The Clock Tower (時計塔, Tokeitō?) is the first branch and headquarters of the Mage's Association,[1][2] located in London, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain.


The Clock Tower is the faction belonging to Brishisan, a student of Solomon, who was one of the people to found the Mage's Association during 0AD, alongside Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, a fellow student of Solomon, and other mages.[3] The association split into three separate factions as of 20 AD, Atlas and the Wandering Sea rejecting the modernization of magecraft and the Director's following deciding to embrace it. The Clock Tower was officially formed as of 500 AD.[4] Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg was a founding member of the Clock Tower.[5]

From the outside, the Clock Tower appears to be an appealing and welcoming place, but the truth is not so bright. Actually, the inner workings of the place are ruled by the power struggles between several factions of Magi. In Heaven's Feel True Ending, Rin described her trial in London as being more a parade than anything else: although it had over 300 participants, the majority of them were Magi who wanted to gain favor with the higher ranks.[6]

The Clock Tower is currently under the control of a pseudo-aristocratic elite called the Lords. Each Lord holds great political power within the Association just by himself, and there is also those who associate themselves to other talented Magi or an important Magi lineage in a sponsor-sponsored relationship so to increase their influence. There is a distinction between what are called the 'big' and 'small' Lords of the Clock Tower. The 'big' sense refers to the Twelve Lords at the head of each faculty. The 'small' sense, however, refers to nobles called lords, most of whom belong to the Three Great Families.[7]

Perhaps due this elitist background, preconceived and discriminatory behavior is somewhat widespread inside the Clock Tower. Rune and Witchcraft Thaumaturgy are not very popular in the main branch, the latter not being taught as an academia at all. The Enforcers are looked down upon by the upper ranks. Discrimination against Asians is common, which might be a factor on why so few of them are members of the Association.

Admission of new members involves exams to test one's knowledge of Magecraft, but it is possible to bypass this and become a scholarship student through letters of recommendation or the successor of a distinct lineage of magi,[8] having outstanding talent,[9] or even by accomplishing an impressive display of magecraft.[6][10] Said "outstanding" individuals receive special treatment such as individual rooms in the dormitory or the right to bring along a couple of apprentices. The right to retain apprentices is partly due to the factional disputes at the Clock Tower,[8] as the first children of famous mages are always in danger of being targeted for their life, and thus have the right to keep their retainers or disciples by their side to protect themselves.[11] The apprentices won't have to pay for enrollment or go through the examinations themselves, but they won't be seen as members of the Association either.[8] Mages formally accepted into the Association receive a Color Card Invitation, a ceremony to check their qualifications, the color of their souls, and to register them, serving as the certificate of mage's loyalty to the Clock Tower.[11]

The organization handling patents relating to magecraft is also the Clock Tower,[12] and the current finances of the Tohsaka family is being by covered by the patent royalties that are being transferred to their account.[13] Several elements affect magecraft, like the position of the stars or the Ley Lines, and it is important to make sure that different spells are compatible when combined. The magecraft of spring cannot be used with that of winter. If someone wants to create a new formula, they need to face these issues every time. For that reason, mages makes a living by obtaining a license from the Department of Policies for every new formula created, so other people would have to pay to use them.[14] These patents are only awarded from the Carillon Observatory in the Spiritual Tomb of Albion, but the various minor branches of the Clock Tower spread throughout the world are able to serve as global patent offices for Association magi, with their authority extending to roughly 70-80% of the Earth. Lord El-Melloi II is notorious among magi for using his talent to analyze others' magecraft in order to copy and change their research slightly, so that he can file patents on it under his own name.[15]

It has been said in Clock Tower that there are three possible disasters within the Association: Gazamy the Wraith, Sealing Designations and the Enforcers.[16]



The Clock Tower is located at the British MuseumWP.[12][17] Specifically, the museum is where the entrance to it is situated, with the Clock Tower and its facilities being underground, extending from Regent's ParkWP up until WestminsterWP.[18] The Clock Tower was originally only its headquarters in London, but in the hundreds of years since its establishment, and as it expanded, more facilities were added.[19] It is the largest magical fortress in the World of Magecraft, protected by hundreds of defensive contraptions, and wouldn't be destroyed even if the Earth itself was.[20] At the deepest part, there is a special area called the "Bottom of the Bridge" where the Association confines many sealing designated magi deemed to be "dangerous because their talents were too outstanding."[12]


Comprising the rest of the Association are eleven of the departments which reconfigured themselves as their own college townWPs in the districts and suburbs surrounding London (Slur, Rocks Road, etc).[19][21][22][23] The twelfth one, Mystile, the Faculty of General Fundamentals and the First Department, serves as the main academic building located in the suburbs of London and has a similar appearance to Big BenWP.[22] It looks like a normal old university on the outside,[24] due to Bounded Fields mystically and psychologically protecting against people (from physical methods like inspection zones on highways and cartographic erasure to bounded fields obscuring vision),[22] preventing passers-by from carelessly walking in.[21] The cityscape is a juxtaposition of contemporary and medieval architecture, with some of the buildings dating back as far as the 12th Century but still being well-preserved. The town consists of over 40 student dormitories and over a hundred research buildings and school structures of various purposes, as well as the business districts that supply the residents. At the center of this area, the first school built among the city buildings is what is referred to with reverence by magi everywhere as the Clock Tower proper.[23][24]

As several elements affect magecraft, the classrooms of the Clock Tower are all built in carefully selected locations.[14] They are constructed extra sturdily, in the case of experiments gone wrong or altercations between magi, and are built over top of Ley Lines.[25] As the oversight of a classroom is linked to the overseeing of lands,[26] they are extremely valuable, to the point acquiring them is a sign of prestige. For example, the Valueleta hold classrooms which are among the best spiritual lands in the entire Clock Tower.[7]

Spiritual Tomb of Albion[]

The Clock Tower is built atop the Spiritual Tomb of Albion (霊墓アルビオン, Rei haka Arubion?), the corpse of a mountain-sized dragon that did not venture to the Reverse Side of the World with the coming of the Age of Man, and later died trying to dig down to the Reverse Side. There are only four entrances to the Spiritual Tomb of Albion throughout London, one of which is located in London's ChinatownWP in SohoWP. Built like a labyrinth, it is the source of many mystical resources for the magi of the Clock Tower, and also home to magical beasts. The deeper you go the stranger things get, as you grow closer to the Reverse Side of the World.[27]

At the bottom of the Spiritual Tomb of Albion is the Carillon Observatory, the oldest room of the Clock Tower and where Sealing Designations are decided.[28][29]

Other locations[]

Some affiliated buildings and institutions are known to be located elsewhere. For example, Gazamy the "Evil Spook", treated as the number one disaster in the Association, was locked up at the bottom of the Tower of LondonWP[12] (which is under the jurisdiction of Lord Eulyphis[30]) prior to escaping at the end of the 20th century.[31]




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The Director (院長, Inchō?) of the Clock Tower is a former disciple of Solomon involved with the inception of the Association at the start of the AD calendar and has led the Clock Tower since its inception in 500 AD.[32]

Three Great Families[]

The Lords: Noble (貴族(ロード), Kizoku(Rōdo)?) are the three major families that hold sway over the Clock Tower, Barthomeloi, Trambelio, and Valualeta, and around twenty families of relatives. They are objects of fear within the Clock Tower, and they are even well-known in normal society. The one with the shortest family history is of five hundred years, while the longest has a history of over two thousand years. The families have been plotting for a very long time.[12] Of the three the Barthomeloi are at the top, the most powerful and influential family in the entire Clock Tower.


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The Twelve Lords prior to Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald's death in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files -Mystic Eyes collection train Grace note-

The Lords: Monarch (君主(ロード), Kunshu(Rōdo)?) are twelve individuals holding the position of head of one of the twelve Departments and the Policies Department. The gathering of the Lords for decision-making within the Clock Tower is called the Grand Roll. They act as the Deans of each Department, but, prior to Lord El-Melloi II, the Dean of Modern Magecraft Theory was not a Lord. Lords can appoint Proxy Lords (君主代理(ロード)?) to handle their affairs.[33]

  1. Trambelio
  2. Solonea
  3. Eulyphis
  4. Meluastea: in charge of two departments after taking possession of Mineralogy from the El-Melloi family in the confusion following Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald's death.[34]
  5. Gaiuslink
  6. Brishisan
  7. Archelot
  8. Animusphere
  9. Valualeta
  10. Jigmarie
  11. Meluastea
  12. El-Melloi
  13. Barthomeloi


The Clock Tower has three major Factions (派閥?), with many mage families being part of one. The factions are named after which family is the head of their respective faction.

Aristocratic Faction[]

Aristocratic Faction (貴族主義派閥?)

  • Leading family: Barthomeloi Faction
  • Supporting factions: El-Melloi Faction, Gaiuslink Faction, others
  • Purpose: They believe the management of the Clock Tower should be handed to those nobility who had proven to have excellent bloodlines.

Democratic Faction[]

Democratic Faction (民主主義派閥?)

  • Leading family: Trambelio Faction
  • Supporting factions: Valualeta Faction (includes Iselma Family), Edelfelt Faction, others
  • Purpose: They believe bloodline should be disregarded and those with the talent should be in charge.

Neutral Faction[]

Neutral faction (中立派閥?)

  • Leading family: Meluastea Faction
  • Supporting factions: Brishisan Faction, Jigmarie Faction, others
  • Purpose: They don't care one way or the other, and just want to do their research in peace.



The Deans (学部長?) lead each department. For the Twelve Departments, the Dean is normally the Lord of the Department. Before coming under El-Melloi control, the Dean of Modern Magecraft Theory was Doctor Heartless. Secondary departments like the Department of Summoning each also have their own Dean.

Principal Professors[]

Departments have a Principal Professor (主任講師?).


Professors (講師?) directly teach students of the Clock Tower. The Deans also act in the capacity of Professors. There are First-class Professors (一流講師?) and Second-class Professors (二級講師?).


Twelve Departments[]

Chart of the Clock Tower's faculties, factions, and ranks.

The Clock Tower divides the city of London based on faculty and department, divided into 12 domains of mysticism. The architecture varies depending on the district, the city reflecting the specialties of each faculty. The main school is in London, consisting of Mystile, the Faculty of Fundamentals, and five Major Classrooms and seventy or so Minor Classrooms.[21]

The Twelve Faculties are ruled by the Twelve Lords.[23] The majority of the magi begin their studies at General Fundamentals for four[35] or five[23] years, and then move on to other Faculties,[35][36] usually entering the Faculty associated with their lineage.[23] However, particularly talented students can take on multiple course loads,[35] or switch faculties repeatedly as soon as possible.[35][25] Magi might also enroll in other Faculties as associates to help further their studies in their own Faculty.[23] Professors can also give guest lectures to other departments outside their own.[35]

Each department has a second name that is named after their founder. For example, the Department of Mineralogy is also known as "Kischur" after Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg. The exceptions are the Department of Zoology, which is simply called "Chimera" as nobody knows who founded it;[32] and the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory, which was created long after the others and named after the Norwich family who sponsored it when it was new.[37]

The Department of Policies was previously part of the twelve, but was split out in the 1700s.

