Circe(WP) (キルケー(WP), Kirukē?), Class Name Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?), also known as Caster of Okeanos (オケアノスのキャスター, Okeanosu no Kyasutā?), is a Caster-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.

She is summoned by an unknown Master "After" the Holy Grail War in Fate/Requiem.



She is the daughter of the sun god, Helios, and the aunt of Medea through her brother King Aeëtes of Colchis and the aunt of Asterios through her sister Pasiphaë. She appears in the epic poem of Homer(WP) - the "Odysseia(WP)". A famous witch from the mythology of Aeaea Island. A goddess that presides over the moon and love, related to the genealogy of the goddess Hecate.[1][2] A rikejo that has the mixing of a magic drug that brings about various effects and mutations as her forte.[1]

Although she would show a warm welcome to the human men that visited her island with by entertaining them with a feast, she turned them into lions, wolves and pigs upon growing bored on them. Her older brother is Aeetes (the King of Colchis・father of Medea). Her younger sister is Pasiphae (wife of Minos, King of Crete・mother of Asterios).[1][2]

When the Sea God Glaucus sought a love advice from her, she grew jealous after being rejected by Glaucus once they had an illicit affair and ended up turning his beloved maiden Scylla into a monster. Said Scylla would later devour six of Odysseus' subordinates.[1][2]

She assisted in the learning of magecraft of her niece Medea when she was young (in other words, Medea Lily).[2]

The hero Odysseus stopped by Aeaea Island on his way back to his homeland and was offered a poisoned wheat porridge by Circe, but she took a liking of him in the end as a result of breaking her magic with the divine protection of Hermes. When Odysseus departed, she gave him useful advice for avoiding hardships in his travel.[1][2] In addition to the episode of the chance meeting with Odysseus, the Argonauts led by the hero Jason headed to the Aeaea island, and she helped in the purification of the cursed Argo ship.[2]


Circe is a young woman with long pink hair, blue-green eyes and fair skin. Notably, her ears are pointed, giving her an elf-life appearance. She wears a golden tiara, a light tunic with a short skirt, and gladiator sandals.

The reason why, after a certain point of time, she drastically cut her beautiful hair short - which even Homer praised - was due having experienced a severe unrequited love that completely overwhelmed her.[1]

The falcon wings are a costume but, from the way how her magic circuits run through it, they can also be seen as a part of her body.[1] Her alias of the "Falcon Witch" derives from her father, the Sun god Helios, and the 「winged words」 that appraise the appearance of a witch’s power.[2]


The witch of temptation and depravity, famous in mythology. An eternal maiden, with a tendency to fall in love and become deeply jealous. Innocent and pampered, her wiles in caring for another truly has the taste of a forbidden nectar. However, one must be careful about how to refer to her. That is, if you still want to remain a human...[1]

Circe dislikes cats, due to her belief that cats take advantage of others with their adorable appearance, along with how cats were involved with something in regards to Medea. She has also shown a dislike for being called "short" or anything that makes her feel older than she wants to feel, such as being referred to as an "aunt" by Asterios.

Circe likes to boastfully call herself the Queen of Witches that only worships one deity, Hecate the goddess of witchcraft and necromancy. According to Medea, Robin Hood seems to fit Circe's taste in men. She also showed attraction, as well as hostility, towards Odysseus and his schemes. In Circe's White Day event, she confronts and gets over this.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Subspecies Singularity IV: Salem[]

Circe is accidentally summoned by Leonardo da Vinci 's summoning experiments with SHEBA.[3][4] She was left confused, and her magical energy was running low. Even though Medea was there, she couldn't trust Chaldea. Thus she tried to flee, only to find out Chaldea was located in the Arctic. She then learned of the Salem Singularity, and decided to join the rayshift there, feeling she was being guided there.[3]

Knocking out Medea, Circe disguises herself as her, and takes part in the pre-mission debrief. Da Vinci is confused by Medea's presence since she refused earlier to serve as advisor to find the line between superstition and magecraft in Salem. Medea then later rayshifts with Ritsuka and the others to Salem.[5]

