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CharlemagneWP (シャルルマーニュWP, Sharurumānyu?), Class Name Saber (セイバー, Seibā?), is a Saber-class Servant contracted to Hakuno Kishinami in the post-Moon Holy Grail War world of Fate/EXTELLA LINK. He is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



Charlemagne and Astolfo, one of his Paladins.

Holy Roman Emperor, King of The Franks, leader and namesake of the Twelve Paladins of Charlemagne. The founder of Western Europe, the name Charles the Great (Karl der Große) is more well-known. He’s a naïve young man who lacks the dignity to call himself a king, and bases his decisions on whether they're "cool" or not.[2]

Charlemagne (commonly referred to as Charles the Great or Karl der Große) was the first king to unite Germanic, Roman, and religious concepts under the one banner of Western Europe. However, the Servant Charlemagne only laughs vaguely when asked about it, and doesn’t seem to talk about it in any real depth. That’s because for him, his records as the founder of Western Europe or as Karl der Große are incredibly vague, almost as if they’re the memories of a stranger.[2]

The legend of Charlemagne and his paladins is based off of the real life history of Karl der Große. They are both the same Heroic Spirit with the same Saint Graph, but Charlemagne would normally never be summoned, due to the real exploits of Karl as a king and emperor far outweighing the fantasy of Charles as a hero of chivalric epicsWP. He is only summoned due to the specific events of the story, but at the end of Extella/Link Altera proposes a way to register a unique Saint Graph for him, allowing him and Karl to be summoned individually.

Astolfo believes that what caused the split between the historical Karl and fictional Charlemagne was when Karl encountered the remains of Sefar as a young man.[3]


Charlemagne appears as a young man with black and white hair and blue eyes. His attire consists mainly of a black and white tunic with blue accents, black pants, thigh-high armored boots, and a short white cape with a black edge. Aside from his boots, his left arm has a gauntlet, and he wears a set of faulds at his waist. A sword scabbard hangs at his left side, and red marks coat his right gloved arm. He bears a resemblance to the historical Charlemagne during his youth, (more specifically when he first became a knight at and received his legendary sword Joyeuse), but has black/white hair in place of his historically recorded brown or blond hair.

In his Fate/Grand Order third ascension, elements of Karl der Große are becoming infused with his Saint Graph. He seems to prefer his first ascension as an adventurer, and his second ascension as a holy knight, but he still tries to show seriousness at his core by showing proper behavior even after becoming more kingly.[2]


A carefree young man who somewhat bluntly says that he views himself as not very suitable to be King of The Franks or Holy Roman Emperor. He bases his aesthetic standard and behaviour on whether something is "cool/awesome" (かっこいい, kakkoii) or not, even if that will be a handicap for the Master, or even to himself. Despite this personality flaw, Astolfo describes Charlemagne as a conscientiously benevolent king that would weep and laugh with his people and also help those who are in need.

Charlemagne prefers for people calls him Charlie, Chuck, or Charles and often insists his comrades to call him by the shortened version of his real name, as he considers "Charlemagne" to be "kind of a heavy name for me to carry around these days". This may be an attempt to differentiate himself from Karl der Große.

He also expresses initial disapproval of Astolfo's crossdressing, despite Astolfo's insistence in justifying this habit. Charlemagne says that such a hobby would make "Daddy" cry, much to Astolfo's chagrin. He later expresses surprise to Astolfo "that [you] look so good in those".

When facing Altera, Charlemagne addresses her as "Sister" (姐さん, Nee-san?). 



Charlemagne was summoned in order to fight against Karl der Große's assimilation of SE.RA.PH and allies with Hakuno Kishinami's faction.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15]

When Hakuno's allies discover that Karl der Große is the enemy, they question Charlemagne by asking if he and Karl are considered the same person. Charlemagne simplifies things by saying that his situation is similar to Li Shuwen, or the Alter Servants, where Charlemagne is derived from the "golden age" of Charles the Great as a swordsman and Karl der Große is the "golden age" of Charles the Great as a king; both are the "same person" but have contradicting personalities.

