The unnamed man is a member of Seraphix, a division of the Chaldea Security Organization. He is a self-described "cleaner" for Seraphix who handles "dirty jobs"



The man was a self-decried "hired thug" who was a petty crook with no parents, education, or luck. Having performed such tasks before, he was hired by Seraphix to act as a "cleaner", someone to "take care of things when necessary." He eliminated hindrances to the project and those who spilled classified information. He was in charge of making sure outside materials brought into Seraphix were "wholesome."

Upon Zepar and Kiara's corruption of Seraphix in early 2017, the man rejoiced as it "went to hell." He was confident he would be able to survive amidst the chaos as the staff fell into disorder. He was able to play his role as groups began to form and several people died. As the kind of person who is not a leader, he sought out someone under which to serve. As Arnold Beckman formed a unified group of survivors, the man worked under Beckman to enforce the laws of the organization. The time enforcing was "the best" to him, reflecting the world in which he always wanted to live. Able to "satisfy his lust for domination" as he pleased, he killed good people, killed people he disliked, and sent random people off to be killed by the monsters.

Upon meeting Kiara in person, he was swayed by her charisma much like her other cultists, learning he could connect with others by love. He became obsessed with pleasing her, deciding that he would do anything for her. The only thing he was scared of was being abandoned by her, not even scared of his own death. Claiming that he would be fine destroying the whole world to prevent her from scoring him, he was the one to pull the lever in the observatory that began the Holy Grail War in Seraphix.[1] He was the only member of the Seraphix staff who did not engage in a physical relationship with Kiara.[2] His exact fate after that was not described, but he was not among the final four survivors, Arnold Beckman, Marble Macintosh, Holly, and Torapain.


The man describes his appearance as ugly.[1]


The man, due to his way of life, does not trust others, thinking that other people are all "easy marks" and that the weak only exist to be "ruled and exploited." He is the only person who can respect himself, expecting nothing from the rest of the world. Describing himself with an ugly face, terrible personality, and a lack of charisma, he always follows people with those qualities. He thinks the only thing such leaders lack is "single unique characteristic of people like me." He utilizes "unimaginable violence" and his "brutal lack of empathy for the pain of others" as his one weapon to enforce rules.

His personality greatly changes upon meeting Kiara, claiming to learn of love and salivation. He believes he can face anything under her, but also fears that loving her would mean "returning to being a tiny rat of a thug even lower than a human."[1]


The man is deceased before Ritsuka Fujimaru arrives at Seraphix. After the defeat of Kiara, BB makes the event an imaginary numbers phenomenon, so it is if "nothing had happened" and all staff besides Kiara are saved.[2] Seraphix is described as being closed before the happenings of the Kiara incident.[1]


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