Chitose Manazuru (真鶴チトセ?) is the Master of Lancer in the large Holy Grail War that predates the events of Fate/Requiem. They are still contracted in the world "After" the Holy Grail War‎‎. She is widely known as the Stigmata, but we only see her called this by Koharu F Riedenflaus.



Chitose is Erice Utsumi's grandmother, but due to non-aging magic she appears young. She and Lancer won a Holy Grail War at some point in the past. 



Calm, collected and polite but seemingly manipulative. She also wield authoritative tone over the Caren Series. Described by Erice as inhuman and someone who bring misfortune whenever she visits, she is seen to have control over Erice's well being - first by suspending Erice's job through Caren Fujimura's order issue, and then attempting to take the kid away from Erice whom she is assigned to look after. She also knows a lot more things that Erice doesn't about Mosaic City, although it may be Erice's conjecture for the time being. Erice sees her as a "person whom one should not expect family affections from".




Chitose has four Command Spells, one on each of her hands and legs. She wields a Conceptual Weapon of "Binding" called the Sacri Clavi: Holy Nails (サクリ・キオディ Sakuri Kiodii), they're replicas of the nails that nailed Jesus Christ to the cross. The Holy Nails are generated from the Command Spells that are grafted on her hands and legs; with every strike, square iron nails briefly manifest around her limbs to skewer the enemy, a pile bunker wielded with bare hands. She was taught how to fight by Lancer.

Chitose is the only human in the world of Fate/Requiem who still has the old style of Command Spells that she has continued to possess after she won the previous Holy Grail War with Lancer. Because of this, once it has been used up, it is gone forever. For everyone else, Command Spell usage is based on how much od is in their body and they regenerate over time.


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