FGO Mystery Novel Anthology: Chaldea Case Files (FGOミステリー小説アンソロジー カルデアの事件簿?) is an anthologyWP collection of mystery stories set in the world of Fate/Grand Order.



The books are a collection of anthology stories, so they are not official stories. The authors complied an unofficial timeline of where the stories would place in the timeline of Fate/Grand Order.[1]



Dark Crime Skyscraper Manhattan[]

Yuugo Aosaki

Dark Crime Skyscraper Manhattan (暗黒犯罪天楼 マンハッタン?) takes place between Shinjuku Singularity and Agartha Singularity.

New characters and features

Hijikata Toshizo (and) the Kidnapping Case[]

Korumono Migiwa

Hijikata Toshizo (and) the Kidnapping Case (土方歳三(と)誘拐事件?) takes place between the Indian Lostbelt and the Atlantic Lostbelt.

Ishtar and Ereshkigal Case Files[]

Ryou Amane

Ishtar and Ereshkigal Case Files (イシュタルとエレシュキガルの事件簿?) takes place after the Salem Singularity.

The Girl in the Basket[]

Kyouya Origami

The Girl in the Basket (少女は籠のなか?) takes place between Shimosa Singularity and Salem Singularity.

Malice or Romance[]

Ban Matoi

Malice or Romance takes place between the Agartha Singularity and Shimosa Singularity.



Author commentary[]

Volume 1
  • Ban Matoi

« He splendidly changed from “Twitter’s Watamote-loving bro” to “Twitter’s FGO-loving bro”!? As the writer for the drafts of the FGO events Murder at the Kogetsukan and A Study on the Meihousou, he’s of course participating here. -“If anyone asks me ‘have you no shame for showing up all the time?’ all I can answer is: ‘None at all’. As I got this chance now, I’m thinking of throwing a little bit of a curveball this time. Please keep your expectations high.”[2] »

  • Yuugo Aosaki

« Yuugo Aosaki, responsible for Undead Girl Murderfest, the all-star crossover mystery with classic characters like Holmes and Lupin, will try his hand at a classic grand heist mystery set in New York! -“Hello, I’m Aosaki. At this point I still haven’t finished writing and sending my part, so honestly, I don’t have the time to be writing a comment! Still, it’s an honor to have been called. I’ll do my best.”[2] »

  • Ryou Amane

« Ryou Amane, who achieved quick success with success with his thought-provoking teenage murder mystery Kibou ga Shinda Yoru ni(The Night when Hope Died), pours his long-standing Fate/ love into Ishtar and Ereshkigal! -“ ‘Rin Toosaka cute’, ‘I love Rin Toosaka’; in one of my meetings, instead of talking about my own book, I enthusiastically talked about my love for Rin, so they sent me this request. I’m doing a hot... I mean, passionate work for Ishtar and Ereshkigal!”[2] »

  • Kyouya Origami

« The anonymous writer Kyouya Origami at their peak popularity as their movie Kiokuya (The Memory Shop) approaches its debut. He portrays another one of his famed memory mysteries in the world of FGO! -“I was very nervous since this was the first time I write using other people’s characters, but it was a fun time. Ultimately, most of the story ended up being about the most intimate part of the relationship between the Master (female) and Medb. Is this what they call a yuri mystery...?”[2] »

  • Korumono Migiwa

« Korumono Migiwa from the THANATOS series and the Level 99 series will show the Gudaguda cast in official Shinsegumi activity right before the ServaFes! -“Now that I’ve been summoned, I will write with no restraints, no shame, no self-control, and no adjusts to the number on my paycheck no matter how many pages I write. ‘It is a mortifying decision, but can you understand? We must resort to suicide bombing.’ (Note: Chen Gong is not appearing)”[2] »

Volume 2
  • amphibian

« He's raring to go, since Kinoko Nasu, the creator and god of FGO, made high praise of his work as the writer for the visual novel Raging Loop! That which you see is a cadaver... the ultimate among all ultimate motifs! FGO meets a loop mystery set on a deserted village! -"The oracle divined to me that I can use any dirty trick in the book to do better than the people in the other volume, so I'm presenting this gourmet grand prix with a whole roasted demon boar. I hope it may feast you well. Note: Mentor Kykeon is not appearing in my story. Very unfortunately."[3] »

  • Houkou Tsuda

« A meaty medical mystery by the Chaldea medical team, made possible by his qualities as the author of Yaru Ki Nashi Eiyuutan (The Epic of the Motivationless Hero) and acting physician. They clash their philosophies about medicine and its hystory in a London covered by the bubonic plague! The mystery needs DISINFECTION!
- "Under the request to make the most outlandish story in the anthology, I wrote a medical mystery in my beloved Fate/ world. But really, every medical Servant has some very unique quirks... (nervous sweat)"[3] »

  • Natsu Hyuuga

« He decided to write in 1 second after hearing the devilish words of temptation: "If you accept this job, you can get these Google Play Gift Cards for free as research expenses"! All members of Chaldea will face a red light district locked room mystery written by the creator of the famous hit series Kusuriya no Hitorigoto (The Pharmacist's Monologue)! -"My EMIYA is the best in the world, but the main characters of this story will be the adorable pancake-loving girl and the horse.
Because this is a mystery, I'll be setting the stage in Kyoto's red light district, Yoshiwara. The district as a whole is already sort of a locked room on its own, so let's what Guda will do about that.
I know that everyone was really enthusiastic about this anthology project, so a lot of them an absurd pace and finished 3 weeks, one month before the deadline. Every couple days would get an e-mail saying '**** finished their manuscript'.
But I'm just as passionate about it as anyone else! Otherwise I wouldn't be dropping quartz after quartz after quartz to up the horse's NP. I'm always 'Come home, horse, come home, please', but he never does. How unfriendly.
I'm working hard on my writing now. I would appreciate if you read it a second time once you finish it."[3] »


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