Cummings (カミングズ, Kaminguzu?) is the public head of Private Military Company Daedala, a front entity of Snake staffed by members of the terrorist organization. Within Snake, however, he serves under Liang Qi as an adviser and is often her primary victim of venting frustrations from being unable to win over Alphard's attention, usually as a BB gun target practice. Nevertheless, he puts up with all the abuses and eventually develops strong feelings for her to the point of being willing to go against Alphard's orders just for her. When he found Liang inside the Factory, he desperately pleas for Liang to return with him despite being shot in the leg and brutally beaten up by the very person he loves and is trying to save from being killed in the factory. But when she takes an experimental drug designed to artificially develop synesthesia and is driven insane by its side effects, Cummings fatally shoots her as he sees no other way to end all her sufferings. He was left behind by Alphard while holding Liang's dead body and lamenting when the US and Chinese militaries proceed to demolish the Factory. Though his escape is not clearly explained, he is later seen as a Buddhist monk in the epilogue.
Cummings as a Buddhist monk

Cummings as Buddhist monk.

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