The group arrives in a forest outside of Salem. Medea asks how they can contact Chaldea. Mash answers she was given a special device for such a purpose, though it’ll take some time to set up. It allows them to bypass what’s blocking magical communications by linking the key mechanism to Ritsuka’s Command Spells since they have a strong connection with Chaldea’s Servants. The group then observe a young girl directing other girls in a so-called magic ritual. Medea realizes their magecraft has been severely weakened since they arrived. She asks Mata Hari, Charles-Henri Sanson, and Robin Hood to go into spirit form, but they’re unable to. An albino girl then appears. The group try to convince her what she heard was practice for their performance. The girl flees though when Sanson speaks to her in a heavy french accent. After protecting the girls from a pack of wolves, Medea suspects the albino girl may have seen them fighting. She then examines the wolves while Sanson searches for the girl.[6]

The next day, the group settles into Randolph Carter‘s home after saving his niece, Abigail Williams, from the wolves last night. Robin and Mata Hari explain Salem doesn’t exactly match historical records. Medea wonders if the images of Salem they received from SHEBA were falsified. She is immediately suspicious of Tituba upon seeing her. She warns they can’t stay at Carter’s house, revealing it is subjected to something more powerful than they realize. The group then overhears Abigail trying to stop Carter from punishing Tituba for teaching her and the other girls the ritual from last night.[6]

After Mata Hari convinces Carter to ease Tituba’s punishment, Medea stays behind at the house while the others investigate. She feels it’d be dangerous to go around dressed as she is. She is also suspicious of Tituba and Carter both.[6]

That evening, the group performs a play at the town hall depicting Queen of Sheba meeting King Solomon. Afterwards, they see Tituba being accused of witchcraft because a charm of hers was found under the ailing Ann Putnam’s bed. Matthew Hopkins then arrives, saying he’s been appointed Salem’s head judge by order of the governor. He gives the Judge official documentation to confirm this. He then orders Tituba to be taken into custody for interrogation. Medea stops Ritsuka from interfering, having realized that the witch trials have begun. Carter accompanies Hopkins and Tituba since he is her owner. Ritsuka and Mash take Abigail home at his request.[6]

The next day, Medea reveals she finished turning the house into a workshop a moment ago. She claims she did it so they could contact Chaldea, and so the Servants can go into spirit form within the property. She decides they need proof that Salem is the heretical version of history. In order to observe it properly, she built the workshop to isolate herself from outside interference. Mash guesses heretical history means Salem is actually a separate dimension made from magecraft, rather than its past being displaced. Medea agrees, but she isn’t able to determine the source yet. If it is magecraft, then there should someone in Salem whose soul that can never be fulfilled, and a will to bring about this curse. She believes doing so will lead them to the Demon God. Mata Hari then reveals she and Sanson found a workshop in the Whateley estate, having learned they’re mages. However, they weren’t able to go inside to determine if still practice magecraft. The group ceases their conversation when Abigail appears.[7]

Ritsuka and Robin soon return from their meeting with Hopkins. Robin gives the details of the meeting, revealing Tituba is being kept in a filthy underground prison. Sanson then reveals Hopkins should be dead if the date is correct, as he died in 1647. He also warns they have three days at least before Tituba is hanged as a witch. Medea decides she needs to examine the charm herself. She then asks the others to describe Tituba. However, they’re unable to recall anything beyond her skin color. Medea confirms the workshop will prevent the interference of their awareness and memories, believing such interference requires a Divine Spirit. She says Tituba has been hiding her true appearance and assumes she has a connection to the Demon God. She decides she needs to examine Tituba directly. Ritsuka asks about contacting Chaldea first, but Medea replies there is only a fifty-fifty chance of it working right now. The group agrees to focus on contacting with Chaldea, given the circumstances. Ritsuka, Mash, Medea, and Sanson decide to visit Hopkins, while the others investigate the Whateley estatee.[7]

