The Organization for the Preservation of Human Order, Finis Chaldea (人理継続保障機関フィニス・カルデア, Jinri Keizoku Hoshō Kikan Finisu Karudea?) is a secret agency founded with the purpose of preventing the "certain extinction" of the human race.


Marisbury Animusphere was the founder of Chaldea. In the Clock Tower, Chaldea and the Animusphere family's theories had heretofore been regarded as abstract and impractical.[1] To solve this, Marisbury participated in the Holy Grail War of Fuyuki in 2004.[1][2] Marisbury became the victor and wished on the Holy Grail for prosperity.[2] Thus Chaldea flourished, to the point where they were able to run CHALDEAS. SHEBA was able to observe not only the future, but also the light of the past. They were able to prove the Rayshift theory, the Pseudo-Spiritrons conversion projection.[2]

Chaldea became an international organization.[3] Though Chaldea's funding is sourced from all over the globe, seventy percent of it comes from the Animusphere family.[4] It has been established that the organization became a UN-sanctioned operation within several years of Marisbury's participation in the Fuyuki Grail War of 2004.[3]


Chaldea is a laboratory-observatory that recruits talented scientists and magi for the purpose of observing both the magical and scientific aspects of the world. They have a single goal: "to preserve the reign of the Human Order, above all else." Chaldea may be a research and observation organization, but the internal management is more befitting of a military organization.[4]

In the year 2000, they created countless Designer Babies for Demi-Servants experiment. They aimed to create a fusion between a Heroic Spirit and human. However, most of the designer babies conceived in Chaldea failed.[3] The Demi-Servant project was Chaldea’s sixth experiment.[5]

Around 2004, Chaldea was previously a mere astronomical observatory and was built into a research facility.[1] Its true face is the research facility of the Mage's Association. Under the banner of watching over humanity's future, it carried out inhuman experiments.[3] The Heroic Spirit summoning system was established. Virtual experiments were conducted that allowed one to not only observe the future, but to interact with different time periods through Rayshifting.[1]

Prior to the events of Fate/Grand Order, they were able to confirm the persistence of human civilization for up to a century into the future - however, they encountered difficulties in 2015. Fluctuations in the data provided by SHEBA suggested that the extinction of humanity would arrive in 2016 (2019 in the English version), with the probable cause being a certain event that occurred in the newly-manifested "unobservable locale" of Fuyuki City in 2004, otherwise known as "Singularity F". The Grand Order was declared for the purpose of interfering with the past and correcting the course of history.[4] Olga Marie Animusphere negotiated with the United Nations and received permission for Masters to investigate the singularity. As a result, Chaldea recruited 48 Master candidates in 2015.[3]


They have established five primary projects.


The Phenomenon Recording Cyber-Daemon "LAPLACE" (事象記録電脳魔・ラプラス, Jishō Kiroku Den'nō-Ma Rapurasu?) was completed in 1950 A.D. Named after Pierre-Simon Laplace's thought experiment (wherein a hypothetical omniscient being, sometimes referred to as a demon, would be capable of accurately predicting the future), the Cyber-Daemon LAPLACE is one of several safeguard measures set in place to preserve a Master's spiritual integrity and safety during Rayshift.

LAPLACE was Chaldea's third invention.[6] It is a magical device used to monitor the past.[4] Chaldea sees the future through CHALDEAS, at the same time, LAPLACE collects records of the past. Its function is collecting history outside of public knowledge, or events that were quietly buried away.[6]




The Global Environment Model "CHALDEAS" (疑似地球環境モデル・カルデアス, Chikyū Kankyō Moderu Karudeasu?) was completed in 1990 A.D. Utilizing the soul of the World as a foundation and basis, the system manifests in miniature a perfectly accurate replica of the planetary body of Earth, permitting a representation of the World's status both in past and future eras. However, detailed observation of specific time-space locales is impossible without the assistance of SHEBA.

Although it was already built in 1990, the reality is that CHALDEAS was incomplete. It was built and established as a model of the Earth to convince the sponsors, but it was far from its original function. Although the theory is complete, CHALDEAS lacked the crucial "fuel" for operation. In order to make CHALDEAS spin, they need the output of a power plant that is able to supply an entire country for about half a year. Even with the combination of an oil platform Seraphix and a French nuclear reactor wasn't able to keep it running.[2]

It's a body of high density Spiritrons and a territory of another dimension. It is the same as the sun and black hole. If it is touched directly by humans, they will be decomposed to the molecular level and disappear.[7]


The Near-Future Observation Lens "SHEBA" (近未来観測レンズ・シバ, Kin Mirai Kansoku Renzu Shiba?, mistakenly localized as SHIVA before later being corrected) was invented by Lev Lainur and was completed in 1999 A.D.[1][8]

