The Crypters

Crypter (クリプター, Kuriputā?) is the designation given by Marisbury Animusphere to the Masters who were members of Chaldea's A-Team attempting to supplant the Greater History of Man with that of the Lostbelt.


In 2015 A-Team were originally going be sent to fix Singularity F on Chaldea's first mission to experiment with Rayshift.[1] However, due to Lev's betrayal, the members of A-Team are critically injured along with the other forty Master Candidates, and were placed in cryogenic sleep in their coffins.[2]

However, on 27th December 2017, somebody had unfrozen and awoken A-Team from their respective coffins and placed a fake signal to trick Chaldea into believing that they were still in cryogenic sleep.[3] After Chaldea is weakened and betrayed by Koyanskaya‎ and Kirei Kotomine, the survivors while escaping are hear a broadcast on a Chaldea frequency from Kirschtaria Wodime, a member of A-Team. Declaring a rebellion against the Greater History of Man, he deemed that their growth was not correct, and that the World would be filled with mysteries beyond the reach of Man and be regressed into the Age of Gods. He further declared that gods would descend from distant skies for this purpose and through seven seeds leaders would be selected, with only the most outstanding of them to remake the planet, with those from the Greater History of Man not permitted to participate or observe, frozen and brought to an end as of 2017. Calling himself the representative of the seven Crypters, he ended by announcing to the survivors of Chaldea that the history of the planet would be succeeded by them.[4]

In a hypothetical scenario where each Crypter was the last surviving Master instead of Ritsuka Fujimaru, only Kirschtaria Wodime and Daybit Sem Void have the ability to succeed. Daybit would be unable to handle anything after the defeat of Goetia, while Kirschtaria would "clear half of the threat from 2018 but he can't win since he's a Crypter." The others have various reasons as to why they would quickly fail. Kadoc Zemlupus seems to have the characteristics to have a chance to restore the Human Order, but the task is too much for him. Were he to have the status of a protagonist, his plot armor would be slightly insufficient. He could maybe make it if he were to have the support of Anastasia, but he cannot meet his particular Anastasia without the Lostbelts.[5]


Crypter Intended
Background Lost Belt Time
Kirschtaria Wodime Lancer (Caeneus)


Clock Tower Astronomy Faculty[6] Lost Belt No. 5

The Day God Is Shot Down
Ancient Titans' Ocean Atlantis

12000 BC
Ophelia Phamrsolone Saber (Sigurd/Surtr)


Clock Tower Spiritual Evocation Faculty[6] Lost Belt No. 2

Gentleman of the Unfading Flame
Eternal Ice-Flame Century Götterdämmerung

1000 BC
Kadoc Zemlupus Caster (Anastasia)


N/A[6] Lost Belt No. 1

Princess of the Land of Beasts
Permafrost Empire Anastasia

1570 AD
Scandinavia Peperoncino Archer (Ashwatthama)


Freelancer[6] Lost Belt No. 4

The Black Final God
Genesis Destruction Cycle Yuga Kshetra

11900 ??
Hinako Akuta Rider (None)
Summoned Saber
(Prince of Lanling)


Clock Tower Botany Faculty
Chaldea Security Organization (technician)[6]
Lost Belt No. 3

Crimson Beauty Under the Moon
Synchronized Intellect Nation S I N

0210 BC
Beryl Gut Assassin


Unknown[6] Lost Belt No. 6

The Day the Star is Born
Round Table Territory ■■■■■■■■■

0500 AD
Daybit Sem Void Berserker (Unknown)
Contracted with unknown Grand Servant


Clock Tower Anthropology Faculty[6] Lost Belt No. 7

■■Forest ■■■■■■■■■■

???? BC

Apostles of the Alien GodEdit

The four Apostles of the Alien God are four Alter Ego Servants working under the Alien God's guidance. They work with the Crypters where necessary, but they do not directly obey them. Their intended purpose is to oversee the Fantasy Tree's growth and report the Crypters' actions to the Alien God.

Priestess of the Alien GodEdit

Main article: Priestess of the Alien God


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