Ritsuka, Mash, Medea, and Sanson meet with Hopkins. He refuses their request to see the charm. He does agree with Sanson’s request to examine the sick villagers though after he demonstrated his medical knowledge. Medea then demands the key to Tituba’s cell so she can examine her. Hopkins refuses and accuses the group of being a band of thieves disguised as travelling performers. He tells the group to put on a moving performance for the whole town to prove their innocence. He then has Medea locked in a cell next to Tituba’s.[7]

An hour from being locked up, Medea hears Tituba and other prisoners being taken somewhere. When Ritsuka, Mash, and Robin come to release her, she has them check Tituba’s cell. They find it empty. At Carter’s request, the guard reveals she and the other prisoners were already sentenced. The group rush to the gallows to find Tituba and the others have been long dead. Mata Hari realizes Hopkins had the accused hanged while they were performing. Hopkins permits the group to be jurors while they’re in Salem.[7]

At Carter's house Medea explains why they can’t contact Chaldea and why the Servants have been falsely incarnated. Robin demands she reveal her true identity. He, Mata Hari, and Sanson have suspected her for some time. Robin requests Ritsuka to use a Command Spell on her to see if she is a Chaldean Servant. However, Carter and Abigail return from burying Tituba. Robin and Nezha then sense something outside approaching from a distance. While Mash, Medea, and Carter stay, the others go outside.[7]

Whem the ghoul Tituba attacks the house, Medea mentions that by touching the Bounded Field she will soon take on her true form. The group then fight and destroy the ghoul Tituba. Afterwards, everyone notices Absalom Whateley, head of the Whateleys, and Lavinia Whateley (the albino girl)'s grandfather. They also meet Circe, whose Medea disguise is now gone.[7] After explaining her circumstances, Circe admits she is confessing because Tituba. She reveals Tituba is a Servant, though Tituba isn't her True Name. She confesses she was jamming comms with Chaldea, rather than trying to fix them, so her true identity wouldn't be revealed. She stopped though after learning Salem is cut off from everywhere. She then forges a temporary contract with Ritsuka.[3]

The next day, the troupe agree to the Reverend’ request for them to put on a play for the children. Circe is introudced as the troupe’s newest member, who specializes in playing witches. Later, the troupe (except Sanson) put on a play for the children.[3]

That evening, Sanson tells the others that Absalom and Noah Whateley were hanged because of Carter’s accusation that Absalom summoned the ghouls. They were hanged nearly the moment he rebuilt the gallows on Hopkin’s orders. Later, the village is attacked by ghouls, but they’re coming from the graveyard this time. The group split up to deal with them.[3]

The next day, Circe reveals comms with Chaldea have been restored. However, they aren’t receiving audio from Da Vinci and Medea, so Ritsuka has to read their lips. Da Vinci reveals the group’s memories were falsified upon entering Salem. They’re unable to connect their memories of past events with the information they’re currently receiving. The condition induces visual and auditory hallucinations. Before communications end, Medea asks Circe through Da Vinci if she intends to return to Chaldea. Circe vehemently refuses, though Ritsuka tells Medea that she said yes. She tries to go outside when the others (except Nezha) decides to search for Mash and Abigail, who went shopping earlier. Ritsuka orders her, however, to stay and keep an eye on the comms equipment.[4]

In the meantime, Nezha discovers Hopkins’ men and villagers are watching the house. Later, Ritsuka informs her and Circe that Mash and Carter disappeared into the woods. Circe stops Nezha from rushing out to find them. She then tells Ritsuka about Nezha discovered. She also assumes Mash being missing is part of a trap. Abigail and Sannson then enter to inform everyone that Mata Hari has been accused of being a witch.[4]