1 General Fundamentals Mystile McDonell Trambellio Elrod Democratic One of the three major families. Leader of the democrats.
2 Individual Fundamentals Solonea Solonea Neutral -
3 Spiritual Evocation Eulyphis Rufleus Nuada-Re Eulyphis
Rocco Belfeban (Representative)
Aristocratic The Lord is selected from the Sophia-Ri, a family branch that has existed through generations, and then officially adopted by the main family, Eulyphis.
4 Mineralogy Kischur Kayneth El-Melloi ArchibaldKarmagliph Meluastea Deluc Aristocratic → Neutral -
5 Zoology Chimera Gaiuslink Aristocratic A family that is a puppet of the Barthomeloi.[38]
6 Lore Brishisan Brishisan Neutral A heretic scholarship under the control of the Director. They deal with otherwordly artifacts. The department with the least number of students since the Clock Tower's creation.
7 Botany Yumina Archelot Aristocratic -
8 Astromancy Animusphere Marisbury Animusphere Aristocratic The founders of Chaldea in Fate/Grand Order.
9 Creation Valuay Inorai Valualeta Atroholm Democratic One of the three major families.
10 Curses Jigmarie Jigmarie Neutral -
11 Archaeology Astaire Karmagliph Meluastea Deluc Neutral Leader of the neutralists. A very austere department distant from power struggles.
12 Modern Magecraft Theory Norwich Lord El-Melloi II Aristocratic The previous head was Doctor Heartless, but he wasn't a Lord.
13 Policies - Barthomeloi Lorelei Aristocratic One of the three major families. Leader of the aristocracy.

Lore (伝承, Denshō?) is designated as (VI) and the faculty of Brishisan (ブリシサン, Burishisan?). The department's founder, Brishisan, was a disciple of Solomon.[39] Since the founding of the Clock Tower, the Lore Department has been known to be the department with the least number of students. They deal with relics that aren't of this world and report directly to the head of the Clock Tower.[40] Maio Brishisan Clynelles is a member of this faculty.[7] Daybit Sem Void once was as well before being expelled for unknown reasons.[40]


Archaeology (考古学, Kōkogaku?) is designated as (XI) and the faculty of Astaire (アステア, Asutea?). It is the Department of Universal Research, broadly studying all worldwide and historical matters. The Eleventh Faculty's college town is known as Rocks Road and earned its name from its streets are made of bricks and stone. Rocks Road is an area distant from the power struggles of the Association, and is a group of pure academics who study archaeology and nothing else.[23] Lev Uvall is the director of the research building, which looks like a mansion larger than 200-tsuboWP (approximately 661m²) or a small castle.[23] This is the department where Touko Aozaki, Souren Araya, and Cornelius Alba once worked together.

Modern Magecraft Theory[]

Modern Magecraft Theory (現代魔術論, Gendai Majutsu-ron?) is designated as (XII) and the faculty of Norwich (ノーリッジ?). It is the most recent faculty, established at the start of the 20th century,[41] and its strong backing by the Norwich family during its foundation back then gave it its pseudonym.[37] El-Melloi Classroom is another pseudonym also used interchangeably.[42] It aims at summarising the thaumaturgy of the past centuries as a broader, shallower, more general magecraft that is "easier to use", and adapted to modern society.[41] In short, it revolves primarily around the Occult and related studies.[35] Currently, Lord El-Melloi II is the head of the department, succeeding Doctor Heartless. Using money borrowed from Melvin Weins, the quantity of which was enough to buy a castle, Waver bought what would become known as the El-Melloi Classroom, and it served for a time as the only place teaching Modern Magecraft.[42] Over time, he managed to get second grade professor Shardan to come out of retirement and join him,[43][44] and the number of teachers and students in the Faculty of Modern Magecraft grew considerably over the years, reaching the numbers they have today, with three to five professors (fluctuating over time) teaching Modern Magecraft, and the El-Melloi Classroom only being a small part of the faculty, a small seminar of about fifteen students, which jumps to fifty if you include auditing students.[42] It is the Faculty that doles out the most in student loans and financing.[21] Gray, Flat Escardos, Svin Glascheit (who eventually graduates), Caules Forvedge,[45] Nazica and Radia Pentel,[46][47] Verner Caesarmund,[46] Roland Berzinsky,[46][47] Fezgram vor Sembren,[46] and Org Rum[46] are all students at this faculty, with Mary Lil Fargo[48] and Ayaka Sajyou[49] being alumni. Rin Tohsaka, Luviagelita Edelfelt, and Yvette L. Lehrman take classes here while being mainly Mineralogy students, with Rin being in apprenticeship under Lord El-Melloi II[50] and Luvia having made him her tutor.[51] Both are aiming for a double degree in Mineralogy and Modern Magecraft.[52]

The Faculty's college town is located on Slur Street, with archaic buildings on its western side, and modern looking buildings on its eastern side which is closer to London, all cheap-looking buildings.[36] Ten years prior to the events of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files, the area had been nothing but a neighbourhood coincidentally close to the Clock Tower, but as students from the Department of Modern Magecraft continued to flock to the area, the Magic Association caved in to their need for a space of their own and bought up the whole area, but forwarded all the cost of the endeavour to the Department of Modern Magecraft itself.[24] The Faculty is also comprised of the Norwich Student Dormitory, headed by dorm supervisor Krishna, where Gray resides, and where the first meeting between Luviagelita and Rin took place (the receptionist Octavia Leyland recounts the fight that resulted as the worst incident in the story of the building).[53]

Subordinate departments[]

Department of Summoning[]
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Carillon Observatory[]
Main article: Carillon Observatory
El-Melloi Classroom[]
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Other orginizations[]

Secret Autopsy Division[]
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External Branch Chapters[]

Singapore's Luxcarta.

The Clock Tower has other branches outside the United Kingdom across the globe, each with their own observatory to enforce magecraft copyright:

  • North American branch of the Mage's Association (北米の魔術協会支部, Hokubei no majutsu kyōkai shibu?) - According to Da Vinci, it is understaffed.[54]
  • Singapore branch - Headed by a man named Chris. Its observatory is named Luxcarta, and requires authorization from both the Clock Tower and the Spiral Manor to use as its range covers Manor territory.[15]

Known Members[]


The person of highest position in the Clock Tower and one of the disciples of Solomon,[32] "The Director" has been the same person for the two thousand years since the founding of the Association, and because of this is thought to be something more than human,[12] with Aoko Aozaki calling him a "vampire knockoff".[55]
Barthomeloi Lorelei
Also known as "The Queen" of London's Clock Tower and the Vice Director of the Mage's Association.
Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi
The former head of the Minerology Department and an instructor in the Department of Spiritual Evocation. Killed in the Fourth Holy Grail War.
Inorai Valualeta Atroholm‎
She is the head of the Creation department.
Lord El-Melloi II
Instructor. Formerly a student to Kayneth and later succeeded him as Lord El-Melloi II. He has produced many excellent disciples. He is the head of the Department of Modern Magecraft Theories.
Marisbury Animusphere
The head of the Astronomy faculty. He is the founder and Director of the Chaldea Security Organization.
Rocco Belfeban
Rocco is the head of the Department of Summoning (召喚科学, Shōkan Kagaku?) who held the position for over fifty years in the Mage's Association.


Bram Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri
One of the first-class instructors and the successor of the head of the Department of Spiritual Evocation.
Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia
A second-class lecturer. Later defected the Mage's Association and created the Yggdmillennia clan.
Feend vor Sembren
A first-class instructor of the Clock Tower and a Master of Red faction team in the Great Holy Grail War.
Hishiri Adashino
A member of the Policies department.
Mr Flauros
He was the director of a small research building in the Department of Archaeology (Rocks Road).

Related Terms[]


  1. [v] Kara no Kyoukai Special Pamphlet - Encyclopedia: Mage's Association [Others], p.039-040 [T]

    Mage Association [Others]
    A self-defense organization formed by practitioners of magegraft, transcending nationality and genre. (Of course, this is in name only.)
    Its mission is to manage, conceal, and develop magecraft.
    It reserves the use of force to protect itself from entities that threaten its existence (the Church, other mage organizations, and individuals who hunt what they consider taboo). In order to promote the development (or regression?) of magecraft, the Association set up research institutions and established laws that forbid the criminal use of magecraft.
    The headquarter of the Association is in London, England. It is also called the Clock Tower.
    The Association is divided into three departments. Besides the Clock Tower, there are also the "Giant's Cellar" in the Atlas mountains in Egypt, and the "Sea of Astray", the integrated association in Northern Europe. The "Sea of Astray" was the original Association that predated the Clock Tower, and had ceased communication with the Association since the Clock Tower became the headquarter.
    Also, the Association deems the Magic Foundation of the Middle East and the philosophies of magecraft from the continent* as incompatible with its teachings. Conversely, the other two schools also reject the Association.
    Furthermore, as Alba stated in the story, the mage organizations in Japan did not join the Association.


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    Its directive was to control, conceal, and further develop magecraft.
    The Association had the martial power to protect itself from those who threaten its existence. It also possessed facilities for the further development of magecraft. The Association enforced a set of laws that prevented the criminal use of magecraft.
    At the moment, the centre of the Association resided in London.

    魔術協会 [組織名]

  3. [v] TYPE-MOON Manuscript - Zelretch Kishur Schweinorg, p.033-034

    Zelretch Kishur Schweinorg

    The Wizard Marshall. One of the oldest mages, having been active since before the common era.
    When the war between Crimson Moon and the Mages Association broke out around 300 AD, the mages were too preoccupied with their own single-player antics to be able to function as an army, so Zelretch took them by the neck and unified them, becoming feared as the Wizard Marshall in the process.
    He repelled Crimson Moon, but in the process the #3 of the 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors charged him and sucked his blood, and though he defeated this one too, he was ultimately turned into a Dead Apostle.
    Afterward, he was to become mankind’s enemy, unable to oppose Crimson Moon… but he just thought ‘I wasn’t mankind’s ally to begin with—kinda just wanna go retire’, taking the opportunity to disappear from the center stage of magecraft.

    After becoming one of the 27 Ancestors, he came to understand Crimson Moon’s views, and began hating him even further.
    On the other hand, after comprehending the system behind the 27 Ancestors, he became aware of the other Ancestors’ way of being, and so stopped hating vampires themselves. After all, some of the Ancestors were far more pure in their scholarship compared to the Mages Association’s advocates of pre-established privileges.

