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Christopher Columbus (クリストファー・コロンブス, Kurisutofā Koronbusu?), also known as Rider of the Resistance (レジスタンスのライダー, Rejisutansu no Raidā?), is a Rider-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



The first Christian Caucasian to reach the waters of America during the Age of Exploration.[1]

It was around the year of 1480 that he got the idea and belief of a westward maritime course. However, it was difficult to find the funds and patrons for the voyage, and it was only in 1492 that he managed to actually depart. In 1492, Columbus finally crossed the Atlantic Ocean with three flagships; the Santa Maria, La Niña, and La Pinta. On the verge of a rebellion by insecure sailors, they reached the waters of America and discovered the San Salvador Island.[1]

The first thing Columbus, who had finally reached his destination, did was plunder the valuable things from the native people there and take them as slaves. There's nothing stopping him anymore now that he had discovered a New World. A second voyage also took place soon after, and new islands were found one after another. Of course, the slaughter, rape, and plundering of the natives by the Spaniards led by Columbus didn't stop—[1]



A man at the prime of his life who has experienced sweetness and bitterness. He talks of not giving up things that one considers important, and strikes the shoulders of comrades who have been disheartened to encourage them. From that face, composure has never been lost. That fearless smile has never faded. —He knows. That if you continue pressing on, you will certainly reach the destination of your desire.[1]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Subspecies Singularity II: Agartha[]

Columbus is summoned by Scheherazade with amnesia to serve as the base to incite conflict among the Servants in Agartha under Phenex's orders. While he had no memories, Columbus still followed his dream of becoming rich through slave trading, and sought to conquer Agartha to sell its female population. Needing a hideout, he eventually found the Peach Blossom Spring. There he met and presumably murdered Helena Blavatsky. After establishing the grove as his hideout, Columbus began recruiting men to use as soldiers in his conquest under the pretense of forming a resistance to free the men from the women of Agartha, and return them to their families on the surface.[2]

He and his Resistance help Ritsuka's party against the Amazons. Afterwards, he explains Agartha is under an oppressive matriarchy, and claims the Resistance fights against it. He introduces himself as Rider. He has no memories of his life though, so he can't use his Noble Phantasm.[3]

At the hideout, Columbus explains how the men arrived in Agartha. The group then learns of an attack on the hideout by monsters. After the monsters are slain, Columbus explains the current state of affairs in Agartha. Leonardo da Vinci suggests the Demon God assimilated with one of the ruling Servants that serve as the Singularity’s core. The group allies with the Resistance since their goals align. Then, after defending the Resistance's food supply, they try to rest while Mash and Da Vinci analyze the new information. During this time, Columbus trains his men while also directing them about other subjects. Afterward, he decides they’ll first attack the City of Water, Ys, especially given that there is a Resistance camp on the edge of the city’s territory for resupplying purposes.[4]

The group eventually reach the camp to find it under attack by pirates. After killing the pirates, Columbus has the survivors and relief group take care of the camp. Meanwhile, the group will sneak into Ys and kill the Pirate Princess.[5]

After sneaking into Ys, the group find it to be both filthy and violent. Columbus suggests stealing a gondola since the canals are the quickest way to the Pirate Princess. Chevalier d'Eon disagrees since it would draw too much attention, so it should be used as a last resort. The group eventually notice pirates abusing men at a tavern. They defeat the pirates, but a previously absent one alerts the city before Columbus knocked her out. The group run to find somewhere to hide when D'Eon notices they're near the city's largest manison. Wu Zetian offers to show them a secret path into the mansion. They follow her through her secret path, eventually reaching the mansion's rear garden. After Wu Zetian is gone, the group enter the mansion.[6]

Inside the mansion, the group confronts Francis Drake (one of the Servants missing from Chaldea) albeit with different clothes and mannerisms. Althought her Spirit Origin is most assuredly Drake's, she introduces herself as the Pirate Princess Dahut. She then describes Ys’ only rule is to take what you want but never get attached to it, which explains all the trash in the city. Columbus is disgusted that she’d allow such rampant hedonism at the men’s expense. The group understands Dahut isn’t the Drake they knew, and fights her and her pirates. However, after they killed a few pirates, Dahut orders the pregnant pirates to give birth. Unlike regular childbirth, though, the pirates split themselves apart to make clones of themselves. After more pirates are produced, the group fight once again. Dahut loses and tries to escape. More pirates are produced to stop the group from giving chase when everything shakes. The city’s floodgates have been opened, and Ys is now being flooded. Dahut realizes her key was stolen during the fight. Wu Zeitan then appears; Dahut identifies her as the Empress of the Nightless City. Wu Zetian reveals she was the one who opened the city’s floodgates, knowing the key’s location from Dahut’s previous confidant. The floodwater then washes Dahut away. Wu Zetian invites the group to her city if they escape before escaping herself.[6]