That evening, Circe provides Mata Hari her fake death medicine, which the latter drinks. Mata Hari is then tried and sentenced to hang. Before Mata Hari is hanged, Circe tells the others that they’re going to let her be hanged. Mata Hari is then hanged with the other accused. She survives thanks to her cushioning her neck, and Circe keeping the blood flowing in her head. Rioters suddenly set the Carter house on fire. Ghouls also attack the village again. While fighting the ghouls, Robin retrieves Mata Hari’s body on Circe’s request. Nezha goes to save Abigail. Becoming overwhelmed by the ghouls, the group (except for Sanson) retreat.[4]

In the forest, Ritsuka, Robin, and Circe rendezvous with Nezha and Abigail. The group prepares to fight the ghouls that followed Nezha when Tituba arrives to help. Ritsuka forms a temporary contract with her. After the ghouls are slain, she introduces herself as the Queen of Sheba. The group then enters a campsite protected by a bounded field, where they find Mash. Mata Hari reveals her survival; she and Circe explain how it was accomplished. Circe also explains there is a will controlling the Witch Trials. If Mata Hari left without atoning for her sin or facing justice, it is assumed the others wouldn’t have reunited with Mash.[4]

Mash reveals time in Salem is speeding up, a phenomenon that’s only observable within the campsite’s Bounded Field. This distortion in the time stream near Salem’s perimeter is why Robin lost track of Mash and Carter. Sheba saved Mash from a pack of ghouls when she got lost after getting separated from Carter. Circe theorizes Salem is displaced by connecting to another in a different time flow, so less energy is used. Sheba reveals someone summoned her, but she became trapped in Salem and forced into the role of Tituba. She then explains how she can stay materialized after being destroyed as a ghoul. She also reveals she was manipulated into truly believing she was Tituba. Circe realizes communications with Chaldea were restored once Tituba died.[8]

Later, Mash, Nezha, and Abigail split off from Ritsuka, Robin, and Circe. Mata Hari and Sheba stay in camp since they’re supposed to be dead. Ritsuka’s group soon runs into Sanson confronting Hopkins’ men, who block him from seeing Hopkins. He then leaves, refusing to join the others or share what he learned. The group then investigated the tavern after its owner warned the sailors there were out of control. There Circe performs a play about when she first met Medea.[8]

At the camp, Mash reveals most of the villager’s names, including Carter’s, aren’t on the list of Salem residents. The group realizes they need to keep an eye on Abigail due to her connections to the Witch Trials. Nezha then senses evil in the village, so the group rush over there. The sailors help them deal with the ghosts and demons, but they’re still outnumbered. Carter helps Hopkins’ men destroy the monsters with sliver bullets. After the monsters are destroyed, Carter invites the group to stay at a vacant house. He then leaves to get Abigail.[8]

At the vacant house, the group tell Carter the truth about Salem, but he refuses to believe it.[9] The next morning, the sky is pitch black. Circe finds the well is full of far, and the milk has gone rotten. Mata Hari then arrives disguised as Medea thanks to Sheba lending some of her power. She warns the village is in utter chaos with what's happening this morning, including swarms of birds and insects.[10]

Before his trial for helping Lavinia after she killed Hopkins, Circe tries to give him her fake death medicine, but he refuses it. She tells Ritsuka this before the trial begins. Sanson is then tried and sentenced to hang. At the gallows, Mata Hari warns Ritsuka that because of his false incarnation, Sanson will die, and his contract with them will end. Circe adds this means all of his memories from when he was summoned to Chaldea will be erased. Ritsuka tries to use a Command Spell to save Sanson. However, Robin stops them, having realized Sanson is sacrificing himself so the others aren't implicated. After Sanson is hanged, Abigail confesses to conducting dark rituals in the woods she directed the other girls in. Nezha protects her from the villagers's stoning. However, Abigail suddenly transforms into a true witch, forcing the group to stop her. She returns to normal and falls unconscious. She, Circe, and Ritsuka are then taken into custody.[10]

