Command Spells in Fate/stay night, Fate/Zero, Fate/EXTRA, and Fate/Prototype

Other Command Spells

The Command Spells (令呪, Reiju?, also romanized as "Command Seals") are three claims of absolute obedience, the crystallization of a great magic, that a Master has over a Servant in the Holy Grail War system. Unable to normally be controlled by humans, they are burdened by the "absolute condition for materialization", the authority of the Command Spell carved into them at the moment of summoning. They are holy marks signifying a magi's status as a Master, a system that was created by Zouken Makiri after the failure of the First Holy Grail War. Only known to the Three Founding Families and Supervisor, their truest purpose is to allow the winner of the Grail to force the Servant to kill themselves so that the ritual to reach the Root with all seven Heroic Spirits can be completed.

Obtaining Command Spells[]

The Fuyuki Holy Grail grants a total of twenty-one Command Spells in each war. Masters obtain three Command Spells, and Servants have no choice but to cooperate with their Masters due to their hold over them. Depending on the nature of the Servant, such binding is not necessary, while others may slay their Master instantly should all three be lost. They disappear as they are used up, and it can be said that a Master who uses up all three loses authority over their Servant. Even if a Master contracts with multiple Servants at once, they will only be given a total of three Command Spells that can be used on any contracted Servant.[1] It is possible to steal more from other Masters or receive more from the overseer depending on circumstances, and it is also possible that anyone interfering with the activities of the Church will have their Command Spells decreased. Their loss does not indicate forfeiture of position in the Grail War, as the contract with the Servant is also part of being a Master.

Once all Command Spells have been given out, or even if fake substitute Command Spells are created in the case of Caster's contract with Assassin, new proper Command Spells will not be created with the addition of a new contract.[2] Command Spells do not disappear simply with the loss of a Servant, but instead only when one gives up or loses their right to be a Master.[3] With regular Masters, this happens instantly upon losing their Servant, and only members of the Three Founding Families have shown the ability to exercise the authority of a Master even without a Servant. They will not lose their Command Spells so long as there exist Servants without established contracts.[4] When Kirei Kotomine regains new Command Spells when six established contracts still remain in the Fourth Holy Grail War and without him being of the Three Founding Families, it is an unprecedented feat explained only by the Grail itself having high expectations of him and the unconscious desire in his heart.[4]

Lost Command Spells are reclaimed by the Grail during the Holy Grail War and can be redistributed to new contractors who take on a Servant who has lost their Master. While searching for new Masters, it will prioritize those who had been previously chosen. The Church provides protection to Masters without Servants for the reason of them having greater chance of obtaining leftover Command Spells. Masters aim to kill other Masters rather than simply cut off their combat effectiveness so that they will not be able to take up another contract in the future. Of the Command Spells that are left after the Holy Grail War, they are amassed in the hands of the supervisor and commissioned for safekeeping. It is possible to keep a contract after the Holy Grail War has ended, as the only issue is the added strain on the magus after the support from the Grail in the upkeep of the Servant stops.

Within the Moon Cell Holy Grail War, the Command Spells are considered part of the right to participate, so the loss of all three means immediate forfeiture even if their Servant is still alive. Masters are capable of using all three, but only two can effectively be used if they are attempting to win the war. They can freely use them on the Far Side, but would immediately be deleted upon returning to the proper Holy Grail War. As Gilgamesh is a Servant beyond the ability of the Moon Cell to fully control, he displays the ability to collect Command Spells and grant them to his Master, making him a Servant capable of destroying the very premise of the Holy Grail War. After winning the Moon Holy Grail War, Hakuno Kishinami appears to be able to regenerate their Command Spells, possibly through the authority of the Regalia.

In Fate/Grand Order, the Chaldea Security Organization discovered a way to replenish a Master's Command Spells through special technology. However, the restoration process requires a full day to regenerate a single Command Spell.

"After" the Holy Grail War in Fate/Requiem is a world where everybody has a Holy Grail inside their hearts, a partner Servant chosen from birth, and Command Spells to go with them. Command Spells can be used to change the physical age of peoples' bodies or activate their Servants' Noble Phantasm, and the strokes of the Command Spells regenerate over time. Chitose Manazuru is the only person left who still has the old style of Command Spells that disappear for good once used.


Shirou's Command Seals

Command Spells appear on those selected by the Holy Grail, some of which have been shown to manifest three years before the event. It is normal that the Grail decides on those it deems worthy and have a reason to seek it. Those of the founding families are guaranteed a spot, and if not enough people arrive to fill all seven spots, irregulars will be chosen. While those of Kirei Kotomine fully manifest on him before the war, those of Shirou Emiya first appear as a faint bruise until he summons his Servant. The shape of the seals is different for each Master; they reflect the magical characteristic of the magus.[5] Shirou's take the shape of a sword, and Ryuunosuke Uryuu's Command Spells remind him of three intertwined snakes.

Chart showing the different parts of the Command Spells

The seals typically appear somewhere on the arm, looking like tattoos at first sight.[6] One unnamed Master in Fate/EXTRA mentions that his are on his lower back, negatively calling it a tramp stamp. Corresponding with the three uses, each has three parts to it, strokes, that fade upon usage. Once they are no longer a Master, they disappear completely, but traces can be seen. Upon receiving or losing Command Spells, there is often a slight pain. If the Master or Servant are in critical danger, it may throb to warn them.

Most Command Spells appear on the back of the right hand. Exceptions include:

The Command Spells in Fate/Prototype have specific ranks and placements. They follow an angel motif. Each has a number of "wings" related to the appearances of the Seals, and an Angel Rank corresponding to one of the types of angels within the angelic hierarchy.

War Rank Master Position Angel rank Wings Servant Servant rank
First 1 Manaka Sajyou Center of chest Seraphim 7 Saber Rank 1
First 2 Nigel Saward Eye Cherubim 6 Lancer Rank 4
First 3 Lord Reiroukan N/A Thrones 5 Caster Rank 6
First 4 Shizuri Isemi N/A Dominions 4 Rider Rank 5
First 5 Elza Saijo N/A Virtues 3 Archer Rank 3
First 6 Seiji Jinga N/A Powers 2 Assassin Rank 7
First 7 Tatsumi Kitano N/A Princes 1 Berserker Rank 2
Second 1 Manaka Sajyou Center of chest Seraphim 7 Beast N/A
Second 2 Misaya Reiroukan Neck Cherubim 6 Lancer Rank 4
Second 3 Aro Isemi‎ Left palm Thrones 5 Rider Rank 5
Second 4 Unknown Unknown Dominions 4 Unknown Unknown
Second 5 Archer's Master Left side of face Virtues 3 Archer Rank 3
Second 6 Unknown Unknown Powers 2 Unknown Unknown
Second 7 Ayaka Sajyou Center of chest Princes 1 Saber Rank 1
Second Void Sancraid Phahn Tongue N/A N/A Berserker Rank 2


Masters must take careful consideration of the usage of Command Spells, because they can be indispensable as both an emergency measure and method of governing the Servant. Depending on the relationship, they are the only thing keeping a Servant bound to them, while others will stay by their Master even without them, and those like powerful Berserkers cannot be ordered without them. Some Servants will become more antagonistic towards their Master should they attempt to bind them, so they pay careful consideration before using them. It is normal that a Master has general control of their Servant even outside of the Command Spells due to them being the anchor that ties them to the world with their magical energy. With those who have the Independent Action skill and can act independently from the Master, the Command Spells may be the only possible way to order them.

