Chionis Tauros: My Dear White Bull (愛らしき白き牡牛キオニス・タウロス?) is a Noble Phantasm of Europa.

Unrestricted activation type Noble Phantasm. Avatar of the Great God Zeus, the White Bull…. a Noble Phantasm that greatly resembles it, anyway. Gifted by Zeus to his loved Europa in order to protect her, at first it was in the form of her hunting dog Laelaps, but due to her saying “Maybe, it would be nice for you to be the same form as my husband when I met him. He was really cute and the perfect pillow.” the form changed from her dog to that of the white bull.

Always guarding Europa who rides on its back. Able to travel in a variety of places except for on top of the ocean. This is the reason Europa appeared as a Rider. Provided its true name is released, it will be able to valiantly run through enemy armies or wherever needed. However, in this story the true name hasn’t been brought to light.

Furthermore, the skill ‘White Bull of Chief-God’ came into being due to this Noble Phantasm.

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