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« Nuoh! It is time for rebellion..."
"Fuaaahahahahahaha! Go! My love, explodeeeee! »

(Berserker, Fate/Grand Order)

Crying Warmonger: The Howl of the Wounded Beast (疵獣の咆吼
, Shijū no Hōkō
Kuraingu Wōmongā
?) is an ability that increases Spartacus's power with the more damage he receives, symbolizing him having been a hero who "always won by reversal." It is the type where his legend itself was sublimated and turned into a Noble Phantasm.[3] Despite being thought of as a commander who possessed excellent abilities and popularity, having unified the rebel army that was only a gathering of people rather than a proper army and having attained successive victories over the powerful Roman Army, the greatest reason he gained popularity among his soldiers was through winning despite the odds. They felt that the more hopeless the progress of the ongoing battle, the more certain the victory beyond that was to them. Although unaware of it himself, such a reversal strategy conforms to the principals of showmanship that had made him extraordinarily popular as a gladiator. He is someone whose dearest wish is to proceed onto the battlefield that he sees as a place consisting of only the strong and the weak, full of the everlasting pain and trials that he so desires.[4]

The ability is a continuously active-type Noble Phantasm, converting part of the damage inflicted by opponents into Magical Energy and storing it within his body. The energy accumulated within can be used to boost his physical abilities and self-healing, and the efficiency of the conversion raises more as his physical ability decreases.[2][3][4] Due to Honor of the Battered, he automatically heals from wounds as time passes, and in the case of him facing a strong Servant, his body itself can transform under constant damage.[1][2][3] If he increases in strength enough, his magical energy is able to even permeate debris struck by his sword to allow it to damage Servants. It eventually reaches the point where even his Master is unable to intervene.[5] Being damaged to the point of being on the verge of death will allow him to save up enough energy to destroy everything before his eyes, equivalent to an Anti-Fortress attack.[4] Its function is abnormal and would rule out his survival in a normal Holy Grail War, but could potentially end the Great Holy Grail War in a single night if the Black Faction were to attack him continuously without thought.[6] Those who know of the functions of the ability can purposely attack him to increase his power and bring him closer to destruction.[5] Either way, the longer a battle is prolonged, the more advantageous it is for Spartacus. The only way to beat him is in a short decisive battle.[3]

If summoned as a Saber, the effect would change, causing him to replenish stamina and magical energy as he successfully survives an attack. It also grants him resistance to the same type of attack and the ability to reflect it.[3]


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« Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo———!! »

(Berserker of Red, Fate/Apocrypha)
Crying warmoger

Spartacus's transformation in the Anime

During the Great Holy Grail War, perhaps due to his connection to the present world, the Noble Phantasm’s conversion rate went out of control and turned him into something unbelievable.[3] While being attacked by Archer of Red, the constant damage from the battle begins to have a profound effect on him. The cycle of being damaged, converting it to magical energy, raising his abilities and healing rate, and then using his self-healing brings about a great change as the recycling process continues revolving to the point of becoming abnormal. While he resists Archer's constant attacks in a way reminiscent of those with nullification abilities like Rider of Red's immortality, it is instead his constant healing that allows him to remain standing as he is repeatedly pierced. As it proceeds to increase in pace, it is likened to "over-regeneration" as the damaged parts of his body begin to swell and bulge like tumors, emitting strange sounds and becoming discolored. His magical energy continuously increases by a notable amount as he is damaged, densely concentrating all over his body, and he even begins to increase in size. Even nearly ripping off his head does nothing as the flesh from his neck bulges out like to resemble that of a turtle, and rendering his entire body as a simple lump of mattered flesh from using a concentrated Phoebus Catastrophe only halts him for a moment before his flesh begins to writhe and transform even more.[5]

His body breaks away from its proper form as a human while increasing his abilities to rapidly transform into a grotesque shape, discarding it for the ideas of more arms granting him more power and more legs to support himself should his weight become too much for his own to hold. As he begins to reach his peak, he becomes a monstrous, hill-sized being whose sword is rendered merely needle-sized compared to his mass. Likened by Ruler to something more akin to a curse than a Noble Phantasm, the excessive regeneration causes his head to sink into his neck, grants him eight arms, numerous insect-like legs sprouting from his own main legs, upper and lower jaws reminiscent of a Tyrannosaurus Rex jutting out from the tops of both his shoulders, and five eyes in places on his shoulders, neck, and abdomen. Three of his arms possess no bones or joints, making them look like octopus tentacles able to be swung like whips to smash into the enemy. Two can be sent out ahead of the third to cause it to blindside the enemy as it is hidden behind them, producing enough force to send another Servant to the other end of the battlefield. As his own legs are unable to support his body, the insect-like legs are meant to divide the weight. Although normally able to resist a single Command Spell, he has reached a state where the energy within him and his transformed body have gone beyond the binds of a Servant contract, allowing him to resist even three Command Spells.[5]

Believing in the creed that victory comes closer the more he is wounded, being damaged to such a degree is simply trifling, allowing him to continue to live, move, and grasp out at the battlefield and victory. Although he has surpassed his limits, he continues to endure all the tortures so he can spit it back out and destroy everything before him. One blow with all his might can bring about extensive damage through the entire battlefield, damaging even the stronghold of Yggdmillennia, and the aftershock can even be felt in the air as it shakes the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. As he reaches his critical point for his final blow filled with all his hate and joy, his body begins to collapse under his own weight, reaching enough power for the final and most powerful attack using even the energy currently allowing him to exist in the current age, a sacrificial attack that is "the ultimate destruction that he couldn’t achieve unless sacrificing all of himself." As the "greatest counter punch he had ever made in his lifetime including both before and after his death", he has become something unlike a beast, human, monster, or Heroic Spirit, but rather a "giant wrathful god" whose attack is likened to a calamity like an earthquake and tsunami filled with malice. With his entire store of energy converted into pure destruction, it shakes the area, wipes out all minor combatants, and destroys the Fortress of Millennia as he vanishes.[5]


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