    From his outward appearance he looks like to be in his 60s. His facial features are Germanic.
    He is a stern-looking elder, his gray (originally blond) hair in a dishevelled back sweep, though on account of his youthful expressions, he can also look to be in his fifties.
    190 cm tall, well-built, with excellent posture—the very stereotype of an esteemed military-man.
    Consult the picture book that came with the Tsukihime anime as a bonus prologue for how his clothes look.

    Lawful Good.
    Extroverted, self-assured, proactive.
    A thoughtful sage—one who assesses the whole and imagines a bright future. Though he has a scary look that makes others distance themselves from him, he is a man of social justice and has good and honest morals.
    However, though he has them, that doesn’t mean he applies them to himself, and is rather a man of freedom who does whatever he likes.
    “I’ll force rules upon the Mages Association for the sake of a brighter future, but I never said I’d follow those rules myself” is something he actually follows through with.
    He has the same attitude as a grandpa who often laughs as he watches over the life of his mischievous grandchild.
    Though he is an observer, he will still butt into arguments (in fact, if someone is about to make a blunder, he will warn them, a smile on his face), and if he realizes things are about to spill over onto him, he will childishly hinder it with full force. That’s the kind of adult he is.
    Zelretch generally sees himself as an alumnus who has already graduated from ‘Earth Academy’. Meaning, as long as the academy itself doesn’t go under, he will just warmly watch on from afar at the various problems afflicting it—broad-mindedly thinking something like “I did about the same when I was young”
    The highlight of Zelretch’s life was his showdown with Crimson Moon, so everything beyond that he sees as nothing more than ‘the rest of his days’.
    Although, that is precisely why he’s very proactive when it comes to assessing the situation surrounding Crimson Moon. One could see it as taking care of the aftermath of his adolescent period. The reason Zelretch headed for the castle of the True Ancestors and blessed the birth of Arcueid was because she was the factor who would take his place in bringing an end to the Crimson Moon problem.

    Manner of Talking
    His first-person pronoun is ‘washi’.
    He calls people by their personal name. If he has respect for someone of a more noble personage, he will use their appropriate title of honor—‘princess’, ‘king’ and so forth.
    If who he’s talking to is someone he personally likes, he may go as far inadvertently calling them “omae-san”.
    He does not use ‘~ja’ or ‘‘~jawai’ or such, at the end of his sentences.
    He speaks like a dignified elder, but try to keep in mind that his sentences are a bit youthful here and there.
    “I intended to remain youthful forever, but it didn’t quite go as I wanted”
    The ideal is to avoid long sentences—make him come through with each individual word.

    The father of jewel magecraft—to store magical energy in minerals, stabilize them and use it for various applications in life and for supporting civilization.
    Even if we assume that the Earth did not fall into the hands of humanity—remaining in the Age of Gods—he might have still piloted rockets using just his jewels.

    The Second Magic concerns the attestation and application of parallel worlds.
    By making it possible to travel to parallel worlds, he proved that there is still room for the world to develop in different ways.
    Thanks to this, the world’s lifespan has been extended. Even if our history fails, and we destroy ourselves, there might still be others of us out there—this concept granted hope to the planet, which had been in the process of losing its dreams.
    Zelretch’s method for travelling through parallel words is a simple one—he transfers himself to a jewel in a different temporal axis.
    For example: if he wants to transfer from World A to World B, he will gather jewels in World B until they gather up enough to take Zelretch’s shape, and then Zelretch’s soul will transfer over. In an instant, the jewel golem transforms into Zelretch. At that point, the Zelretch in World A will turn back into its original form as a pile of jewels.
    As long as minerals and jewels exist there, he can travel into any world he wishes, but as he only has a single soul, he cannot be active in all of them at once.
    He originally travelled with just his physical body, but because of various circumstances he eventually settled for this method as it was the easiest.
    In addition, as a small amount of time lag occurs when he travels, he is also capable of a tiny bit of time travel as well.
    To answer the question of ‘if he doesn’t travel with his physical body, how could he be a Dead Apostle?’—as someone who has inherited the Hemonomic Principle of one of the 27 Ancestors, he has been corrupted on the soul-level, so it's impossible for him not to be.
    Vampirification is not the transformation of the body, but of existence. It’s like if the entry in the Akashic Records that read ‘human’ changed class to ‘Dead Apostle’—to become a vampire in one’s very being.

    One of the oldest mages, having been active since B.C. Also one of King Solomon’s pupils.
    After Solomon's death, Zelretch witnessed the end of the Age of Gods with his own eyes, and then disappeared from the center stage.
    Afterward, when one of his fellow students (Brissan) was starting up the Mages Association, he helped out in laying its foundations.
    As a result, the mages who had not perished became involved in the war against Crimson Moon 200 years later. In this battle, Zelretch transformed from human to Dead Apostle.
    He has been observing many different parallel words ever since, detachedly spectating the course of their events.


    Attitude toward the Mages Association
    Due to his promise with Yumina, and the fact that he is old acquaintances with the headmaster, he shows up now and then to act as an advisor for them. He has accepted the weakening of mage ideals as something that happens. However, if some weakling comes before him and starts going off about their own theories he will beat them and their weak character into shape.
    When there are issues concerning Magic, he appears before the Association and delivers fair and just judgment.

    Attitude toward the Holy Church
    He does not concern himself with them in the slightest.

    Attitude toward the Dead Apostles
    He does not interfere with them as long as they do not cause some particularly large-scale mischief.
    He has seen through the mechanisms behind the 27 Ancestors, but has deliberately chosen to quietly observe them. He is tea-drinking companions with the three idiots of Agape, Lovematroos and Caubac. Rumors have it that he becomes like a simple grandpa doting on his grandchild when dealing with Agape.

    Attitude toward the True Ancestors
    Zelretch is highly regarded among the True Ancestors as he is one of the most prominent mages in the human world.
    Zelretch, on account of having been alive since before the common era, is friendly with the elementals known as the True Ancestors, and often provides them with counsel:
    “Kishua, hey, listen. You know that ‘Christianity’ thing humans are doing among each other? What’s that? A new type of magecraft system?
    “That’s a detailed Manual to Mankind’s Prosperity. It will one day even turn out to be a best-seller. Well, it’s for the best if you don’t know much about it. You’d probably lose your minds.
    “I see, if you say so, then it’s probably true. By the way, I’d like to try a bit of that wine they make in Bourgogne. Could you get some?
    Stuff like this.

    Attitude toward Rin
    ‘Tohsaka’s descendants sure did well! Alright, there aren’t any Magician seats left, but I will hammer some unreasonably difficult magecraft into you! They’re things I’ve worked out but unfortunately never taught anyone!’ So he goes, a bit happily.
    Anyone who is a Magician’s pupil is first started off with a living hell where they might accidentally destroy the universe—like with Aoko from Mahoyo. Although Rin never minded it that much, instead simply tilting her head, wondering if maybe she had just had some kind of tremendously hellish thing shown to her, after which she kept puking for a whole month.


  4. Lord El-Melloi II Case Files material - Chronology of the Clock Tower
  5. [v] Fate/Grand Order - Wizard Marshal

    Wizard Marshal
    The one who has attained the 2nd Magic, an apex of the world of magecraft.
    An authority of the thaumaturgical world of Europe, amongst the founders of the Clock Tower.
    Whereas he has crossed unto numerous futures; numerous Adjacent Realities, he is an observer that yet awaits 'the Final Answer.'


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    [[Unlimited_Blade_Works_Animation_Material_II v]] Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] Season 2 DVD Nasu's Episode 25 Epilogue Original Draft

    #25 Epilogue Settings

    The period of the final story

    ■After two years of UBW, preferably after six months of studying in London.
    The season is summer to autumn because of the background art.

    ■About Shirou's state of mind

    He accepted Rin's offer to go to London.
    He is a positive person who lives a life of "doing what he can do and absorbing what he can".
    He is able to show a gentle smile and his thoughts of blindly moving forward despite everything have disappeared.
    He is somewhere between Shirou and Archer in the UBW era. Good young man.
    Because of going abroad, he was able to expand my horizons and become able to realistically examine his ideals from a realistic perspective.
    On the other hand, he feel guilty about his desire... to continue imitating the same way of life as Emiya...
    (Because he know that no matter how to be a "hero of justice", there will be sacrifices, in the end, it is just self-satisfaction)

    In the final words as Rin's attendant in the clock tower to study at the same time, but also in order to enter the local university and study language and history.
    Although the six months he spent in London were very fulfilling, after he was invited by the association to become a student, his latent worries surfaced and he appeared to be a bit unhinged.
    In a nutshell, Shirou said, "Every day is happy and fulfilling, but there are also worries."

    ■About Rin's state of mind
    The state of mind of Rin has not changed.
    The Tohsaka mage, while improving every day, also cherishes every day she spends with Shirou.
    I noticed that Shirou was still worried about the things he had gained and lost in the Holy Grail War, and was confused about the new options proposed by the Association.
    Despite being aware of it, Rin just hummed, put on an indifferent expression and turned a deaf ear to Shirou, and did not make any suggestions to Shirou.
    The reason is that she knew she had no advice to give, and she also knew (and trusted) that Shirou would be able to solve the problem on his own in the end.

    ■About the overall direction
    The new life of Shirou and Rin in London, as they grow up to be reliable young adult, should be "delightful" and "glorious" to the audience.
    We want to portray a fashionable feeling that is not disgusting, but light and refreshing (this is London!). I want to make the viewers feel "This is a good life. I really want it".
    //Don't need to show a smug "how's this!" I just want to show that "this is the most natural look for these two people at this time".
    This is not only a reward for the audience who stayed with us until the 25th episode, but also a reward for the characters who appeared.

    ■The main character is Shirou.
    The main character is Shirou, who looks back and concludes the Grail War to show what kind of life he will lead after that War.
    The final conclusion of the story should contain the answer, "After experiencing the battle in UBW, the future of life will be full of hope. The story ends with the answer to this question. Since he wants to be a hero of justice, if Rin is not around, Shirou will meet a Bad End."

    ■The character's appearance

    19 years old, but his appearance shows the maturity of around 20 years old.
    The actual person is like a mix of Emiya and 'Fate/Prototype' Saber. "A good young man with a natural smile, However, there is always a sense of fragile image around him"
    The casual clothes are simple jeans and white shirt, although men's suits and jackets were rejected, but the outfit for going out can not look frivolous. After all, it was as Rin's valet (butler) that he entered the Clock Tower.

    19 years old. Just like Shirou, there are no drastic changes.
    The dress that you wear at home and at the Clock Tower is the same dress and hair style that you would use in your final words, "as a college student".
    When she went to Glastonbury, she was the ver.up of "UBW's Tohsaka Rin".
    The costume worn during the mock battle with Luvia was amateur wrestling style. This is a mock battle costume distributed by Clock Tower. It is comfortable and lightweight, and shows the beauty of the body's lines. Since it's a mock fight, there's no other way!

