The Clock Tower (時計塔, Tokeitō?) is currently the headquarters and main branch of the Mage's Association,[1][2] and has existed since before the start of the AD calendar.[3]


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The Clock Tower is located at the British Museum.[4][5] Specifically, the museum is where the entrance to it is situated, with the Clock Tower and its facilities being underground, extending from Regent's Park up until Westminster.[6] The Clock Tower was originally only its headquarters in London, but in the hundreds of years since its establishment, and as it expanded, more facilities were added.[7] It is the largest magical fortress in the World of Magecraft, protected by hundreds of defensive contraptions, and wouldn't be destroyed even if the Earth itself was.[3] At the deepest part, there is a special area called the "Bottom of the Bridge" where the Association confines many sealing designated magi deemed to be "dangerous because their talents were too outstanding."[4]

The Clock Tower is built atop the Spiritual Tomb of Albion (霊墓アルビオン, Rei haka Arubion?), the corpse of a mountain-sized dragon that did not venture to the Reverse Side of the World with the coming of the Age of Man, and later died trying to dig down to the Reverse Side. There are only four entrances to the Spiritual Tomb of Albion throughout London, one of which is located in London's Chinatown in Soho. Built like a labyrinth, it is the source of many mystical resources for the magi of the Clock Tower, and also home to magical beasts. The deeper you go the stranger things get, as you grow closer to the Reverse Side of the World. At the bottom of the Spiritual Tomb of Albion is Carillon Observatory, the oldest room of the Clock Tower and where Sealing Designations are decided.[8]

Comprising the rest of the Association are eleven of the departments which reconfigured themselves as their own college towns in the districts and suburbs surrounding London (Slur. Rocks Road, etc).[7][9][10][11] The twelfth one, Mystile, the Faculty of General Fundamentals and the First Department, serves as the main academic building located in the suburbs of London and has a similar appearance to Big Ben.[10] It looks like a normal old university on the outside,[12] due to Bounded Fields mystically and psychologically protecting against people (from physical methods like inspection zones on highways and cartographic erasure to bounded fields obscuring vision),[10] preventing passers-by from carelessly walking in.[9] The cityscape is a juxtaposition of contemporary and medieval architecture, with some of the buildings dating back as far as the 12th Century but still being well-preserved. The town consists of over 40 student dormitories and over a hundred research buildings and school structures of various purposes, as well as the business districts that supply the residents. At the center of this area, the first school built among the city buildings is what is referred to with reverence by magi everywhere as the Clock Tower proper.[12][11]

Some affiliated buildings and institutions are known to be located elsewhere. For example, Gazamy the "Evil Spook", treated as the number one disaster in the Association, was locked up at the bottom of the Tower of London[4] prior to escaping at the end of the 20th century.[13]

From the outside, the Clock Tower appears to be an appealing and welcoming place, but the truth is not so bright. Actually, the inner workings of the place are ruled by the power struggles between several factions of Magi. In Heaven's Feel True Ending, Rin described her trial in London as being more a parade than anything else: although it had over 300 participants, the majority of them were Magi who wanted to gain favor with the higher ranks.[14]

The Clock Tower is currently under the control of a pseudo-aristocratic elite called the Lords. Each Lord holds great political power within the Association just by himself, and there is also those who associate themselves to other talented Magi or an important Magi lineage in a sponsor-sponsored relationship so to increase their influence.

Maybe due this elitist background, preconceived and discriminatory behavior is somewhat widespread inside the Clock Tower. Rune and Witchcraft Thaumaturgy are not very popular in the main branch, the latter not being taught as an academia at all. The Enforcers are looked down upon by the upper ranks. Discrimination against Asians is common, which might be a factor on why so few of them are members of the Association.

Admission of new members also involves exams to test one's knowledge of Magecraft, but is possible to bypass this through letters of recommendation or if one is the successor of a distinct lineage of magi. Said "outstanding" individuals receive special treatment such as individual rooms in the dormitory or the right to bring along a couple of apprentices. The apprentices won't have to pay for enrollment or go through the examinations themselves, but they won't be seen as members of the Association either.[15] The organization handling patents relating to magic is also the Clock Tower,[4] and the current finances of the Tohsaka family is being by covered by the patent royalties that are being transferred to their account.[16]

It has been said in Clock Tower that there are three possible disasters within the Association: Gazamy the Wraith, Sealing Designations and the Enforcers.

