Ilya installing a Class Card

Servant Cards (サーヴァントカード, Sāvanto Kādo?), more commonly known as Class Cards (クラスカード, Kurasu Kādo?), are artifacts created for the Ainsworth Holy Grail War, a system of summoning Heroic Spirits similar to Servants. Differing from allowing a Heroic Spirit to manifest, the cards encapsulate the Heroic Spirits and subsume their wills so that a magus can access their power for themselves, used by the participants of the Holy Grail War to fight amongst each other.


Originally known as Servant Cards, the Clock Tower of Illya's world came to refer to them as Class Cards upon studying them. Taking the form of cards bearing one of the seven class designations of Saber, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Caster, Assassin, or Berserker, they are around the size of a tarot card. Meant to be utilized in the Ainsworth Holy Grail War, the Clock Tower of Illya's world is unable to determine their creator, determine their purpose, or analyze their structure beyond their learning of their ability to draw on the power of Heroic Spirits.[1]

Much like the Servant system, seven cards are summoned during each Holy Grail War, corresponding to one of seven classes. The cards have a portion of the Heroic Spirits' power sealed inside them, and it can be said that they are the Heroic Spirits themselves. They draw out the power of Heroic Spirits, allowing either a Mystic Code or the user's own body to act as a medium for the Heroic Spirit's power. Overwritten by a fraction of the Heroic Spirit's power, they are able to fight others with that power.

The Assassin Class Card is unique in that it is not linked to a specific Heroic Spirit. Much like the Fuyuki Holy Grail War, the Assassin summoned is always Hassan-i-Sabbah, but it picks one of the nineteen depending on compatibility with the Card User. One Class Card can manifest multiple different Assassins if used by other Card Users.[2]


The Rule Master of the Ainsworth Holy Grail War is the only individual with the authority to create or destroy Class Cards.

One part of the process of creating the Class Cards robs the Heroic Spirits of their reason and pollutes their egos by passing through the Ainsworth's "box". Only the Gilgamesh Archer Card shows the ability to retain its ego without being polluted, allowing Gilgamesh's personality to overwrite the user.


Card Users and wielders of the Kaleidosticks are able to utilize the Class Cards.

  • Include: Limit Expand (限定展開(インクルード), Gentei Tenkai(Inkurūdo)?) - Temporarily materializes the weapon or Noble Phantasm of the hero by overwriting a Mystic Code. Users can Include a card even while having a card Installed. The command to end the Include is Uninclude:  (ド接続解除(アンインクルード)?).
  • Parallel Include:  (並列限定展開(パラレル・インクルード)?) - Illya and Miyu both use include on the Saber Class Card, generating nine Excaliburs that emit a light reminiscent of a kaleidoscope.
  • Install: Phantasm Summon (夢幻召喚(インストール), Mugen Shōkan(Insutōru)?) - The true usage of the Class Cards installs the card directly into the user's body, granting the Noble Phantasms, Skills, and appearance of the Heroic Spirit of the card. The user obtains a "fraction of their power", their own existence "overwritten" by that of a hero's existence. The card is stored in some kind of space within the user. Flash Air is able to access the space, allowing the user to physically grab the card while it is still installed. Pulling the card out of the space ends the Install. Users can end the Install or switch cards through the command Uninstall:  (送還(アンインストール)?).
  • Berserker Class Inheritance (バーサーカークラス継承, Bāsākā Kurasu Keishō?) - Unique to the Berserker Class Cards, Installing Berserker and then Installing another card confers the properties of Berserker to that Card's Heroic Spirit.

Blackened Servants[]

The Cards possess the ability to manifest as blackened Servants by being left to gather magical energy from the land. They possess no reason, and they possess a deteriorated, blackened appearance. They generate a Mirror World that can only be accessed magecraft. The Heroic Spirits form around their Class Cards, utilizing them as their heart. Compared to their Servant counterparts, the blackened Class Cards have several "errors" from being stained, such as Noble Phantasms and Skills being ranked down. Their parameters are generally decreased by one or two ranks, varying from card to card. They possess fighting instincts and skill, but they are much weaker than their normal selves due to being like "phenomena without their own will."[3]

Known Class Cards[]

[v]War Servant Card Identity Card User
4th Caster MedeaWP Atrum Galliasta
4th Unknown Unknown Kariya Matou
5th Archer GilgameshWP Angelica Ainsworth (Doll)
5th Archer (Second) EMIYA Shirou Emiya
5th Saber King Arthur Zachary Ainsworth (Doll)
5th Lancer Cú ChulainnWP Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald (Doll)
5th Rider MedusaWP Kariya Matou (Doll)
5th Caster MedeaWP Atrum Galliasta (Doll)
5th Assassin Hassan-i-Sabbah Shinji Matou (Doll)
5th Berserker HeraclesWP Beatrice Flowerchild (Doll)
6th Assassin Hassan of the Hundred Faces Illyasviel von Einzbern
6th Assassin Hassan of Serenity Miyu Edelfelt
6th Assassin Unknown Julian Ainsworth
6th Berserker MagniWP Beatrice Flowerchild
6th Berserker LancelotWP Sakura Matou (Doll)
6th Apneic Beauty Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
6th Authoritarian Personalism Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
6th Unnamed Dagger Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
6th Ninth Prayer Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
6th Crown Undertaker Class Card Unknown Darius Ainsworth
None Nameless Class Cards None Ainsworth Family


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    Q: So Ciel (and the other charas) can fight Arc in MB because Arc's holding back and fighting game conventions. It seems [Ciel] is overwhelmingly strong compared to even Mabo back when he was an active agent, so without her immortality/NP Bazett would probably lose. So the question I've been having is, for the cards that have been shown, how much power of the original Servants are they drawing out when they materialise?

    A: Well, Arc is a monster who's probably in the world top 3 when she gets serious...
    As for blackened servants coming from the cards, it varies but it's OK to assume they get 1 to 2 rank drops in stats compared to their original portrayals.
    Also, they have fighting instincts and skills, but since they're like phenomena without their own will, they're probably much weaker than the originals shown in their respective works.
    Like, with Bazett vs Lancer, he wouldn't even get a chance to use Gae Bolg before he's beat up..