    This one is also the same as before.
    It is up to the director to decide whether the mock battle costume is a "sleeveless costume with the bottom of the dress removed" or a mock battle costume provided by Clock Tower like Rin. In short, the design of Rin and Lúvia's battle costume is "something that Nasu trusts Takeuchi to do".


    #25 Epilogue Script Draft

    ■Shiro's Dream (Wilderness)
    Shirou is standing in the wasteland as the sand whistles.
    Shirou "............"
    He is staring at the end of the wasteland, at the horizon.
    He wondered whether he should continue to move forward or choose a different path.
    He woke up from his dream before he could come up with an answer.

    ■Shirou's room (early morning)
    //The room is in the attic, but it has a good look. The atmosphere is reminiscent of a cabin in the snowy mountains.
    Although there are few items as usual, there is a closet, a table, and a lamp, all of which are necessary for living.
    // Shirou's room is located in the attic of a four-story apartment, which was requested by Shirou himself.

    Shirou woke up from his dream, sleeping on a bed by the wall.
    He woke up with the same atmosphere as in the warehouse in #01, but he was not woken up by anyone else.
    Shirou got up from the bed and looked at the sky from the small window.
    The sky was a pre-dawn turquoise blue.
    Yawning, he left the room.
    //The descriptions such as "changing clothes" can be deleted.
    Shirou walked down the stairs, from the living room on the fourth floor to the third floor where Rin was.
    // The apartment is designed with a stairwell in the center, which is a common structure in department stores.
    Shirou walked to the entrance of the house and opened the door. Go inside.
    In the kitchen, he was boiling water and preparing breakfast with ease.
    At that moment, the door of the next room was opened and Rin appeared with a bad expression of having just woken up.
    Rin "...Good morning. But you're up early as always, Shirou."
    Shirou "Yes. After all, I don't stay up all night like you do, Tohsaka."
    Shirou replied naturally with a reassuring smile. He wasn't being sarcastic.
    Shirou "I made your breakfast too, you ate it, right? I just started it, so take your time and get dressed.
    This is part of the feeling of the capable butler Emiya (quite a Don Juan style line) in Shirou.
    Rin, who had returned to the room
    Shirou watched Rin return to her room. The curtains of the living room were opened.
    The scene reflects the London street illuminated by the early morning sunlight, showing that this is London.

    ■Title credits
    Fate stay night [Unlimited Blade Works]

    ■The exterior of the apartment (where Shirou and Rin live)
    A four-story building.
    The sun is pouring down.

    ■The usual meals (in the morning)
    Rin is at the table after changing her clothes.
    Breakfast for two is already on the table - cheese, bacon and eggs, tomatoes and baked beans, etc. These dishes are ready.
    Shirou and Rin sat face to face and ate their breakfast.
    / / Rin's casual clothes and hair style should be in line with the university campus.
    Rin "I've eaten enough. This morning, I intend to take care of myself, thank you. I've told you several times that it's okay if I don't eat breakfast."
    Although Rin was grateful for Shiro's breakfast, she could not say thank you frankly, but said something unpleasant.
    Shirou "This is a walk in a park. I'm sure I'll make three meals a day for you since I'm staying at the house. This is a natural job for a servant, right?
    Rin muttered awkwardly at Shirou who looked proud.
    Shirou "By the way, after such a long time, your bedridden problem can't be corrected. This is quite unexpected."
    Rin "This is the so-called insurmountable weaknesses. You need to have one or two weaknesses to be loved, right?"
    The woman's face was angrily turned away. But this kind of behavior is not cute at all.
    Shirou "That's right"
    Shirou laughed gently, but Rin complained a lot. The more she was poked by Shirou, the more upset she became.

    Rin: "You've been in high spirits ever since you arrived here."
    Rin was half sarcastic and half sincere.
    Shirou "After all, I can't help but be energetic. Every day is fulfilling, and there are a lot of things I want to do."
    In the face of Shiro's light-hearted words, Rin "hmm"-ed and squinted her eyes.
    She had already seen Shiro's inner worries, but deliberately silent.
    Rin "Well, forget it. According to today's schedule, I have to attend the basic science class in the morning, so Shirou will also accompany me. In the afternoon, I have to go to the Department of Mineralogy to listen to a special lecture on cutting in the treasure department, what about you?
    Shirou "I have another part-time job in the afternoon, so I'll split up. How about contacting me in the evening?
    Rin "Okay, just meet up at the library as usual. After going inside, we can't talk like this now.
    The conversation ended and Rin concentrated on her breakfast.
    Shirou "Tohsaka."
    Rin "What is it?"
    He'd been trying to talk to Rin about being invited to become a student at the Clock Tower, but he couldn't say anything.
    Shirou "...No, it's nothing. Let's talk about it next time".
    In the end, Shirou still didn't say anything.
    Rin had decided not to say anything even if she knew Shirou was bothered by something, so she let out another "hmm" and pretended not to notice anything.

    ■The entrance hall
    The two of them were about to leave from the lounge on the first floor of the apartment.
    Shirou holds the letter.
    Rin: "For Fujimura-sensei?
    Shirou "It's a monthly report. Also say thanks for her monthly allowance."
    Rin "Oh, that's right. I guess I'll have to write a letter next time to express my gratitude."
    Not the actual words, Shirou smiled as if he was saying "that's good".
    The two of them left the lounge on the first floor of the apartment.

    ■The streets of London
    The two of them are walking towards the clock tower. Depicting the streets of England.
    //Since the destination is not Big Ben, the two people are not heading towards it, so they only need to appear once and then pull the camera away from it.
    //The impression is that there will be more buses than bicycles, but the director will just paint the scene as he sees fit.

    ■Clock tower, main entrance
    The students enter the school, and Rin and Shirou are among them.
    It is a sound, historical British university.
    //The image of the main entrance in my mind is like the entrance of Cambridge University.

    ■Clock tower, corridor
    Shirou and Rin are walking in the corridor. There are two or three other figures in the hallway. There were two or three other people walking down the hallway.
    When he saw the students passing by, Shirou was deep in thought.
    Rin "What's wrong? Do you know that man?
    Shirou "No, I just passed by a few times. It has nothing to do with him, I just think it's incredible even now. It's just that I still find it amazing that a person like me, a nobody, can learn the basics of magecraft in a place like this."
    Rin "You're not an nobody. I have taught you the rules of the Clock Tower, right? The first children of famous mages are always in danger of being targeted for their life.
    Therefore, mages have the right to keep their retainers or disciples by their side to protect themselves... Shirou was enrolled as my apprentice. Therefore, you should be more upright."
    Shiro, "I know. I'm thankful for that. I'm grateful to you, Tohsaka, for arguing with the Law and Politics Division in order to enroll a guy like me with unknown origins."
    Rin "Yes. It was really a lot of work. Even though it's only a three-year exception, it's still a good deal. After all, you'll be able to attend classes with me for free from now on."
    Shirou responded to Rin's optimistic speech with a "hahaha" wry smile.
    Rin "But be careful. Although there are rules of the school here, there are no laws of human society. You have to take care of your own personal safety, that's the basis."
    Shirou "I know. It's my job to protect Tohsaka."
    The answer to Shiro's seriousness, Rin looked stunned.
    Rin, "I said, The person who should be careful is you."
    Shirou "?"
    Rin "Although it is only a small-scale ritual in the Far East, but you, but you're the victorious mage in the Holy Grail War. There are a lot of people here who don't take it for granted, so if you show any flaws, you might get hit by a Gandr or two."
    Shirou "Ah. Just like Tohsaka did in the past?"
    Rin "Well, isn't there a valid reason for that!? We were enemies back then!"
    Shirou "Eh~. Even if it's a partner, you'll still shoot Gandr at them, right?
    Rin "No way! I'm definitely won't!"
    Rin spit out loudly. Hearing the sound resounding through the corridor, the surrounding students looked at Rin and Shirou who stopped.
    Rin deliberately coughed a few times and stepped forward as if nothing had happened.
    Shirou "By the way, what is the basic subject curriculum today?"
    Rin suddenly stopped in her tracks,
    Rin "-body protection. It doesn't depend on magecraft. It is a course that only relies on your own physical ability to show your vitality."
    Rin asserted with an expression of disgust that wanted to be speechless.
    //Because Rin knew she was going to face Luvia next.
    Shirou didn't know the reason for Rin's bad mood, and showed "?" on his face.

    ■Rin and Luvia in a mock battle
    //The camera cuts directly to the battle scene, which surprises the audience.
    The mock battle between Rin and Lúvia. Both of them have sealed their magic spells and only use fighting techniques to start the battle.
    This is a different kind of fighting technique between "Rin's striking" and "Luvia's combination style".
    //I'll leave the content of the /simulation battle to Miura-san and other animation staffs. Draw as you like!
    //The last round is - > Rin's high kick against Lúvia's medulla oblongata. If it was a normal opponent, this move would be a sure kill.
    Rin's high kick will cause her back to face Luvia.
    ->Lúvia's knees trembled and she was about to fall to the ground. .... However, Luvia held on before falling to the ground, and grabbed the door behind her back to open Rin's body wide.
    ->Rin panicked, but it was too late. Rin's body was pulled up from the ground by Luvia, who was almost unconscious, and she threw a suplex on her.
    ->Rin was then thrown against the wall and hit hard. Both of them suffered fainting-level injuries, so it was a double knock down.
    They both fall into a state where they can't fight, and the magic virtual space is lifted, with the auditorium in the background.
    The students (passerby faces) who were watching the two fight made sighs of relief, and Shirou sighed repeatedly at this scene.

    ■The dining hall (or the atrium of the university)
    Rin and Lúvia, who had finished their treatment.
    Rin: "It hurts! ...... How persistent are you? It's common knowledge that you'll collapse when you're kicked in the medulla oblongata!"
    Luvia "I lost consciousness in the last three seconds. It's not in my common sense. You should be ashamed. You raised your legs so high, where is the dignity of being a boxer......It hurts."
    The two of them looked away from each other.
    Luvia: "...... Forget it, let's stop with the small details."
    Rin: "Yeah. The most important thing is the result. All in all......"
    Rin stretched out his hand. Luvia also shook her hand back with an expression of approval.
    Rin: "I won again, Luviagelita.
    Lúvia: "Well, today's also my victory, Miss Tohsaka".
    After the two of them said in unison with smiles on their faces.
    Both of them "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!?"
    Both of them yelled, and held each other's hands back hard and stared at each other.
    At that moment Shirou came over.
    Shirou "You're here. Hey~"
    Shirou shouted to Rin.
    Rin and Luvia notice Shirou.
    Rin wanted to raise her hand to respond to Shirou, but one step faster than her,
    Luvia "Oya, Shero!"
    Shirou "Oh?" He was a little surprised when he noticed.
    Shirou "Miss Luvia is also together. The wrestling skills just now are very good."
    Luvia "Don't be so polite, you're not working as a housekeeper now, are you? No, the important thing is that you saw the competition just now, how embarrassing. If I had known that you were watching the fight, I would've just knocked that savage woman instead of saving her face! Ah, needless to say, that ultimate move is the Edelfelt's Backdrop. As we all know, there are many variations of the backdrop, and the Edelfelt's Backdrop is a tribute to the founder of belly and back suplex, Lou Thesz, and we had developed it into an even more powerful jet wrestling technique~"
    Luvia gestures to Shirou, speaking smoothly, but too quickly.
    Rin gave Shirou and Luvia a blatantly disgusted look of "she's really annoying" and stared at them.