SHEBA is a mechanism designed to permit the detailed observation of information represented within CHALDEAS' planetary projection, similar in concept to an environmental observation satellite placed in Earth orbit.[4] In lieu of a closed-circuit camera system, SHEBA also serves as an integral component to Chaldeas' security, outputting to monitors any occurrences within the research facility's environs in real-time. The system, however, is ultimately accurate only for the observation of the Common Era; for eras further in the past, accuracy rapidly declines, and mana and electricity demands climb to unmanageable levels. As of the collapse of the Human Order Foundation, the future formerly observed by SHEBA vanished, and there appeared an "unobservable locale"; the Fuyuki City of 2004 A.D, also known as "Singularity F".

As of the Prologue of the 7th Singularity, the problem of obtaining accurate observations of time periods within the Age of Divinities was rectified by da Vinci's efforts.

Due to its sophisticated technology, SHEBA displays limited sapience when it is able to summon the Queen of Sheba to the Salem Singularity using its name as a catalyst. Consequently, when the Queen of Sheba is present in Chaldea, her emotions appear to be synced with the machine, which reflects when she is under emotional duress.


The Guardian Heroic Spirit Summoning System "FATE" (守護英霊召喚システム・フェイト, Shugo Eirei Shōkan Shisutemu Feito?) was completed in 2004 A.D. It allows for members of Chaldea who are considered "provisional Masters" to summon Heroic Spirits as Servants. A system patterned after the Heroic Spirit summoning ritual utilized in the Grail Wars of Fuyuki City, which enacts summoning per agreement of purpose between Master and Servant. Marisbury used this data as the basis for creating the summoning ritual.[6]

Utilizing FATE, three Servants were successfully summoned:

  1. Solomon - The first Heroic Spirit, summoned by Marisbury in 2004.[9]
  2. Galahad - The second Heroic Spirit summoned in 2010 was Chaldea’s only successful Heroic Spirit fusion trial.[1] Marisbury was performing the experiment on the ten-year old Mash Kyrielight.[3] However Galahad decried Chaldea's brutal experiments, but remained in the world to keep his host alive. Then, after the bombing of Chaldea, he entrusted her with all he had.[1]
  3. Leonardo da Vinci - The third Heroic Spirit summoned to Chaldea (2012).[6] Marisbury and Romani Archaman was present.[10]

Information pertaining to the first two Servants has been designated as classified on the orders of Marisbury, to the extent that Olga was unable to obtain information on the identity of the 1st Servant.[6]

Prior to the "Singularity Point F" incident, the FATE system didn't operate very well, and the success rate wasn't very high.[6] Subsequently, the FATE system was stabilized with Mash's infusion as a Demi-Servant. It was only with the assistance of 'Shielder' that the foundation of the summoning system was functionally verified. The Cross-Shaped Shield held by Mash, was used as Catalyst for the establishment of a summoning circle. The shield was composed of the holy relic Round Table, but what lies at its foundation is the "place where heroes assemble".[1]


The Spiritron Calculation Engine "TRISMEGISTUS" (霊子演算装置・トリスメギリトス, Reiji Enzan Sōchi Torisumegiritosu?) was completed in 2015 A.D. TRISMEGISTUS is a computer that serves as oversight in the implementation of Rayshift and it assists alongside LAPLACE in the real-time analysis of phenomenon observed via SHEBA.[8] The computer operates on Pseudo-Spiritrons quantum computing mainframe and the central Pseudo-Spiritrons calculation engine was provided by Atlas Academy to Marisbury as a matter of assistance in the realization of the Evocation・Invocation System (召喚・喚起システム, Shoukan・Kanki Shisutemu?) that serves as the core of the Rayshift technology.[1][8] It is revealed that TRISMEGISTUS is a copy version of Atlas' computer system known as TRI-HERMES.[1]


Main article: Mnemosyne The Autonomous Observation-Type Proof-of-Existence SYSTEM-MNEMOSYNE is a subsystem created by Chaldea.



Chaldea's headquarters is located in Antarctica.

Chaldea's architecture is built 6000 meters above sea level with basement workshops in the snowy mountains of alpine tundra.[4][8] Chaldea is being protected by CHALDEAS' magnetic field[7] and is powered by a reactor named Fire of Prometheus.[11]


Seraphix is an oil rig in the North Sea supplying Chaldea with resources.[2][12] It is led by its director, Hideyasu Ajima, assisted by his vice-director, Almiro‎‎.

