't have much talent as a magus, he is shown to have a very keen intellect and is perfectly aware of his disadvantages immediately trying to know his servants strengths, weakness, and limits almost immediately after summoning her and effectively using her and making good use of his command spells during battle though this only gets him so far as he ends up losing Berserker rather early in the war.

He owns Frankenstein's blueprints (フランケンシュタインの設計図, Furankenshutain no sekkeizu?), written by Victor Frankenstein, for the use as Berserker's summoning catalyst. It was bought from a freelance magus by Fiore for his usage. It is an old piece of paper with a human figure on it with the words "the perfect human" scribbled in the lower right corner, and it describes functions like her Blasted Tree sacrificial Noble Phantasm. One sentence he overlooked mentions, "This lightning attack is not simply lightning, but rather a power that has Frankenstein’s will imbedded within it. As long as it exists, she will never perish."

In the timeline of Fate/stay night and Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, Caules uses bio-electricity magecraft after discovering he has more of a talent for it than for spiritual evocation. One of his spells is Crafted Tree: Hanged Thunder (絞首刑の雷
, Kōshukei no Kaminari
Kurafuteddo Tsurī
?), which, like a tree with branches reaching toward heaven, sends out countless branches of thunder that entangles prey.[5] Another is a Mystic Code called Primeval Battery, which, through hand contact, can adjust bioelectric currents to increase his or another person's healing abilites, or even activate a person's Od.


Caules having a talent for electricity magecraft was a suggestion from Ryohgo Narita, and was inspired by Caules's connection to Frankenstein.[6]


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