Escaping the flooding mansion, the group see Ys is almost completely flooded. Mash and Da Vinci confirm Dahut wasn't the Demon God host since she didn't follow the previous patterns of becoming a Demon God when on the brink of defeat. Still needing to find the Demon God, the group decide to go to the Nightless City.[6]

Travelling to the Nightless City, Columbus reveals he ordered the Resistance to explore the city’s flooded ruins to find any seaworthy vessels. He also states the pirates no longer control the waterways, so they and the Resistance are now on equal grounds. Outside of the threat of the ruling Servants and monsters, he warns the others of another threat comparable to a sudden natural disaster. He then describes the women of the Nightless City as more reserved and defensive than the Amazons and pirates, which is why he was shocked Wu Zeitan suddenly flooded Ys. Now with Ys gone, he suspects there will be changes to the Nighless City with Ys gone, and suggests doing recon first. He also recalls a man the Resistance rescued from the city saying the city is home to “dogs”.[7]

As the group near the Nightless City, Columbus returns to the Resistance’s hideout, so he can return with a proper force ready to take city after Wu Zetian is defeated. He eventually returns with his men waiting outside the city. Through his telescope he observes Yaoguang Hall appearing seemingly out of nowhere, suspecting it to be Wu Zetian’s lair. As no signal has been sent yet, he assumes the others are still fighting Wu Zetian. He gets a report from the city’s western side that the Amazons have arrived. In addition, Megalos has also appeared. Unable to wait any longer, Columbus and his men enter the city. He meets up with the group, who tell him they defeated Wu Zetian. Seeing the Amazons outnumber them (along with Megalos’ presence), he orders the Resistance to retreat and help the group escape. They try to leave through the front gate to find Penthesilea there. Megalos is also exiting the castle. However, to the group’s confusion, she rushes past them and goes into the castle while in a rage. Using this opportunity, the group escape the city while Penthesilea and Megalos fight.[8]

Returning to the hideout, Columbus informs the others the Amazons took what remained of the Nightless City following Megalos’ rampage. He then asks why Scheherazade is with them, given that she was Wu Zetian’s tactician. Ritsuka and D’Eon explain she accompanied them during their escape. Scheherazade offers her services, explaining her betrayal and abandonment of Dahut and Wu Zetian were for her survival. She reveals her True Name, and the group accepts her into their fold. She then warns them of Lamia attacking the peach trees and helps slay them. Afterwards, the group ponder the possibility of Megalos of being the Demon God host. Columbus convinces however that Penthesilea is a better candidate since she is the remaining ruler in Agartha and completely adherent to its oppressive matriarchy. It is then decided that the Resistance will invade El Dorado next.[9]

Following Scheherazade’s advice, the group and the Resistance travel through the jungle to infiltrate El Dorado since its forces should be split between it and the Nightless City. After killing an Amazon scouting party, the group soon find themselves surrounded. Columbus suspects Scheherazade sold them out until he sees her shaking with fear, and surmises she was merely outsmarted. The group attempt to fight the Amazons, but they’re forced to retreat when the Amazons empower themselves with their synchronized war cry.[10]

Back at the hideout, everyone sees they lost half of their forces. Seeing how terrified the men are, Columbus tells everyone to rest. However, the next morning, everyone finds the entire grove on fire, supposedly set by the Amazons. Columbus directs his men to save anyone trapped and any remaining supplies. After the fire dies out, Columbus rallies the men to continue fighting. Scheherazade advises they launch another sneak attack, but this time using a ship taken from Ys. Given their small numbers, she states they only need one ship to sail through a river that leads to the heart of the jungle to launch an attack on El Dorado.[11]

