Chyornyj Oprichniki: Black Dogs, Come Forth into My Dreams (我が夢路に這い出よ黒犬チョールヌイ・オプリチニキ, Waga Yumeji ni Hai Deyo Kuro InuChōrunui Opurichiniki?) is a Noble Phantasm transformed from the Thunderous Emperor's Extraordinary Authority, based on his "royal guards (the Oprichniki)".[1]

Also known as the Black Dog Corps. A Noble Phantasm created from Ivan the Terrible's personal guards, the Oprichniki, which were established at the same time as his Emergency Prerogative. The Oprichniki, who served directly under Ivan the Terrible, reserved the right to confiscate land and property of the aristocrats. The group dressed in all black and rode black horses bedecked in black harnesses. They hung severed dog heads about their horses' necks and carried broom-shaped whips made from animal fur to hound and sweep away any who would betray the Tsar. "Rebels will be struck down like a dog and swept out with a broom", the dog heads and the brooms seemed to imply such a thing.[1]

They once slept and ate together under a single roof like a community...but they no longer exist.
They now dwell in the Demonic Beast Tsar's dreams and serve as an automatic defense mechanism, a dominating Noble Phantasm force that is invoked the moment Ivan goes to sleep. The Noble Phantasm splits into multiple soldiers and runs amok, killing any who defy or otherwise wrong the Tsar.
As a group, their violence and power are overwhelming, but individually they are weak, which may be their only flaw. Still, each individual is still nearly as powerful as a low-ranked Servant when within the capital, Moscow.[1]


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