CleopatraWP (クレオパトラWP, Kureopatora?), Class Name Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?), is an Assassin-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Cleopatra VII, a tragic queen who left her beauty in history.[1][2] A person of 1st Century BC.[2] The last queen of Egypt’s Ptolemaic DynastyWP, and essentially known as the Last Pharaoh of ancient EgyptWP.[1][2] In many literary works, she is told as a bewitching beauty who indulged in love and misappropriated her country, but the truth is the exact opposite.[1] She called herself the incarnation of the Goddess IsisWP and excelled in many groundings, having spent her whole life to protect Egypt’s Ptolemaic Dynasty to the end… but she was not able to oppose the raging era whirling in the Mediterranean World, and in the end, she gave up her own life; thus, the dynasty reached its demise.[2]

Although Cleopatra has a certain image of reigning over Egypt according to her beauty, it is in fact the exact opposite.[2] She was deeply intelligent, manipulated multiple languages, and regarding especially her gifted economic skills, it was by far, absurd. It was said that she raised Egypt’s Ptolemaic Dynasty, a country inferior in military strength, to a world-leading economic state according to the directions of this top lady.[1][2]


The Great Top Lady Pharaoh. Being self-conscious of her charm, Cleopatra turned it into her greatest weapon of seduction, and if she is able to tempt a partner, a lovely man would be nice. And “lovely” here is not necessarily about the appearance, but what’s inside is the most important. If one cuddles close together, it is good to devote one’s life. Marriage is something neat. To ascertain love peacefully, birth children, and wish for proper acknowledgement. One among the two people who consecrated their greatest love to her in her lifetime, the general Caesar of the Roman EmpireWP, fell in love with her lurid intellect and ambitions, but Cleopatra herself thought he was a fine figure of a man and “lost it…![2]

Cleopatra got close with two men in her lifetime. First, Caesar. Towards him, she clearly fell in love. The state of their affections and passions made even the wind fluttering in the Mediterranean Sea appear to be sparkling. But he died. Although the unification of the Mediterranean World was right before his very eyes, he was assassinated. He left their son CaesarionWP. And then, there was a person who appeared before Cleopatra while she was lost in tears. The man who told her that he will protect Egypt’s Ptolemaic Dynasty and Cleopatra, the general AntoniusWP of Rome. Her country and people, and two men——the lovely Antonius and Caesar of Rome; in the end, she committed suicide.[1][2]

She got close to two men, and died.[1][2]

Cleopatra was in love. It was the result of her feelings. Was this something like the product of her self-interest?————However, posterity unanimously whispered that “this devilish woman seduced the Roman generals”, not to mention even in those days, and as a result, becoming a Heroic Spirit later on and materializing as a Servant nowadays, she acquired an existence as a “woman of seduction endowed with a devilish beauty.” Even so, as per her dignity————she only gets close to lovely gentlemen. A figure who is endowed with sincerity inside and who believes in having no regrets dying together, only this partner similar to the men she loved before can, utterly, seduce her.[1][2]

Strictly, the “Last Pharaoh” is proven to be her own child Caesarion who was chosen as a joint ruler with Cleopatra in the latter’s last several years. This is because after Cleopatra’s death, Caesarion lived longer for at least a few days. However, Caesarion was only aged nine during the time he lost his life. So as a matter of fact, the “Last Pharaoh” who fought against fate and ruled the country was Cleopatra.[1][2]


In Fate/Grand Order, Cleopatra appears in modern garments such as in leather trousers and a jacket, but this is the embodiment of her maiden power in “displaying her true self in a generally simple way.” When the time comes where she trusts her Master and has deepened their bonds, she will probably display “her appearance in accordance with historical fact” for the first time.[2]


Domineering – Extremely S – Kind

Cleopatra's words, deeds and actions are all together unprecedented for a queen. Dashingly, a top lady who lives on coolness. With her utmost nice nature, there are also traits from her that are seen as foolish because of her speeches and conducts further exaggerating it. Recognizing nothing but heavenly beauty. With the exception of that, everything else is to be ruthlessly used. Nevertheless, she does things such as receptions, looking after others, and advising others on their health and anxieties for the future. She loves receptions. She holds self-confidence in her beauty, and declares loudly that almost all things are “beneath me”, but she is also a hard worker who devotes her present self to her studies day after day, just under the point of it being tiresome. Although she usually abuses others, it is not “to act as a fool to others.” It is obvious she is beautiful. It is obvious that except for herself, the others are not beautiful. That being the case, the person herself simply talks about what seems to be obvious, to be an obvious reality, and in her words, she does not contain “unpleasant feelings to the others.[2]