Command Spells require no incantation unlike normal spells, and the Master only needs to put their mind to it and order the Servant. Imagining the shape of the Command Spell and giving the order as they release it is enough to activate it. The proximity does not matter, allowing for it to take effect even if the Servant is miles away or through a Bounded Field advanced enough to cut off all other communication. It can be performed unconsciously if the command is direct enough, but will not be used if they are not serious about the Command.[7] The command needs to be put into words, so removing the jaw before it is fully spoken is enough to stop it. Cutting off the hand with the Command Spells just as the command is spoken is also able to keep it from coming into effect.

They are three absolute orders of unconditional obedience that can either restrain or reinforce the action of a Servant. While geas can control the actions of the recipient to an extent, they cannot take direct command of their life. Command Spells can force Servants to do anything possible for them, even committing suicide. The strength of the command depends on the Master, directness of the order, and the amount of energy it requires. Those that are broad and long lasting will weaken the power of the Command Spell. Though it will last for a long time, orders like "protect me through this" and "win this battle" will make the pain associated with the command weak enough for a Servant to disobey. Normally a command like "obey my every order completely" could not be done even with one hundred Command Spells, but a powerful enough Master can change the effect from "well, I'll respect Master's opinions slightly" to dropping them a rank if they disagree with the Master.

Commands with simple orders like "deliver the next blow with all your power" and "don't break that glass" are the most absolute of commands, and even the most powerful of Servants will find it hard to disobey. Those that both the Master and Servant agree upon are most powerful, allowing for them to go beyond the ability to enforce orders. Supporting and amplifying the Servant, miracles beyond their normal capabilities become possible. While most cannot use Spatial Transportation on their own, ordering "go", having enough energy, and having the Servant's consent allows the Command Spell to overturn the normal methods of magecraft to make it possible to reach into the unprecedented level of Magic. Even vague orders to win that are absolutely agreed upon by both parties can have a great effect in amplifying the Servant's energy so long as they are aspired towards victory. It can allow for a Noble Phantasm to exceed its normal maximum output and perform actions beyond its normal scope like distorting cause and effect to surely hit the target.[8] In temporarily strengthening a Servant, it converts its magical energy into energy for the Servant, enough to fill even Saber's enormous circuit.

Depending on the order, it will be impossible for the Servant to even try to resist beyond a few scant seconds of great pain. When forced to act, the Servant will use all of their abilities without any regard for their will. Like a machine, they can only watch and lament as they are manipulated. Weaker orders can be resisted at the cost of pain and decreased abilities. Those that are too broad can be almost completely ignored and have little lasting effect. Depending on the order, it will stay in effect for the duration of the Holy Grail War. It cannot be overturned by the Servant, and only the cancellation of the contract will cause it to stop being in effect. The only way to stop a direct order from a Command Spell is through the usage of another Command Spell to overwrite it.[9] Other types of orders can be removed without such a method, such as Kayneth rescinding his order for Lancer to fight Saber and Archer asking for approval from Rin to lift her command of not harming Shirou. If a Servant is fatally wounded, an order such as "heal right this instant" will result in the wound being temporarily sewed shut with a thread of magical energy, allowing the Servant to survive for a brief period; it does not, however, provide any actual medical treatment.[10] If a Servant is ordered to protect another person and that person may potentially seek to harm their Master, the Servant cannot work with that person unless they confirm their intentions.

While Servants can attempt to resist orders and fight against them to a certain extent, the ability to completely go against them is to "shake the very foundation of the Servant System."[11] As they are magecraft, the A-rank Magic Resistance of Saber and Rider of Black are great enough to repulse and withstand a single stroke of a Command Spell. Saber has shown that some commands can completely overwhelm her, while she can fight back against those she is vehemently against. Against that of Caster, she is shown to be constantly under the effect and would eventually succumb with time. Given that it takes most of their strength to resist, they feel as if they are being torn apart and do not have the strength to resist a second stroke, immediately being crushed under the weight of both commands. It is possible for a Servant to lose all sense of themselves and forget the command given to them.[12] Other means of resistance include:

  • Berserker is such a Servant that he could easily cancel the control of Command Spells of a normal Master, so he can only be controlled by Illyasviel von Einzbern's special Command Spells.[13]
  • Spartacus, the "hero of rebellion" who vehemently fights against such "shackles" and possesses an abnormal EX Mad Enhancement, will only be weighed down by a single Command Spell. He won't stop his advance or obey unless two are expended, and at the maximum level of Crying Warmonger where his energy goes beyond the binds of the Servant contract, even three would not be enough to stop him.[8][9]
  • Vlad III, after using Legend of Dracula and having Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia's soul fused into his own, becomes a monster that can no longer be called a Servant. He cannot be bound by Command Spells in such a state, and due to Darnic's influence, could reject even a command from Ruler to kill himself.[8]

As Command Spells and Magic Circuits are different systems of magecraft, it is possible to exercise them without the ability to circulate magical energy. They can be used and forged into highly practical magical energy that has no alignments, and enough of them can act as expandable mock Magic Crests capable of rivaling houses that have built their Magic Crests for generations. With enough Command Spells, it becomes possible to harm even a Servant.


Though they contain an enormous power and can be considered a kind of miracle, Command Spells are a form of exhaustible physical enchantment that can be transplanted or transferred through incantations. Depending on the willingness of the one losing the Command Spells, it can be done easily or forcibly with different methods. Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri's method of spiritual healing can only extract them with consent from the owner. Kirei Kotomine can use Spiritual Healing with a brief moment of pain to take Command Spells willingly. Jack the Ripper, admittedly not very good with transplant operations, can use her Surgical Procedure to transfer them in a process taking an hour. The Supervisor only needs to trace the marks on a Master's hand to transfer their Command Spells, but it is impossible to extract them by force with magecraft. They are protected by holy prayers, so only those who know the secret holy words may take them. Upon speaking the words, they are transferred one by one to the speaker.