The group sail onward through the jungle toward El Dorado when they come across a bridge acting as a barrier. Columbus orders Astolfo to sail on through while the others deal with the Amazons. Breaking through two barriers, the group spot the central temple of El Dorado. Columbus orders them to set anchor on the shore nearest to the temple when the ship shakes. Megalos emerge from the river and boards the ship. The group tries to fight him, but they’re unable to even scratch him. But having regained his memories, Columbus activates his Noble Phantasm, Santa Maria - Drop Anchor to summon another ship to hold Megalos, revealing his True Name. Taking advantage of him being chained up, the group fight Megalos again. They prepare to finish him off when Penthesilea and her Amazons board the ship. She charges at Megalos, calling him Achilles to the group’s confusion. She decides to kill the group, believing they’re keeping her from killing Megalos. Megalos also breaks free of Columbus’s chains, so the group are forced to fight both Berserkers. The ship is destroyed in the aftermath, sending everyone overboard.[11]

The group arrives in the Dragon Palace, having been pulled there by the rivers’ strangely strong current. Megalos is also there, albeit in a deactivated state. Ritsuka is convinced to explore since communication with Chaldea was cut when they arrived at the Dragon Palace. A still living Dahut appears, however, revealing the Dragon Palace is her last bastion in case of Ys’ destruction. She then attacks the group to take them for herself. As she disappears with her defeat, Dahut’s memories and mannerisms revert to that of Drake’s. She gives the group a treasure box she found earlier and used in the battle. She tells them to explore the Dragon Palace to find more before finally disappearing. Scheherazade surmises the treasure box to be the Tamatebako from the tale of Urashima Tarou, which can grant single wishes more akin to a Command Spell. Columbus has Scheherazade use the Tamatebako to have Megalos follow his commands. Afterwards, Astolfo finds a lifeboat in a bubble. The group decide to find and collect more Tamatebako before returning to the surface.[12]

Once the group return to the surface, communications with Chaldea are restored. After explaining what happened, they enter Penthesilea’s palace in El Dorado. In her madness, Penthesilea sees everyone as Achilles, and uses the synchronized war cry. D’Eon and Astolfo then leave to hold back the Amazons while the others stay behind. The pair are successful as there are no Amazons rallying to Penthesilea’s side. Columbus orders Megalos to attack her; Penthesilea boosts her stats for the ensuing fight upon seeing Megalos as Achilles. She is defeated and disappears without a Demon God manifested. Columbus then tries to shoot Ritsuka, only for Fergus mac Róich to protect them. Da Vinci told everyone to be wary of Columbus before entering the palace.[13]

Columbus reveals his true ambitions and explains his circumstance. With Megalos under his control, he has chosen now to betray the group. He then orders Megalos to kill the group and fights together with him. The pair nearly achieve victory when Astolfo and D’Eon arrive to block Megalos’s decisive strike. Confronted by D’Eon, Columbus admits he set the fire to spur the men into fighting again. He only sees them as his pawns to conquer Agartha. Now joined by D’Eon and Astolfo, the group fight Columbus and Megalos again. After being defeated, Columbus tries to a Tamatebako to heal Megalos, but a Resistance member shoots it out his hand. Fergus then deals a fatal blow to him, expecting a Demon God to emerge. However, both Columbus and Megalos disappear without a Demon God emerging.[2]


Rider also qualifies for the Archer class.[14] His weapons are a Sabre, Whip, and Rifle, and his Noble Phantasm is Santa Maria - Drop Anchor. In the Agartha Singularity his Noble Phantasm was able to momentarily hold in place Megalos,[15] a greatly modified version of Berserker Heracles whose size and strength far outclass the bounds of any normal servant.[16]



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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Christopher Columbus (Rider) Profile [T]

    Christopher Columbus - Rider

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Moto Murabito
    Voice Actor: Hōchū Ōtsuka

    Strength: C
    Endurance: B
    Agility: D
    Mana: E
    Luck: EX
    Noble Phantasm: A

    Personal Skills
    Voyager of the Storm: B
    Unyielding Will: C
    Conquistador: EX

    Class Skills
    Magic Resistance: D
    Riding: B

    Noble Phantasm
    Santa Maria・Drop Anchor: New Land-Searching Sail
    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm

    A worldly-wise man in the prime of his life.
    He inspires his disheartened companions by hitting their shoulders and saying that the most important thing is to never give up.
    Composure never leaves his face.
    His daring smile never disappears.

    ---he is well aware.
    That so long one continues to advance, he can surely manage to reach the place he wishes for.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 180cm・84kg
    Source: Historical fact
    Region: Spain
    Alignment: Neutral Evil  Gender: Male
    It is heresy to make an egg stand by smashing its bottom shell.