In a public place, Cleopatra behaves arrogantly as a queen, but when it is the individual Cleopatra, that unprecedented style becomes reserved, well-bred and often prudent, and she becomes a cool high-class lady. To say it in a few words, her attributes are domineering, extremely S, and kind. She is kind, despite having sadistic tastes. And although she has sadistic tastes and is extremely sadistic, one cannot conclude that she gets a pleasant feeling in tormenting another person. She does not disparage others for the sake of making herself feel good, but her disposition is merely like that.[1][2]

While she behaves as a queen, Cleopatra's true character is one who discerns decorum, pays attention to the surroundings, and keeps the peace. Even when the delegates of foreign countries arrived, she abuses them first before showing consideration for their health:

« In my country, I am the absolute standard, and those unattractive are no different from those who are slaves. Hah, you ugly men who are third-rate and inferior, prepare yourself! Do make yourself at home to your heart’s content here! »


Usually then she does things such as thanking the delegates with the highest quality of hospitality, etc.[1][2] Maybe because of that, countless were the delegates who requested audiences, just to be disparaged by Cleopatra, or something.[1]

Cleopatra has a bad habit of catching every hardship given that she takes into consideration of performing anything perfectly, her perfectionist temperament being a misfortune. “… Troublesome…” She speaks to herself.[2]

Cleopatra comes into contact with the Master with a condescending attitude in a straightforward manner. However, her “attentive attribute” that is the basis of her is fully displayed, paying attention and appearing to spend time with her Master so that he or she is healthy.[2]

The wish Cleopatra wants to make on the Holy Grail is to “acknowledge Caesar and their son Caesarion.” Towards the world far and wide, she wants to vigorously announce that her child Caesarion is a child spun from the result of the love between the couple.[2]

Cleopatra loves AlexandriaWP, the capital where she was born and raised in, and she deeply respects and adores the great king Iskandar of Macedonia who in addition, became the origin of the Ptolemaic Dynasty and the name of Alexandria.[2]

Given that the person herself does not intend to be in low spirits and seriously get mad, Cleopatra is called a “beautiful siren”. As for the person herself, she will only consecrate her love, similar to getting fired up, towards men who will surely protect her country for her, while simultaneously, endeavouring himself for the sake of defending the city of Alexander and her beloved native land of Egypt; with that sort of intention, she is by no means a siren.[2]


"Unlike me, you chose to be hostile to Rome. That is also a splendid choice. So, I wonder if we can get along with each other? Well, since we’re here, let’s become friends!"[2]
Ozymandias / Nitocris
"Compared to the ancient Pharaohs who boasted the influence to construct temple complexes and pyramids, I also excessively… eh? Is Miss Nitocris assuming worries? No, that, concerning the demise of the Ptolemaic Dynasty… I always say it’s not my fault, but in fact, it is——"[2]
"S-Sign… please kindly sign one for me! Please sign for me!"[2]
"It is an impossible contradiction when I think about how! He became plump to that extent, and yet, to feel what is lovelyyy...
...No noo. There is no use for a man who did not acknowledge my Caesarion! Daily calorie intake should be dropped to 1500!"[2]


Fate/Grand Order[]

Halloween Event: Halloween Comeback! Super Ultra ☆ Giant Pumpkin Village[]

Initially, Cleopatra refused to be summoned as a Servant out of the guilt that her desire destroyed her kingdom. Though she wished to see Julius Caesar again, she suppressed to atone for her kingdom's destruction. But Ozynmadias, knowing her wish cannot be granted unless she is a Servant and feeling she shouldn't continue suffering for it, offered Cleopatra an opportunity. If she can rule over his pyramid as queen until Halloween ends, he will use the Holy Grail to grant her wish. Cleopatra agrees, so Ozymandias summon his pyramid upside down on top of Castle Csjete.

Cleopatra takes over the castle and has Lancelot and Tristan expel Lancer Elizabeth and Caster Elizabeth from it. Afterward, Afterward, she banned Halloween and sent her knights into town to enforce this new law. Anyone who speaks of or desires to bring back Halloween will be exiled or forced to do hard labor. Cleopatra also challenges those who oppose her rule to come and try to conquer her pyramid. As well she set up a Bounded Field to detect when Chaldea comes.