As the Command Spells are integrated with the Magic Circuits, forcibly ripping off the Command Spells is roughly analogous to tearing out someone's nerves; therefore, if done poorly, the unfortunate victim can end up permanently crippled. Removing the limb and nerves containing the Command Spells allows for them to be taken and transferred at the person's leisure, but must be done before the original Master dies. No matter how superior of a magus, one cannot become a Master just by stealing a Command Spell because it is only something that can be done between Masters and Servants.[14]

Special Command Spells[]

Book of the False Attendant used by Shinji Matou

  • Book of the False Attendant (偽臣の書, Gishin no Sho?) - Normally a book created for magical contracts, it has been adapted to serve as a Command Spell to grant false ownership of a Servant to anyone. Created from a Command Spell, it is not the actual book that binds the Servant, but rather the Command Spell written in the book. While authority over the Servant is implanted in the book, the original Master must have at least one remaining Command Spell for it to be effective, else the fake right cannot fully bind the Servant. It is also a physical item susceptible to being burned, so it can be targeted to free the Servant. The Servant bound by it no longer receives magical energy from their real Master, so they must supplement it from elsewhere to stay manifested. It is connected to the Servant, so it bursts into flames upon their death.[15] The rights of the real Master are given up during this period, removing their Command Spells and making them into a normal magus until the book is destroyed.
  • Dark Sakura's Command Spell - Dark Sakura's connection with Avenger grants her a large Command Spell, what was previously the Shadow, that covers her body, acting like a dress instead of her wearing clothing. It does not appear to have any immediate function, and forcibly binds her body when she begins to reject it. Using Rule Breaker on it is able to break her connection to Avenger.
  • Dead Count Shapeshifter: Dragon Revelation Command Spells (竜告令呪(デッドカウント・シェイプシフター), Ryūkoku Reiju(Deddo Kaunto Sheipushifutā)?) - Special Command Spells gained upon taking in the heart of Siegfried, the homunculus Sieg is able to take on the form of Siegfried for three minutes per Command Spell.
  • Illyasviel von Einzbern's Command Spells - Illya, as the Holy Grail, has special Command Spells integrated with her Magic Circuit.[16] They are incomparably stronger than normal, so they can control Berserker, who could cancel the control of normal Command Spells. It is unknown if there is a limit to the number of commands she can make.
  • Imitation Command Spells - Due to being an improper Master summoning an improper Servant, Caster does not obtain Command Spells for summoning Assassin. She instead uses the power of the Greater Grail to forge herself an imitation Command Spell that is similar but not as powerful as the real thing.[17] Upon using Rule Breaker to steal Saber's contract, she appears to be branded with actual Command Spells.
  • Leftover Command Spells (預託令呪?) - Granted to the Supervisor of the Fuyuki Holy Grail War, they are those left unused from previous Holy Grail Wars. They appear on the arm of the Supervisor, stretching from the elbow to the wrist, and far outnumber those granted to a Master. They can be given to Masters at the discretion of the Supervisor, such as a reward granted for stopping a Master and Servant who could potentially disrupt the entire ritual.
  • Player's Command Spells - The Player obtains five special Command Spells from a mysterious woman for the False Holy Grail War. The ritual lacks a seventh Saber-class Servant, but he acts as the seventh Master. They each have the ability to summon a single Servant for up to five minutes, though the time can be lessened by using up too much energy or increased by taking in energy. There are a number of Heroic Spirits that can be selected, and multiple Servants can be summoned at once. Each Servant uses up a single stroke, and they can also be used like regular Command Spells.
  • Ruler Command Spells - Rulers obtain two Command Spells for every Servant summoned in a Holy Grail War from the Class Skill God's Resolution. During the Great Holy Grail War, Ruler obtains twenty-eight Command Spells from the fourteen summoned Servants. They can also transfer Command Spells to Masters like the Supervisor, but they cannot repurpose those of Masters.
  • Sirius Light (大令呪(シリウスライト), Dai Reiju(Shiriusu Raito)?) - Marisbury Animusphere was stated to have given the members of Chaldea's "A-team" special Command Spells in order to help them complete the Grand Orders. However, due to Lev Lainur Flauros betrayal, the members were unable to make use of them due to being put into comas. It was stated by Marisbury himself that these Command Spells possessed the unique power to "Overturn the world". Later after the Crypter's revival by the Alien God and being given their Lostbelts to oversee, the Sirius Light was now stated to grant them a level of Authority over their Lostbelts.

List of Command Spells[]

Kiritsugu Emiya Kirei Kotomine Kirei Kotomine Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri
Ryuunosuke Uryuu Waver Velvet Tokiomi Tohsaka Kariya Matou
Shirou Emiya Rin Tohsaka Bazett Fraga McRemitz Sakura Matou Atrum Galliasta
Caster Caster (Saber) Illyasviel von Einzbern Kirei Kotomine
Hakuno Kishinami Rin Tohsaka Rani VIII Leonardo B. Harwey Run Ru
Shinji Matou Dan Blackmore Alice Julius B. Harwey Monji Gatou
Twice H. Pieceman Jinako Carigiri Kiara Sessyoin Kazuhito Sakagami Izaya Kii
Leila Raidou HAKUNO Kishinami
Kairi Sisigou Shirou Kotomine Shirou Kotomine (Other) Rottweil Berzinsky Jean Rum
Cabik Pentel Deimlet Pentel Feend vor Sembren Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia Fiore Forvedge Yggdmillennia
Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia Roche Frain Yggdmillennia Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia Reika Rikudou
Sagara Hyouma Sieg Ruler
Ayaka Sajyou (Hand x 2) Ayaka Sajyou (Shoulder x 2) Ayaka Sajyou (Back) Tine Chelc Unnamed Master
Tubaki Kuruoka Orlando Reeve Jester Karture Flat Escardos Wolf
Faldeus Dioland Francesca Sigma Haruri Doris Lusendra
Bazdilot Cordelion Cashura
Manaka Sajyou Misaya Reiroukan Aro Isemi Unknown Master of Archer
Unknown Ayaka Sajyou Sancraid Phahn
Ritsuka Fujimaru (M) Ritsuka Fujimaru (F) Kirschtaria Wodime Ophelia Phamrsolone Kadoc Zemlupus
Scandinavia Peperoncino Hinako Akuta Beryl Gut Daybit Sem Void
Kanata Akagi Master of Assassin Major Magatsu Master of Caster Tsukumo Fujimiya (Older)
Erice Utsumi Chitose Manazuru Koharu F Riedenflaus
Master Artoria Bloomer Illya Doctor Heartless Luviagelita Edelfelt Norma Goodfellow
Olga Marie Animusphere (Learn with Manga) Olga Marie Animusphere