The Clock Tower has three major factions:


ClockTower schema

Chart of the Clock Tower's faculties, factions, and ranks.

The Clock Tower divides the city of London based on faculty and department, divided into 12 domains of mysticism. The architecture varies depending on the district, the city reflecting the specialties of each faculty. The main school is in London, consisting of Mystile, the Faculty of Fundamentals, and five Major Classrooms and seventy or so Minor Classrooms.[9]

The Twelve Faculties are ruled by the Twelve Lords. The majority of the magi begin their studies at General Fundamentals for four[17] or five[11] years, and then move on to other Faculties,[18][17] usually entering the Faculty associated with their lineage.[11] However, particularly talented students can take on multiple course loads, or switch faculties repeatedly as soon as possible.[17] Magi might also enroll in other Faculties as associates to help further their studies in their own Faculty.[11] Professors can also give guest lectures to other departments outside their own.[17]

The twelve departments of mysticism include:

  1. General Fundamentals
  2. Individual Fundamentals
  3. Spiritual Evocation
  4. Mineralogy
  5. Zoology
  6. Lore
  7. Botany
  8. Astrology
  9. Creation
  10. Curses
  11. Archaeology
  12. Modern Magecraft Theory
  • Policies - Formerly the 12th department, split out in 1700.
IGeneral FundamentalsMystileMcDonell Trambellio ElrodDemocraticOne of the three major families. Leader of the democrats.
IIIndividual FundamentalsSolonea-Neutral-
IIISpiritual EvocationEulyphisRulfurus Nuada-Re Eulyphis
Rocco Belfeban (Representative)
AristocracyThe Lord is selected from the Sophia-ri, a family branch that has existed through generations, and then officially adopted by the main family, Eulyphis.
IVMineralogyKischurKayneth El-Melloi Archibald → MeluasteaAristocracy → Neutral-
VZoologyChimeraGaiuslinkAristocracyA family that is a puppet of the Barthomeloi.
VILoreBrishisan-NeutralA heretic scholarship under the control of the Director. They deal with otherwordly artifacts. The department with the least number of students since the Clock Tower's creation.
VIIIAstromancyAnimusphereMarisbury AnimusphereAristocracyThe founders of Chaldea in Fate/Grand Order.
IXCreationValuayInorai Valualeta Atroholm‎DemocracyOne of the three major families.
XIArcheologyAstaireMeluasteaNeutralLeader of the neutralists. A very austere department distant from power struggles.
XIIModern Magecraft TheoryNorwichLord El-Melloi IIAristocracyThe previous head was Doctor Heartless, but he wasn't a Lord.
XIIIPolicies-Barthomeloi LoreleiAristocracyOne of the three major families. Leader of the aristocracy.

General FundamentalsEdit

General Fundamentals (全体基礎, Zentai Kiso?) is where the majority of magi study for about five years about common magical knowledge,[11][18] which includes the common ground between lineages of magecraft,[18] basic leyline and mana studies,[11][18] sympathetic magecraft,[11] and contagious magecraft.[11] It is designated as (I) and the department of Mystile (ミスティール, Misutīru?). One of its lecturer is Professor Craig,[19] and Valea Cyclefi is a student of this department.[20] Shirou Emiya briefly studies there at the end of the Unlimited Blade Works anime.[21]

Individual FundamentalsEdit

Individual Fundamentals (個体基礎, Kotai Kiso?) is designated as (II) and the faculty of Solonea (ソロネア, Soronea?), a family of the Neutral Faction.[22]

Spiritual EvocationEdit

Spiritual Evocation (降霊, Kōrei?) designated as (III) and the faculty of the Eulyphis (ユリフィス, Yurifisu?) family. Originally the house of Lord Eulyphis managed this faculty until Lord Sophia-Ri took over. Currently Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri's father is the head of the faculty and his son Bram Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri is his successor of the position. It studies the Magecraft of summoning spiritual beings, be it through Invocation or Evocation, working through a spiritual medium such as spiritual surgery (霊媒術, reibaijutsu?), Necromancy,[23] and spiritual possession. Its lecturers include the likes of Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald and Wills Pelham Codrington. One of its division is Summoning, with Rocco Belfaban serving as the head of this Department. Kairi Sisigou, Fiore ForvedgePemetrekis, and Ophelia Phamrsolone were all students of this faculty. Merem Solomon's power to create his Great Demon Beasts falls along the lines of Spiritual Evocation.[24]


Mineralogy (鉱石, Kōseki?, Geology) designated as (IV) and the faculty of Kischur (キシュア, Kishua?). It is the study of mystical properties of mineral substances such as jewels. Rin TohsakaLuviagelita EdelfeltYvette L. Lehrman, and Clast Leni Wagner[20] are students at this faculty.