Lancelot and Tristan later report to her that Chaldea has come like she predicted. A knight asks her if Haloween will continue to be banned. Cleopatra calls it pure idiocy to hold a light-hearted festival with the world is in an unstable state. The knight is disappointed since everyone, including his children, was looking forward to Halloween. Cleopatra says talking back is punishable by death but gives the knight paid leave for the sake of his children. After the knight leaves, Lancelot asks Cleopatra if they should take care of Chaldea now. Cleopatra answers she'll send her knights into town instead to keep the citizens from panicking. But she won't send Lancelot and Tristan there, knowing they'll only hit on the local girls.

Lancelot reports that Nitocris has joined with Elizabeth to Cleopatra's shock. Cleopatra realizes that Nitocris' help will make it easier for Elizabeth's party to pass through the Lava and Glacier Zones. She tries to think of a plan, but Tristan's compliments annoy her, so she tells him to jump out the window. Tristan does as told, using soundwaves to fly. Afterward, Cleopatra declares she is deploying "those girls" to the Lava Zone, ignoring Lancelot's concerns about them.

Cleopatra is shocked to learn that Elizabeth's party has made it to the pyramid. She wonders if her countermeasures were flimsy, but she admits everyone, including herself, makes mistakes. She doesn't consider herself at fault, though, because paradoxically, making mistakes is what makes a queen a queen. She then deploys her knights to ensure she remains queen for the sake of her wish.

When Elizabeth's party enters her throne room, Cleopatra mocks Elizabeth when she notices there is only one of her. After Elizabeth explains what happened, Cleopatra gets annoyed at Tristan and orders him to a handstand while still playing the harp, which he does. She then asks Elizabeth if she understands her error now. Elizabeth realizes she was immature for neglecting her duties as a ruler in her excitement for her Halloween concert. Infuriated by her insults and pompousness, Elizabeth demands to know Cleopatra’s name. Cleopatra prepares to announce her name, only for Ritsuka to reveal it themselves. Though she realizes she cannot compete with Cleopatra in terms of beauty, Elizabeth believes being an idol gives her an advantage. Deciding she can still rule as an idol, Elizabeth challenges Cleopatra to a duel.

With Cleopatra defeated, the castle is once again Elizabeth's. Elizabeth orders Cleopatra to remove the pyramid, but Cleopatra reveals she didn’t summon the pyramid. Ozymandias appears and proudly announces he summoned the pyramid. Ashamed by her defeat, Cleopatra asks to be decapitated. Elizabeth and Ozymandias refuse since her blood would ruin the festivities. Ozymandias then explains Cleopatra's circumstances and the deal he made with her to grant her wish. Since she lost, Cleopatra decides to continue suppressing her wish for eternity to atone for her country's destruction. Then, directed by Ozymandias, Elizabeth calls Cleopatra an idiot for suppressing her selfishness to atone for destroying her kingdom and tells her it’s fine to be a pharaoh who follows their personal desires. Ritsuka also tells her it's okay to be selfish. Cleopatra decides to accept herself for who she is, not just as a pharaoh. After agreeing to join Chaldea,  she confesses she wishes to see Caesar again. But her description of him differs greatly from what everyone else knows. Caesar suddenly rayshifts into the Singularity, and Cleopatra is elated to hear his voice again. But upon seeing his now obese body, she faints from the shock.  Elizabeth lets her stay until her emotional scars heal.

Musashi Trial Quest[]

Cleopatra guards the first gate. When Ritsuka, Miyamoto Musashi, and Sukeroku reach the gate, she dramatically leaps off the gate. But seeing the group's silent reaction, Cleopatra considers her entrance a mistake for being elegant and conservative when it's the new year. She believes a pharaoh must be brazen for any occasion like Ozymandias and Nitocris. She then hears Nitocris refuting that she is brazen, though Cleopatra seems to ignore her words. Now believing she has Nitocris's support, Cleopatra redoes her entrance. Afterward, she declares she's going to turn the castle. With her superior money management skills,  she can renovate the gate into a classy span within 3 days. She invites the group to stay at this upcoming spa under the pretense of wanting them. But Ritsuka quickly realizes she is trying to trick them into working for her. Musashi also accuses her of running a shady business. Offended by all this, Cleopatra fights the group.

She is defeated and collapses. But she quickly gets back up to reprimand the group for refusing the greatest new year's gift of all: her unparalleled beauty. She then disappears, declaring she'll make her fitness island a reality for Caesar's sake.