Because Charlemagne only exists as a "shadow" of Karl, he either disappears from SE.RA.PH or is implied to have done so in all three routes following Karl's defeat. However, at the end of the third route, Altera proposes a potential method to make the Moon Cell register distinct Saint Graphs for him and Karl, by writing new life histories for each of the two men. This process would normally take a lifetime, but Altera suggests that they speed up the process by summoning them as Attack Programs and having them fight new battles in SE.RA.PH.[3]

Fate/Grand Order[]

Traum: Life and Death of a Certain Fantasy[]

Originally, Charlemagne is a Servant that can’t normally be summoned separately from Karl, but this is a crisis regarding humanity. A Servant specifically summoned using the battle data constructed in a certain place.[2]

Other appearances[]

In the Fate/Apocrypha manga adaptation, he appears in Sieg's shared dream of Astolfo's past, which depicts the Orlando FuriosoWP.[16]

In the Fate/Grand Order: Agartha manga adaptation, Roland, Charlemagne, and Bradamante cameo when Chevalier d'Eon explains Astolfo's past.


A Heroic Spirit having two golden ages is extremely rare. Servants are normally fashioned after their namesakes at the height of their abilities. However, a rare few of those namesakes, such as Li Shuwen, were known for doing two things exceptionally well at different stages of their lives. For example, a physical powerhouse might grow into some great mental enlightenment. In cases like that, only one incarnation at a time is normally summoned. Which one depends on the Master.[8] This is a similar case to the hero Charlemagne. Whereas "Charlie's" class is based on his golden age as a swordsman, Karl der Große’s is based on his golden age as a king.[8] Furthermore, if "Charlie" is the embodiment of Charlemagne’s legend, a hero with memories about adventures, paladins, and monsters, Rex Magnus is the historical figure.[13] The reason of his more regal disposition in his third Saint Graph Ascension is that elements of Karl der Große are becoming infused.[2]

Because both aspects of Charlemagne originate from the same Spiritual Core, when both of them are summoned, it puts pressure on both of them. Since Karl der Große is closer to being the real thing, the pressure on him is like a mosquito bite. In "Charlie's" case, the pressure is tougher.[3] Normally, it would be impossible to summon Saber Charlemagne, since he is he’s not actually on the Moon Cell’s roster for Heroic Spirits.[15] However, in the events of Fate/EXTELLA LINK, he was successfully summoned by the Moon Cell to stop the assimilation of SE.RA.PH orchestrated by Rex Magnus.[4][8] After first meeting him, Hakuno Kishinami states that Charlemagne is a strong Heroic Spirit and that he might even be on par with the Top Servants. Also known in history as Charles the Great, he is counted as one of the Nine Worthies, right alongside King Arthur, King David, and Julius Caesar.[4]


Although Charlemagne is seemingly inexperienced and young, he is regarded as a particularly strong Heroic Spirit.[4] During his first fight with Karna, he proves to be strong enough to fight on par with the Indian hero, gaining his praise as a worthy opponent.[4] The next time they meet, Karna has the support of Gilles de Rais. To remove the buff empowering Karna, Gawain momentarily fights Karna, preventing him from going after Charlemagne. After Charlemagne successfully destroys the Mana Point giving Karna extra power, he joins Gawain and helps him defeat Karna, making him retreat.[5] In the final battle of the story, Karna also had the support of the St. Metropolita, which was supplying him with extra Magical Energy. Due to having even more power than usual, not even the combined efforts of Arjuna and Charlemagne were able to overpower him. On the contrary. Karna was at a clear advantage against them in close range combat.[9][10]

Charlemagne was able to block Scáthach's surprise attacks, saving Robin Hood's life. Scáthach states that she should have expected for him to have "some skill". To Charlemagne's surprise, when he countered with another strike, she dodged it rather easily. Despite having perfectly concealed his intentions, and reading the distance between them rather well, Scáthach states that he is still "young." With a few more blows, Scáthach was able to overpower him, telling him that putting his swordsmanship aside, he is a "fledgling" with still much to learn. Although he had initially assumed that they were going to have a long even fight, he soon realized that Scáthach was going to “kick his ass.” Thanks to Cú Chulainn's arrival, their combined efforts were able to defeat Scáthach.[8]

Full power Charlemagne, along with No Name and Gawain defeated Lu Bu, in what Charlemagne describes as an "awesome" fight.[5] He later on challenges and defeats Li Shuwen.[6] Charlemagne states that Lancelot is a worthy opponent. In fact, maybe a little TOO worthy.[13] Although the combined efforts of Charlemagne, Nero Claudius, and Tamamo-no-Mae were strong enough to defeat Altera,[11] Artoria Pendragon proved to be too strong for them. In fact, they couldn't even move her an inch. Artoria still commended him as a knight worthy to stand before her. Charlemagne was so impressed by the power of King Arthur, that he claimed they would at least have the certainty that she wouldn't get caught by Karl der Große, end up assimilated, and fighting against them again.[7]