    Level 2 Bond
    Age of Discovery; the first individual to reach the American sea as a Caucasian of the Christian cultural sphere.
    He first had the conception・conviction about the western route around 1480.
    However, he ran into trouble collecting funds・searching for patrons needed for the trip and was only able to actually depart on 1492.
    On 1492, Columbus finally transverses the Atlantic Ocean with three ships: the flagship Santa Maria, the La Niña and the La Pinta.
    Just when the anxious sailors were on verge of raising a mutiny, they reached the American sea and discovered San Salvador Island.

    Level 3 Bond
    The first thing Columbus did upon reaching his destination---
    was to plunder the valuables of the local indigenous people and take them away as slaves.
    Having discovered a new land, there was nothing that could stop him anymore.
    Soon enough, a second voyage was performed and new islands were discovered one after the other.
    Of course, the massacre・raping・looting of indigenous people by the Columbus-lead Spaniards also never stopped---

    Level 4 Bond

    • Conquistador: EX

    Meaning “conqueror” in Spanish.
    A skill for those who, during the Age of Discovery, conquered savage lands at the end of a voyage. It indicates the tact for the invasion, rule, looting, slavery and etc. of uncivilized territory.
    Strictly speaking, only those who conquered the “American continent” as a result of their voyage should be called Conquistadores, but as the origin--- the very first one to generate the concept of a “conqueror from Spain”, Columbus is endowed with this skill at EX Rank.

    Level 5 Bond
    "New Land-Searching Sail"
    Rank: A  Type: Anti-Army Noble Phantasm
    Santa Maria・Drop Anchor.
    That which successfully achieved the most famous first voyage.
    The flagship that he boarded - the Santa Maria - appears. It docks (even if in the middle of the land) and---
    in accordance with his instructions, does what must be done.
    “O Santa Maria, drop your anchors”: that is a captain’s order to begin the looting.