List of commands[]

Master Servant Order Effect
Caster Assassin "Assassin... Do you honestly believe you have a choice in this matter?" Assassin is forced to follow her command of guarding the temple gate. (Fate/unlimited codes)
Caster Assassin "How many times must I explain myself to you? Your desires mean absolutely nothing to me." Assassin is forced to fight Saber. (Fate/unlimited codes)
Caster Assassin "Assassin! I'm ordering you with a Command Spell! Stand up and fight Berserker! Fight to the very end!" Assassin's reserve energy is activated, and he defeats Berserker. (Fate/unlimited codes)
Caster Saber Saber is forced to kill Shirou Saber walks over mechanically and kills Shirou while unable to act against the order. (Fate - Witch's mark)
Caster Saber Caster orders Saber to kill Shirou and the others. Saber is caught by Rule Breaker while fighting Caster, and reenters the Emiya household unable to restrain herself as she attacks Shirou. (Fate - Walpurgis night)
Caster Saber "No, you obey me, Saber. You are mine now. You cannot disobey me as long as I have the Command Spell." Saber is forced to begrudgingly attack Shirou Emiya and Rin Tohsaka. After being told to finish them, Caster realizes that Saber's Magic Resistance is allowing her to stave off its full effects. (Unlimited Blade Works - Day 11)
Caster Saber Caster forces Saber to fight Caster uses a second Command Spell on the captive Saber to overwhelm her resistance and take full control of her, saving the last for her own protection. (Unlimited Blade Works - Sword and magic)
Atrum Galliasta Caster "Do not use your noble phantasm on me." Atrum orders Caster to not use her noble phantasm on him. (Before Fate/stay night)
Atrum Galliasta Caster Repeated orders Caster to kill herself Atrum attempts to use his second and third command spells to force Caster to take her own life. However, unknown to him, she had already used rule breaker on herself to nullify their contract. (Before Fate/stay night)
Avicebron Spartacus Caster commands Berserker to not try to fight Vlad III on the battlefield Although the command holds, Berserker is still unconsciously drawn towards the area where Lancer is fighting.
Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia Frankenstein "I order you with this Command Spell. Berserker, calm down." The command causes Berserker's agitated mental state to calm, filling her with logic and a reassuring feeling allowing her to reassess the situation. (Fate/Apocrypha)
Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia Frankenstein Caules strengthens Berserker to attack Saber of Red Although the blow causes damage, Saber remains standing and easily counterattacks. (Fate/Apocrypha)
Caules Forvedge Yggdmillennia Frankenstein "The fifth Master of Black orders you with a Command Spell. "—Release all your limiters. Activate your Noble Phantasm Blasted Tree and kill Saber of Red."

Although it would have normally strengthened Blasted Tree beyond its normal strength, Saber being transported by a Command Spell causes all of the energy to be directed toward definitely hitting Saber by crossing into the concept of space and distorting cause and effect. Although it strikes Saber, she is able to withstand it due to the Command Spell not being added to the actual output of the attack. (Fate/Apocrypha)

Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillennia Rider of Black "The fourth Master of Black orders you by Command Spell — Kill that homunculus right now!"

Rider's Magic Resistance, strengthened by the passive effect of his Noble Phantasm Casseur de Logistille, allows him to partially resist the effects of the Spell. Though he summons his lance, he resists long enough to warn Sieg to dodge his first hit, then mostly manages to resist its effects save for a few sudden and reflexive attempts at hitting him. (Fate/Apocrypha)