Halloween Event: Halloween Strike! Devil's Building Climber[]

Reluctantly Cleopatra is a subordinate of Mecha Eli-chan. She is upset that Himeji Castle is now stacked on her pyramid. She realizes, though, that it's the same for Carmilla. So, feeling a third of the situation is her fault, Cleopatra decides to guard the pyramid. When Ritsuka's party reaches the pyramid, Cleopatra reluctantly teams up with Carmilla and Wu Zetian against them. Ritsuka's party proves victorious, however.

Left alone in the pyramid, Cleopatra spends her time sulking about how she feels left out. She denies this when Wu Zetian points it out. She then notices Amazoness CEO and accuses Wu Zetian and Carmilla of forming a new queen trio without her. She is defeated in the ensuing fight and sulks about not having a central role anymore. Wu Zetian briefly brings her out of it by telling Cleopatra that she'll have to wait for a slim version of Caesar to come.  But Mecha Eli-chan says such a thing would be miraculous, and even if it did happen, Caesar would flirt with other women. Cleopatra faints in response.

Event: Oni Pagoda Festival[]

Cleopatra joins Caesar in his lawyer scheme as his secretary at the Oni Pagoda after he said he'd show her how he could be the man of his dreams. She also had Leonard da Vinci make her special contact lens spells that makes everyone look slimmer, a request that was obviously for Caesar. However, in her denial that Caesar is overweight, she forgets about the spell because when she saw Ritsuka, she voiced concern that they weren't eating enough. But the spell wears off in the ensuing battle against Ritsuka's party, with Cleopatra believing that it couldn't withstand the pressure of her Pharaoh Fighting Style. Since they're in Japan, Caesar decides he and Cleopatra will go out for sushi. He asks Cleopatra to foot the bill, promising to pay her back somehow. Cleopatra agrees to pay somehow and leaves with Caesar.

Other appearances[]

In Fate/strange Fake, Cleopatra was mentioned as one of Alexandre Dumas's ostentatious lies to his Master by saying he slept with her.[3]


During moments of combat, Cleopatra is soon in high spirits. She ridicules loudly to some extent during those moments. She also has a wild temperament while alive, having studied hand-to-hand fighting and fencing techniques in jest, but now that she has transformed into a Servant, she attained and displays genuine hand-to-hand fighting skills because of her Imperial Privilege Skill. Although she is an Assassin that mainly does surprise attacks as per typical of the Class, if the opponent is a Lancer or a Saber with average abilities, it becomes possible for her to endure and even exchange blows with them right in front of her.[2]

Class Skills

Presence Concealment (B rank): Hides one's presence as a Servant. Suitable for spying. It is possible to disappear and become extremely difficult to be detected. The rank of Presence Concealment drops considerably when preparing to attack.

Divinity (D rank): To own a Divine Spirit aptitude. The Pharaohs of the Ptolemaic Dynasty has a thin connection with the gods in comparison to the legendary Pharaohs like King Ozymandias of before. However, Cleopatra is regarded as the “incarnation of the Goddess Isis” because of her exceptional beauty, so she acquires the Divinity Skill.

Personal Skills

Imperial Privilege (A rank): is an ability that, due to the insistence of the owner, Skills that are essentially impossible to possess can be obtained for a short period of time. In cases when the Rank is А or above, even the "burden to the body" can be acquired (such as Divinity). By freely using this Skill, Cleopatra can conduct close combat accordingly even with a spear right in front of her while being an Assassin. (The overwhelming ability brought forth from essentially owning the Imperial Privilege Skill is not able to be exhibited because she is primarily compensating for her weak combat abilities by using this Skill).

Golden Rule (Wealth & Body) (B (A) rank): First, it demonstrates the fortune of how much money flowed around her in her life. Her manner of living with glided splendor is sufficient for her to be a millionaire. The fact that she managed a wealthy dynasty while constantly being requested for aid from the influential people of Rome and many kings has granted her this Skill. Second, it shows her owning a natural and perfect goddess-like body. It is a unique Skill that combines two kinds of Golden Rule.

Protection of the Goddess (C rank): A Skill that demonstrates the divine protection of the Goddess Isis.

Noble Phantasm

Her Noble Phantasm is Uraeus Astrape. It summons an enormous monster, a serpent with a striped pattern of blue and gold. The serpent is coiled around with flames over its whole body.


