Chakravartin: Turner of the Wheel (転輪聖王
, Tenrin Jōō
Chakura Varutin
?) is the "minor" Noble Phantasm of Buddha, necessary to use his "major" Noble Phantasm Amita Amitābha. The term Chakravartin refers to the concept of the “ideal universal ruler” of the Vedic period of ancient India. There are two wheels, the larger being seventy kilometers. This smaller is a seven kilometer wide chakram of light that expands in the sky above Buddha, a weapon based on an implement utilized by usually unarmed Buddhas to defeat their enemies.[1]

It slowly revolves in the sky, shooting arrows of light at enemies within the ring. It can be described as a "mobile artillery platform that can shoot in any direction," the ring of light acting like a rail on which the artillery platform moves along. The rings of light, reminiscent of rainbows, increases with each turn of combat, reaching a maximum of seven rings that correspond to that of the seven treasures the Chakravartin (ruler) possesses. Once all seven are manifested at the peak of battle, Amita Amitābha can be activated.[1]

It shows the capacity to take over the Moon Cell Holy Grail War, completely changing the rules of the war.[2] It breaks SE.RA.PH, and Rin Tohsaka speculates that it seeks to destroy SE.RA.PH. The Chakravartin envelops the virtual sky of the Moon Cell, each floor level became independent, and Masters are no longer forced to kill each other.[3] Since Chakravartin has appeared, the Dead Face phenomenon began to perpetuate.[4]


In the game development of Fate/EXTRA, Chakravartin was axed because of the production cost. Furthermore, Kinoko Nasu said that this level of visuals is something you have to do in an action game.[1] However, Chakravartin was fully used in Fate/EXTRA Last Encore, the anime adaptation. Its Japanese name has changed to Turner of the Heaven's Wheel (天輪聖王
, Tenrin Jōō?).[2]


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