Dan Blackmore Archer "Archer. Your Master, Dan Blackmore, commands you with the force of a Command Spell. I hereby prohibit any attacks on the enemy Masters with your Yew Bow while on campus." Archer is unable to use his subterfuge abilities and must fight fairly with his opponent. (Fate/EXTRA)
Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia Vlad III “I order you with a Command Spell. Heroic Spirit Vlad III. Activate—your Noble Phantasm, Legend of Dracula.” Lancer is unable to resist as he is forced to activate Legend of Dracula. (Fate/Apocrypha)
Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia Vlad III “I order you with a second Command Spell. Continue to survive until you obtain the Greater Grail.” The will to pursue the Greater Grail is imbued upon him. (Fate/Apocrypha)
Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia Vlad III “I will bequeath you my dream, my wish, my very existence! I order you with a third Command Spell. Engrave my existence into your soul, Lancer!” Although normally impossible for a number of reasons, Darnic fuses his soul with Lancer's soul to engrave his very will upon it to bring about a new, nameless being only seeking the Grail. (Fate/Apocrypha)
Doris Lusendra Hippolyta “Draw the dragon from the leylines and release it with divine might!” Doris gives Hippolyta extra power to defend herself from Alcides' black mud. (Fate/strange Fake)
Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia Saber of Black "...Saber! I order you with a Command Spell...! Use your Noble Phantasm to defeat Rider!" Saber is forced to start initializing Balmung. (Fate/Apocrypha)
Gordes Musik Yggdmillennia Saber of Black "I order you with a Command Spell! Do not use your Noble Phantasm!" Before Balmung is initialized fully, he is forced to stop, exhausting him with the command's intensity. (Fate/Apocrypha)
Hakuno Kishinami Gilgamesh "As your Master, I command you. I must command him as a Master, that’s all I can do! If I can’t look, question, or converse, to obtain those three permissions, I must offer my whole self as compensation —!" Hakuno trades all three of the Command Spells for Gilgamesh not to instantly kill them, allowing them to act as his Master. (Fate/EXTRA CCC - beginning)
Hakuno Kishinami Gilgamesh "Leaving behind one, I use two Command Spells. First, that we are on equal footing. With the pledge of the Command Spell, I promise the freedom of accepting, respecting, and, if necessary, opposing each other’s beliefs. And the second――――――" Hakuno offers their Command Spells, aside from the one necessary to remain a Master, to recontract with Gilgamesh. (Fate/EXTRA CCC - Gilgamesh ending)
Hakuno Kishinami Hakuno's Servants "Use a Command Spell to rescue [Rin or Rani]. Rani's going to self-destruct any second. I'm going to listen to my heart and save [Rin or Rani]." Hakuno and their Servant transport to the Arena. Using a second Command Spell against Berserker allows them to read his moves until they can escape. (Fate/EXTRA)
Illyasviel von Einzbern Berserker "No - come back, Berserker...!" Berserker is unable to be transported due to the binding effect of Enkidu. (Unlimited Blade Works - Day 13)
Illyasviel von Einzbern Berserker "Well, I have to get going. So this is goodbye... Thanks for everything, Berserker." Berserker, with no ability to resist or the reason to even consider it, is coerced to pry open his own chest and crush his heart to allow for the completion of Heaven's Feel. (Fate/unlimited codes)
Aro Isemi Rider Rider is given a corporeal body. Aro expends all his Command Seals to ensure Rider's existence after he dies. (Fate/Prototype)
Jester Karture Assassin By my Command Spell, I order you: Go as far from this city as possible. Assassin was forced to be sent from the police station to the woods.(Fate/strange Fake)
Kairi Sisigou Saber of Red Kairi orders her to be teleported to a safe place away from the danger zone of Frankenstein's Noble Phantasm Saber is teleported, but remains unable to escape being struck by the attack due to it also being boosted by a Command Spell. (Fate/Apocrypha)
Kairi Sisigou Saber of Red "I order my swordsman with a Command Spell. Use all your power to defeat Saber of Black on this battlefield!" Saber of Red is powered up by a Command Spell to defeat Saber of Black. (Fate/Apocrypha)
Kariya Matou Berserker Kariya uses a Command Spell to force the use of For Someone's Glory Normally degraded due to Mad Enhancement, the full use of For Someone's Glory can be used only once through a Command Spell to disguise Berserker as Rider. (Fate/Zero)
Kariya Matou Berserker “Capture Irisviel, and let Saber escape”. Berserker, so normally focused on Saber, needs to be restrained by a Command Spell to follow through with his task of kidnapping Irisviel von Einzbern. (Fate/Zero)
Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi Lancer "With my Command Spell, I order you, assist Berserker and kill Saber." Though Lancer wishes to resist, his body is unresponsive to his own will as he prepares to battle Saber. He only returns to normal when Kayneth rescinds the command. (Fate/Zero)
Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi Lancer Kayneth orders Lancer to kill himself. Lancer forcibly stabs himself in the heart with his own spear. (Fate/Zero)
Kirei Kotomine Assassin "Achieve victory, no matter the cost." The Assassins are forced to fight, and devise a sure-kill, mostly sacrificial plan. Upon facing Rider's Ionioi Hetairoi, they lose themselves as a Servant, forgetting victory or their mission as they are slaughtered. (Fate/Zero)
Kirei Kotomine Lancer Lancer was ordered to accept Kirei as his Master As Kirei stole the Command Spells from Lancer's original Master, the command was required for him to obey Kirei. (Before Fate/stay night)
Kirei Kotomine Lancer "Fight against everyone. But do not defeat them. Survive your first battle against any opponent" Lancer is ordered to scout out the Servants for Kotomine while staying alive. He does so for all six enemy Servants, and it does not allow him to fight all out against an opponent until the second engagement. (Before Fate/stay night)
Kirei Kotomine Lancer "Then I will command you. ---Kill yourself, Lancer." Lancer stabs himself in the heart instantly. Due to his Battle Continuation, he is able to remain alive temporarily to kill Kirei. (Unlimited Blade Works - Day 15)
Kiritsugu Emiya Saber “By my Command Spell, I order my puppet. Saber, return to the underground storage quickly! At once!” Saber is instantly transported from a bus stop to the Emiya residence storage shed. (Fate/Zero)
Kiritsugu Emiya Saber "By the name of Kiritsugu Emiya, I order you with my Command Spell. Saber, use your Noble Phantasm to destroy the Grail." Saber's body automatically responds, dispelling Invisible Air and beginning to use Excalibur. Due to her Magic Resistance and total opposition of the order, she is able to halt it mid-swing. (Fate/Zero)
Kiritsugu Emiya Saber "By my third Command Spell, I order you again. Saber, destroy the Grail." Saber, already opposing one Command Spell, is instantly overwhelmed and uses Excalibur. (Fate/Zero)
Leonardo B. Harwey Saber "Ts…! Gawain, as bearer of the command seal, I command you! The contract you made with Leo B. Harway has now, retroactively, been revoked back in the preliminaries of the Holy Grail War! With three command spells together, I make this my edict! Sir Gawain — If any of a king’s authority remains in me, then once more, surely. Leo forcibly ends his contract to keep BB from devouring Saber by returning him back to "where he came from." (Fate/EXTRA CCC)
Rani VIII Berserker Rani strengthens Berserker. While preparing to self-destruct, Berserker is strengthened to guard her. (Fate/EXTRA)
Rin Tohsaka Archer "Vertrag…! Ein neuer Nagel Ein neues Gesetz Ein neues Verbrechen!" ("I announce to the Command Spell! By the order of the Holy Grail, give the law of obedience to this one, my Servant!") While normally too general as a command, Rin's power makes Archer drop a rank should he disagree with her. (Prologue Day 1)
Rin Tohsaka Archer Rin order's Archer not to attack Shirou while they are cooperating with him Archer is unable to attack him as he wishes, so he conspires to have Caster take his contract to cancel it. (Unlimited Blade Works - Day 5)
Rin Tohsaka Saber Rin orders Saber to stay out of the Grail mud. Saber's movement is completely halted in order to keep her from entering the mud from the Grail. (Unlimited Blade Works - Day 16)
Rin Tohsaka Lancer "Lancer, this is your master, Rin Tohsaka! I use a Command Spell. Maximize your output past your limits! Open a giant hole in that place!" Lancer throws Gáe Bolg with great power to open a hole in the trap of Alice and Caster to allow for escape. (Fate/EXTRA - Manga)
Ruler Multiple “In the name of Ruler—of Jeanne d’Arc. I order all Servants gathered here with my Command Spells! Defeat the vampire who was once Vlad III!” Achilles, Chiron, Avicebron, Atalanta, and Karna are strengthened against Vlad III. (Fate/Apocrypha)
Sagara Hyouma Jack the Ripper (Assassin) "I call upon you with the command spell --" Before he can fully commit to saying "commit suicide", his jaw is severed, and he has his right hand with the Command Spells severed shortly after. (Fate/Apocrypha Unbirth)
Sakura Matou Rider Sakura creates a Book of the False Attendant Rider's contract is provisionally given to Shinji Matou so long as he holds the book. (Before Fate/stay night)
Sakura Matou Rider Sakura creates another Book of the False Attendant Rider's contract is again given to Shinji Matou so long as he holds the book. (Heaven's Feel - Day 7)
Sakura Matou Rider "…This is my last Command Spell. Please, Rider. Please protect Senpai until the end, no matter what happens in the future." Rider's mission becomes to protect him, but she cannot act as long as her Master is the one attempting to harm him. She can only help him if he declares that he will save Sakura. (Heaven's Feel - Day 13)
Shirou Emiya Saber "No - I order you to come, SABER!!!!"/"--Please come, Saber...!" Saber is transported to catch the falling Shirou. The first choice causes her to be too late to catch him, while the second allows her to reach him in time. (Fate - Day 9)
Shirou Emiya Saber "Don't use it, Saber -- !!!!!!" Saber is stopped from futilely using Excalibur on Berserker. (Fate - Day 11)
Shirou Emiya Saber "Saber. Please fulfill your role." Saber uses the last of her energy to destroy the Grail with Excalibur before fading away. (Fate - Day 15)
Shirou Emiya Saber "I pray to the Command Spell on my left hand to abolish the contract." Shirou uses his last Command Spell to forcibly end the contract with Saber and give up his rights as a Master. (Fate - Forest of no return)
Shirou Emiya Saber "STOP, SABER!!!!!!!" Saber is halted while trying to attack Archer. (Unlimited Blade Works - Day 3)
Shirou Emiya Saber "Please. Come, Saber!!!!" Saber is teleported to the school from the Emiya residence. (Unlimited Blade Works - Day 7)
Shirou Emiya Saber "No, stop, Saber…!!!!" Saber is stopped mid-attack as she charges at Caster. (Unlimited Blade Works - Day 11)
Shirou Emiya Saber "PLEASE COME, SABER!!" Shirou's arm is cut off by Rider before the command can be completed. (Unlimited Blade Works - Spider's Captive)
Shirou Emiya Saber "…Fine, laugh all you want. If the Command Spell can answer the Master's wish, I am ready to use them all to bring Saber here…! Saber---" Though he summons her, she is taken in by the Shadow at around the same time, so it fails and his Command Spells fade shortly after. (Heaven's Feel - Day 8)
Shirou Emiya Saber "Fly" Saber's energy is filled, and she leaps four kilometers from Fuyuki Bridge to the Center Building. (Fate/hollow ataraxia - Decisive Battle)
Souichirou Kuzuki Caster "Caster. This makes three against three. You should have no complaints. Get Saber." Caster is forced to use her own second Command Spell to force Saber to act, and both attack Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka, and Archer. (Unlimited Blade Works - Sword and magic)
Tokiomi Tohsaka Gilgamesh "By the power of my Command Spell, quell thine anger and withdraw, King of Heroes." Gilgamesh is angry with Tokiomi for the order and calmly leaves. (Fate/Zero)
Waver Velvet Rider "My Servant. By my Command Spell, I Waver Velvet order you. Rider, fight until you gain victory. And by another Command Spell, I order you. Rider win the Holy Grail. And by yet another Command Spell, I order you. Rider, conquer the world. I won't accept failure."

