The Demon Hunter Organization (退魔組織, Taima Soshiki?) is an important element of the Nasuverse within the stories of Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai, and Kagetsu Tohya. Though it is not often referred to directly, it is related to many of the core characters of those stories. The Organization is made up of four families, all of whom have a psychic ability. The Organization's main opponent are the Mixed-Blood descendants from the Oni Kind, which partially included the Tohno Family. However, even some members of the Organization are known to have inhuman blood coursing through their veins.

The Purpose of the Organization

The main purpose of the organization is simple: destroy demons or Mixed-Bloods that have thick demon blood, as they see them as an abnormality that must be corrected. A Demon is a disruption and Demon Hunters are a gathering of those who fix the disruption within nature but they can't fix the disruption within humans. Because the Demon Hunters are an organization in the lawful spell branch, created by humans to protect the human society, as such, they are not supposed to hurt humans. For that reason, they will have a difficult time against a Mixed-Blood, as they are not a disruption. In order for a hybrid to be considered a disruption, the demon blood needs to become thicker than the human blood. These demon hybrids who can't maintain the human side anymore are seen as being out of alignment, and the Demon Hunters finally see them as their target. However, when the hybrids go out of alignment, they become the worst enemy for the Demon Hunters. Because they have a human side, binding spells won't work on them and because they have the alien power of the demons, it's impossible to stand up against them with the body of a human. In the past when weapons were undeveloped, killing them meant many casualties. However the Nanaya family apparently did have some sort of understanding with the Tohno family, as evidenced by their reaction during the Tohno family's attack.

The Families

In Japan there are four known demon hunting families, however as time went by they became unnecessary. The enemy known as Mixed-Bloods, have slowly morphed from an evil that threatens society to a necessary evil. The Mixed-Bloods were no longer worshiped due to the emergence of the nation, so they compromised with human society and became organized. They skillfully brought those in positions of power to their cause, and became the ones in power. As a result, the Four Demon Hunter Houses could no longer maintain themselves.[1]

The relationships between the four families are unknown, but the Nanaya and Ryougi were once close friends.[2]


For a time, the Nanaya (七夜, Nanaya?) were considered the trump card of the Organization. The Nanaya continued battling the Mixed-Bloods in the modern age because that was all they were good at.[1]

Though they possessed a psychic ability in the form of Pure Eyes, what truly made them so powerful was their Nanaya Assassination Arts that drew upon the limits of the human body. With the two styles of Flashing Scabbard (閃鞘, Sensa?), the ability to attack extraordinarily quickly, and Flashing Dash (閃走, Sensō?), the ability to move so quickly as to appear to teleport, the Nanaya were able to move like spiders to use walls and ceilings as their footholds, and use unpredictable movements to confuse the opponent. Rather than focusing on their psychic abilities like the other families, the Nanaya focused purely on the extermination of Demons, and uniquely developed a murderous impulse against non-humans, which would be used together with their techniques to great effect. So that their powers could be passed down to their descendants, the Nanaya maintained the purity of their bloodline by having incestuous relations between themselves.

Kiri Nanaya was the last head of this family and was considered one of the best assassins in the history of the Organization, being able to fight demons on an equal ground when normally such a thing would be impossible as a human. The family was slaughtered by Kouma Kishima under the orders of Makihisa Tohno. One child survived the attack: Kiri's son, Shiki Nanaya who would later become known as Shiki Tohno.

Known members


As the kanji in their name hints, the Fujou (巫浄, Fujō?) are a lineage of priestesses (miko). Due to the parallel worlds setting, the Fujou family in Tsukihime are psychic users like the Asakami, Ryougi, and Nanaya. But in Kara no Kyoukai, they are a magi lineage who specialize in curses.[3]

Their psychic ability grants a superior view of the world, by being able to peer into the world of spirits, at the expenses of causing blindness. The Fujou familiy in Tsukihime, is a clan that has been passing down special abilities to their descendants through teaching of techniques and mystical knowledge like the Nanayas. While in Kara no Kyoukai, they are an ancient bloodline of magi who pass on their abilities through blood. They specialize in acting as mediums, but originally their expertise was the use of curses.

Since the Fujous possessed other "useful" skills besides fighting Mixed-Bloods, they focused on those areas instead and survived after retiring from the Association.[1] The family collapsed with the death of its last descendant, Kirie Fujou[4].

Hisui and Kohaku belong to a branch family of the Fujou that fell into ruin after the pair’s mother broke one of clan’s taboos, which is why the two girls ended being picked up by Makihisa Tohno. They possess the power of the Synchronizer, to transfer their life force to others through sharing of fluids, which was maintained and passed down to their descendants thanks to bloodline relations.[5]

Known members:


  • Shiki's grandfather
  • Shiki's father
  • Shiki's father Ufotable character sheet
  • Shiki's Mother
  • Kaname Ryougi

The psychic ability of the Ryougi (両儀, Ryōgi?) family is to create dual personalities within themselves. The Ryougi believed that the mastering of one skill would result in the abandonment of another, so they attempted to cultivate two personalities in each member of the family to allow for different skills to be learned by each. Because a dual personality was difficult to detect in society as compared to the ESP of other families of the Demon Hunter Organization, they were able to survive when the era of demon hunting ended. When a child is born they are given one name written two different ways in kanji.

Their particular ESP of a dual personality is not without its drawbacks, however. The vast majority of the Ryougi became insane due to becoming unable to regulate their two halves within themselves and became murderous beasts, including Shiki's grandfather.

The ultimate goal of the family was to bring forth a child with the origin of 「 」, nothingness. In order to have a dual personality split perfectly into two halves, it was necessary to have an empty "container" without any impurity. After countless years of research, they were able to give birth to Ryougi Shiki, the pinnacle of their ideal. It appears that they possess a method to awaken the origin of newborns, having done so with Shiki. The Ryougi also train their children in the arts of swordsmanship and self-suggestion, allowing them to become one with their weapons when in battle.

This family is apparently still active but no longer fighting demons. They are now more like the Tohno family, in that they are wealthy landowners and represent Japanese upper class. The Ryougi mansion has about 20 servants including the young ones.[6] Unlike the Tohnos, however, they live in a large Japanese-style mansion surrounded by groves of bamboo.

The family relationship is somewhat distinct with in the family.[7] The Ryougi household still observes the old Japanese dining traditions. In ancient Japan, hierarchical relationships were made readily apparent even within families. A dining table where everybody sat down and ate as equals would be unheard of. Rather, each individual is given their own table that indicates their status.[8]

Known members:


This family once had two branches; the main branch called "Asakami" (浅神, Asakami?) and the minor branch "Asagami" (浅上, Asagami?). The psychic ability of the Asakami family is powerful telekinesis.

The fall of the Asakami branch was self-inflicted. They worshiped the captured Mixed-Bloods as guardian gods, and their lineage became diluted due to the continued interbreeding with their own enemies. In the end, they almost became Mixed-Bloods themselves. The demon-hunter became the demon, such is the tragedy of the Asakamis.[1]

With the family's main branch collapsed, their minor branch still exists, though now is only a business organization. It is unknown if the family bears any relation to the Asagami Private Girls Academy that Akiha Tohno attends but Fujino Asagami's father sponsors the Reien Girl's Academy.[9] The Asagamis are a special case for they completly deny all of their former ways as Demon Hunters, believing that modern human society no longer has any need for people with supernatural abilities.

The movie points out the difference by having Ryougi Shiki pronounce the name of the main branch as "Asakami" whereas the minor branch remains "Asagami". In the novel the difference in the kanji used is presented, but the pronunciation between the two remains the same.

Known members


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