Chaldea Security Organization gathered together forty eight Master Candidates for the purpose of performing the Grand Orders.


The recruited Master candidates in 2015 had aptitude in performing Spiritron Dives, as well as the possession of Magic Circuits.[1][2] They are a new batch of Magi with the unprecedented mix of scientific and magical aptitude alignments.[1]



Candidate Masters

Chaldea recruited Master candidates in 2015.[1][2] Chaldea has sought out Master candidates from around the globe, 38 people from noble magi families, and 10 civilians with potential.[2]

In 2015, Olga Marie Animusphere announced Chaldea's first mission is to perform a Rayshift experiment, a time traveling method. There are eight members whose potential has them labeled as members of the A-Team (Aチーム, A-chīmu?). A-Team would be sent to fix the Singularity in Fuyuki Japan in 2004, "Spatial Singularity F". While B-Team (Bチーム, B-chīmu?) will be monitoring the condition of A-Team and await for the second experiment.[1]

Due to the machinations of Lev Lainur, forty seven were critically injured, and was put into cryofreeze in their coffins. The only remaining active candidate, Ritsuka Fujimaru, was able to act.[3]

Once Chaldea has the Human Order restored in 2016. Chaldea was able to contact outside personnel to provide medical support for the forty-seven Master-candidates.[4] Once they were unfrozen and medically treated, they left Chaldea and returned home.[5]

In 26th December 2017, the remaining seven Masters would make A-Team as new Masters of Chaldea.[5]

Known MembersEdit

New A-Team members


In the anime adaptation Fate/Grand Order -First Order- that follows the male version of Ritsuka Fujimaru, the female version of Ritsuka is shown to be among the candidates. It is unknown if there is any significance behind her being there other than a cameo.


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