« You, are you perhaps a person with a vigorous sense of curiosity? »

( Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia.)

Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia (セレニケ・アイスコル・ユグドミレニア, Serenike Aisukoru Yugudomirenia?) is the Master of Rider of Black in the Great Holy Grail War of Fate/Apocrypha.

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She was born in the Icecolle family, a fairly old bloodline of practitioners of the dark arts. The Icecolle were forced on the run by the devastating witch hunts of the Middle Ages. They escaped from western Europe all the way to Siberia, they lost the foundation of their thaumaturgy and eventually fell into decline. Celenike was the first child to be born of the decaying bloodline in a long time. Her elders, who devoted their lives to perfecting the dark arts, doted upon her and poured every teaching they had into her.

Celenike became a member of a Romanian organization called Yggdmillennia. Celenike obtained a glass bottle with a liquid stain in it for the Great Holy Grail War.


Celenike is 26 years old during in the Great Holy Grail War.[1] A cruel female magus who possesses a clever-looking beautiful face. Despite seeming to have a clear-cut appearance, her entire body reeks of blood due to acts such as kissing the innards used in her rituals. The stench of death that followed the magus was far too thick. She has probably been covered in blood and gore since she was born. She can use perfumes and wash herself from the smell of it, but death itself will never leave her.


A sadistic female magus who runs a business killing others with curses. The only Yggdmillennia scion to place her own benefit above that of the clan. Celenike also had the most vindictive personality among the Yggdmillennia clan.

To Celenike, who was raised and doted upon by the old female magi who practiced the dark arts, patience and self‐control were the same things as torture. She could only maintain self‐control with things regarding magecraft.

To her, the homunculus was already nothing more than an annoying pest. The kind of bug that one had to search for through even the roots of grass and eradicate.



Beginning Stages of the WarEdit

  • Celenike punishing Astolfo

Celenike summons Rider of Black with a glass bottle containing stains left by some kind of liquid as a catalyst in a multiple Servant summoning. After being displeased by Gordes' refusal to reveal Saber of Black's name and his subsequent haughty attitude, she decides to give Rider a tour of the castle. Though his appearance is contrary to the legends, his body-type fits her tastes exactly, causing Celenike to use Rider for her own sadistic pleasure, though Rider is not bothered by this. After Rider helps a homunculus, later named Sieg, to escape with the help of Ruler, Celenike "punishes" him, although Rider is more bored than tormented.

Battle At Castle YggdmillenniaEdit

During the final stages of the battle between the Red and Black Factions, Celenike appears on the battlefield, confronting Rider and Sieg. Enraged by Rider showing care towards Sieg, she uses her Command Spells to force Rider to attack Sieg, with Rider barely being able to resist. Before Celenike can use her final Command Spell to force Rider to kill Sieg, she was decapitated by Saber of Red, who kills her simply due to disdain towards her.


Celenike is an outstanding practitioner of dark arts, rituals involving using the innards of beasts and humans for sacrifices. The dark arts require a particular disposition, namely, one who would not hesitate to pull apart living sacrifices. One who would not falter at supplications until the required amount of suffering—from the offspring of beast and man, excellent human beings and kind animals, old men and old pets, the pregnant and the unborn—had been reached. When she offered her sacrifices, her iron will suppressed all emotions and allowed her to perform any amount of heinous rituals. She was taught to present herself externally, and control herself internally. For only a failure would lose oneself in the joy of the slaughter.

She also possesses abundant knowledge of the modern era and has even tried to curse people to death on the computer through the electronic network.[2]



Yuuichirou Higashide hinted that Eiichirou Mashin (Author of Fate/school life) is a fan of Celenike and he apologizes for her death.[2]


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