Demons (魔, Ma?) are defined as:[1]

  • Those existences that, while being of the Laws of Nature (自然の法則, Jizen no Housoku)?), distort the flow of such by the exercise of unnecessary powers.[1]
  • That which gives rise to distortion merely by occurrence. Consequently, they are suppressed by way of exorcism (退魔, taima?) upon identification.​[1]


Different species and types fall under this designation, but to those under the proper current, demons are perceived as evil. Humans, demons, and heroes exist in a cyclical order of superiorities wherein humans are incapable of defeating demons, demons are defeated by Heroes, and Heroes are regulated by humans.[2] There exist also humans who by way of their own acts (業, gō?, lit. "sins; worldly preoccupations / fixations / absorptions; karma") are subsumed into the category of Demons as a result of losing their humanity.[3]

They are not to be confused with Daemons[4], a more specific variety of existence. Yet the manner of existence taken by "Daemons" and "Demons" is in essence indistinguishable from that of a higher-order lifeform (高次元生命体, kou-jigen seimeitai?, lit. "higher-dimension lifeform") that inhabits a different sphere of civilization (異なる文明圏, koto-naru bunmei-ken?) upon a different planet (異なる惑星, koto-naru wakusei?).[3]

In sum, said existences can, per the recognition of the Universe of Awareness (認識宇宙, ninshiki-uchuu?, lit. "the universe derived of observation / perception"), no longer be discerned as "human." Their existences would approximate to that of the horrors (邪神, jashin?, lit. "evil god") of a certain fictitious Mythos popular in the 20th century.[3]

Examples of demons include:


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