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« Here I gooo!"
"Get lost... Wander... and... diee! »


Chaos Labyrinthos: Eternally Unchanging Labyrinth (万古不易の迷宮
, Banko Fueki no Meikyū
Keiosu Rabyurinsu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Asterios. The maze was made by the famous artisan Daedalus, who was commissioned by King Minos to build "a maze that one cannot get out from" to imprison Asterios. The Noble Phantasm is an embodiment of the maze where Asterios was confined.[1][2] A great thaumaturgy almost equal to a Reality Marble, it is built in the underside of the world.[2]

Asterios only needs to remember "the place where he used to live", and once it has been manifested, paths will take form with a difficulty according to the degree of fame of the concept of a "labyrinth".[1][2] Once manifested, it will not disappear until either Asterios is defeated or Asterios eliminates all of his opponents. Even if it disappears, it is possible to build it again after some time. However, if it doesn't take a different form from the anterior one, one would most likely be able to just walk out of it. A labyrinth that has been already solved is not something where one can get lost.[2]


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