Das Rheingold (ラインの黄金, Rain no Ōgon?) is an unending mountain of treasure that both provides great wealth and curses its owner with great misfortune.

Siegfried gained the treasure hoard from defeating Fafnir. Siegfried claims the amount was exaggerated, but says it was still enough for some to be left even by the time his great-grandson was an old man.

It is accidentally summoned in the Grand Orders after the summoned Fafnir is resurrected, so he asks Ritsuka Fujimaru to help him find it to keep it from being found by someone else. If the treasure is allowed to flow freely, the humans who find it will become prisoners of the great wealth, eventually causing much destruction as the country is filled with betrayal and distrust.[1]

At some point it came into the possession of the Einzbern family.[2]


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