Curry de Marche (カリー・ド・マルシェ, Karī do Marushe?), formerly known as Killshtine (空柩のキルシュタイン, Sora Hitsugi no Kirushutain?, lit. "Killshtine of the Sky Coffin"), is a Dead Apostle who is said to have started Ciel's obsession with curry.


Curry de Marche was supposedly fought by Ciel when she sent on her first assignment to India. Before he was killed by Ciel, he wanted to have her eat the curry he prepared before it got too cold. He said that it was the "supreme dish that can be called a treasure of our planet", and having ate it, she developed her love for the food and didn't kill him. The Church doesn't really care about his existence, taking the stance "It won't hurt to just let him be", so he cooperates with them in terminating other vampires.

His existence outside of being a parody character is dubious. The story in which he appears is described as "probably about half true."[1] The story of Ciel's love of curry is described as "Up until Curry Du Marche, it's all true."[2] Nasu also says "Yeah, pretty much. (Laughs)" when asked if the background is canon.[3] He is referenced in Fate/strange Fake when Hansa Cervantes says, "I don't mind overlooking a Dead Apostle who lives quietly and humbly, suppressing their urges. Speaking of which, I've heard there's a Dead Apostle who's obsessed with human food and resists their instincts to keep cooking... I wonder if it's true."[4]


Curry's great love of curry makes it so he doesn't want to drink blood anymore, so he only takes in the minimum amount in order to survive.


Curry appears in the "Tsukihime of the Day" manga that was later collected in Plus Period. The manga, described as "probably about half true", is meant to explain Ciel's love of curry.[1] His backstory and personality are also elaborated on in two interviews.


Curry has a strange special ability that can change the nature of an object, and his true intention is to use it to make human blood taste like curry. While he has not achieved the power, he wishes to overcome the Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. When driven away, he promises to make Shiki Tohno taste like curry first.


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