Creation and Conception[]

Rui Komatsuzaki is the character illustrator for Cleopatra, he is also the same person who did the artwork for the Danganronpa franchise. Cleopatra in question vaguely resembles Mikan Tsumiki because of this. [1][2] Hikaru Sakurai and Kinoko Nasu are the scenario writers for her character.[2]

Comment from Illustrator[]

"I was conscious of the balance between putting in various symbols based on the historical Cleopatra and on how to remove from the image the ones that are more common in the world."[2]


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    Cleopatra - Assassin

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Rui Komatsuzaki
    Voice Actor: Rie Kugimiya

    Strength: B
    Endurance: C
    Agility: A
    Mana: D
    Luck: D
    Noble Phantasm: A

    Personal Skills
    Imperial Privilege: A
    Golden Rule (Wealth & Body): B
    Blessing of the Goddess: C

    Class Skills
    Presence Concealment: B
    Divinity: D

    Noble Phantasm
    Uraeus Astrape: O, serpent who finishes the time of daybreak, come to me
    Rank: Anti-Army
    Type: A

    The tragic queen who carved her beauty in history, Cleopatra VII.
    The last queen of Ptolemaic Egypt and, in practice, the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt.
    In many literary works, she is told as a bewitching beauty who indulged in love and misappropriated her country, but the truth is the exact opposite.
    She is highly intelligent, being specially gifted in financial handiness. Under the command of this top lady, the militarily inferior Ptolemaic Egypt grew into one of the greatest economic powers in the world.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 171cm・58kg
    Source: Historical
    Region: Egypt
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral  Gender: Female
    Strictly speaking, the “last pharaoh” would be her child Caesarion, who Cleopatra had chosen as a joint governor in her last years. After all, Caesarion outlived Cleopatra for at least a few days.
    However, Caesarion only had 9 years-old when he lost his life. Thus, the de facto “last pharaoh” - who ruled the country and fought against fate - was Cleopatra.

    Level 2 Bond
    In public, she would behave arrogantly as a queen; but regarding her own personal matters, Cleopatra restrains her eccentric attitude and becomes a well-raised, prudent and cool high-class young woman.
    In simple terms, her attribute would be high-handed, sadistic kindness.
    Despite having sadistic tastes, she is kind. Although she is an extreme sadist, this does not mean that she gains pleasure at tormenting others.
    She does not disparage others in other to feel good herself, but rather she just have that sort of character.

    Level 3 Bond
    While she behaves as a queen, her true nature is that of a honorable person who understand decorum, pays attention to her surroundings and attempts to preserve harmony.
    When foreign delegations arrived, her usual practice would be to disparage at them with words such as:

    “In my country, I myself am the absolute standard, and those unattractive are no different from slaves - no matter who they might be.
    Heh, better prepare yourselves, you inferior or substandard fouls!
    You can relax to your hearts’ content here!”

    All while, at the same time, being concerned with the delegates’ health and rewarding them with the greatest hospitality.
    Maybe because of that, countless were the delegates who requested audiences just to be disparaged by Cleopatra, or something.

    Level 4 Bond
    In her lifetime, Cleopatra got close to two men.
    One was Caesar. She fell in love with him in a manner that couldn’t be more clear. Such passion and state of mind made even the winds that stirred the Mediterranean Sea look dazzling, but...
    He died. Despite the unification of the Mediterranean world laying right before his eyes, he ended up being assassinated. Leaving behind their son Caesarion.

    And then, there was one person who appeared before Cleopatra as she was lost in tears. A man who announced he would protect Cleopatra and the Ptolemaic Egypt: the Roman general Antonius.

    After having loved her country and people, as well as two men - Caesar and Antonius of Rome - in the end, she committed suicide.

    Level 5 Bond
    She got close to two men, and died.
    It was love. The result of her feelings. As if it could have been the product of self-interest or the likes!--- However, let alone in later generations, there were unanimous rumors about how “that devilish woman seduced the Roman generals” even in her own time. As a result, upon becoming a heroic spirit, she acquired an existence as a “seducing woman endowed with devilish beauty” in this present-day in which she manifested as a Servant.

    Even still, as her dignity---
    She only gets close to wonderful gentlemen.
    A person possessing a sincere nature and, just like the two men she once fell in love with, whom she can believe would not regret dying together with her; only such a person may utterly seduce her.


    クレオパトラ - アサシン



    皇帝特権 A
    黄金律(富&体) B
    女神の加護 C

    気配遮断 B
    神性 D



    属性:秩序・中庸  性別:女性











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