Chu Shi Biao (出師表
, Suishinohyō?) is the Noble Phantasm of Zhuge Liang. It is a report to the throne, written to the young emperor as he was organizing a subjugation army for the conquest of an enemy country. In a sentence that passionately described his devoted attitude of faithfulness, this famous literary composition among all famous Chinese literary compositions was highly praised even in later years.[1]

Its effect as a Noble Phantasm was initially unknown even in his profile.[1] It is later revealed to be an ability to grant a designated target something required to them in the situation at the time. Outside a distortion to Human Order such as a Singularity, its effects are normally not particularly powerful, however the Noble Phantasm's power grows as the situation escalates. During the Lady Reines Case Files Event, it instead creates Saint Graphs for people with ties to Lord El-Melloi II or Zhuge Liang that would allow them to appear within a Singularity as Servants. Reines and Luvia manifested as Pseudo-Servants, while Gray was summoned as a proper Servant.[2]


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