    クリストファー・コロンブス - ライダー



    嵐の航海者 B
    不屈の意志 C
    コンキスタドール EX

    対魔力 D
    騎乗 B




    属性:中立・悪  性別:男性




    ランク:A  種別:対軍宝具


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Fate/Zero SaberLancerArcherRiderCasterAssassinBerserker
Fate/EXTRA Playable Servants: SaberArcherCasterGilgameshSaberCasterSaberRuler
Party Servants: RiderRiderRulerSaberRiderLancerArcherBerserkerCasterBerserker
Non-Playable Servants: SaberLancerLancerArcherRiderCasterAssassinBerserkerBerserkerSaverRiderAssassinLancerSaberLancerBerserkerBerserkerArmstrong
Non-Playable CCC Servants: SaberLancerCasterLauncherBB
Alter Ego: PassionlipMeltryllisVioletKingproteaKazuradrop
Others: Saber
Fate/Apocrypha Black Faction: Saber of Black (Sieg) • Lancer of BlackArcher of BlackRider of BlackCaster of BlackAssassin of BlackBerserker of Black
Red Faction: Saber of RedLancer of RedArcher of RedRider of RedCaster of RedAssassin of RedBerserker of Red
Others: RulerRuler
Discarded designs: DavidMusashibou BenkeiGeorgiosSakata Kintoki
Fate/Prototype First Tokyo Holy Grail War Servants: SaberLancerArcherRiderCasterAssassinBerserker
Second Tokyo Holy Grail War Servants: SaberLancerArcherRiderCasterAssassinBerserkerBeast
Fate/strange fake False Servants: SaberFalse LancerFalse ArcherFalse RiderFalse CasterFalse AssassinFalse Berserker
True Servants: True ArcherTrue RiderTrue CasterTrue AssassinTrue BerserkerWatcher
Fate/Grand Order Saber: AstolfoAlteraArtoria PendragonArtoria Pendragon (Alter)Artoria Pendragon LilyBarghestBedivereBenienmaChevalier d'EonDiarmuid Ua DuibhneFergus mac RóichGaius Julius CaesarGilles de RaisIbuki-doujiLancelotMiyamoto MusashiMordredNero ClaudiusNero BridePrince of LanlingRamaSenji MuramasaShiki RyougiSiegfriedSigurdSuzuka GozenYagyuu Munenori
Lancer: Artoria PendragonArtoria Pendragon (Alter)BradamanteBrynhildrCaenisCú ChulainnCú Chulainn (Prototype)Diarmuid Ua DuibhneElizabeth BathoryEnkiduEreshkigalFionn mac CumhaillHectorHouzouin InshunJaguar ManKarnaLeonidasMedusaMusashibou BenkeiNezhaParvatiQin LiangyuRomulusScáthachValkyrie
Archer: ArashArjunaBaobhan SithAtalantaBilly the KidCalamity JaneChild-GilChironChloe von EinzbernDavidEMIYAEMIYA AlterEuryaleFujino AsagamiGilgameshIshtarJames MoriartyNapoleonOrion(Artemis)Robin HoodTawara ToutaTomoe GozenTristan
Rider: AchillesAlexanderArtoria Pendragon (Santa Alter)AstolfoBonny and ReadBoudicaChristopher ColumbusEdward TeachFrancis DrakeIvan the TerribleLeonardo da VinciMarie AntoinetteMedbMedusaOzymandiasQuetzalcoatlRed HareGeorgiosMarthaSakamoto RyoumaSakata KintokiUshiwakamaru
Caster: Anastasia Nikolaevna RomanovaAvicebronCharles BabbageCirceCú ChulainnGeronimoGilgameshGilles de RaisHans Christian AndersenHelena BlavatskyIllyasviel von EinzbernIrisviel (Dress of Heaven)Leonardo da VinciMedeaMedea LilyMephistophelesMerlinMerlin (Prototype)MorganMurasaki ShikibuNitocrisNursery RhymeQueen of ShebaScáthach SkadiScheherazadeSiegSolomonTamamo-no-MaeThomas EdisonWilliam ShakespeareParacelsus von HohenheimWolfgang Amadeus MozartXuanzang SanzangZhuge Liang (Lord El-Melloi II)
Berserker: AsteriosAtalanta AlterBeowulfCaligulaChachaCú Chulainn AlterDarius IIIEric BloodaxeFlorence NightingaleFrankenstein's MonsterHeraclesHijikata ToshizoIbaraki-doujiKiyohimeLancelotLu BuMinamoto-no-RaikouMysterious Heroine X AlterPenthesileaPaul BunyanSakata KintokiSpartacusTamamo CatVlad IIIXiang Yu
Assassin: CarmillaCharles-Henri SansonCleopatraConsort YuDr. JekyllEMIYAFuuma KotarouHassan of the Cursed ArmHassan of the Hundred FacesHassan of SerenityJack the RipperJing KeKamaKatō DanzōKing HassanMata HariMochizuki ChiyomeMysterious Heroine XOkada IzouOsakabehimePhantom of the OperaSasaki KojirouSemiramisShiki RyougiShuten-doujiSthenoWu ZetianYan Qing
Ruler: Amakusa Shirou TokisadaJeanne d'ArcSherlock HolmesQin Shi Huang
Avenger: Amakusa Shirou TokisadaAngra MainyuAntonio SalieriBlack IriEdmond DantèsGorgonHessian LoboJeanne Alter
Alter Ego: Ashiya DoumanKiara SessyoinKingproteaMecha Eli-chanMecha Eli-chan MkIIMeltryllisOkita Souji AlterPassionlipSitonai
MoonCancer: BBKiara Sessyoin
Foreigner: Abigail WilliamsKatsushika HokusaiBB PeleMysterious Heroine XXMysterious Idol X AlterVan GoghVoyagerYang Guifei
Beast: GoetiaTiamatKiara Sessyoin (Beast III/R)Kama/MaraCath PalugBeast of 666U-Olga MarieTamamo Vitch
Fate/Requiem VoyagerBerserkerSaberLancerCasterAnubisUnnamed female ServantAssassinAvengerRiderHendrik van der DeckenBarbarossaCirceEdward TeachEl CidJacques de MolayHannibalMarcus Vipsanius AgrippaMinamoto Kurou YoshitsuneElizabeth BathoryMata HariForeignerAsclepiusOdysseus
Fate/type Redline SaberArcherBerserkerAssassinCasterRiderLancer
Fate/kaleid liner Fifth Holy Grail War Class Cards: Archer (Gilgamesh) • Assassin (AssassinAssassin) • SaberLancerArcherRiderCasterBerserker
Unknown Holy Grail War Class Cards: AssassinBerserkerBerserker
Koha-Ace Sakura SaberMusashiLancerDemon ArcherDevil SaberRiderCasterAssassin]] • BerserkerSun WukongLancer
Others Saber LionFakerOthersServants of Fate/Grand Order x Himuro's World