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« My, my, I'm not sure I'm up for this."
"I came! I saw! Therefore, the next thing to do is to declare my victory!"
"Crocea Mors! »


Crocea Mors: Yellow Death (黃の死クロケア・モース, Ki no ShiKurokea Mōsu?) is the golden sword of Gaius Julius Caesar, endowed with an ability in close-range combat that makes victory assured from the moment he sees the enemy.[1]

When the True Name is released, after the first automatic, clean hit, Luck Checks occur until one fails. An additional attack is bestowed on each consecutive success, creating a super consecutive attack. In regards to close combat, there is no doubt it has the power to search and destroy (I came, I saw, I conquered).[2]

However, Caesar doesn't really like drawing this sword.[1][2] He will never forget how he carelessly got it stuck in an enemy's shield and lost it.[2]


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