Waver uses his three Command Spells at once to ceremoniously sever his ties to Rider. Though vague enough that they would normally be useless commands, Rider sharing Waver's will in following them grants Rider magical energy several times his normal state. (Fate/Zero)

Ritsuka Fujimaru Berserker

"Jump, Spartacus!"

Using a Command Spell and Crying Warmonger , Berserker's energy overloads, allowing him to jump to intercept and destroy a meteor heading towards the city of SIN. It lead to severe damage to his Spirit Origin, and he died afterwards.

Ritsuka Fujimaru Shielder

"Mash... I order you with a Command Spell! Protect Goddess Ereshkigal's dignity... her choice... and her will... with all your might!"

Ritsuka uses one of his command spells to charge Mash with a large amount of energy, allowing her to protect Ritsuka using Lord Camelot from Ereshkigal's attack.

Ritsuka Fujimaru Saber "Catch up to them!" The command spell allows Saber to change her trajectory mid-flight and hit Mecha Eli-chan Mk. II
Kanata Akagi Saber (Koha-Ace)

"Saber! I order you, go kill this guy!!"

Kanata uses his first command spell to increased Saber's strength and speed to kill Assassin. Saber shares the same will as her Master, she will obey Kanata's orders.
Major Reiter (Fate/type Redline) Okada Izou

"By my Command Spell, I order you... retreat at once, Assassin."

Enraged by his Master's orders, he is forced to retreat from battle.
Izaya Kii Caligula

"I order you with my command spell! Activate your Noble Phantasm, Caligula!"

Caligula, an unconscious Berserker, is forced to activate his Noble Phantasm.
Leila Raidou Minamoto-no-Raikou


A Command Spell expended some time before Leila and Raikou's confrontation with Kazuhito Sakagami.
Kazuhito Sakagami Suzuka Gozen

"... I order you with a command spell! Unleash your third Noble Phantasm and take down the enemy, Saber!"

Saber is forced to activate Trichiliocosm in order to defeat Minamoto-no-Raikou.


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    Q: This is a question about contracts with multiple Servants. Can Command Spells be used on any of the Servants? Hypothetically, if someone was bound to two Servants, would the magus be able to use four or more Command Spells?

    Q: This is a question about contracts with multiple Servants. Can Command Spells be used on any of the Servants? Hypothetically, if someone was bound to two Servants, would the magus be able to use four or more Command Spells?

    A: Even when contracted with multiple Servants, a Master only receives three Command Spells (assuming none have been stolen from other Masters, etc.), so you can’t have four Command Spells for a single Servant or anything like that. Also, there’s nothing wrong with concentrating all Command Spells on a single Servant. The problems begin after all Command Spells have been used up.

  2. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: Servants, p.133

    Q: Was Zouken branded with Command Seals after he summoned True Assassin through Kojirou’s body? Or, not being human, did he not receive them? Also, was this the proper way of summoning the regular Assassin?

    Q: Was Zouken branded with Command Seals after he summoned True Assassin through Kojirou’s body? Or, not being human (and a bunch of worms that infest Sakura), did he not receive them? Also, was this the proper way of summoning the regular Assassin?

    A: Even though Assassin’s Command Spells were fake, Caster still had them, so additional ones were not created. True Assassin’s summoning ritual was most certainly outside the norm.

    Q:臓硯は小次郎の身体を媒介に真アサシンを召喚しましたが、臓硯には令呪が刻まれていたのでしょうか? 本人が人間ではなく桜に寄生する蟲であったため、刻まれることはなかった? また、この召喚は正規のアサシンの召喚方法として正しかったのでしょうか?


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    Q: How long are the effects of Command spells valid for? For example, when a Servant with no healing skills is dying, what happens after "heal right this instant" instruction?

    Q: How long are the effects of Command spells valid for? For example, when a Servant with no healing skills is dying, what happens after "heal right this instant" instruction? (Ehime/MidoriSansen)

    A: If there is no treatment skills, the body will remain "reluctant to move" in it's seriously injured state. The wound would temporarily sewed shut with a thread of magical energy.
    Of course, as soon as the potency of command spells is exhausted, it will take more damage before use.
    Because the wound is not healed, there is pain during activities, ability is also reduced.
    Shall we say in a temporary "zombie" state.