    After awhile.
    The three of them calmed down and sat at the dining table. After eating lunch.
    Rin "So. Why are you sitting with us so shamelessly?"
    Luvia "Oh. Aren't we classmates and neighbors who live in the same apartment? It's just a lunch together. What's so weird about it?"
    Rin "It's very strange from beginning to end. Since you are a noble eldest lady, if you want to be more offensive, how about going to book a elite restaurant instead?"
    Luvia was irritated by Rin's provocation.
    Shirou was in the middle to persuade both of them.
    Shirou "Alright, alright. Isn't this good thing occasionally. After all, it is Miss Luvia who let us live in that apartment?"
    Shirou's implied meaning is "you have to get along well".
    Luvia's heart was in a frenzy, and Rin gave a startled "aww".
    Rin "I originally planned to rent that apartment! But this rich woman is doing whatever she wants because she has money..."
    Rin complained loudly, but noticed that it was embarrassing, and interrupted the topic.
    Rin "So, how did you two meet? There is no point of contact between the famous nobles in Europe and the unknown mage in Japan, right?"
    Luvia "Yes. Shero and I had no prior relationship. The difference in status didn't even allow us to talk to each other like this. But..."

    ■//Next are Luvia's memories.
    //Switch the camera with Luvia's lines.

    Luvia "That day, a miracle happened. I was lost in the unfamiliar streets of London, and unfortunately, I got separated from my butler."

    Luvia got lost in the streets of London. "Where is this place?" With a worried expression, she gradually walked into the desolate slum.
    Luvia "For the criminals, this opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime. I was attacked by hordes of thieves who wanted to kill the Second Head of Edelfelt House, who was regarded as the Gem of Finland."

    Luvia was attacked by the assassin and fled into the alley. It's just a matter of time.

    Luvia "No matter how talented I am, I am also still a young student. Outnumbered. In this strange foreign land, how can I cry for help in the desolate alley. No one will come to help me. In crisis. It can be said to be a critical moment. It's like taking a sure-kill blow outside the ring, and after passing out like a coma the 10 seconds started to count down."
    Rin "Well, this kind of situation is already a loss, right"
    Luvia cut off Rin's speech with a "Shut Up!".
    Luvia "At this moment! There was another voice besides me, and Shero appeared heroically!"

    Shirou leaned over to protect Luvia's back.
    Shirou was about to go home after shopping, so he held the paper bag full of ingredients with one hand. One hand is holding the paper bag tightly (like a posture of a waiter holding a large number of dishes), and the other hand has already projected Kanshou.

    Luvia "At that time, Shero was fighting like a perfect butler. Standing behind me, sometimes supporting me, sometimes protecting me! I have never seen such a compatible duo fight before. It is a miracle. That's right. That day, we were supposed to be two parallel lines meeting each other. If this is not fate, then what could it be!"

    The two fought fiercely. From Luvia's point of view, Shirou, who was fighting with a paper bag in one hand, was shining. Glittering. Gleaming. Dazzling. Enlightening.

    ■//The memory in the brain is over

    Luvia's narration ended like a song.
    Rin squinted her eyes half-heartedly, with a stunned look on his face. She was dumbfounded at Luvia's narcissism, "Why are you involved yourself with such a crazy bitch?" She complained to Shirou with her eyes.
    "Ah...hahaha", Shirou laughed and confused as he saw Rin's reproachful eyes.

    Luvia "...but"
    Luvia cleared her throat, paused, and cast her gaze at Shirou.
    Luvia "I am dissatisfied with today's...no, the recent Shero. I would say it's a lack of dominance, or a lack of spirit. Are you worrying about something?"
    Shirou showed a serious expression when asked coldly, but he quickly returned to normal.
    Shirou "That's just Luvia-san's misconception. I'll take care of the dishes."
    Shirou piled up the lunch dishes, put it in his hand, and left the table.
    Luvia watched him worriedly, silently, as if it had nothing to do with herself. (Rin seems to be dumbfounded and angry).

    Wait until Shirou is completely gone.
    Luvia, "Hey. What the hell is going on here?"
    Rin "What's wrong?"
    Lúvia: "It's Mister Emiya! You didn't give him a lot of difficult jobs, did you?
    Rin, "I don't have the time to give him a job. Basic magic and living expenses alone take up most of his time, and he has to study languages and law and politics, and even when he has time, he spends it in the library. You know that, don't you (after all, you hire him as a butler two days a week)?"
    Luvia "I am well aware of Mr. Emiya's diligence and studious. What I want to ask is..."
    Rin "It's not all the nonsense you're thinking about. That guy received a Color Card Invitation from the Association.
    Luvia was surprised to hear the word "invitation".
    Lúvia: "The ceremony to check the qualifications of mages, the color of their souls, and to register them... it's the certificate of mage's loyalty to the Clock Tower."
    Rin, "That's right. In other words, it is the recruitment from the Clock Tower. We've already done it from the beginning, but now they want to invite Shirou as well."
    Luvia said happily, "That's great"
    Luvia "That means he's going to become a member of the Association!"
    Rin groaned and gave a reproachful look to Luvia.
    Lúvia also reflected on her rash speech and calmed down.
    Luvia: "Forgive me for being impolite. I did such a frivolous move. But it is indeed something to be happy about. Although it will owe the association's favor, but even so, the advantages for Mr. Emiya outweigh the disadvantages. It was necessary to agree to it. (So that we can become closer)"
    The last phrase (so that we can become closer) was added in a whisper.
    Luvia: "You think so too, right, Miss Tohsaka?
    Rin ".................."
    Who knows," Rin averted her eyes.
    Her eyes were looking at the direction Shirou had left.

    ●Clock Tower-View (Time Passing)

    At the end of the practical exercise, the students of the ore course left the classroom.
    Rin was among them and went to the dining hall.

    ●Same - Dining Hall
    Rin walked in. There were only a few students inside. There was no sign of Shirou.
    Rin "......"

    ●Same - The hallway in the school building
    Rin was looking for Shirou.

    ●Same - Library
    It is a vast and solemn space.
    Rin came here to look for Shirou.
    There are heavy bookshelves lined up next to each wall, with a huge collection of books. Each book in the collection is thick and quite old.
    Shirou was sitting alone at the reading table. He was reading the books intently.
    It was more like studying for a judicial exam than studying magecraft. In the middle of studying, Shirou raised his head from the table and fell into a deep thought. He looked confused and distressed.
    Rin saw this scene, said "good" to cheer himself up, as usual, and quickly talk to Shiro.
    Rin, "Thank you for your hard work. You're really here"
    Shirou was a little surprised to see Rin.
    Shirou "Tohsaka? Aren't you still in class...?"
    Rin "Practical exercise class is already over a long time ago".
    Rin took a peek at the book Shirou was reading. It was a bibliography on language, history and politics.
    Rin "English followed by Italian? Obviously, you just only need to learn the magecraft that could convey your thoughts. You're too naive, aren't you?"
    Shirou "Maybe so. But I think there are some things that you need to use the language of that country to communicate better with their native people"
    Rin shrugged her shoulders with a look of "I don't know what to do with you".
    She looked like she was being forced into a corner by Shirou's seriousness.
    Rin took the textbook out of Shirou's hand and put it back on the shelf.
    Shirou protested with his eyes, "What are you doing?", Rin snapped back.
    Rin "The first thing you need to do is to take a break tomorrow, right? Why don't we go out for a while?"
    Shirou "?"
    Shirou looked back at Rin with a confused look on his face.

    ●Apartment lounge on the first floor
    After one day, the next day, around eight o'clock in the morning.
    Shiro went to the lobby to wait first.
    Rin walked down, Shirou looked back.
    Shiro "——————"
    Rin has never dressed up like this since she came to London. It was during the Holy Grail War two years ago (in short, it's the twintail).
    Shirou's eyes were attracted by this feeling of nostalgia and cuteness.
    Seeing Shirou's reaction, Rin secretly made a victory sign in her heart, shouting "Very good!", and smiled calmly.
    Rin "What's wrong?"
    Shirou "No, it's nothing. You always scare me like this when I'm not ready..."
    Rin "Oh, dissatisfied? Then should I change clothes?"
    Shirou "(Hiding the corner of his mouth that can’t hide his happiness)...No. It’s perfect for you... By the way, where are we going today? You haven’t told me our destination yet.”
    Rin "Just look forward to it while we're on the way. Come, let's go, Shirou"
    Rin dragged Shirou's hand and left the hall.

    ●The streets of London (the next day and morning)
    Shirou and Rin got on the bus at the (Victoria Coach) station.

    ● Insert CM near here?

    ●Inside the moving bus
    Shirou and Rin sat side by side. The street scene of London flew past the car window.

    ● Streets of Glastonbury Abbey
    Rin and Shirou talked as they walked.
    Shirou "I remember this..."
    Rin "This is one of King Arthur's tombs. Because there are other graves, the authenticity is unknown, but this is indeed a place of fate, right?"
    Shirou understood Rin's intentions, "Really, I've been tricked again", showing such a bitter smile of gratitude.
    × × ×

    ●The ruins of Glastonbury Abbey
    A vast area filled with greenery.
    The huge monastery ruins are scattered. Tourists and visitors were sparsely seen.
    Shirou and Rin walked to a rectangular area surrounded by the lawn. This is the place where King Arthur's tomb is said to be located.
    Shirou "..."
    Rin "Well... I'll just wander around a little bit"
    Shirou "Tohsaka......"
    Rin "You couldn't say goodbye properly at that time, so you still have something to say in your heart, right? Then the two of you should take your time to talk."
    Rin left Shirou alone and went for a walk.
    Shirou watched Rin leave and then looked back at King Arthur's tomb.
    Shirou "......Saber, so you were really a king in the past."
    The words of Shirou are full of the time that has passed, the memory that is still visible today, and the feeling of gratitude.
    He took a deep breath and said with a cheerful expression that was no longer lonely.
    Shiro, "Thanks. In short, I came all the way here to visit, Saber."
    Shirou sat down in front of the tomb. (Because I don't want to use a condescending view)
    //The next step is to gradually pull the mirror towards the blue sky while Shirou's back is in the mirror, until the scene is switched.