Zoology (動物, Dōbutsu?) is designated as (V) and the faculty of Chimera (キメラ, Kimera?). Unlike the rest of the Twelve Faculties which are named after their founders, Zoology's founder is unknown so it got called Chimera.[25] Transformation magecraft falls under its purview.[26] Anses Growchester,[27] a Principal Professor, Gurdoa Davenant,[27] and Misaria Crowlam[20] are some of its members.


Lore (伝承, Denshō?) is designated as (VI) and the faculty of Brishisan (ブリシサン, Burishisan?). Since the founding of the Clock Tower, the Lore Department has been known to be the department with the least number of students. They deal with relics that aren't of this world and report directly to the head of the Clock Tower.[28] Maio Brishisan Clynelles is a member of this faculty. Daybit Sem Void once was as well before being expelled for unknown reasons.[28]


Botany (植物, Shokubutsu?) is designated as (VII) and the faculty of Yumina (ユミナ?). It is known as the department for witchcraft.[28] Makiri Zolgen was affiliated with this faculty.[29] as was Hinako Akuta.[28]


Astromancy (天体, Tentai?) designated as (VIII) and the faculty of the Animusphere family. It is generalized as the Astronomy Faculty, but it includes divisions such as Astrology, Planetology, and Divinity.[11] Kirschtaria Wodime is part of this faculty,[30] and Aoko Aozaki once studied at there.[11]


Creation (創造, Sōzō?) is designated as (IX) and the faculty of the Valuay (バリユエ, Bariyue?) family. Lord Valueleta is the head of the Creation department.[31] Most magi within the faculty consider themselves to be artists in some sense. The Iselma family is one example, as they pursue the creation of 'the most beautiful person'. Byron Valualeta IselmaIslo Sebunan, and Augustus Henrik Asplund[20] are members of this faculty.


Curses (呪詛, Juso?) is designated as (X) and the faculty of Jigmarie (ジグマリエ, Jigumarie?). One of its fields of study is Necromancy.[32] Mick Grazilier is a member of this Faculty,[33] and Makiri Zolgen was also affiliated with the department.[29]


Archaeology (考古学, Kōkogaku?) is designated as (XI) and the faculty of Astaire (アステア, Asutea?). It is the Department of Universal Research, broadly studying all worldwide and historical matters. The Eleventh Faculty's college town is known as Rocks Road and earned its name from its streets are made of bricks and stone. Rocks Road is an area distant from the power struggles of the Association, and is a group of pure academics who study archaeology and nothing else.[11] Lev Uvall is the director of the research building, which looks like a mansion larger than 200-tsubo (approximately 661m²) or a small castle.[11] This is the department where Touko Aozaki, Souren Araya, and Cornelius Alba once worked together.

Modern Magecraft TheoryEdit

Modern Magecraft Theory (現代魔術論, Gendai Majutsu-ron?) is designated as (XII) and the faculty of Norwich (ノリッジ?). It is the most recent faculty, established at the start of the 20th century,[34] and its strong backing by the Norwich family during its foundation back then gave it its pseudonym.[35] El-Melloi Classroom is another pseudonym also used interchangeably.[36] It aims at summarising the thaumaturgy of the past centuries as a broader, shallower, more general magecraft that is "easier to use", and adapted to modern society.[34] In short, it revolves primarily around the Occult and related studies.[17] Currently, Lord El-Melloi II is the head of the department, succeeding Doctor Heartless. Using money borrowed from Melvin Weins, the quantity of which was enough to buy a castle, Waver bought what would become known as the El-Melloi Classroom, and it served for a time as the only place teaching Modern Magecraft.[36] Over time, he managed to get second grade professor Shardan to come out of retirement and join him,[37][38] and the number of teachers and students in the Faculty of Modern Magecraft grew considerably over the years, reaching the numbers they have today, with three to five professors (fluctuating over time) teaching Modern Magecraft, and the El-Melloi Classroom only being a small part of the faculty, a small seminar of about fifteen students, which jumps to fifty if you include auditing students.[36] It is the Faculty that doles out the most in student loans and financing.[9] Gray, Flat Escardos, Svin Glascheit (who eventually graduates), Caules Forvedge,[39] Nazica and Radia Pentel,[40][41] Verner Caesarmund,[40] Roland Berzinsky,[40][41] Fezgram vor Sembren,[40] and Org Rum[40] are all students at this faculty, with Mary Lil Fargo[42] and Ayaka Sajyou[43] being alumni. Rin Tohsaka, Luviagelita Edelfelt, and Yvette L. Lehrman take classes here while being mainly Mineralogy students, with Rin being in apprenticeship under Lord El-Melloi II[44] and Luvia having made him her tutor.[45]

