Charles Nodier was one of France's most famous authors in the early 1800s.



Nodier became involved with the supernatural after meeting several vampires. He met the first in Illyria, eating meals and conversing with the vampire for many nights. Through their discourse, he came to understand that the vampire wished to "die as a man", so he removed the vampire's heart while the vampire slept in the graveyard and burned it. Having granted that wish, he was visited by a "true vampire", a Dead Apostle, of much greater power who wanted to meet one who had discoursed and granted "eternal slumber" to a vampire. He learned much of the nature of Dead Apostles, writing a work about vampires that later became part of the basis of a play titled Le Vampire.

Nodier later went to see Le Vampire in Paris, looking forward to seeing a true account of vampires, and the young Alexandre Dumas encountered him after sitting in the seat next to him. Nodier, jeering the performance due to his knowledge, eventually came upon the topic of vampires, describing his accounts and the true nature of Dead Apostles to Dumas. Dumas became engrossed in his words, discussing a wide variety of topics with him. He eventually became once again wrapped up in the "incorrect" parts of the play, planning to move to another seat to better "protest" the play. Before leaving, he asked for Dumas' name and told him that he hoped they would meet again. He later became the one who introduced Dumas to the world of literature.[1]

Despite his fame, Dumas notes that he has not entered the Throne of Heroes as a Heroic Spirit for some unknown reason.


During the early 1800s, Nodier was twenty years Dumas' senior.


Nodier is an eccentric man who does nothing to hide his knowledge of the supernatural. Despite holding knowledge of the truth of vampires, he openly criticizes those whose interpretation is incorrect because "human imagination enables anyone to arrive at an illusion."


Fate/strange FakeEdit

Caster references Nodier after Jester Karture reveals his true nature as a Dead Apostle at the police station, remembering his first meeting with the man. Speaking in a manner that signifies a different respect than that towards his Master, he ponders why Nodier isn't in the Throne despite someone like himself qualifying.[1]



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