    ●The lawn near King Arthur's tomb
    The time passed while sweeping the tomb.
    Shirou and Rin sat on the lawn.
    The cool breeze and the meadow swaying with the wind. Rin closed her eyes in a comfortable mood.
    Rin "This is a nice place. There is a shadow of the old landscape that only belongs here.
    Shiro "Yes. Staying in this place, you can feel that people who have lived a life completely different from ours once existed. It feels incredible."
    Rin "The so-called world is so wide. It has been half a year since I came to the England and I already live such amazing life every day, how about you Shirou?"
    Shirou laughed wryly at Rin's words, "Of course.
    Shiro, "I feel the same Tohsaka. I realize my own insignificance."
    Shirou "Becoming a Master, fighting alongside Saber, and surviving the Holy Grail War. At that time, I was proud of myself, thinking that I could do it if I did. Although this conceited thought disappeared the next day"
    Rin "That's right. You have not changed at all, Shiro. You could have gotten a little more carried away."
    Shirou "At that time I just could not understand the reason, but now it is very clear. The Holy Grail War was an incredible event, but in this world, it's only one of many."
    Shirou "I have not grown at all since I survived the Grail War. It's like taking one step forward but then another step backwards."
    Rin "Uh-huh. That is, the positive and the negative, right?
    "I'm not sure how to describe it," Shirou praised Rin's words, but shook his head lightly.
    Shirou "Even so, there are still things that remain. There are still things that have changed. Even though I haven't grown myself, I've just realized that the battle was really special."
    Shirou smiled with embarrassment.
    Rin was satisfied with Shirou's answer and (closing his eyes) nodded, and after a while retorted.
    Rin "I'm the opposite of you," Rin said. "I never thought it was anything special"
    Shirou "(Surprised) Huh?"
    Rin "I'm not like you. I never thought it was anything special."
    Rin: "The Holy Grail War and the magecraft taught at the Clock Tower are not special things."
    Rin "The so-called magecraft is just to make the past remain and spread on to the present, so that many past events and the ideas of many people can lead to the future. This is the basis of all learning. This is what human beings are supposed to do. So, whether it is the Grail War or the present day that we are living through, fundamentally, there is no difference."
    Rin: "You have used the power of Saber, and Saber has also used the power of her predecessors during his lifetime."
    //Rin "We are also the same. I don't know how many years from now, someone might also use the things we have left behind."
    //This is an alternate line that can be deleted due to its length.
    Rin "This is the meaning that linked us together. We can't move forward on our own, but we can move forward with the help of everything that mankind has done so far.
    Even though I knew it well, I couldn't really feel it in the past. The inside of the Clock Tower is really this kind of past resentment, right?
    After all, it's been tainted with stereotypes. Even though I'm studying every day, I feel like I'm always being questioned by someone, "Answer me, what did you accumulate?""
    Even though the words were heavy, Rin said them in a relaxed manner.
    Shirou couldn't stop looking at the side of Rin's face like that, and he understood.
    Shirou "I see. --So it's only natural."
    //Rin "That's right. We're in the middle of an extremely long, yet extravagant and wonderful relay race."
    //Candidates for deletion. Maybe that's a little too much of a summary.
    The sun was beginning to sink towards the horizon in the west.
    Glastonbury is shrouded in dusk.

    ●Moving train (evening)
    The huge sunset sinks into the distant mountains.
    The surrounding fields are tinged with dark red.

    ●Inside the moving train
    The sunset shines through the window.
    Rin and Shirou are sitting in the compartment.
    Rin was sitting across from Shiro, taking a nap.
    Shirou "......"
    He was looking at Rin's sleeping posture with her cheeks in her hands.
    A happy expression. She was shaking and sleeping soundly. Shirou also became sleepy and squinted his eyes.
    Suddenly, there was a figure standing next to Shirou...
    "I've kept you waiting"
    The voice of Issei came.

    ●Two Years Ago - Classroom of 2-C (Evening)
    The sun was setting and shining through the window.
    Shirou put his hand on the table and was nodding off with his cheek.
    He woke up when he heard Issei's voice. Issei is standing beside him.
    Shirou looks at Issei.
    Shirou "You're finally here..."
    He stretched up his hand and yawned.
    Issei "My bad, my bad. I had a lot of work to do after the final ceremony."
    Shirou "So, what do you want to fix today?"
    He stood up and said.

    ●The hallway
    Shirou and Issei left the classroom together.
    Shirou "How's the temple?
    Issei "We're starting to rebuild the main hall. A lot of people are coming to help. This is the most important time for the monks' virtue to be tested."
    Shirou "Oh, that's right. Well, I won't worry about it with Issei and Reikan-san."
    Issei "My practice is still far from enough. I still admire you all."
    Shiro, "That's right. I'll go help after the visit."
    Kazunari "Visiting ...... By the way, that Matou. I heard that he's going to be discharged soon, so it's good that he's recovering."

    ●Memories- Hospital Ward (afternoon)
    Shirou is talking to Sakura in the corridor outside the ward.
    Sakura apologizes to Shirou for being shut out when Shinji doesn't want to receive a visit.
    Shirou laughs and says, "Don't worry about it."
    Shirou walks out of the hospital.
    Shinji looks at Shirou from the window of his room.
    The curtains that swayed in the wind hid Shinji's expression. It is only to give the audience the impression that something behind him has disappeared.

    ●School - First Floor Corridor (Evening)
    Shirou and Issei walk down the stairs to the first floor.
    Issei: "Oh, his sister visits him every day."
    Shiro "Yeah. It seems that Shinji has relented. In the face of Sakura's patient insistence, he had to give up and accept being cared."
    At that moment, Taiga came out of the office.
    Taiga "(looking at the two) ah, Yanagi-dong students. I just want to see you."

    ●School - Office (Evening)
    There is a cardboard box on the tidied up table.
    Inside it are Kuzuki's personal belongings - even so, there are only a few notebooks and textbooks.
    Shiro, Issei and Taiga look at these things.
    Taiga "It's been a month since I've heard anything... There will be a new teacher for the new semester..."
    Issei "(to Taiga) Kuzuki-sensei personal belongings are going to be sent to our family for safekeeping."
    Taiga "I also think it'd be better that way."
    Issei picked up a library textbook (collection of poems?) from the cardboard box,
    Issei "(quietly) ......"
    Shirou "Issei ......"
    Issei: "I think he was alone when he appeared in the temple, and he should be alone when he left."
    Issei smiled lonely.
    Taiga, "I feel the same loneliness, He's such a rare tea buddy"
    Shirou "(Unexpectedly) Fuji-nee and Kuzuki-sensei ......?"
    Taiga "I've always wanted to spar with Kuzuki-sensei once. Although he never mentions it, I think he must have a rank."
    Taiga made an empty swing of her bamboo sword.
    Shirou "(admiringly) As expected from Fuji-nee. What a terrifying wild instinct"
    Taiga "Heh?"

    The hallway on the first floor of the same building
    Shirou and Issei came out of the office and Rin was standing by the window.
    Issei: "Wow, Tohsaka!
    Shirou "also startled," "Tohsaka"
    Rin approached the two of them.
    Rin: "I saw you guys walking into the office.
    Issei: "What are you trying to do?"
    Rin: Ara, Seitokaichou. Do you have to inspect the campus even on the day of graduation? Or are you going to search all the classrooms?"
    Issei: "Of course. If you don't do it, discipline will be disrupted. This is a daily duty that we must do every day."
    Rin "Well, it must hard for you. I like your kind of place"
    Issei "!!"
    Issei became flustered
    Rin" By the way, Emiya-kun. After you finish helping the Seitokaichou, let's go home together. I'll be waiting in the classroom until you come."
    Issei was surprised by Rin's speech.
    Issei "You, what did you say ......!"
    Rin "Bye then"
    Rin left with a brisk pace.
    Ichisei still has not recovered from the shock.
    Ichinari "What the hell is going on here, Emiya. What is the relationship between you and that vixen...!"
    Shirou "...Well, even if you ask me what the relationship is, I don't know how to answer..."
    Shirou was vague.
    Issei "I see, it's a curse, right? That woman caught your weakness didn't she, Emiya!
    Shirou "Ah~... Well, if I must say, I was indeed caught by her."
    Issei "So, that's really what happened...! Damnit, that damn Tohsaka, I just can't leave her alone anymore......!
    Issei's fighting spirit was ignited.
    Shirou smiled helplessly.

    ●The same classroom of the second year A class (evening)
    Shirou entered inside.
    The classroom was illuminated by the evening sun.
    Rin was sitting alone at the window seat, waiting.
    Rin was slightly surprised to see Shiro.
    Rin "Huh. Don't you have to go help the Seitokaichou?"
    Shirou "I don't think I need to do that today. ......"

    ●Memories - Same - Near the stairway (evening)
    Shirou and Issei were walking.
    They bumped into Mitsuzuri, who was wearing a bow-do uniform and came out from the shadow of the shoe cabinet.
    Mitsuzuri "Ahh~! (pointing at Issei) Wait, Seitokaichou. What's with that preliminaries?
    Misuzu asked Issei.
    Issei "What did you say when you came up here...?
    Misuzu "Why do we have to cut our club funding?"
    Kazunari "It's not just the archery department. All the club funds have been re-examined."
    Misuzu "I can't accept that!"
    In the face of the fierce Mitsuzuri
    Ichisei: "(Asking for help) Emiya."
    Shirou "You can do it yourself.
    Shirou turned back.
    Issei "Emiya?
    Mitsuzuri "Don't try to escape. Explain it clearly to me!"
    Shirou took the first step and ran away.
    When he left, he met with Mitsuzuri's eyes and waved his hand. When asking Issei, she also raised a hand to greet him quietly.