  11. [v] Fate/complete material III: World Material - The Servants of the Fifth Holy Grail War: Saber, p.020-021 [T]

    Class: Saber
    Master: Emiya Shirou
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Sex: Female
    Height: 154cm
    Weight: 42kg
    Armament: Armour, Sword

    STR: B
    CON: C
    AGI: C
    MGI: B
    LCK: B
    Noble Phantasm: C

    Once up on a time, there was a king in England named Arthur Pendragon. He was the legendary king who staunchly defended the land from the invading Saxons for a long period of time.
    The name Arthur, written in the fashion of Romans is “Artorius”. Its feminine form is “Artoria”, which is the true name of Saber.
    Artoria was born between Uther Pendragon and a Queen hailed from the rival kingdom. She grew up under the guidance of the True Magician Merlin, and became the king after pulling out the Sword of Selection. Later, she led Lacenlot, Gawain, and other famed knights to achieve innumerable deeds. They engaged the King of Saxons at the Battle of Badon Hill and brought peace to the land of Britain. Because the Scabbard of the Holy Sword stopped her from aging, Artoria continued to reign as the ideal king. It was ironic that Queen Guinevere and the serving knights grew more distant from Artoria precisely because she was too ideal. In the civil war that raged at the end of her reign, she crossed blade with her very own son, Mordred. At that instant, she pledged her service as a Heroic Spirit after death in exchange for striking a pact with the World. The one wish she hoped the Holy Grail could realise was “redo the selection of the king”. In legend, the body of King Arthur was transported to the Fairyland – Avalon, where he is healing his wounds in serenity.

    Saber’s ability is maximally unleashed while engaging in an honourable face-to-face single combat. It is a method of battle that is full of chivalric honour, and it is also one that suits Saber's sense of aesthetics. However, this does not mean she dislikes strategising. Because she is also a capable military commander, she tends to loath fabricated strategies that have no concrete basis. She fine-tunes her strategy meticulously. While on the battlefield, she further adapts her actions in response to the ever-changing dynamics of combat. Naturally, Saber despises cowardly actions, strategies or not. For this reason, in the Fourth Holy Grail War, her compatibility with the cool-headed, achieving-his-goal-at-all-cost Master Emiya Kiritsugu was the worst.

    Class Abilities
    Magic Resistance: A
    Artoria boasts the highest rank of resistance to magic amongst the Servants. She is capable of completely neutralising grand sorceries involving magic arrays and instant contracts. Even modern magi of the highest level cannot wound her directly with sorcery. Artoria is able to resist an action force onto her powered by one stroke of the Command Spell. Such is the extraordinary rank of Artoria’s Magic Resistance, sufficient to shake the very foundation of the Servant System. If the opponent is someone who attacks with sorcery, Artoria will charge without fear and determine the outcome of the battle with a slash.
    Also, as her “Pendragon” name shows, Artoria is the holder of the Element of the Red Dragon, charged with the task of protecting the kingdom. She carries the very magical power of the Dragon. This humongous magical power is also the source of Artoria’s Magic Resistance. Due to the characteristics of Dragon, Artoria has much trouble with existences such as Siegfried, who is associated with tales of “Dragon extermination”. If she is targeted by “Dragon-slaying Sorceries”, it is possible that Magic Resistance will not function to its fullest extent.
    In the story, Artoria retained her Magic Resistance of A while having Emiya Shirou and Rin as Masters, regardless the two’s differences in power and characteristics. On the other hand, while having Matou Sakura as her Master, her Magic Resistance decreased to B as a result of Blackening.

    Riding: B
    Since “knights” are soldiers who are proficient in mounted warfare, Saber’s rank in Riding is very high. Chariots can be ridden the same way. Motorcycles and automobiles are treated as “modern mounts”, thus a high rank in Riding is also applicable. It is unclear if Riding is applicable to aircrafts. Saber’s Riding was elevated to A while having Emiya Kiritsugu as Master. However, Artoria can ultimately only control normal mounts. She cannot control Pegasi, Griffons, Dragons, and other Magical Beast, Divine Beast Ranked Phantasmal Species. This is due to her Class not being Rider, as well as the fact that she was a King in the Age of Man, thus did not have the fortune of having “Legends of Riding Phantasmal Species”.
    Artoria rode a motorcycle in the Fourth Holy Grail War, but did not have the opportunity to demonstrate her Riding ability in the Fifth Holy Grail War. Provided with the appropriate mount, the battles might have developed differently.

    Personal Skills
    Instinct: A
    Instinct is the ability to instantly identify “the best personal course of action” during combat. Because this skill allows for the prediction of trajectory, it is possible to avoid attacks from firearms. At rank A, it is essentially in the realm of predicting the future. Through this ability, it is possible to negate the penalties inflicted by visual and auditory interference to a certain extend.
    Being able to discern Cú Chulainn’s ultimate technique certainly reflects her skills, but having exceptional Instinct also helped her immensely.

    Mana Burst: A
    The ability to reinforce one’s weapon and body through the infusion of magical energy. By reinforcing the ability of the body to a great extend using magical energy, the physically fragile Artoria was able to fight head on with monsters such as Berserker. At rank A, even a stick can become a weapon of great power.
    Executing large-scale body reinforcement through Mana Burst is only possible with Artoria’s immense magical power.
    (Translator's Note: This is basically analogous to Strengthening/Reinforcement Sorcery.)

    Charisma: B
    Artoria possessed high Charisma, and reigned as the king of England. The morale of military forces she commands is extremely high. However, this strong influence is still insufficient to build a vast empire spanning the world, so it remains at rank B (enough to rule a country).
    Caption: Artoria, the protector of the British Isles. Even with her Charisma, she could not avert the fall of her kingdom.

    Noble Phantasms
    Invisible Air
    Rank: C
    Type: Anti-Unit
    Range: 1~2
    Maximum Targets: 1 Object

    A barrier that renders the blade hidden by entangling it with layers of wind, and altering the light refraction rate. It is closer to a sorcery than a Noble Phantasm. By using this barrier, Artoria can attack without the opponent recognising the sword’s reach and trajectory. Since concealing one’s Noble Phantasm also conceals one’s true identity, Invisible Air was highly effective at the early stages of the Holy Grail War. It also has other advantages such as increasing attack power and accuracy. Entangling the sword with wind and using the wind as the blade enhances the attack power, while having an “invisible weapon” provides an advantage in accuracy. (Translator’s Note: It is probably more “decreasing opponent's evasion” in RPG terms.) Since the advantage of Invisible Air lies in “invisibility”, the accuracy increase will not occur while engaging opponents who possess Eye of the Mind or do not depend on vision.
    In the Fourth Holy Grail War, Artoria unleashed the condensed air and used it as a long-range weapon that mauls down groups of enemies --- “The Iron Mallet of the Wind King”.