The Faculty's college town is located on Slur Street, with archaic buildings on its western side, and modern looking buildings on its eastern side which is closer to London, all cheap-looking buildings.[18] Ten years prior to the events of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, the area had been nothing but a neighbourhood coincidentally close to the Clock Tower, but as students from the Department of Modern Magecraft continued to flock to the area, the Magic Association caved in to their need for a space of their own and bought up the whole area, but forwarded all the cost of the endeavour to the Department of Modern Magecraft itself.[12] The Faculty is also comprised of the Norwich Student Dormitory, headed by dorm supervisor Krishna, where Gray resides, and where the first meeting between Luviagelita and Rin took place (the receptionist Octavia Leyland recounts the fight that resulted as the worst incident in the story of the building).[46]


Although Policies (法政, Hōsei?) is the 13th item and is open to those who wish to pursue politics, it is more of a social science rather than a discipline in the pursue to mysticism.[11] As a result, it is not included in the Twelve Faculties, having been removed as an academic department in the 17th century.[25] It is also where Lords learn how to rule the Clock Tower,[47] and it is also in charge of the patents for magical formulas.[8] Barthomeloi Lorelei is its leader, and Hishiri AdashinoGoredolf Musik,[48][27] and Evelyn McIntyre[49] are part of this faculty.

Known MembersEdit


The person of highest position in the Clock Tower and one of the disciples of Solomon[25], "The Director" has been the same person for the two thousand years since the founding of the Association, and because of this is thought to be something more than human,[4] with Aoko Aozaki calling him a "vampire knockoff".[50]
Barthomeloi Lorelei
Also known as "The Queen" of London's Clock Tower and the Vice Director of the Mage's Association.
Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi
Instructor in the Department of Spiritual Evocation. Killed in the Fourth Holy Grail War.
Inorai Valualeta Atroholm‎
She is the head of the Creation department.
Lord El-Melloi II
Instructor. Formerly a student to Kayneth and later succeeded him as Lord El-Melloi II. He has produced many excellent disciples. He is the head of the Department of Modern Magecraft Theories.
Marisbury Animusphere
The head of the Astronomy faculty. He is the founder and Director of the Chaldea Security Organization.
Rocco Belfaban
Rocco is the head of the Department of Summoning (召喚科学, Shōkan Kagaku?) who held the position for over fifty years in the Mage's Association.


Bram Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri
One of the first-class instructors and the successor of the head of the Department of Spiritual Evocation.
Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia
A second-class lecturer. Later defected the Mage's Association and created the Yggdmillennia clan.
Feend vor Sembren
A first-class instructor of the Clock Tower and a Master of Red faction team in the Great Holy Grail War.
Hishiri Adashino
A member of the Policies department.
Mr Flauros
He was the director of a small research building in the Department of Archaeology (Rocks Road).

Related TermsEdit

  • Lord: Monarch (君主
    , Kunshu
Twelve Lords

The Twelve Lords prior to Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald's death in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files -Mystic Eyes collection train Grace note-

The Twelve Department Heads of the twelve faculties. They are as follows:
  1. Trambellio
  2. Solonea
  3. Eulyphis
  4. Meluastea: in charge of two departments after taking possession of Mineralogy from the El-Melloi family in the confusion following Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald's death.
  5. Gaiuslink
  6. Brishisan
  7. Archelot
  8. Animusphere
  9. Valualeta
  10. Jigmarie
  11. Meluastea
  12. El-Melloi
  13. Barthomeloi
  • Lord: Noble (貴族
    , Kizoku
The three major families that hold sway over the Clock Tower, Barthomeloi, Trambelio, and Valualeta, and around twenty families of relatives. They are objects of fear within the Clock Tower, and they are even well-known in normal society. The one with the shortest family history is of five hundred years, while the longest has a history of over two thousand years. The families have been plotting for a very long time.[4]
  • New Age (新世代
    ?, Shinsedai
    Nyū Eiji


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