    ●The camera cuts back to the classroom of the same second year A class (classroom).
    From outside the open window, there was a shouting sound from the members of the sports club.
    Rin sat on the table by the window and looked at the playground.
    Rin "(as if she saw something dazzling)......"
    Shirou is also standing beside Rin, looking at the playground.
    The athletic team is running on the track.
    The trio of Makidera, Himuro, and Saegusa can be seen among them.
    Rin: "Hey, Emiya-kun, have you ever been in track and field before?"
    Rin suddenly asked Shirou,
    Shirou "Track and field? No, I've only been in the Archery Club before.
    Rin "....... Well, this kind of thing happens all the time, too. After seeing the sunset, I remembered something."
    Shiro "......"
    Rin "By the way, time flies so fast. The Holy Grail War is over and Shirou has become my disciple for a month. I always feel that with this rhythm, a whole year will pass in the blink of an eye."
    Shirou "I will say goodbye to this school then"
    Rin hugged her knees on the table.
    Rin: "Nee. What are you going to do after graduation, Emiya-kun?
    Shiro "Eh?"
    Rin "I will go to London after I graduate. Because this time I got a recommendation from the Magic Association."
    Shiro "London, the headquarters the Magic Association!?. That Clock Tower...!?"
    Rin "I was invited as the heir of the Tohsaka House. In this way, it's all right to bring an apprentice there."
    Shiro "Um, that's"
    Rin "You guessed it"
    Shirou "..."
    Shirou didn't know how to answer, and was a bit frightened.
    Rin giggled.
    Rin "Nee. What would you do, Shirou?"
    For a moment, Shiro's face turned red.
    Shiro "(stammering) ...... really, you just know how to grasp someone else's weakness..."
    Rin "What?"
    Shiro "Uh... I, um--"
    Rin "Be clear, this is important. Do you want to come with me?"
    Looking into the blushing Shirou's dignified eyes.
    The shy Shirou was reflected,
    Shirou "....don't ask me such an obvious question.""
    For Shirou, this is a confession of doing his best.
    Hearing these words, Rin showed a full smile.
    Rin "Okay. Then, from now on, please give me more advice, Emiya-san. You must be aware that until you become an independent magician, I will train you without hesitation".
    Shiro "Sounds really reliable ...... but is it okay just to care about me?"
    Rin "Well. After all, my ambition is to make Shiro a normal person who can feel happy from the bottom of his heart."
    The scene is fixed on Rin's smiling face and fades out.
    //After the fade-out, you can insert a picture of the wilderness and return to reality. Contrast the hopeful memories of Rin with the wilderness scene full of anxiety.

    ●Now——in the moving train
    Shirou suddenly woke up.
    It was dark outside the window. Rin is still sleeping.
    Shirou gazed at Rin's sleeping face tenderly.
    Shirou "...a magus who lives on his own. First of all, I really have to start here."
    Shirou looked down at his hand and said in a monologue.
    While worrying about "what I can do, which direction should I go?" and decided what he would do now, Shirou lifted his face.
    In front of his line of sight was an idyllic landscape that was gradually being swallowed up by the dark blue.
    The sunset glow disappeared, and only the blurred remnants of the sun seemed to be burning, swaying on the horizon.

    ●London Clock Tower Corridor - Evening
    //Few days after returning from Glastonbury.
    Corridor of the Clock Tower. There are no other figures besides Shirou. Shirou walked out of the professor's room.
    He just declined the invitation to join the Clock Tower and left the room.
    //When leaving the room, giving a gift and closing the door, the hand movements should be shortened because of the expression of "finishing the meeting with the important people."
    Halfway through, he passed by the long-haired man. That is El-Melloi II.
    After being separated (about two meters), Lord El-Melloi II stopped, did not look back at Shirou, but spoke back to back.
    II "Pardon me for the intrusion. You're the exchange student from Japan?"
    Shirou stopped.
    //In terms of mood, I don't want Shirou to turn around, but if the picture is strange, you can make Shirou turn around.
    Shiro "That would be Tohsaka."
    Faced with Shirou's humble answer, II appeared to be unhappy and replied.
    II "I know that. I was referring to you. You are from Japan's Fuyuki, correct?"
    Shirou's eyes widened when he heard Fuyuki's words.
    II continued impatiently.
    II "You don't look like someone who aspires to become a mage. You're probably an outsider who was caught up in the ritual and probably missed your chance to get out?
    I find it hard to understand. After survive that troublesome war, why would you come to the Clock Tower? To what ends do you intend to learn magecraft?"
    II's words seems to be looking for a fight, but in fact his question contains sincere feelings.
    Shiro thought about it seriously, and then,
    Shirou "...That's right."
    Shiro ""Even thought I've learned a lot since I came here, I'm always confused about various things.
    Shiro "But I wanted to believe in what I believe in. For this, I am willing to dedicate my life for that."
    After thinking carefully, Shirou responded sentence by sentence. Shirou himself cut off his confusion through this act of answering.
    II "What, exactly?"
    Shiro "Well, I also know this sounds dumb. But, I really want to become something, like a hero of justice."
    Shirou laughed at himself, raising his face, just like himself who once said, "I really can't help it."
    He sighed dumbfounded at himself, and showed a wry smile acknowledging that "I can't help it."
    II "I see. Looks like another idiot has arrived."
    The second sneered at this.
    //If he's smoking a cigar, he can also spit out smoke rings in a daze.
    In fact, to the Second Lord, Shirou’s ideal was like a speech from a fool.
    II "--but the so-called mage is an existence that pursues self-interest. I believe that no one in this academy will laugh at your ideas."
    The II never looked back, and went straight away.
    To him, Shirou Emiya was an unrelated person; to Shirou, El-Melloi II was also an unrelated person. Their relationship is only as long as they wait side by side for the traffic lights at the intersection. It's just that the two people standing together chatting, but they talking to each other with life quotes.
    Shirou glanced at the back of the Second Lord for a moment, and then took steps with his back facing him.

    ●Rin's room in the evening
    Continuing the scene of the conversation with King II in the corridor of the clock tower.
    Shirou returned to Rin's apartment in the evening.
    While waiting for Shirou to return home, Rin fiddled with the pendant (ruby).
    Seeing Shirou's return, Rin put the pendant in his pocket and started a conversation.
    Shiro "? Don't you have something to do tonight?"
    Rin "Yes, but I have to wait for Shirou to come back."
    Rin replied coldly with a stern face.
    Rin wanted to cut directly to the topic, but it was difficult to speak, and she swallowed the words again, but she immediately cheered up and threw the topic.
    Rin "So. How about the enrollment?"
    Shiro "Well, I refused!"
    Shirou said with a cheerful smile.
    Rin scratched her head with an expression of "Ah~, as expected."
    Shiro "Huh? By the way, how did you know about my recruitment invitation?"
    Rin "Of course I know. How could you not tell me in advance. In terms of form, you are my apprentice."
    Rin raised his arms and snorted with a crooked face.
    Shirou noticed that, knowing everything, Rin put Shirou's judgment first.
    Shiro "I see... Thank you, Tohsaka. But your tenderness is still so incomprehensible."
    Shirou smiled bitterly at Rin's pains. Just like Archer who once said, "Your cuteness is really incomprehensible."
    Rin snorted shyly, then sneered. Rin can finally put on a (cute) expression of dissatisfaction now, playing arrogantly.
    Rin "Huh, you shouldn't say thanks. If Shirou doesn't enter the clock tower, it means that I will be driven out of here in two years. You should say I'm sorry, right"
    Shiro "? No, I can only stay for two more years, but Tohsaka is—"
    Rin "Ugh, why don't you understand, you idiot Shirou!"
    Rin, I said I wanted you to grow up to be independent, didn't I? You're the priority over the clock tower. If I leave my gaze, the hero of justice will be stuck in something again".
    Shiro's face flushed immediately upon hearing Lin's words.
    Shiro "...But, is it really okay? I have been thinking since then, but in the end, I still seem to be unable to change my way of living. Although I know that I am wrong, I cannot change the path. As that guy said, I'll probably end up the same as him—"
    Rin "Yes. I feel the same about it. Shirou was wrong from beginning to end. But, as long as we can win in the end, isn't that enough?"
    Shirou confided in a weak mood.
    Rin resolutely denied it.
    Shiro "?"
    Shirou raised his face, and Rin said with a loving smile on her face.
    Rin "For example, it is also moving toward the wilderness, along the same road and the same direction, without change. However, where you can go may be different. The important thing is where you can reach and how far you can go right?"
    Rin "It doesn't matter if the place you arrive is still the same. As long as you continue to move on, you will definitely have the right ending."
    Rin's words revealed that she was deeply proud of Shirou's life.
    "I really didn't take you away," Shirou smiled bitterly in his heart. The expression was similar to that of Emiya Kiritsugu's dying smile.
    Shirou "I see. If it can be done, it would be great. No, I will try to do it."
    Rin "No problem. Because you have already got the answer from the beginning."
    Shirou remembered Rin's words in his heart, stretched out his hand, and Rin held his hand back with a smile on his face.
    Shiro "But, is it really okay? This is a very important place for Tohsaka, isn't it?"
    Rin, "I’m fine. In the end, I should settle down at the Clock Tower, but until I’m satisfied, I want to see many things around. It’s the so-called traveling around the countries. So, until then, we will be together. Right?"
    Shirou expressed his gratitude for Rin's words, and nodded as if gritted his teeth.
    Shiro "Then it's the opposite. This time it's my turn to take Tohsaka around."
    Rin "Well, it's just three years later. In any case, our future will be full of joy and hardship, traveling around the world, and finally ushering in a happy ending."
    The two smiled at each other.
    Rin "The time is almost up. Luvia invited me to the party, so you should go with me. This time, she must fully understand whose disciple Shirou is."
    Shirou urged Rin to go out in hurry.
    Rin hid the pendant in the gem box, closing the box as if announcing parting, and chased after Shirou.
    The camera stays in an empty room, on top of the box with the pendant, and then gradually fades out. Fin.
    //I want to show here that because Rin didn't give the pendant to Shirou → Shirou did not carry the pendant, so he will became a different person from Emiya.


    ●Scene in the wasteland
    After ED. The same wasteland scene as the beginning.
    Shirou was walking alone. Exhausting his strength, he stopped. To avoid the sandstorm, he lowered his head and saw the traces of someone who had existed before (where Archer stopped).
    Shirou exhaled and raised his face. Although the expression is brave, it is also full of hope.
    Shirou stepped on a steady step and continued to move forward.
    The camera stays at the traces left by Archer, watching the back of Shirou who is gradually going away until the end.
    //You can also join Archer, who is watching Shirou who stopped.
    At this time, it should be noted that Emiya is an abandoned shadow, but he has no resentment or hatred for himself passing by (gradually away). Just a little, narrowed his eyes as if seeing something dazzling, watching his back. You don't need to say the lines of "Youth marching toward the wilderness", just reflect this meaning.

  12. 12.0 12.1 12.2 12.3 12.4 12.5
    [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - Theory of Magic - The two great forces in the Thaumaturgy world: Mage's Association, p.051

    “Clock Tower”, the Highest Institute of Magic
    The Clock Tower, the core of the Association and in fact what could also be said to be the Association itself, is based in the British museum of London. Magi from all over the world gather and devote themselves day and night to the study of magic, while at the same time, are busily tripping over and being tripped over by other factions and competing for power and budget. The organization is anything but harmonious and has a complicated bizarre structure, but the magical research there is without doubt the leading edge.

    Below the building, there is the magi’s research area which includes studies and archives. It is only a venerable museum to normal people of course, but at the deepest part, there is a special area (prison?) called the “Bottom of the Bridge” where the Association confines many sealing designated magi deemed to be “dangerous because their talents were too outstanding.” Also, apparently the Gazamy the “Evil Spook”, treated as the number one disaster in the Association, is locked up at the bottom of the London tower.