    Rank: A++
    Type: Anti-Fortress
    Range: 1~99
    Maximum Targets: 1000 Persons

    The greatest and most powerful Noble Phantasm of Artoria (Translator’s Note: Not Avalon?). It is the strongest and most majestic holy sword that symbolises King Arthur. The pinnacle of holy swords. Excalibur was not forged by mankind, but crystallised within the Earth, using the wishes of mankind as the basis. It is one of the ultimate God-forged weapons, a Last Phantasm. Originally cared for by the Faeries of the Planet, it was passed into the hands of King Arthur through the Lady of the Lake.
    Excalibur converts the mana of the wielder into light, and as the sword is swung, the light is released from the tip of the blade like a laser beam and destroys everything in its path. Of course, the mana consumption is extreme, thus it cannot be fired consecutively. In the Fourth Holy Grail War, the beastly giant sea monster summoned by Caster was completely incinerated by this Noble Phantasm. Excalibur is classified as an ‘Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm” due to its magnitude and destructive power.

    Rank: EX
    Type: Bound Field
    Maximum Targets: 1 Person
    The sheath of Excalibur, a Noble Phantasm with its origin in the Fairyland Avalon where King Arthur rests. The wielder will heal from any wound, and the aging process will cease. Unleashing the true name of Avalon will deploy a Bound Field that provides the greatest defence. A Noble Phantasm that annuls the interference of True Magic; its existence is equivalent to True Magic.
    In legend, losing this sheath casted an ominous shadow onto the life of King Arthur, eventually cascading to the collapse of the kingdom. In modern times, the Einzberns excavated Avalon at Cornwall and passed it into the hands of Emiya Kiritsugu. Afterward, it was planted into the body of Emiya Shirou to save his life, eventually becoming the link that led to his bond with Artoria. In Fate Route, Artoria learned that Shirou was her “sheath”, which led the duo to emerge victorious in the Holy Grail War.

    対魔力: A
    また、アーサー王の父ウーサーは、マーリンの計らいで竜の因子を持った後継者を造り、アルトリアは人であり ながら竜そのものの魔力を帯びるに至った。

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    Berserker [Servant]
    The mad warrior Heroic Spirit.
    Regardless of basic abilities, Berserkers are a type of Servant that specialise in destruction through “going berserk”.
    The Berserker in this story was an exceptional Heroic Spirit, but due to his “Mad Enhancement”, he became an untouchable monster.
    In the case of a normal Master, Berserker can cancel the control of Command Spells. However, Illyasviel, who was acting as the Holy Grail, was able to control Berserker due to her Command Spells being special.
    His true identity is the great Grecian hero Hercules.
    For Hercules, who had gone berserk numerous times in legend, the Berserker Class probably feels quite familiar.
    Of course, Hercules is exceptional in body, mind, and skills. Since Hercules had mastered every weapon, he can even qualify for the Sabre Class without difficulty.
    If Hercules had been summoned in the Saber Class, he would be able to fully display his phenomenal sword play.
    Hercules was the earliest Servant to be summoned. He was summoned more than one, no, more than two months prior to the Holy Grail War.
    Berserker cannot act independently as his emotions have been sealed.
    However, no matter how strong the bondage of Command Spells, Berserker never lost the sense at the core of his being.
    After being Blackened in the Sakura Route, Berserker was able to halt the last strike of his Axe Sword before he died. He was able to do so due to the strength of his heart; a heart which suffered the pain of berserking since his early days as a hero.
    In the story of Fate, Berserker is the most manly character.

    本編のパーサーカーはたたでさえ優れた英霊だというのに、その“狂化"の為手のつけられない怪物と化してい る。
    通常のマスターなら令呪そのものをキャンセルされかねないパーサーヵーだが、聖杯たるイリヤスフィールの令 呪も特別なので製御を可能としている。
    神話において幾度となく発狂するへラクレスにとって、パーサーカーというクラスは馴染み易いものだったのだ ろう。
    尤も、心技体全てに優れ、あらゆる武具を使いこなすへラクレスならセイパーのクラスも難なく該 当する。
    セイバーになっていたのであれば、その卓絶した剣 技を存分に披露していただろう。
    聖杯戦争ではもっとも早く、一ヶ月......否、二ヶ月 前から召喚された。
    桜ルー卜で黒化した後、最後の最期で斧剣を止めたのも、英雄時代から“狂化"に苦しんできた彼の心の強さ故 だろう。

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    Q: How was the book (Book of the False Attendant) that Shinji was using as a Command Spell created? Was Sakura’s Command Seal transplanted into a grimoire? Or did Sakura use her Command Spell to order Rider to obey his orders while he held the book? It’s just, since it was Shinji’s mark of authority, I was wondering why the book burst into flames after Rider’s death.

    Q: How was the book (Gishin no Sho, Tome of the False Attendant) that Shinji was using as a Command Spell created? Was Sakura’s Command Seal transplanted into a grimoire? Or did Sakura use her Command Spell to order Rider to obey his orders while he held the book? It’s just, since it was Shinji’s mark of authority, I was wondering why the book burst into flames after Rider’s death.

    A: As a book originally created for use in magical contracts anyway, the Tome of the False Attendant was adapted to serve as a Command Spell. The authority of Rider’s Master was implanted into the book. Strictly speaking, the power binding Rider lies in the Command Spell written in the book, not the book itself.

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    Q: In Saber’s route, there was a scene where Illya was frightened by Gil’s appearance, and her Command Seal was described as “glowing.” Is this because Illya’s Command Seals are different than those of other Masters? Are the Seals her Thaumaturgical Crest or something?

    Q: In Saber’s route, there was a scene where Illya was frightened by Gil’s appearance, and her Command Seal was described as “glowing.” Is this because Illya’s Command Seals are different than those of other Masters? Are the Seals her Thaumaturgical Crest or something?

    A: Illya’s Command Seals are also her Magic Circuits, so the generation of mana causes it to appear as if she is activating her Seals.

  17. [v] Fate/complete material III: World material - FAQ with Nasu: Command Spells, p.132
    Q: After Caster summoned Assassin (Sasaki Kojirou), was she branded with Command Seals?

    Q: After Caster summoned Assassin (Sasaki Kojirou), was she branded with Command Seals? I ask because I don’t think she ever used a Command Spell on Assassin.

    A: She had something similar to a Command Spell. Though, as a fake Master with a fake Servant, it wasn’t something as powerful as a true Command Spell. While she may not originally have received any Command Spells, Caster may have skillfully borrowed the power of the Greater Grail to forge herself an imitation.