Because the pressure on his Saint Graph is rather extreme compared to that of Karl der Große, the first time they crossed blades, Rex Magnus drained Charlemagne almost dry with a single touch.[11] From that point onward, Charlemagne's Saint Graph was under constant suffering, growing weaker the closer he got to Rex Magnus.[3] Nevertheless, the combined efforts of Charlemagne, Nero Claudius, and Tamamo-no-Mae were able to destroy Karl's Karolus Patricius Auctoritas, defeating him in the process. Charlemagne states that it was due to having a Master with him whereas Karl didn’t. The difference between them was that Charlemagne had the faith and support of someone who believes in him, whereas Rex Magnus didn't.[12]

In his third ascension he uses some of Karl der Große's abilities in combat.


Class Skills[]

Personal Skills[]

  • Mana Burst (Light) (A Rank): A subspecies of Mana Burst that is allowed only to saints, holy maidens, and holy knights. It endows Charlemagne with an advantage against the evil-aligned.[1][2]
  • Over the Royal Road (C Rank): A self-discipline type skill that displays its effects by having the user stick to the attitude of wanting to be a king. It contributes to the improvement of a portion of their parameters, but weakens them upon taking a conduct that violates that kingship. In Charlemagne's case, this means that he "gets weakened when doing something lame" and that "some sort of gauge rises when doing things that he finds cool".[1][2]

Noble Phantasms[]

Charlemagne's main Noble Phantasms is his sword Joyeuse. Joyeuse is a legendary sword that never appeared in history, praised in songs for its power and dignity, as well as its magical properties. It is said to contain the tip of the Holy Lance of Longinus, the relic that pierced the side of Christ, within its pommel.[3]

Joyeuse Ordre.gif

Charlemagne's second Noble Phantasm is Joyeuse Ordre. In terms of pure destructive ability, it’s comparable to a blow from Roland’s Durandal with its True Name released. However, as Charlemagne is originally a king, not a knight, he’d be defeated in a head-on collision with someone like Roland. But through Charlemagne’s kingly courage, that is, when showing his dignity as a king, the legends of the Twelve Paladins are infused within that 'illusion’, and one more 'Joyeuse’ is added each time. The simple calculation is that it can become 13 times stronger, however, the destructive potential will be further magnified depending on his kingly charisma. The supreme thirteen strikes that neither the greatest hero in Greece, nor the swordfighter of infinity can replicate.[2] It was shown to be powerful enough to offset Karna's Vasavi Shakti, saving Arjuna's life, who wasn't able to charge Pashupata in time. Although Charlemagne successfully blocked it, he took a considerable amount of damage from the blast.[9][10]

Charlemagne's final Noble Phantasm is Charles Patricius.[3] All Servant’s Noble Phantasms hold miraculous power, but Charlemagne’s is particularly amazing. This is a flying fortress packed with supplies that can be used both as a base of operations, and to attack enemies. This is a fortress the likes Nero never heard of in Rome, reminiscent of the Hanging Gardens supposedly built by an empress.[4] No Name states that this Noble Phantasm is evidence that the old warrior kings are on a whole other scale.[5]


Fate/EXTELLA LINK - Saber Skills list
  • Pseudo-Knight Charge - Long-Range Attack Skill - Summon a rain of shining sword in front of you.
  • Tornado - Close-Range Attack Skill/Class Skill (Saber) - Shoot frost balls along with a winf-infused strike.
  • Eruption - Close-Range Attack Skill/Class Skill (Saber) -Slam the gorund to send up rocks, then shoot a sweeping attack infused with Flame.
  • Pseudo-Knight, Pursuit - Strengthing Skill - Breifly summon the incaration of the Twelve Paladins, who will automatically pursue enemies in addition to your normal attacks.
  • Pseudo-Knight, Circle - Are Attack Skill - Cause shining, explosive swords to rain down around you.
  • Astolfo's Spear - Action Restriction Skill - Transform Joyeuse into Astolfo's Golden Lance a prefroma sweeping attack, stunning any enemies it hits.
  • Lumiere du Soleil - Close-Range Attack Skill/Class Skill (Saber)



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