    The person of highest position in the Clock Tower, the “Director” has been the same person for the 2000 years since the founding of the organization, and because of this is thought to be something more than human.

    The organization handling patents relating to magic is also the Clock Tower, and the current finances of the Tohsaka family is being by covered by the patent royalties that are being transferred to their account.

    Ranks of Magi
    A magus is given a “rank” that matches his ability. The highest is said to be Crown (Grand), but details on it are unknown. Note that Lord El-melloi II, lecturer at the Clock Tower who has produced many Grands among his pupils, is stuck in the mediocre “fourth rank” for some reason.

    Color ranks
    Separate from the normal ranks, color-based titles are given to those that have become special.
    The highest are red, blue, and yellow based on the three primary colors. After that, there are the combined colors of orange, purple, green, black, and so on. The further down you go, the less your rank is. Note that there is no rule about only one person for each color. The Association will, without any stinginess, award a color to you if you’re a magus of great stature or one with an unusual talent.

    Sealing Designation Enforcers
    If you receive a “sealing designation”, you will be confined and even your magic research will be gone, not to mention your freedom. Thus, the person given that designation will of course desperately resist that and won’t stop fighting. To forcefully retrieve magi who were qualified enough to be given a sealing designation, the Association dispatches “Enforcers.” There are around 30 of them total, and Bazett is one of them.

    Lords, consuming their time in power struggles
    In the Magic Association, no rather, the Clock Tower, there are a number of families that hold sway. They are called Lords and are the objects of fear. There are three major families of Lords and about 20 families of relatives. These families are well-known even in normal society. The history of one family is at shortest 500 years and the longest is over 2000 years. They have been plotting and plotting since a staggeringly long past.

    The Sea of Estray, together with the Atlas Institute, is an organization called the original form of the Magic Association.
    Among the founders of the Magic Association, there had been many heretical magi who were exiled from the Sea of Estray and the Atlas Institute and had no place left to go.
    The base of the Sea of Estray is in Northern Europe. This base, with the nickname of the Moving Stone Coffin, is itself a moving mountain range. Normally it is wandering at sea as its name suggests, but sometimes it comes up on dry land.
    It seems they research mainly body alteration, but the specifics are unknown.

    *What is an alchemist?
    One who studies the flow of matter. That is what an alchemist is. The alchemists of the Clock Tower created products like the homunculi of the Einzbern by merging with western magery.
    However, the ultimate goal of the alchemists of the Atlas Institute is set even closer to the original ideology, as the "transformation of events". The often spoke-up "transformation of base metal to gold" in alchemy is, to the members of the Atlas Institute, mere "transformation of matter" and is nothing more than a primitive art far removed from their ideals. Their alchemy is an advancement of the metallurgy of ancient Egypt, the root of the discipline, and has not been influenced by western magery like the alchemy that the Clock Tower magi handle.

  13. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: Characters, p.134

    Q: How does Tohsaka Rin pay for her living expenses when she is performing sorcery using such valuable jewels? Is she eating up her parents’ inheritance? Has she taken up a part-time job like Shirou? Or has she turned her hand to some other trade?

    Q: How does Tohsaka Rin pay for her living expenses when she is performing sorcery using such valuable jewels? Is she eating up her parents’ inheritance? Has she taken up a part-time job like Shirou? Or has she turned her hand to some other trade?

    A: The Tohsaka family is still relatively wealthy because it receives royalties from magical patents (theories and rituals used at the Clock Tower. Like real-life patents.), and as a result their income is surprisingly high. Even without any additional revenue, annual income is roughly #0,000,000 yen. ...Although, Rin feels a bit ashamed of this since it’s all thanks to the work of previous generations.

    Q:高価の宝石を消費する魔術を使う遠坂凛ですが、彼女はどうやって生活費を捻出しているのでしょうか? 両親の貯蓄を食いつぶしている? 士郎の様にバイトしている? それとも株に手を出しているのでしょうか?


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    Professors on active teaching duty at the hub set up a London residence. Although the Clock Tower is fundamentally a research institution, their home (headquarters) so to speak are their department's cities.
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    As she’s enjoying this current era while escaping the sound of the bell, this mage runs into a fate that’s connected to her past.
    In front of this ritual related to the “Root,” what is the meaning of her grief.

    “So is this telling me to take care of my childhood memories?
    Tch, what a clever thing to bring out now.”



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    In addition, this division is also responsible for actually progressing research into Albion. Since the disappearance of the criminal Gazamy at the end of the last century, Albion has continued to undergo extreme changes, working this department down to the bone.


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    The dean of the Department of Summoning. The Department of Summoning is a subordinate organization to the Department of Spiritual Evocation, which ended up being regarded very highly only in the “Fate/Apocrypha” world. As you all already know, subspecies Holy Grail Wars are held all over the place in the “Apo” world, so the Association of Magi had to quickly form countermeasures. At first, every magecraft department even slightly linked to Servant summoning techniques were scrambling to reap the benefits before each other, causing ugly conflicts to continue even after a Holy Grail War ended, so it was decided to treat “everything related to Servants of the Holy Grail War” under the category of “summoning”, entrusting all responsibility to an assured conservative in the Association.
    That conservative is this old man, Rocco Belfegan. Status-wise, he is effectively a “proxy Lord”. Of course, since there is a conservative faction, there is also a reformist faction, and they strongly recommended Lord El Melloi II, who survived the largest-scale subspecies Holy Grail War in history, for the position instead. (However, the El Melloi clan’s stance is conservative, and El Melloi II’s own position is neither conservative nor reformist, maintaining a complicatedly neutral stance.)
    Fortunately, both of them are well aware of the threat of subspecies Holy Grail Wars, and their views match in that they prioritize resolving the situation over the gains for their respective factions.
    Rocco is a collection maniac, and yet by contrast is quite sloppy with what he collects. He’s the type to be completely neglectful by using Mystic Codes that activate just by having them on hand. He has stated in quite a carefree manner, “It’s fine as long as I have just Mystic Codes that resist against curses”. No, it’s not fine. He doesn’t involve himself much with the students, so there are lots of rumors like “The old man’s private room is becoming more and more of an entirely different world every year” about him.


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    Having been fortunate with money for generations, the Norwich family has a tradition of adopting people of interest, causing the name to spread throughout the Clock Tower. Once upon a time, Adashino Hishiri and Heartless bore the name, but later cut their ties with them. Neither of which was a particular concern to Norwich, due to their strict philosophy of “It’s not worth pursuing those who flee.”
    The name Norwich came to be associated with the Faculty of Modern Magecraft due to the strong backing the Norwich family provided when it was being set up as one of the twelve main Faculties of the Clock Tower.
    While the current head of Norwich has taken an interest in El-Melloi II, due to their complex political situation, Reines has decided it is best for them to keep their distance. After all, she had long since given up hope for her brother to possess such a sense for politics.


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    For a time the El-Melloi Classroom was the only place teaching Modern Magecraft, so there are some who use the terms interchangeably. Strictly speaking, however, the El-Melloi Classroom is only a single part of the Faculty of Modern Magecraft, a small seminar of about fifteen students. Including auditing students, that number jumps to about fifty. Left alone, there would be a flood of students joining officially, but there may or may not exist a self-governing body of students within the classroom keeping strict control of it. And there may or may not be a black market for tickets to gain entry.
    In one memory scene, Waver borrows money from Melvin in order to purchase the classroom. Really what he is purchasing is “the right of have a classroom in the headquarters of the Clock Tower.” A classroom in the Clock Tower is something like a castle, so at the time Waver had to borrow enough money to buy a castle.
    Furthermore, during the course of the events of Case Files, the number of teachers and students in the Faculty of Modern Magecraft grew considerably, reaching the numbers they have today.


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    Though his Magic Circuits and family history were nothing particularly special, he had an oddly broad number of connections in the Clock Tower, and boasted a number of underhanded tricks. Up until El-Melloi II’s abduction by Reines, a large portion of the Classroom’s ability to run smoothly could be traced back to this man.


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    A Master of the Black camp, and a member of the Yggdmillennia clan. He comes from the Forvedge family. He specializes in summoning low-class spirits, insects and animals. Fiore was born with exceptional Magic Circuits that appear in someone only once in a hundred years, but since it was uncertain whether the paralysis of her legs could be cured, the present head of the Forvedge family had his wife give birth to Caules as both a spare successor and a caretaker for Fiore.
    Unfortunately, a miracle didn’t occur a second time, and when he saw Caules’ mediocrity that embodied the decline of the Forvedge family, the family head decided that Fiore should be made the successor even if her legs didn’t function and ordered Caules to be her caretaker.
    Caules himself studied magecraft while half-resigning himself to a carefree life. But as time went on, he began to feel a slight sense of impending crisis not only in Fiore, but the entire Forvedge family. It was fine for their parents to thoroughly drive the teachings of magecraft into Fiore by personally educating her, but as a result, Fiore ended up growing up as an unfortunate young lady who did not know a single thing outside of magecraft…!
    Therefore, the only thing he could do was meddle in his older sister’s affairs as a helpful younger brother. Even during the Holy Grail War, he went with Fiore to Romania as her backup. There, Command Spells appeared on him and he ended up being made in charge of Berserker.
    He essentially followed the creed that magecraft is an accessory to human life, and he had not the slightest intention to devote his entire life to magecraft. But, his slightly pessimistic way of thinking seems to have greatly changed over of the course of the Great Holy Grail War. His way of thinking is simple and dry, and if he were to have faced his sister in a regular Holy Grail War, Fiore would have forever despaired after killing him, but Caules would have resolved himself after having first despaired and unhesitatingly killed her. In other words, his consciousness as a magus is greater than Fiore in a certain sense.
    At the same time, Caules also has abundant present-day knowledge, and he was the one to teach Fiore about cell phones. By daring to rely on technology, he gained some leeway and flexibility in that area, and he tried to expand his poor specs as a magus even slightly. Though he has much more leeway after having the family’s Magic Crest transplanted in him, he is still far from being a first-class magus.
    After the Great Holy Grail War, he spent his days in shame while being watched by the Association of Magi in London… However, one day, Caules had his class changed with a single phrase by a certain long-haired and mean-eyed person with a very high position, who told him, “Why are you studying this kind of magecraft which doesn’t suit you? Your talent is much more suited to this, you know?”, and before he realized it, he was surrounded by classmates who were dangerous in terms of both talent and personality while he was still in a daze.
    “No way, I want to live a normal and mediocre life. I don’t want to get involved with these people.” Dear Caules-kun thought this while sighing softly as he gave a sidelong glance at the optimistic and thoughtless genius who was making a ruckus in a nearby seat.
    …It seems that person will be making an appearance in a different work soon, but don’t mind, don’t mind.


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