In their cell, Circe pricks Ritsuka’s arm with something. She tries to entice them to escape Salem with her, but they refuse. Realizing her plan, she asks them if they either have ridiculously high poison tolerance, or if they have prosthetic arm. The two are then visited by Carter, who Ritsuka has already deduced is the Demon God. Carter reveals he chose Salem and Abigail for his plan to save mankind through pain, believing it to be the basis for human happiness and humans in general. He warns Abigail will be tried as a witch at dawn tomorrow. He also reveals he invited Chaldea to save Abigail after many others, including himself, failed to do so. Circe realizes Carter has been repeating the past several days to produce results.[10]

Preventing Abigail from disrupting the proceedings, Carter reveals how he recreated the Singularity several times. He also explains Abigail’s involvement in each recreation, and the circumstances of Sheba’s summoning. Lavinia soon enters and splashes Carter with the Powder of Ibn-Ghazi, designed to make spirits materialize. Carter‘s head then transforms into that of a raven. This disables the town hall’s bounded field, allowing Sheba to enter in her true form. She reveals the Demon God is Raum. The villagers then turn into ghouls, having been so the entire time. Raum reveals Abigail summoned those who participated in the Witch Trials into Salem. Abigail transforms upon seeing Sheba. As the group holds Abigail off, Lavinia reveals Sut-Typhon is about to descend. Raum transforms into his true self. Due to Sut-Typhon’s impending descension, Salem’s Bounded Field rapidly dissipates, and magical energy is being rapidly consumed across the continent, primarily in heavily populated areas. As the phenomena threatens the basis of magecraft, Chaldea will seal Salem from the outside with multiple bounded fields. If the group cannot resolve the situation with the limited time they have, Chaldea will destroy everything there. The group then fights and defeats Raum.[11]

Raum transforms back into his raven-headed Carter self. His head tears itself off, transforming into a full raven. He mortally wounds Lavinia, and Robin fatally shoots him. He warns dimensional gates are already open everywhere. Abigail then crushes him under her heel. With the last of her humanity gone, she is now possessed by Sut-Typhon. The group fight her to stop her plan to connect everyone to each other and her so she can bring eternal pain to them. Sheba reveals Abigail is a Servant, albeit one who controls Salem's magical energy. Abigail then breaks through the bounded fields that were keeping her from the rest of the world, effectively giving her an unlimited source of magical energy. Sheba realizes Abigail isn't using the gates to their fullest potential, as she isn't yet fully fused with Sut-Typhon. She and Circe then create a barrier inside the town hall, dispelling the spell that weakened the group. With their full power restored, they fight Abigail again. After she is defeated, Abigail is disconnected from Sut-Typhon. Circe uses her medicine to revitalize Lavinia enough for her and Abigail to talk one last time before she dies.[11]

The next day, the group help Abigail bury Lavinia. The Mist surrounding Salem is also dissipating. Mata Hari deduces Raum used Abigail as the core of his fake Salem. Sheba reveals the people of modern Salem are weakened, but they'll return to normal once they cross the Mist. Circe reveals Abigail will disappear with Salem as she is a Pseudo-Servant created within it. Once it disappears, she will vanish along with it. Carter then appears, though he introduces himself as the "Gentleman Who Travels Through Time and Space". He explains his circumstances and reveals he came to Salem because of Abigail. The fake Salem then begins to crumble, so the group head to the town center where they'll have more time.[12]

There the Gentleman tells Abigail she is a living Sliver Key; she can open gates across space and time, and travel between them freely. He offers to seal her powers away, erase some of her memories, and take her to any period she desires. He also offers to let her come with him, and travel across space and time. After much consideration, Abigail chooses to travel with him. After they leave, Circe disappears with Sheba, saying to expect her in Chaldea sometime.[12]


Circe having lunch with Euclid.