It is later revealed that failed Master candidates were sent there.[13]

Nuclear reactorEdit

Marisbury Animusphere bought a nuclear reactor in France as another source of energy for Chaldea.[2]

Known MembersEdit

Name Position Status
Marisbury AnimusphereFounder/Director (Until 2010)Deceased
Olga Marie AnimusphereDirector (2010-2015)
Chaldea Master Candidate (Unqualified)
Romani ArchamanDirector 2015-2016
Head of the Medical Facility
Leonardo da VinciDirector (2017)
Head of the Technology Development Division
Servant (Third)
Goredolf MusikDirector (2018-Present)Active
Sherlock HolmesServant contracted to Ritsuka Fujimaru
Lev Lainur FlaurosAdvisor & ResearcherDefected (After Singularity F)
Deceased (After Time Temple)
Mash KyrielightDemi-Servant
Chaldea Master Candidate
A-Team member
Kirschtaria WodimeChaldea Master Candidate
A-Team member
Ophelia PhamrsoloneChaldea Master Candidate
A-Team member
Kadoc ZemlupusChaldea Master Candidate
A-Team member
Defected (Before Lostbelt 5)
Affiliated (After Lostbelt 5)
Scandinavia PeperoncinoChaldea Master Candidate
A-Team member
Hinako AkutaChaldea Master Candidate
A-Team member
Servant contracted to Ritsuka Fujimaru
Defected (Before Lostbelt 3)
Affiliated (After Lostbelt 3)
Beryl GutChaldea Master Candidate
A-Team member
Daybit Sem VoidChaldea Master Candidate
A-Team member
Ritsuka FujimaruChaldea's last Master
48th Provisional Master
SolomonServant (First)Deceased
GalahadServant (Second)
Fused into Mash Kyrielight
Jingle Abel MeuniereCoffin staff officerActive
DustonChaldea EngineerDeceased
SylviaControl room staffActive
Soria NajwaChaldea EngineerUnknown
Mao MaomaoChaldea OperatorUnknown
KawataStaff memberActive
OctaviaStaff memberActive
TomarinStaff memberActive
ChinStaff memberActive
KayanStaff memberActive
ElrondStaff memberActive
MarcusStaff memberActive
Hideyasu AjimaSeraphix staff
Seraphix Director
AlmiroSeraphix staff
Seraphix Vice-Director
Arnold BeckmanSeraphix staff
Seraphix Secretary
Marble MacintoshSeraphix staffUnknown
HollySeraphix staffUnknown
TorapainSeraphix staffUnknown
Unnamed manSeraphix staff
Seraphix "Cleaner"
Kiara SessyoinSeraphix staffUnknown
Harry Akanezawa Anderson‎‎ScoutActive

With Lev Lainur's betrayal, 47 candidate masters were in critical condition and was put into cryofreeze in their coffins. Only nineteen Chaldea staff members are still alive and active.[14][15] Chaldea lost over 60 of its workers in the accident.[10] Lev's sabotage cost them 200 lives.[15] With Olga's death, Romani took over as the head of Chaldea due to his status as the only remaining high ranking staff.

With Chaldea resolving the incineration of the human order, there is no reason for the staff to stay at Chaldea. However the only ones that stayed are those who were here before the Grand Order began, like Da Vinci, or those who just couldn't leave Ritsuka alone.[15] With Romani's death, Leonardo da Vinci is the acting leader in the Epic of Remnant.

At December 31, 2017, nearly one year after the defeat of Goetia, Chaldea is attacked by Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova and an army of Oprichnik, lead by Cojanskaya. The attack killed several of the staff, including da Vinci.

So far only eight members of Chaldea have survived, since they managed to escape through a mobile base named Shadow Border prepared by Sherlock Holmes which contained a spare body of da Vinci in case her original body is killed. The mobile base has a function that enables it to travel in the Imaginary Number Dimension which is used to travel across the Lostbelts.

Related TermsEdit

Rayshift (レイシフト, reishifuto?, Reishift or Leyshift)
Rayshift-based time travel technology permits the projection of the spirit of a living human into the past.[4] da Vinci explains that the capacity of a Rayshift subject to safety return to their era of origin requires that the integrity of their soul is maintained within a certain variance of their original spiritual structure via consistent confirmation by a quantum observer.[10] Said observer also prevents the local Counter Force of a past era from relegating the Rayshift subject to a phantasmal existence, and thereby excluding them from the Human Domain.[4]
Coffin: Spiritron Chassis (霊子筐体
, Ryōshi Kyōtai?)
Coffin First Order


Coffins are a machine that Chaldea's masters use for rayshifting. Rayshifting without a coffin certainly reduces the chance for success, but it’s not impossible. The coffins have breakers so if the shift success rate drops below 95%, it cuts the power.[14] The machine accurately does a vitals check on them and has a cryogenic freezer built in.[8][14]


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