Dilo (ディーロ, Dīro?) is a bishop of the Church mentioned in several Fate works.



Twenty years before the time of time of Fate/strange Fake, Dilo was appointed by the Church to a mountainous region in Spain. Taking it upon himself to investigate rumors of evil spirits in the mountains, he came upon the young Hansa Cervantes, his guides scared off by the sight of Hansa eating dried meat from a bear they mistook for the flesh of a climber. Deciding that Hanza was not the cause of trouble, he proceeded on his way, only to be later confronted by Hansa, who opened up to Dilo after conversing with him. He told Dilo that his village that had been previously located on the mountain was attacked by a Dead Apostle, calling it a "goblin", and that even his own mother died from wounds from the attack. After several more visits, he brought Hansa back to the town with him.

Several months later, Dilo brought Delmio Cervantes to the orphanage in which Hansa was now residing. Dilo chose Demio due to his prowess in martial arts, believing that Hansa's interest in such things and a strong teacher would help develop him. Delmio is quickly surprised upon testing Hansa's prowess, soon adopting him as a foster child and training him.


Dilo is an older gentleman, described as "aging priest" even during his meeting with Hansa twenty years prior.


Dilo is described as a kind old man who is very fond of Sakura.[1]


Fate/stay nightEdit

Dilo is sent to Fuyuki to act as overseer after Kirei Kotomine's death. After the Heaven's Feel route, he is referred to as Kirei's successor and stays for at least two years. He becomes acquainted with Sakura Matou, helping her with her magecraft studies.

Fate/hollow ataraxiaEdit

Dilo is mentioned in Fate/hollow ataraxia, having stayed as overseer for only six months while awaiting a more appropriate replacement priest for such a small church.[2]

Fate/strange FakeEdit

Hansa's flashback recounts his meeting with Dilo.


Dilo has some familiarity with magecraft.



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