Circe's Master is the owner of a restaurant.[13]

The Boy Among the Stars[]

Circe first appears as the emcee for the Holy Grail Tournament.[14] When Nzambi's zombies attack the tournament, although Circe is not directly shown fighting, Erice Utsumi does see her piglets running through the hallway of the Colosseum, implying she is helping defend against the zombies.[15]

Nostalgic City Shinjuku[]

She later meets Erice while having lunch with Euclid. She asks Erice if her name is based on the Greek afterlife Elysium, and is the one who comes up with the name for the Voyager class, naming it after the only known member of the class, Voyager. Hearing that Erice is planning to go to Fuyuki, Circe says that she heard Medea was summoned there a while back and asks Erice to say hi for Circe if she sees Medea, that is if Medea hasn't already returned to the Throne of Heroes.[13]


She wields a staff of hecate similar to Medea, with noticables differences like its colors and head. The head in particular possesses five downward rays within the moon cut-out and feather like projections along the outer edge which lenghtens into a massive blade at the peak of Circe's power. She uses free mana projections from Hecate's Staff. During non-battle time, she determines the direction of mutations with magical medicine, and goes through the process of pouring the necessary mana from the staff.[2]

Circe had a forte for herbalism and potioneering, which allowed her to create a variety of drugs, even those that can affect servants, such as the potion that allowed Mata Hari to survive her hanging by placing her in short-term suspensed animation.

With her command over divine words, Circe can instantly actualize great magecraft like surge of lightnings from the tip of her staff, call forth twisters, and her variation of the Machia Hecatia Graea: Rain of Light spell which she fires as laser cannon. But her favorite spells are those that deal in polymorphing her victims into helpless animals, such as pigs.

Circe seems to possess some control over Scylla, the nymph she cursed and transformed into a sea monster. With a wave, Circe can call forth a golden cup filled with deadly poison that can alter space that floods the ground with a dark mud-like substances that acts as a portal, using it to summon mythological monsters.[2] Scylla's dog-headed tentacles then rises from the inky depth to tear apart Circe's enemies on her command.

Befitting her name as the "Falcon Witch", Circe has acquired a Mystic Code in the shape of falcon wings. While they are noted to be fake and more akin to an accessory one would wear, Circe has grafted them to her magic circuits, causing them to glow in a similar pattern to that of Medea's cape. Despite their artifical nature, the wings are fully functional, allowing Circe to easily take flight and even fire off the feather as projectiles.[1][2]


Class Skills[]

  • Territory Creation (B Rank): Makes a territory advantageous to oneself as a mage. The feast of abundant crops becomes an “altar” to extol the goddess Hecate.[2]
  • Item Construction (A Rank): Can create tools tinged with mana. The medical arts directly transmitted by the goddess who rules over life and death, Hecate, bring surprising mutations to the user.[2]

Personal Skills[]

  • High-Speed Divine Words (B Rank): Can activate magecraft without an incantation/connecting the Magic Circuits. The words possessing power of the Age of Gods can’t be pronounced by modern people.[2]
  • Poisoned Meal (A Rank): A meal refers to food gathered at the dining table. The treat that turned sailors into pigs is kykeon.[2]
  • Advice for Sailing (A Rank): For the setting off of the one who fears the witch’s wisdom and knows the goddess’ love, she grants useful advice to overcome hardships.[2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Circe's Noble Phantasm is Metabole Piglets, a Reality Marble of summoning. It calls forth the forbidden feasts she often held for wayward and unwitting sailors back on her island of Aeaea. Anyone who gets drawn in by temptation and consumes the poisoned feast will be turned into pigs for Circe's amusement.[1][2]



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    Level 4 Bond
    Flawed human men who rely on her. To treat other to her wheat porridge, Circaea(2).
    For men to lose interest on her. To be one-sidedly protected.

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    The hero Odysseus stopped by Aeaea Island on his way back to his homeland and was offered a poisoned wheat porridge by Circe, but she took a liking of him in the end as a result of breaking her magic with the divine protection of Hermes. When Odysseus departed, she gave him useful advices for avoiding hardships in his travel.


    キルケー - キャスター



    高速神言 B
    毒の食饌 A
    出航の助言 A

    陣地作成 B
    道具作成 A



    属性:混沌・中庸  性別:女性


    ランク:C  種別:対人宝具






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