Decisive Blade - Endless Three-Stage (絶剱・無穹三段
, Zekken・Mukyū Sandan?) is Okita Souji (Alter)'s Noble Phantasm. It is a similar technique to her counterpart's Lightless, Three-Stage Thrust.

Zekken: Mukyuu Sandan.
Immeasurable, free of obstacles, infinite, three beams of light form into one with no zenith.
The certain death technique of the demonic sword of Majin・Okita Souji that fires a radiant black beam.
Essentially, even things that do not exist and those that can not be forcibly removed from this world can be extinguished.
It is fired by using the unique oodachi, "Purgatory Blade".

The name "Purgatory" is something that was arbitrarily attached and originally it was an unsigned mysterious armament. Somehow it seems to possess an autonomous will, its performance changing considerably according to the user's mood. When the user's condition is good, the center of the sword's blade shines with a crimson light. It seems to be pleased with the purgatory name.[1]


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